Inpixio Review 2020: Is It A Free Photo Editing Software?

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Editing Features






User-Friendly Interface


Customer Satisfaction


Value to money


  • Best for New Editors
  • No HDR equipment needed
  • Only one image needed
  • Time-saving 
  • Interface of the app is User Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Very efficient
  • Less time consuming 
  • No need for prior experience


  • Too basic for a professional editor
  • Does not have additional features as the Ultimate does
  • Not suitable for professional editing

This blog is about inPixio Review 2020. The incredible software in which the editing is not less than magic. Let’s have a look.

inPixio Review 2020: Is It A Free Photo Editing Software?


Need to edit your photos but do not know which software to use? Having a hard time editing your photos? inPixio has to be the most useful website for editing. Editing is inevitable in the current generation.

We want our photos to have a professional look. inPixio understands these needs and helps us attain these standards. You can edit all your work like a pro! This software is available for both Android and iOS devices.

inPixio has a few online free tools as well. These online tools are useful for basic background editing and photo text editing. It has a dedicated blog to ensure that people who use these products can use the product to its full potential. 


inPixio is for every person who wants to edit a particular image. The person may be new to the game or a professional photo editor, can find their place on this website. The inPixio website has a well-organized interface that showcases all their products systematically.

inPixio offers 8 products without counting the online tools as well as apps. Photo Studio 10 is the latest software offered by the website. inPixio has over 10 million users. The product has won the best seller tag of InPixio.It was the best seller for the years 2018 and 2019.

What is inPixio?

inPixio is a software development company that makes photo editing software. The company has a base in Paris. By the sales figures above you can realize how popular the products are. The company has worked with various top companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

The main reasons their products are so successful are their availability on top platforms. inPixio software is available in Apple PlayStore, Windows PlayStore, etc. This makes the customer more prone to avail the opportunity and downloads the software.

Features of inPixio Product

  1. The abundance of vital features: Various features such as making photomontages to cropping objects and correcting errors can be done with these products.
  2. Easy to use: It is very easy for new users to operate this software and make cool photo edits with it. It boasts it can edit your photos in minutes!
  3. Image formats: It ensures that all basic types of image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP are available. This makes sure you have universal access to your image.
  4. Faster updates: The company ensures it has a dedicated team to make sure the user’s experience towards their products has been pleasing. 
  5. Zero Compatibility errors: It is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems. It has a modern interface for greater user experience.
  6. Support: The website has many FAQs, blogs, tutorials, articles to ensure you make the maximum of the software.

The websites boast over 10 crore customers. They also have a very strong social media following as well with 2 lakh Facebook followers.

inPixio Attributes

inPixio is a focused photo editing software developer who has various products at hand. To choose from the various products offered by the website, we need to look at each product for its strengths and weaknesses.

The review for each of their products has been listed below.

inPixio Photo Studio 10

It is the most popular software the website offers. inPixio has both Windows and Mac-compatible software available.

inpixio Studio 10


1) Background Eraser: How many times has it happened that you click a photo and random person photobombs your photo? When you want to click a perfect sunset picture but a hoarding has blocked half of your photo? No worries! You can now edit out the clutter in your background and make your photo picture perfect!

2) Edit out unwanted things from your photo: Any wires, cables, people that are not necessary for the photo are removable by the eraser function. It allows you to delete each object without hampering the quality of the product.

It also has a selection tool that comes with detection and selection of colour. This tool can be useful to further enhance the quality of the photo. 

3) Cut Out an object from your photo: You can cut out any person, thing, etc from your image. You can choose the shape and size of the image with the help of a cursor. It has an in-built algorithm which helps in automatically setting the image shape to be cut out.

This feature can also work as a simple and easy background cleaner. Very intricate details such as the hair of an individual can be carefully removed via this process. You can use the “retention” feature to make sure certain details do not get edited out. 

Later you can use the cutout and paste it into the desired background. You can also use this feature to make beautiful collages.

4) One-Click Image Correction- Pro Version: With this feature, you no longer need to be a photoshop expert. You are just one click away to those perfect edits. With smart technology applied in this feature in just one click the software automatically detects and performs the best edit possible for your photo.

