How To Earn Money With ClickBank 2023 : A Straightforward Guide

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  • Removes the technology impediment
  • You can sell in the majority of nations.
  • Offers that are well compensated
  • Numerous repeated solicitations to sell


  • There is a great deal of rivalry for popular items.
  • Numerous dubious items and sales sites

ClickBank is merely another sort of affiliate networking. ClickBank works as a network for product developers and affiliates, letting them make money without cumbersome paperwork or transactions.

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While most affiliate marketers are familiar with ClickBank (and if you aren’t, I’ll explain precisely what it is immediately below), few of you are familiar with how to earn money using ClickBank. A standard approach for a beginner affiliate marketer is to join up, discover a lousy product with a hefty fee, then dream about how the product would generate sales.

Then they inject random traffic into it and observe how nobody spends a penny. Finally, they conclude that the platform is abysmal. Does this sound familiar? To summarise, this is how it worked for us.

2014 was the first year I attempted to monetize the platform. I ended up earning in six digits from it without exerting any effort. As our affiliate marketing earnings from ClickBank increased, I focused my efforts on optimizing the process to earn more money online with ClickBank.

Let us begin!

What Exactly Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is merely another sort of affiliate networking. ClickBank works as a network for product developers and affiliates, letting them make money without cumbersome paperwork or transactions.

ClickBank Overview -How To Earn Money With ClickBank

The network of products through which users earn commission is called ClickBank. It simply connects manufacturers and affiliates. You may utilize ClickBank’s framework while setting up your product(s).

Once they’ve listed your goods in their marketplace, they reach tens of thousands of affiliates. To find out where a sale originated, they use unique tracking connections and cookies to credit the user account.

How Does ClickBank Work?

In other words, ClickBank acts as a broker between providers of digital items such as ebooks, video, and music and those who can sell them, i.e., affiliate marketers. Depending on who’s the side of the marketplace you represent, ClickBank serves one of two purposes:

  • A Platform for Information Product Owners to Sell Their Goods:

As a product owner, you may add your product to the database, and ClickBank will handle the checkout and e-commerce aspects of the sale and establish an affiliate program for it. You will be charged a one-time activation fee of $ 49.95 to become a ClickBank vendor. I feel that this price effectively keeps certain low-quality suppliers off the site.

A Platform for Product Owners to Sell Their Goods

This is fantastic if you don’t want to deal with the technical side of things, but you should be aware that the platform will deduct a significant amount from your sales ($ 1 + 7.5 percent of the transaction).

That is why, once you reach a certain level of sales volume, you may want to consider moving away from the platform and onto platforms like Thinkific or Teachable, which do not take a percentage of your purchases.

Along with the percentage of sales, you are charged a $ 2.5 payment processing fee each time you withdraw money. Additionally, ClickBank may allow consumer refunds and charge you $ 0.50 or $ 1 for this service. The development of LMS platforms such as the two mentioned above is presumably why ClickBank has slowed down in recent years.

  • A Marketplace For Affiliate Products:

As an affiliate marketer, you can dive right in and establish your unique affiliate links for hundreds of items (more on that later) and immediately begin driving visitors to earn money. Additionally, you will be able to see your profits in real-time.

A Marketplace For Affiliate Products -How To Earn Money With ClickBank

Joining is completely free, and there is no screening procedure. There is no ceiling or harsh measures. It’s essentially a simple affiliate network available to anybody interested in giving it a try. To test it out, register on their webpage.

Why Should You Choose ClickBank?

As an affiliate marketer, you may be wondering why you would want to sell ebooks and online courses from unknown manufacturers when you can join CJ or Amazon Associates and offer reliable items.

To begin, online education is a massive sector, with ClickBank alone generating close to a quarter-billion dollars in annual income.

Second, digital items are beautiful. That is the beauty of the most significant possible margins. Because it costs nothing to duplicate and sell a video. Profitability is defined as 100 % revenue (outside of marketing costs). Profitability equals large affiliate commissions. Additionally, ClickBank pays up to 75 %.


Quickest Ways to Make Money From ClickBank

Here are three simple methods to quickly and easily begin earning money with ClickBank –

  1. Create a post on Reddit:

Reddit is teeming with prospective shoppers. Assume you’re pushing a tool for creating eBooks, such as Scribble.

This is a tool that practically any internet marketer or company owner can quickly generate eBooks, free reports, and other types of prepared material that they can sell or give away to increase their list.

Search Reddit for a subreddit devoted to email marketing, list building, online marketing, or anything broader, such as establishing or developing a company.

Then, visit the vendor’s affiliate website and get a ready-to-use article. For example, leading suppliers (for example, will have prepared articles that you may utilize to market their goods. Then, rewrite the piece in your voice. Perhaps you could add a couple of your ideas.

