How To Get Followers On Pinterest In 2022– Tips That Really Work

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To find followers on Pinterest, first, find your niche, then try to find like-minded people who share the same interests as you do.

One reason why you should use Pinterest is that there are currently 90 million people who use the site making it one of the most popular social media sites around so chances are that there will be like-minded people following you.

If you want a specific number of followers for a site such as Pinterest, complete the sentence “I would like to have” with a more humanizing reason instead of just saying how many you want.

This helps create rapport between your followers and establishes relationships.

In addition, if you’re looking to get fans on any social media sites it’s important to use hashtags because they are used by over half of the population so using them will not only make yourself more visible but also increase your chances of getting followers.

For extra likes or new customers try taking pictures of objects or buildings that relate to your niche and posting relevant hashtags along with captions describing what the image means in relation to your interests.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest?

When you are looking at other users’ Pinterest profiles, see if they share the same interests as you do.

Follow them and engage with their content. This helps your followers grow quickly! You can also invite people using this method.

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Find like-minded people who follow similar accounts to yours, then go to the user’s follower list (to find their username) and search for their account name in quotes – if it comes up then that means that person has already followed you or is following someone else who follows you.

Why Should I Care About My Follower Count?

You should care about your follower’s count because they aid you in expanding your brand, product, or company even more online.

Your most loyal customers will most likely follow your account so you want to reach out and gain more followers.

How Can I Get More Followers?

Share your content with people, but don’t spam them! Engage with other accounts by reposting their pictures.

Try following certain accounts that you think would be interested in what you’re posting – try following even the owners of popular blogs or Pinterest users who already have a high number of followers.

However, if there is a big jump in followers one day and none the next, I would ignore sudden increases in numbers because they may be fake accounts or bots whose sole purpose is to make people who add them look more popular than they actually are.

Not only this but when you go to pin something it can take hours for your post to even appear on someone’s feed, never mind get repined or liked.

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As a result, I have found that my Pinterest experience has been a lot more pleasant since I stopped getting so many ‘followers’ showing up out of nowhere.

If you are worried that the people who follow you now will wonder why your follower count has suddenly dropped, don’t worry.

You can always delete followers who have reached 5 or more so they can’t witness the drop in numbers for themselves.

From what I can gather creating an account is straightforward enough – just an email address and password will suffice.

At this stage, you do not need to authenticate your account by providing additional information such as a phone number or address.

You can play around on Pinterest for a while before you get serious and begin creating boards and adding content.

Then it is time to set about finding some followers! If you would like to use my methods I suggest starting with Google and typing Pinterest guides. (The asterisk will return pages that contain the word Pinterest and the word guides in any order).

From there check out blogs that offer tips on how to find followers, who give insights into their strategies, what they post etc. This should help you build up knowledge of what works on Pinterest and begin building your own profile (which I will cover later.)

Your main goals when trying to increase your following are to increase engagement and visibility.

Your follower engagement level is how well you interact with other users on Pinterest.

The easiest way to increase this is by repinning images that contain links back to the sites of brands or popular bloggers etc who post similar kinds of content as you do.

There are also ways to reply directly to pins, upload pictures underneath pictures.

so find out more about Pinterest etiquette. (The asterisk will return pages that contain the word Pinterest and the word etiquette in any order).

You can see here for example what happens when I search Google for ‘Pinterest guides’.

As you can see some results come up which tell me exactly how people should be using Pinterest – great where can I sign up? Other results are lists of blogs that I can read to learn about what works on Pinterest.

Now you need to start actually creating content on your boards – do some research and see if there is any content that is similar to yours already on Pinterest.

If not, then get researching and create that kind of content yourself! You can write short stories for my board ‘Stories’.

You may want to post recipes, photos of your garden or cats (it does not matter if this has nothing directly to do with the topic of your site, it will attract interest), funny articles.

so long as someone searching Pinterest for a particular subject might be interested, they will follow you.

The key point here is finding people who have already started following you and clicking on them to find out what other boards they have followed! Pinterest is one of the only social media platforms that I have come across which allows you to do this.


Do not forget to complete your profiles, add a location to your profile and a link back to your site.

Your visibility level can be increased by adding a blog feed or email feed from your site into your Pinterest account.

Then when you post an item onto Twitter or Facebook it will automatically be posted onto Pinterest too!* (The asterisk will return pages that contain the word Pinterest and the word feeds in any order).

You should also consider adding links back to your Pinterest page from all of your social media accounts.

If someone discovers you on Pinterest, they can follow you back through your other social media platforms too.

You can also visit here:

6 Tips That Would Help You To Gain Followers On Pinterest:

1. Interact With Users

Interact with other Pinterest users by repinning their images, commenting on pins, etc.

This will raise the visibility of your profile and attract new followers too

2. Be Original

Be original – do not copy someone else’s content, nobody wants to follow a copycat! think about what other people are posting already, similar to you or not? Create more of that content so that you can get noticed.

If there is nothing similar out there that you could post then create some! (The asterisk will return pages that contain the word Pinterest and the word original in any order)

3. Links Your Post

Post links back to your site from Pinterest posts or pins directly from posts within your own site.

The links must be visible when clicked upon, rather than just left as text.

Gain Followers On Pinterest

4. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags. Not only do these attract people from outside your current following, but they also add a wider reach to your current followers too. (The asterisk will return pages that contain the word Pinterest and the word tags in any order)

5. Create boards

Create boards that fit update with your business or content if you want to target specific users of Pinterest rather than letting them come to you.

Create boards that you can relate back to your site. 

6. Make Sure Your Content Is Not Too Long

Ensure that the content is not too long! It may well be that much of your blog will work on Pinterest, but keep in mind the attention span of a user on Pinterest is significantly less than a blog reader.

So use pictures and bullet points where necessary. The more visual the pin the better.

Remember – it takes time to grow an audience anywhere. You have to put in the effort here.

Take a look at our Facebook page for example – we lost fans when we changed our name from ‘Low Lying Fruit’ to ‘Social Media Collective’.

This was despite posting regularly to both pages, inviting lots of followers from our previous page to our new one. Don’t be disheartened; keep at it.

Once you have identified these key players it is just a matter of asking them to repin your stuff into their own boards.

From there hopefully, they will visit your profile and look at the other pins too which could help them decide to follow you after all!

Hope the tips were helpful to get followers on Pinterest. So basically the secret to gaining followers is finding like-minded people and engaging with their content.

It’s simple but it works! Good luck with building up your following!

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