HelloTax Review 2022 : Is It The Best VAT Compliance For Sellers?

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Ease Of Use
Customer Support


  • Software that is free to download and register
  • A comprehensive variety of VAT and tax services
  • Access to tax accountants and attorneys who are experts in their fields
  • Affordability
  • Capacity to pay on a monthly or yearly basis


  • Some services are subject to extra fees
  • Comprehending the material may be difficult

Hellotax automates VAT for online sellers in Europe. The in-house developed tax software enables a quick completion of all tasks that have to be done, such as registrations, correspondence with the authorities, monitoring of all thresholds and goods movements, and much more.


Many business owners hate dealing with their company’s finances, and one specific area that may give them a headache is VAT calculation.

Indeed, for some, dealing with all facets of VAT may be perplexing, time-consuming, and irritating. Simultaneously, companies must ensure they are VAT compliant to prevent complications and fines.

This is where using a professional supplier may be advantageous, as they can alleviate the burden and difficulties associated with VAT computations.

Numerous companies rely on hellotax to manage their VAT computations and compliance. In this hellotax review, we’ll learn more about how to do this.

hellotax Review 2022: What is HelloTax?

helloTax was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Alicante, Spain. As is the case with many companies, they began with an intriguing notion worth exploring.

hellotax review
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The more information was collected, the more they realized that the demand for their services exceeded their anticipation.

Their subsequent development demonstrates this. With current and past online merchants on board, they understand where to look for issues and problems and, more importantly, how to resolve them.

The key to their customers’ success and the span of their service offerings is an international and flexible workforce that complements one another.

Individuals from all around the globe pool their talents and expertise to provide the customers with the finest services available. That is why the hellotax team is composed of tax accountants, FBA sellers, programmers, and a variety of other specialists.

How Does HelloTax Work?

So, how does the hellotax service operate, and how can companies profit from it? To demonstrate, in our hellotax review, we describe the services and features, allowing companies to more readily evaluate the service’s appropriateness for their requirements.

hellotax’s onboarding procedure is very straightforward thanks to their free consultation. This significantly simplifies the process of obtaining professional advice on how the service may benefit you and if it is the best option for you.

Additionally, there are many plans available to choose from, allowing you to choose the one that is most suited to your requirements.

Once you’ve had your first consultation (if necessary), you may quickly and easily join up for the service online. Following the completion of your transaction, a Personal Account Manager will contact you to discuss the next steps.

You will get the necessary information to continue from your account manager, who will typically contact you through email.

After completing the sign-up procedure and making payment, you will have access to a variety of VAT-related services. The services included in your membership will vary according to the package you choose. Additionally, you get access to hellotax’s VAT software and app.

Solutions Offered by HelloTax

Here are some solutions offered by HelloTax:

1. Registration for VAT:

Online merchants operating in Europe must register for VAT and get VAT identification numbers in order to stay VAT compliant while selling to customers in a range of European countries.

The hellotax VAT tool enables you to quickly and easily register for a VAT number anywhere it is required in just a few clicks.

VAT Registration with Hellotax
Pic Credit : hellotax

2. Automate your VAT Returns and Filings:

Scale your company without jeopardizing your VAT compliance. They handle your paperwork so you may focus on your company.

This is done by connecting your online shop or uploading your sales reports to the software, which calculates VAT rates and VAT amounts due for each country. The hellotax tax accountants then file your reports with the authorities in a variety of countries.

VAT Return & filing- Hellotax review
Pic Credit : hellotax

3. Software for VAT:

Their services are built on their in-house designed proprietary VAT software. In addition to the automation features, the client dashboard shows all information, deadlines, papers, and documents organized and in one location.

Once there is a need for action, the software sends reminders and shows you what to do.

vat software
Pic Credit: hellotax

4. Accountants on Amazon:

hellotax accountants located across Europe manage your VAT-related problems, communicate with authorities, and guarantee the highest quality standards.

5. The inbox of Tax Letters:

The hellotax letter processing engine, which is powered by AI and OCR, scans, interprets, and organizes all incoming letters from tax authorities – straight into your email.

Those who have tried to file documents and fill out forms in foreign languages for tax offices abroad know the struggle that is translating official tax-related letters.

With hellotax translation services, you will receive documents scanned and pre-translated and can answer them in your own language. The hellotax team then translates your responses and takes over the communication with the foreign authorities.

helloTax Pricing Plans: How Much Does HelloTax Cost? 

Pic Credit : hellotax

OSS Service: This will cost you EUR 49 per month and EUR 490 per year.

VAT Registration and Returns: This will cost you EUR 300 for a one-time payment and an additional EUR 119 per month for a monthly plan and EUR 0 one-time payment and an additional EUR 99 per month for a yearly plan.

Apart from these, they offer VAT software completely free.

The following VAT nations are excluded from the pricing: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Sweden (Prices excluding VAT). The cost of notarized translation is not included in the pricing. For all other VAT countries, please contact us for a customized quote.

They do not provide their services in the nation of residency of the business. This implies, for example, that they do not register for VAT in Germany or file VAT returns on behalf of a German-based business.

HelloTax Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons about HelloTax:


  •   Capacity to pay on a monthly or yearly basis
  •   Affordability
  •   Access to tax accountants and attorneys who are experts in their fields
  •   A comprehensive variety of VAT and tax services
  •   Software that is free to download and register


  •   Some services are subject to extra fees.
  •   For the novice, comprehending the material may be difficult.
  •   According to several evaluations, customer assistance may be hit or miss. 

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Conclusion | HelloTax Review 2022

So, what did this hellotax review teach us? Most importantly, hellotax provides many companies with the essential tools, resources, and services to save significant amounts of time.

Notably, they also guarantee VAT compliance, which can help prevent a slew of potential problems, unnecessary expenditures, and, most importantly, hefty fines.

The services provided by hellotax enable companies to get a broad variety of help and to turn to professionals for guidance.

Additionally, having access to comprehensive VAT software may simplify life by providing a variety of useful features that expedite tax-related activities.

hellotax also has a strong reputation, as shown by the many favorable internet evaluations provided by users. This implies that if you choose to utilize this supplier for your VAT and tax services, you may feel more secure.

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