IDrive Coupon Codes & Review 2023: Get 5 TB Backup @ $6.95

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5 TB of cloud backup at $6.95 for the first year

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FAQs | IDrive Coupon Codes

🔥 How does IDrive work?

Idrive Cloud backup is accessible from all the devices like Macs, PCs,iPads, Android devices,iPhones.It helps to backup the data in realtime.

✅Does IDrive backup emails?

Backup is supported by IDrive along with Multiple Office 365 Exchange mailboxes, hosted online. Backup and restoration of mailbox data, like Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and email folders.

👉How safe is cloud backup?

Yes, Data is safe in the cloud as compared to the hard drive. Files are easy to maintain and access. Such services provide your data in the hands of other people who help you to access and operate it by protecting you from scams and threats.

✌️What is IDrive backup?

To store your Images, Videos, Call logs and contacts mobile device has an option of IDrive Online backup through cloud account.

In today’s high-tech world, where all our important data is on various devices from computers, ipads to phones, there is an urgent need for a good backup for all our documents. To have a record of all our works is the need of the hour!

And what can be better than to have a storage device that does it all for you?

IDrive is the ideal solution to many of our worries. Here we provide you with IDrive coupon codes for  2023.

It is a high-speed online storage and backup device which works for all the devices used by many individuals these days from iPhones to IPad, to android phones and windows, etc.

Because of the many features offered, some might find it little complicated, but it fits perfectly well to those users who work on a lot of machines and have a lot of data to be stored.

IDrive provides you with unlimited storage space. Try Best IDrive Coupon Codes.

iDrive discount coupons

iDrive Review 2023: About IDrive

So basically IDrive is a technology company that has its specialization in data backup applications. Its main product is IDrive, which is an online backup service.

iDrive discount coupon code

This service is available to Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS (iPad and iPhone) users.

Once IDrive is installed, it helps users to select folders and files that can be backed up at user-specified times.

IDrive offers compressed and incremental backups so that a user can only upload the modified portions of a backup file, there is one more option available, a continuous backup option- with which files can be updated in real-time.

Users get the ability to limit bandwidth usage while the backup process is being done.

A very relaxing thing about IDrive is any previous 10 versions of files or data are automatically retained.

IDrive does not automatically delete any backup data, but if backup files are deleted on user’s device by mistake, there is no need to worry as users can still access and restore those files from IDrive Trash folder within 30 days.

IDrive data recovery features

IDrive also allows you to back up data from all compatible devices (smartphone, tab, and computers) to one single account.

What makes it different from competitors is the multiple data retrieval options IDrive provides. All backup files can be accessed through IDrive’s client software or with any Internet browser.

If you want access to all backup files, IDrive has the ability to ship all your backup files on a 3 TB hard drive.

Why IDrive Is The Best Choice?

Many questions come to our mind when we think of picking up storage space for our work. Who, what and why are the constant questions crossing our minds???

Idrive Coupon Code

Here is a simple layout to answer all your queries:

IDrive is for those individuals who work on a variety of devices, be it your multiple computers to mobile phones, and need great storage space at a user-friendly cost.

It also provides the users with a free GB plan, among many others.

IDrive offers various personal and business plans which are made to suit different users depending on their storage and backup requirements.

The personal plans range from 150 GB to 1000 GB of space whereas the business plan ranges from 100 to 2000 GB plans.

The benefit of taking a business plan is that you get extra backup servers, sub-accounts, and databases. But the only thing you need to be careful about is to stay within the space limit.

IDrive is your wonderful space for restoring files. It provides you with a gallery to view all your pictures, images, and videos, to make it easier and faster for you to decide what is to be restored.

Pricing of IDrive:

iDrive pricing plans

Plan Price Plan Storage

  • Basic: Free 5 GB
  • iDrive Personal: $52.12 1-Year 2 TB
  • iDrive Business: $74.62 1-Year $149.25 2 Years 500 GB

Browse here for more details on the pricing and Business Plans offered by IDrive and get more discounts by applying  the iDrive coupon codes:

Features of iDrive Coupon Code

iDrive small business features

  • IDrive versions help you focus and choose the backup plan you want to restore, while at the same time you can also have an access to your files through the use of your phones and are at liberty to share it on social media sites and can circulate it through emails.
  • Don’t need to sweat if you have deleted some of your important documents and need to restore it. IDrive gives you a period of up to 30 days to restore your documents.
  • To back up your files, you have a variety of options provided by IDrive. You can backup in smaller units, to setting up time duration for an automatic time back up depending on the time limit you want to set.

You can also do this manually using the drag and drop features provided in chrome and Firefox browsers.

  • Security is a primary concern for one and all.

IDrive provides the best protection for your data and files as it is using standard 256 bit AES Encryption along with a user-created key giving you all the protection and privacy you need for your files.

  • IDrive provides you with a constant storage device and doesn’t delete any of your files without your permission. You are the creator and destroyer of your work.

So, you have to be careful of what you need and what needs to be deleted.

User Review at IDrive 

User Review at IDrive 

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Conclusion: IDrive Coupon Codes 2023

IDrive is for you if you have too many machines and a lot of files, as you can have multiple machines for your storage, backup and restoration.

One thing that you must keep in mind is to not exceed your storage space. So get IDrive and have all your data safe and saved. Also, try some great discounts using Genie9 Backup software coupon codes & BackupTrans coupons.

Thus, overall I can say in my iDrive review which would help you backup your important data and is surely a DEAL OFFER with such powerful features.

Avail the iDrive coupon codes and get further discounts!

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You would love to check out their Features for more information.

For more, check their Video Tutorial section and FAQs.

You can also follow their social media on FacebookTwitterLinkedin

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75% Off

75% Off One Year Subscription

75% Off One Year Subscription using the coupon code: rush

IDrive is for you if you have too many machines and a lot of files, as you can have multiple machines for your storage, backup and restoration.

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