How To Get More Views On Instagram Story In 2022-The Ultimate Guide

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In this article, you will learn how to get more views on Instagram stories in 2022 stand out from the rest. It’s better to read all of it before starting otherwise it won’t make sense.

The first tip is to post new content consistently. This means at least once a day but multiple times are preferred.

If you don’t have enough material for each day of the week, make new content by taking pictures or filming your day even if it’s not interesting.

It will keep your followers engaged. Another good idea is to get involved with the community on Instagram, countless stories do this and become more popular because of it.

It doesn’t have to be anything big just say hello to people in comments or give them shout-outs when they do something cool.

Look Professional: How To Get More Views On Instagram Story In 2022

You must have heard of color theory, where certain colors are intended to affect emotions.

However, it’s also important to post in both black and white if you want your pictures to appear more professional.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

This makes your pictures more artistic-looking since they’re not in full color. You can even use filters that work differently for this purpose, just google “Instagram filters faux-bw”.

Since lighting is really important when making a picture, be sure to check it before posting. It’s good practice to take many pictures to get one perfect shot (especially if you don’t like editing).

If the room lights aren’t working out try getting new lamps or place some candles on the floor.

It’s also a good idea to go outside and take pictures of your surroundings such as forests, oceans or even just clouds. This is because Instagram users will feel like they’re traveling the world without actually leaving home.

However, if you do this, try to use filters that work well with outdoor scenery such as Juno, Hudson, or Lo-fi.

You may also wish to edit your pictures with apps such as Afterlight and VSCOcam.

These apps allow you to find the best lighting and contrast for your picture so it looks more professional. You can download them from iTunes or Google Play for free if you don’t have them already.

To increase your interactions with other users on Instagram, use hashtags.

However, many posts use all 30 hashtags allowed so use about 10 max! Including hashtags is better than using them in comments though.

How To Gain Follower On Instagram In 2022

Next, we’ll cover how to acquire followers on Instagram (which I’ve been told is the hardest part). The first thing you have to do is post often and use hashtags.

Then you will want to follow other accounts so they might follow you back.

One trick is to follow people with similar interests as yourself, this may help give your account a more positive vibe.

If there are no users that match your interests then just go for it! You can’t expect to be followed by everyone, you’ll have to impress the right few people.

Gain instagram follower

The next tip involves using Instagram’s explore page which can be accessed through a magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the screen. This feature allows you to find thousands of new faces looking for profiles like yours.

However, keep in mind not all accounts on Instagram allow public browsing (for example many sports teams).

One way around this is to create a business account, which does allow public browsing. After you follow others it’s important to like their pictures as often as possible.

This will make your followers want to do the same for you and boost your posts interactions (which will help with Instagram algorithms)

Captions: How To Get More Views On Instagram Story In 2022

Finally, we’ll cover captions. Caption length isn’t very important so don’t bother making them too long or too short.

Make sure not to overuse hashtags but include at least one. Listing popular hashtags can be helpful for this purpose such as including the most popular hashtags (#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, etc…) as a free bonus.

insta-How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

If you have enough time and patience it’s good to write several captions for each picture. This is because Instagram profiles with many pictures have more chances of being viewed.

However, don’t be too annoying by posting the same caption multiple times on different photos!

The best way to get your first 1000 followers is by using all of the tips listed above.

So just keep continuing what you’ve been doing before and try finding new ways to make yourself stand out from other users.

That’s it! Hopefully, this helps make you an Instagram star.

It is important to know that there are two types of stories on Instagram they are called “day” and “night”.

This refers to when you can view them, the day being during the daytime in your timezone and night being during nighttime.

Learning which type of story gets more views will be helpful later on in this article when I talk about how to get more views on each type of story.

For both types of stories, it’s important to have high-quality pictures/videos with bright colors.

Avoid using videos that are too short because people won’t stay on it even if it is only 8 seconds long.

Don’t make the whole story about one picture or video because it will feel like one big advertisement rather than a story.

Include more than one picture or video, even if you only have 3 minutes to tell a “story” then just put a few pictures and a video in that time rather than one massive picture with no context of what is going on.

This will keep the viewer’s attention for longer as they will want to see what happens next instead of getting bored because they already know the whole story from start to finish.

You can choose whether you put all your stories together or create them separately, I would recommend creating them separately so you don’t run out of ideas when making night stories because day stories are much easier to make really good ones compared to night ones.

It’s also good not to overuse emojis in your story because it makes them less meaningful.

Try to find another way to express yourself other than just emojis. For example, ” 🙂 ” could be replaced with a smiley face picture or icon because using the emoji would mean the same thing.

How To Make Stories Interesting And Informative 

The important thing is to make your stories interesting and informative otherwise people won’t be interested in what you are posting about.

Now onto the types of day and night stories: Both types of stories can use any type of filter but I would recommend sticking to one filter for every story that you put out to keep it looking professional rather than having one story with 4 different filters for all sorts of reasons.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

Also, avoid editing too much on the mobile app because it decreases the quality of your video/pictures, if you are making a bad photo then don’t edit it just put it out as is.

As said earlier, day stories get more views than night ones but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to get many views on Instagram.

The reason why people watch your story more often for the day than night is because of the time when they can view them, so the viewers might be at home or somewhere where they have access to the internet and their phone so they will check their IG stories while having free time. 

To tell what type of story you are making just look at your post, if it is the only thing on the screen then it’s probably a day story but if there are other things on the screen like multiple pictures and videos or using features such as Boomerang, then it’s most likely a night one.

Top 7 Tips: How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

1. Creative

Be creative in your day’s story.

2. Use Filter

Make sure to use the same filter in the everyday story you post. this will improve the quality of your videos/photos because it is important for everything to look professional on IG stories when you are trying to get more views.

3. Bright Colors

Use bright colors, when there are bright colors it is much more interesting than having grey or black photos/videos because people want to see things that are interesting and colorful rather than dull looking.

stories views-How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

4. Make Videos Interesting

Include movement in all videos, even if you are sitting still for 3 minutes it is good if your head moves around a bit as this makes watching less boring because viewers tend not to pay attention if they can’t see anything moving at all such as a hand or an object.

5. Use Emojis

Use emojis that don’t have to be explained, for example, you could just put ” 😀 ” but it would be better if you put a picture of a smiling face instead because the emoji means the same thing so there is no point in putting both of them.

6. Don’t Show Your Face Too Often

Try not to show your face too often as viewers find it boring and repetitive especially if they see your face more than once throughout the story.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

So doing things such as talking with animated motions and not showing your face will make people more interested in what you are posting about.

7. Interesting And New Things

Talking about interesting and new things, trying to keep it short and sweet is good because nobody wants to watch 10 minutes worth of story, it’s better to keep it short and make people want to watch more.

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Conclusion: How To Get More Views On Instagram Story In 2022

These are the things that I have learned during my two years of being on Instagram.

Overall these tips will help you make your stories less boring and therefore encourage more people to watch them, especially if you are trying to get more views on Instagram stories.

because they will want to see what you post about next so they can stay up-to-date with all the information that you give out regarding your niche.

It’s simple and you can do it in five minutes. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for years and it works.

Thank you for listening to my advice and I hope that you will get more views on your stories from now on.

Have a lovely day!

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