HostNexus Coupon Codes [Updated January 2020] -Get Upto 60% Off

hostnexus coupon codes

In this post, you will get access to the HostNexus coupon codes for best deals on hosting packages.


Hosting your website through a powerful and equally reliable hosting provider is what each and every website owner today looks out for. A hosting provider that offers the best uptime along with great speed and powerful backup facilities are the best options to go for if you want your website to be running properly.

If you are confused as to which website hosting provider you should invest on, then here is a post to help you out. In this review I will brief you about HostNexus, a popular hosting provider. Here you will get all the basic information you need to know about the hosting provider including its description, features, prices and more. But first let’s checkout the HostNexus coupon codes for January 2020.

hostnexus coupon codes

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Apply the above HostNexus coupon codes before the final checkout and redeem the discount on selected hosting plan.

What is HostNexus?

HostNexus is a hosting service provider developed by NexusNetwork as their flagship service. NexusNetwork is a globally renowned network of powerful sites offering a range of webhosting and related services. The network since its inception in 2001 has been providing webhosting and other internet services to over 10,000 websites, for over 3,000 customers on 30 servers.

HostNexus is a paradise for webmasters today and offers a unique experience to fully power their webhosting needs. The company utilizes the latest in server control panel technology that is combined with cutting edge Support tools to provide website owners with the best and most secure hosting performance.

Highlighting features

HostNexus has been praised by critics and users like for being able to give an incredibly stable and powerful webhosting platform to its clients across the world. It is an extremely feature rich service backed up by an astonishing hosting platform that primarily focuses on Stability, Support, Security and Speed.

  • Free Migrations

HostNexus allows for free migration of your website from your previous host. This comes in really handy when you are unhappy with the performance of your previous host and wish to shift to HostNexus. Whether you have one website or more, HostNexus will migrate all your sites without charging a penny. All you need to do is contact their support team and give them some access details and your job will be done.

  • Multiple Server Locations

HostNexus offers hosting from multiple locations so that you can experience varying server speeds. You can simply choose a server location near you to speed up your site’s load times. This also helps you considerably boost your local SEO rankings. HostNexuz provides servers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

  • Low Server Density

H ostNexus does not load up a server with thousands of domains. They employ a strict 50 domains per server policy to keep servers extremely stable.

  • Tuned For WordPress

HostNexus servers have been designed specifically to serve WordPress sites at lightning fast speeds. Their server environment is tuned with Nginx and Redis caching. The WordPress feature set includes

Core updates

Vulnerability patching

True staging sites

Built-in security toolkit to secure your WP instance

  • AI Powered Security

HostNexus is powered by Imunify360. This is a next-generation web server security solution that effectively filters bot traffic and provides total protection against ALL threats. The HostNexus AI dynamically identifies threats and updates rules using machine learning across the whole network in real-time.

  • Spam Free Email

All businesses inboxes synced with HostNexus are protected with the world’s leading industry commercial spam filter, SpamExperts.

  • Cloud SSD Architecture

SSD drives of HostNexus are top-grade and provide maximum performance with the aid of redundant RAID 10 hot-swappable arrays. The server resources are always on-the-fly without downtime thanks to their advanced cloud infrastructure.

  • Super responsive customer support

HostNexus support team is extremely proactive and always ready to help customers with any task. The support team consists of skilled professionals that capable to handle issues regarding email, website speed, or even troubleshoot code related issues.

Hosting and other solutions

If you are thinking that HostNexus is only into providing strong website hosting services, then you are sadly mistaken. The company also offers numerous other solutions apart from hosting that directly impact the strength, stability and performance of your hosting server. These add-on solutions include:

  • Cpanel Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Plesk Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Coldfusion Hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Windows VPS
  • Domain Reseller
  • Windows Reseller
  • Coldfusion Linux

Power packed performance

HostNexus boasts of advanced technology stack that has been variably engineered from the ground up to deliver websites at amazing speeds, uptime averaging around 99-100% and almost negligible server crashes. Your webhosting server with HostNexus will be powered by the following elements:

  • SSD Cloud

SSD drives of top grade in redundant RAID 10 hot-swappable arrays to provide top notch and maximum performance.