When writing your article, ensure that it comes across as personable and kind. You don’t want your content to come out as excessively sales-y. Consider beginning the post with, “Howdy, fellas. I’m aware that many individuals struggle with creating and designing ebooks. Here are a few pointers that may assist.”

After that, publish the article to Reddit. Because Reddit does not allow direct product marketing, you cannot add your affiliate link inside the post.

Rather than that, monitor who participates with your article (i.e., makes a suitable remark or asks a question) and then messages them through the DM. In your DM, you may respond to their inquiry, inquire if they have any other questions, and then provide them your affiliate link as a recommended tool to make the process even simpler.

Consider providing them a bonus in exchange for purchasing via your affiliate link. Numerous goods providers will even present you with these complimentary benefits!

  1. Write a review on a YouTube video:

This is one of my preferred techniques. Nowadays, it’s straightforward to construct a 5-minute video discussing the product, what you love about it, and what you dislike.

I encourage you to purchase and use the product to write an unbiased assessment. This enables you to lead users through the tool immediately on the screen, establish trust, and demonstrate your review’s authenticity.

Optimize your video’s title, description, and keywords so that it appears alongside relevant videos and when people search for that product on YouTube and Google. Additionally, please remember to add your affiliate link in the description!

  1. Communicate with and respond to others:

This is another time-honored technique that may generate free sales. Thousands of individuals on answer sites like Quora have an issue that your selected ClickBank product can address. For instance, suppose you’re marketing 

Visit Quora and look for individuals seeking advice on how to make free eBooks and reports. These individuals are asking for assistance. Additionally, you’ll discover a large number of users on Reddit and other media seeking solutions to particular questions.

By responding to their query and demonstrating how to get rapid results with the product you’re marketing, you’ve added value and steered them toward their solution. Additionally, if they do not purchase, there is a strong probability that someone else will after reading your response. Your response may develop into a consistent source of clicks and income for you with time.

There are numerous free methods to market ClickBank items without paid advertising or a website. It doesn’t have to be complicated. What matters is that you persist. Keep showing up and following these strategies until you’re consistently selling.

Affiliates use this method to start making thousands of dollars a day. Building your website to harvest emails and purchasing paid advertising are both excellent ways to kick-start your sales efforts. Create a tribe of subscribers that you can continuously push other things to.

Making your first ClickBank sale is a thrilling moment. With these three strategies, you will soon feel the thrill and have enough money to earn your first $ 1,000 on ClickBank!


Please understand that persistence is essential. Promoting proven, high-quality ClickBank items that address genuine issues for people will enable you to lead a better life for yourself and your family.

Pros and Cons of ClickBank


  • Removes the technology impediment
  • Numerous repeated solicitations to sell, generating continuous revenue
  • You can sell in the majority of nations.
  • Offers that are well compensated (75 percent commission is standard)


  • There is a great deal of rivalry for popular items.
  • Numerous dubious items and sales sites

ClickBank  Customer Review 

How To Earn Money With ClickBank - ClickBank  Customer Review  How To Earn Money With ClickBank - ClickBank  Customer Review  How To Earn Money With ClickBank - ClickBank  Customer Review 

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FAQs | How To Earn Money With ClickBank   

🤔How do I signup for ClickBank?

To sign up for ClickBank, follow the steps in this article. If you have any issues during the signup process, you can file a support ticket for help. Once you sign up for ClickBank, make sure to create a sales account to get started.

💁‍♀️How do I create an account?

To create a ClickBank account, follow the steps in this article under the Creating an Account section.

👉 How do I get started as an affiliate?

Once you've created an account, you can use the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace to find vendors. Then, you can create HopLinks, and begin promoting products wherever you choose.

🤷‍♀️ How do I create a HopLink?

Take a look at the Using HopLinks article for a full walkthrough.

🙋‍♂️Do I need more than one account to promote different products as an affiliate?

ClickBank Affiliates don't need more than one account to promote more than one product. You can promote several products from one affiliate account. Signing up for separate accounts is not necessary.

🤷‍♀️How do I get a product approved?

Once you have created your product, and verified that you understand the product and promotional guidelines, you can submit a product approval request.

Conclusion | How To Earn Money With ClickBank  2023

As you may think, the breadth of this method is significantly more than that of ClickBank. ClickBank is an excellent, straightforward location to begin substituting genuine sales for Amazon or Adsense money. If you can make it work, it often generates much more income.

This may be used in conjunction with other affiliate programs or market your items. However, use caution since offers are infrequently withdrawn. You should ensure that you have a backup plan in place if this occurs (or that you are prepared to construct one on your own).

I hope this article motivated you to abandon “simple” monetization approaches and show that it is possible to establish a long-term property, be seen as a value adder, and earn money using ClickBank. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section.

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