Heficed Review 2022: Is The Platform Worth Your Time And Money?

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  • The newest generation Intel family CPUs
  • Low latency blended IP transit
  • Detailed and precise network statistics
  • Stable versions of all the most popular operating systems
  • Server control via a public API


  • High Pricing

Heficed in simple terms is IP address-oriented company with its headquarters in London as well as the server locations in each and every continent.

Price:$ 6

In this blog, we will be talking about Heficed Review, an amazon and completely automated solution that can be used for engineering and managing the IP addresses. It boosts businesses in scale across the globe with the IP addresses, bare metal, and cloud servers effortlessly all under one platform. 

In this world full of technology where everything runs at a pretty fast pace, there is an ever-increasing demand for flexibility, agility, speed, spontaneity, and security.

Mobile apps have made each and everything available with a simple touch of the right buttons and tabs. You can get your payments, goods, bills, and a lot more with simple clicks.

Technology is thus ruling this era and making the product as well as service delivery to the consumers both efficient and quick.

For this very reason, the need for incredible internet connectivity, innovative technology powerhouse, and solutions like the one we will be talking about in this post is needed. 

Let us get started with knowing more about the platform. 

What Exactly Is Heficed?

Heficed in simple terms is IP address-oriented company with its headquarters in London as well as the server locations in each and every continent.

It offers flexible as well as custom IP address infrastructure solutions, dedicated servers as well as cloud services.

This is the first fully automated platform for IP address infrastructure solutions that can streamline the process of both managings as well as leasing the IP addresses. 

Heficed Review -What Exactly Is Heficed?

With this cloud service provider, individuals and businesses can launch the cloud servers with ease. Here they can host the app at affordable prices without any worries about maintaining the hardware within. Customers get a wide range of products to buy from on the platform.

They can easily lease the Bare Metal Servers. These are the real hardware resources. It also lets you lease the Virtual Servers that are running on top of the hardware through hypervisor along with the other Virtual Servers. 

Hecified is well-known for its deep understanding needed by organizations in order to thrive. They are also known for appreciating the top-tier goods and services as well as offering amazing technology and infrastructure enabling seamless collaboration, communication as well as productivity tools.

They take immense pride in offering a top-notch infrastructural platform that is geared towards taking away any Information Technology-related pain from all the organizations working hard towards growing. 

Now that we have a clear idea about Heficed, let us get further into the details and talk about the top features of the platform.

Top 4 Best Features Of Heficed

Here are the best features of Heficed:

1. Tier 3 Classified

All the data centers of Heficed are Tier 3 classified as well as hold the compliance certification from BBB, PCI, ISO, and others. This basically means that the infrastructure is a lot more secure as compared to others.

They have also paid their attention towards what will be the plan of action at the data center in case of a mishap.

Heficed Review - ISO

2. Complete Root Access

The complete root access may not be of much significance to the casual business users and the rookie webmasters, but it can be of immense importance when it comes to the development purpose.

This extent of control can extend to the choice of the operating system that you can be installing. 

3. Opting Between Windows And Linux

Opting Between Windows And Linux

You can choose between various operating systems, which include both Windows as well as Linux. The platform lets you opt for a customized ISO or to opt from the pre-installed apps and templates.

You can also run the kernel you want, or you can also use the Microsoft Windows Server for automating the process through the APIs.

4. Advanced-Level IP Infrastructure

Heficed Review - IP Infrastructure

Heficed has launched the first completely automated IP management as well as the network engineering program, which is named Switch. It lets cloud development put into use the range of IP addresses across various continents.

It will also give you instant access to more than half a million of geolocated IP addresses, as well as the Terminal Control panel that lets you manage it all.



💰  Price


😍  Pros

Low latency blended IP transit

😩  Cons

High Pricing


Heficed in simple terms is IP address-oriented company with its headquarters in London as well as the server locations in each and every continent.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

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FAQs | Heficed Review

🤷‍♀️What Are The Various Tiers Of Service-Level Agreement Offered By Heficed?

The platform offers various tiers of Service-Level agreement. With their standard SLA, the platform promises the ticket response in about 12 hours. It does not keep any backup. But if you choose to upgrade to the enterprise plan, you will get a response in just an hour, as well as three backups a week.

🤔What Are The Resources Offered By Heficed In Case Of Queries?

Along with the service-level agreement, the platform will also help you out with its knowledge base and the support center. They also have a Slack Community Support forum.

👉What If I Am Not Satisfied With The Service Offered?

Heficed offers a 14 days Money Back Guarantee.

💯What is Heficed network uptime?

We offer a Service uptime guarantee of 99.9% of available time per month. However, we always strive for a 100% network uptime guarantee.

🙋‍♂️How to migrate my server to Heficed?

To migrate your server to Heficed infrastructure, please submit a ticket to our Support team, and we will initiate the migration process. We will need your login details to review your current server setup and estimate the time we will need to complete the migration. The user that requests the migration will need to grant us full root access.

🤩Does Heficed provide discounts for first-time users?

Absolutely! If you cannot find a promo code on our website, please ask for a discount on our sales Live Chat.

Wrapping It Up | Heficed Review 2022

As it is very much obvious that the future of Information Technology is cloud-oriented. In recent times we have more and more businesses that have embraced the ease as well as the flexibility of cloud solutions like the one provided by Heficed.

Here you can lay your hands on the benefits like the automated backups, security, saving the costs related to IT as well as ease in scaling out. Heficed helps you stay up with time, and it is definitely a must-try. 

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