NGINX accelerates content and application delivery. Furthermore, is improves security, facilitates availability and scalability.


Apache is a popular web server that sits behind the NGINX reverse proxy.


Railgun is a web proxy system that allows caching of dynamic content built for Cloudflare


Much more powerful and superior to all other handlers such as FastCGI, FPM is the highest performance handler for PHP.

  • PHP 7

PHP 7 is the most upgraded and advanced PHP version and also uses 75% less resources than the previous PHP 5 update.


OpCache is a bytecode cache that provides faster application access by storing compiled PHPP code in-memory


Memcached is an in-memory key-value store that helps in database calls, API calls, and page rendering through small chunks of data.


Redis is an open source, in-memory data structure store similar to Memcached, that caches database queries and objects


MariaDB is a radically faster alternative to MySQL with more cutting-edge features

  • HTTP/2

HTTP/2 reduces latency and speeds up website delivery due to improved parallel multiplexed requests.

Why should you try HostNexus?

HostNexus services are suitable for everyone who owns a website and offer the best features and services which are very easy to utilize. From quick setup to fast and secure website loading, HostNexus serves you with everything you are looking for in a powerful and reliable hosting provider.

  • Easy and quick setup

You will receive an all ready-to-use account with WordPress installed right after signing up and having completed your payment.

  • AI Powered Security

HostNexus boasts of a security network that constantly assesses new threat vectors to the servers linked to it. The AI distributes a new ruleset across the whole network once a threat or malware is identified.

  • Advanced WAF

The advanced firewall integrates with mod_security and blocks to defend against brute force and DOS attacks and port scans.

  • Default caches for faster loading

The company’s default caching system ensures that your website loads up twice as fast compared other rival hosts in the market.

  • Active Malware Scanning

Imunify360 scans files on upload and automatically scans file systems for malware injection.

  • Hack Recovery Guarantee

In case your website gets hacked any time, HostNexus hack recovery tool will help clean it up for free. Furthermore, the tools will also provide a security review to track down the weakness in your site’s codebase.

  • Real-Time Website Monitoring

HostNexus monitors the uptime on every individual website on their servers along with overall server HTTPD monitoring to ensure excellent uptime.

  • Multi-Tier Backups

All your website files and databases are automatically backed up every day and clients can even manage these backups manually via the control panel. Clients are also given the option to do Plesk-level backups to remote storage like DropBox.

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

HostNexus provides top level website security with with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for free which are auto-renewed by the system.

Plans and pricing

HostNexus provides the best hosting plans for individual blog hosting as well as shared hosting. Their shared hosting segment consists of a variety of hosting plans that are designed for websites of different sizes that are solely designed with bloggers in mind.

Any of the plans you choose from them offer easy one click installation of the leading blog platforms such as WordPress and 2 months free with annual billing. The company currently offers 3 comprehensive plans to choose from.


Price: $14.95 per month

  • One Real Website
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Suitable for 50,000 Monthly Visits
  • High Resource Allocation
  • Fundamental Hosting Features
  • Critical WordPress Features
  • Advanced Technical Specifications


Price: $24.95 per month

  • THREE Real Websites
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Suitable for 150,000 Monthly Visits
  • High Resource Allocation
  • Fundamental Hosting Features
  • Critical WordPress Features
  • Advanced Technical Specifications


Price: $39.95 per month

  • Five Real Websites
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Suitable for 250,000 Monthly Visits
  • High Resource Allocation
  • Fundamental Hosting Features
  • Critical WordPress Features
  • Advanced Technical Specifications

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Conclusion- HostNexus Coupon Codes [Updated January 2020]

HostNexus is best for every kind of website whether it is for small or medium business purposes. The multi-functional features are easy to implement and are updated timely as per the requirement. The Hostnexus coupon codes will give you special discounts on all the hosting packages.

Hope you will get the benefit of the HostNexus coupon codes. Also don’t forget to share the HostNexus coupon codes with friends and on social pages. 

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