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Get the latest iFlipd Coupon Codes December 2022 in this post.

Ever wanted to play that shiny new video game from Ubisoft but the $60 price tag made you think twice?

Let’s face it, paying $60 for a video game that you may only play 4-5 times or not at all again after the story is done and dusted isn’t a very good deal.

Yes, the game developers deserve it after all the hard work that goes in crafting these amazing life-like graphics but there has to be a plan where you and the developers, both win?

With the iFlipd Coupon I am sharing with you today, you’ll be able to save even more money on your video games. Grab the discounts and game on!

iFlipd: An Overview

It was May 2019 when iFlipd changed the game with their new offering of weekly game-rentals. Since then the market hasn’t been the same as it made paying $60 for a new Playstation 4 or Xbox One game completely ancient.

Having already changed the status quo with rental textbooks, iFlipd was already popular amongst students. 


They enabled the option of renting expensive textbooks just before exams, exactly when you need them the most, ace the exam and then return the books. This same model was implemented with popular Video Games of popular consoles. 

Players across different consoles do not worry as you rent Xbox One games, Playstation 4 games, and also rent Nintendo Switch games on the iFlipd games section. For as little as $2 you can now grab the latest titles such as Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed, Anthem, and more! 

The company’s vision extends beyond just rent-for-all. iFlipd cares for the financial well-being of the students and understands how student loans can become a burden and how every dollar becomes important for the student. 

Best Buy iFlipd Coupon Codes

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Pros and Cons

As is always the case, competition exists and some companies do certain things right and some not so much. Let’s look at what sets iFlipd apart from its competition.


  • Rent as you go service

Not being a subscription service keeps iFlipd cheap at $2 instead of $20 like it’s competition. Rent the games or textbooks wherever you need them and return them whenever you don’t.

  • New Games Available –

Don’t have to wait or save up for the newest titles as they are available on iFlipd as they release for the usual $2 price tag!

  • Free Shipping –

iFlipd ships all it’s orders for free across the country so you don’t have to worry about the shipping costs either! 


  1. There are not many things to complain about iFlipd except maybe the lack of support for older generations of consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 amongst various others. 
  2. No option to rent PC games is available on iFlipd.

Pricing of iFlipd

iFlipd games are priced at $2 each no matter which game. Whether it is a Playstation 4 game or Xbox One game, old or new, all are treated alike at $2-a-week. You can rent them for as long as you want to play them.

Games at

There is also a provision to own the games you’ve rented without any extra costs or hassles. Simply, keep the games for 40 or the mentioned number of weeks to own the game.

The number of weeks to own changes based on the actual retail price of the game.

You also get 10 reward points per week for every game you rent. These reward points can be redeemed as iFlipd Gift Cards or credits on iFlipd’s partners such as App Store and iTunes, Burger King, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts among others.

You can also use the reward points to donate to a charity or a wildlife foundation like the National Park Foundation, Special Olympics, RED, etc.

iFlipd has also started a subscription service that is currently in beta testing called iFlipd Turbo. Priced at $5 for a month and $55 for a whole year, subscribers can upgrade the number of games they can rent per week and earn more reward points.

Also included in the subscription is an entry to the free monthly giveaway where you can get 1 game for free every month.

You also get Pre-Order Access to place orders for new games before they even become available.

My iFlipd Review

Having researched iFlipd thoroughly and garnered opinions from various previous customers, the sentiment is very positive. iFlipd offers a great service with great customer service. 

The $2-per-week for iFlipd games is extremely affordable for everyone and especially for students who are looking to save as much as they can.

I find the iFlipd list of titles available impressive and it is often the case that the game of choice is available. 

iFlipd covers the shipping costs in both ways, when ordering and when returning the game. What could be more awesome than that?

The rental price was already cheap and plus the addition of iFlipd points which can be redeemed for more iFlipd credit or vouchers on popular eateries or charities is a very good bonus. 

Moreover, the company’s goodwill for good students is evident with the resources they’ve made available.

iFlipd partnered up with Zingo to make a credit line for students to pay their rent. This not only helps students pay their rents but also establish a good credit score!

More such helpful articles for students specifically to manage student debts are also regularly put up on the iFlipd website.

The reviews, the service, and the games are top-notch. This is one of the rare services which sounds too good to be true but is actually true. 

iFlipd Coupon Codes -giftcard

FAQs | iFlipd Coupon Codes

🙇‍♀️ Which payment options are accepted by iFlipd?

iFlipd accepts Paypal, Venmo, credit, and debit cards.

👉 What is the billing procedure for iFlipd rentals?

iFlipd charges your credit card/payment method every week until you return the product or the product has been paid off completely.

🤓 Are there any missed payment fees?

Yes. If you don’t maintain the minimum balance required and default on your payments for more than two weeks, you will be charged $10 as a late payment fee.

🤨 How can I reach out to iFlipd?

You can reach out to iFlipd from the ‘Contact Us’ section on their website. Please note there is no iFlipd e-mail or iFlipd phone number officially given out and you have to use the chat option on the iFlipd website.

🧐 Do I need iFlipd coupon for Free Shipping?

No. Shipping is always free on iFlipd.

Conclusion | iFlipd Coupon Codes 2022

iFlipd is a no-brainer. It is an amazing platform with an amazing team behind it with a noble mission to help students with their student debt by whatever means they can.

The textbook rental service, game rental service, student loan help, and student credit for rent are all testimony to the fact that iFlipd wants to help ease the burden.

They regularly put out good articles and advice for students all over the country so that it may help them make better decisions.

Talking specifically about the iFlipd video game rental service, it is amazing and must go for.

Especially so with the iFlipd coupon which gives you 10% OFF on all iFlipd orders!

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