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In this post, you will have full access to the latest Hostica coupons codes and promo codes for 2020 to save money on the cloud hosting plans.

Who Is Hostica?

Hostica is a hosting provider company that was founded in 1999 and has been in the hosting market since then, it’s almost 19 years now, and Hostica is competing with its competitors and serving its customer with the best services.

Hostica Coupon Codes- The Best Host

Let’s take a look at the Hostica review and find out if Hostica is a good option, or should you give them a pass?

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Hostica Hosting Review 2020: Is It Worth Try?

Hostica WordPress hosting is one of the most experienced and great web hosts globally.

We are here to see what are the services provided by Hostica, and based on that review, you can decide whether to choose this web hosting site or not.

But first, let’s see what the aspects are that you should keep in mind before deciding your web hosting site-



Price is one aspect which is very important while choosing the right web host, as many companies charge more and do not provide worthy features for the price.

Price should be affordable, and the service provider should be reliable.


Hardware is decent quality servers that are designed to work together.

Do keep in mind that power back-up supplies and reliable multiple data centers are very important features to look out for.

Email Features:

Email features are spam-protection features that protect your emails from spam and unreliable viruses and malware?

Technical staff—should be reliable, knowledgeable, and responsible. Above all, the technical staff should not be out-sourced but in-house.

Why is Hostica Best?

It is a competing web host provider that ensures that your site is up and working as estimated, considering the fact in mind that Hostica’s servers have backup power supplies and also regular data backup, and they are located in high-tech data centers.

As they have back up power supplies, they guarantee data safety and speed. With Hostica, you can get reliable and quality services at the most reasonable prices.

When you are ready to have your website, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account and don’t forget to choose your preferred name.
  • Build your site after research.
  • Make public it to the world.

Hostica Coupon Codes- How It Works

What Services Are Offered By Hostica Hosting?

Planning to get your business online soon? There are many things you should keep in mind before that because you need a proper site which will promote and entice customers.

Hostica is one web host that provides you with an array of services that will help you get started and help you in growing your online business. Their services are essential to get going:

Shared Hosting:

With Shared hosting, you can allow multiple websites to use a single server. Shared hosting is easily the economical and most cost-effective option if you are planning to get you your website. It prospers your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that the low price comes with some limitations; otherwise, it’s good to go with service.

Reseller Hosting:

In Reseller Hosting, the account holder can use his selected bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites on behalf of third parties.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server. Within a shared hosting environment, a VPS hosting environment copies a dedicated server. It is technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

Website Builder:

Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without the help of manual code editing. They fall into two categories: online and offline.

SSL Certificates:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used as a method to encrypt private data and also helps to secure your information. SSL Certificates drag together:

  •    A domain name, hostname, or server name.
  •    An organizational location and its identity (company name)

Hostica Pricing & Plans

Let’s have a look at the pricing options that Hostica hosting offers:

Hostica Coupon Codes- Pricing

  •    Economy – It costs $1.99 per month, which gives these features 1 FTP account, 1 domain included, 1 subdomain included, 10GB of bandwidth, and 3.56GB of disk space.
  •    Value –It costs $4.99 per month, which gives these features3 FTP accounts, 2 domains included, 5 subdomains included, 50GB of bandwidth, and 7GB of disk space.
  •    Plus – It costs $8.99 per month, which gives these features10 FTP accounts, 5 domains included, 10 subdomains included, 100GB bandwidth, and 30GB of disk space.
  •    Prime – It costs $12.99 per month which gives these feature unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space.

With Hostica promo codes and discount coupons, you can save up to 30% on all kinds of hosting services.

Hostica Pros & Cons

Hostica Pros

Now let’s move to the fun part of the Hostica’s review, Pros of Hostica:

  • Uptime Guarantee

Hostica offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and this is the best guarantee you are going to find in any of its competitors.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Hostica promises a money-back guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, or you don’t find Hostica up to your needs, or you are disappointed with the services, then you can ask for your money back.

It’s good to know that you have a back-out option.

  • Services Offered

Services offered by Hostica are good. If you are planning to build a new site, you need some basic services to get you started, and Hostica promo codes 2020 can save up a lot on your subscription.

Hostica Cons

As every coin has two sides let’s move to the other side of Hostica, its Cons:

  • Customer Support

The customer support system is not very good. The queries are answered very late. They haven’t added any phone number to get in contact with the company

  • Lack of Features

No SSD servers, No SSL included, limited bandwidth and disk space (leaving Prime package), and also no Email accounts involved.

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Conclusion: Hostica Hosting Coupon Codes 2020

Get Hostica services and products for a guaranteed website and email efficiency and security on discounted prices with Hostica promo codes 2020.

Their large customer list and long existence in the market is solid evidence of their affordability, reliability, and efficiency. You should get started with Hostica today only to own an amazing website.

Hence use Hostica coupon codes for 2020 to build your website, get it hosted, and be visible to the world.


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