How Does CodeGuard Work? Why You Should Try CodeGuard?

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How Does CodeGuard Work? 

Your data through CodeGuard is fully encrypted using AES256- bit encryption; it backups your entire file in some of the hosting packages. Your entire database is completely backed up by the CodeGuard only.

It monitors the sites of clients in case any changes are made and, if any, automatically backs up the changes that are made on that particular site. You will be notified of these activities via mail whenever there will be any modification or addition or any deletion made by the clients on the sites.

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codeguard is fully encrypted using AES256- bit encryption

One can simply restore all the previous versions or can have access to all the previous settings of the sites from any previously created pictures or snaps.

You can also restore an individual file, too, with the snaps created by CodeGuard earlier. Database restores can be easily made by CodeGuard so that you can recover from the database corruption issues.

It reduces a lot of loads on the hosting packages as it determines what changes are made and backups up only the changes that are made at that very particular moment.

With its automated notification feature, you will be notified, at what time files on your sites are renewed, it protects your sites from some unauthorized modification.

codeguard is fully encrypted using AES256- bit encryption

CodeGuard Features

  • Backups – As already discussed above, CodeGuard provides a facility for making initial backups of your sites, and this backup feature will continue throughout as the site will go through some minor changes.
  • Monitoring – It keeps a check on your site; any changes made to it will be recorded, or if any hackers try to do some of their malicious work will be caught. All the changes made to the websites will be informed to the client with an alert mail. This also keeps you informed on the progress made on backups.
  • Restorations – It simply means restoring your previous version if you don’t like the current update. So, CodeGuard provides you with this facility. You can simply revert to any of the previous versions of the sites if you don’t like the facility of the new updates with a single click.

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Why You Should Try CodeGuard? 

So basically, your website can be protected by using CodeGuard. This will solve all your problems faster and in an easier way.

Using one of its features called CodeGuard innovative alert change, you can reduce the unbillable time and can spend a lot of time identifying the cause of the issues that are caused by your customers.

Just with a single click on restore options, all the backups will be created, and your site will be restored with the previous settings that were earlier implemented by you.

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Why CodeGuard?

You must have seen that the clients are his own worst destroyers. As file deletion overwrites and simple human errors are the causes that hinder the site more drastically than the hackers that everyone is afraid of.

So, by using CodeGuard, you can always protect the client from themselves.

It will automatically add revenue streams to your business that will never let the clients go down. Reselling the same things to your clients is easy.

For that, you need to activate their sites or just make an update of their sites, and then after that add CodeGuard as a line item, and if any case these two things are not achieved simply show kind of videos to your clients which would clearly explain to them why they need it so that they can purchase without a second thought.

protected by using codeguard

Top 5 CodeGuard Alternatives 2023

Here are the 5 best alternatives to CodeGuard:

1. Acronis Cyber Backup:

With cutting-edge security features, Acronis Cyber Backup raises the standard for next-generation data protection.

It safeguards all corporate data sources across 20+ platforms, independent of the data’s size or location. It stops ransomware attacks in advance via the use of proprietary AI-based solutions that avoid system downtime caused by 99.99 percent of ransomware assaults.

Acronis Cyber Backup guarantees business continuity by recovering every piece of data instantly and reliably.

It has a centralized, intuitive web-based administration interface that is accessible in 25 languages, gives a comprehensive insight into infrastructure usage, and enables remote control of all backups from any browser on any device, including tablets and smartphones

2. MSP360:

MSP360 is a market-leading cloud backup and disaster recovery solution that runs on many platforms. MSP360 integrates with the industry’s leading public cloud providers, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services platforms.

MSP360 Backup has robust but simple-to-use backup and disaster recovery features, including file-level and image-based backups, disaster recovery to cloud-based data compression, virtual machines, and military-grade encryption with customer-controlled keys. MSP360 Backup is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems

3. N-Able Backup:

N-ableTM Backup is a cloud-based data protection solution for servers, workstations, important business documents, and Microsoft 365TM that is controlled centrally through a web-based dashboard.

Backup was built for the cloud, which means it is designed for quick, efficient data transfers that use the least amount of network traffic. Storage in our private cloud, which has 17 data centers globally, is included.

Of course, backup is primarily concerned with recovery. N-able Backup supports a range of recovery scenarios from a single backup, including bare-metal restoration, physical-to-virtual conversion, continuous recovery, and recovery to your alternative site or Azure®. Eliminate storage and appliance headaches. N-able Backup simplifies backups and saves you money.

4. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud:

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a unified solution that combines backup with next-generation, AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint security management.

Integration and automation enable service providers to operate more efficiently – by reducing complexity while boosting productivity and lowering operational expenses.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the only solution from a single service provider that integrates backup, anti-malware, and security and management features such as URL filtering, patch management, vulnerability assessments, and much more.

5. Altaro VM Backup:

Altaro VM Backup is a simple-to-use backup and replication software solution for backing up and restoring virtual machines running on Hyper-V or VMware from inside the same application.

Eliminate hassles and frustrations with an intuitive UI, simple setup, and a backup solution that always works. Altaro VM Backup is simple to use and packed with features – plus it comes with exceptional support as standard.

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