5) Pro Version Features: The pro version contains the most awesome editing capabilities as follows:

  • Perspective Tool: These tools are necessary when clicking a monument or a building from a smaller distance. When you click a photo of a building with a smaller distance, the photo seems to be tilted a little. You can correct this via this tool.
  • Soft Focus: Soft focus is an effective tool to make your main object look small. You can add a horizontal soft focus to form this effect.
  • Sticker and text addition: Many stickers are available in this feature to make your edit look even cooler. Text addition helps you add a unique touch to your edit. The available templates can be completely customized as per your liking.
  • Colour Effect: You can always find a colour effect for your image with the wide array of options to choose from. With just one change you can completely change the feel of the image. You can also download free libraries to give you greater ease of editing.
  • Red-Eye Detection: This feature automatically detects the red eye due to the flash of the camera and completely transforms your family photos.

6) Making Montages: You can use the cut-out option in the previous features and integrate them into a useful background. You can also make suitable collages with this feature.

It also helps you make a softer transition of the cutout into a background. Making the cutout blend into the background as it was meant to be. This is possible due to smart smooth contours available in the software.

The most main goal this software tries to accomplish is the ability to edit photos with as ease as possible.

inPixio Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Very efficient
  • Less time consuming 
  • No need for prior experience


  • Autocorrect may not completely solve your problems.

Photo Studio 10 Ultimate

This is a mainstream Professional photo editing software. This product offers the best photo editing and organizing features the company offers. It compiles all the features that are present in various individual products offered by the company into one.

inpixio Studio 10 ultimate

It provides all these features in an organized manner to ensure the maximum productivity of the product. Photo Studio 10 Ultimate helps you make the most of the photos from your digital camera.

It can perform every photo editing feature you can imagine. inPixio can brighten your teeth, make your skin glow, remove any dark circles, etc. 

Also, It can do the basics effortlessly such as cropping the image, removing red-eye from the image, or any other discrepancy in just a click.

When should you use this software?

  • For professional photo editing
  • To edit out unwanted background objects.
  • Restore old images
  • Fixing Photos
  • Remove redeye 
  • Rotate, crop, or resize the image.
  • Easily share images on social media
  • Creation of various photo cards and unique gifts
  • Suitable for newcomers as well as professionals.


Ultimate contains Photo Studio 10 as well. The following are the features that the ultimate also provides. As these features have been in detail explained previously in the review, I would just mention a line or two about them here.

Photo Studio 10 Pro features

  • One-click image correction: It has an automatic feature wherein it can detect various changes that are required to better the image. Therefore in just one click, you get a much-enhanced product.
  • Remove unwanted things from your image.
  • You can cut out a certain part of the image and paste it into a whole background
  • It can make beautiful montages and collages as well.
  • Also, You can use various preset templates to completely change the vibe of your image. The presets are filters you can use to enhance the image. You can also make your own preset to suit your need for the image.

Photo Maximizer 

  • Clear closeups: Have you encountered a problem while shooting a miniature subject? You just need a certain detail to be crystal clear but it gets blurred or pixelated? This feature clears these problems and gives you the perfect closeup image. Its zoom technology can give you a clear zoom up to 1000%. It also has 7 Preset zooms to ensure you focus on the detail with no effort whatsoever.
  • Increase image size with clarity: Generally, when you try to enlarge a small image it gets pixelated and distorted. This feature, however, ensures you increase your size with perfect clarity. The best part is there is no restriction on the use of a particular device to click photos. 
  • Remove grain from the pictures: When you click photos in low light there is a high chance of photos getting grainy. This problem can be overcome via the noise cancellation tool. This tool helps in reducing the grainy appearance of the picture to make it look more crisp and natural.
  • Adjust various colour-related parameters: These features include parameters such as contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, etc. You can also use tone colours to make changes via the curve.
  • Batch Processing: You can set a zoom parameter of your liking and enlarge up to 1000 images in one batch itself.

Photo Focus

  • Increase clarity and sharpness of your image: There is a high chance that a randomly clicked photo does not have the sharpness that you want. With Photo Focus you can change that via the help of its pre-installed presets present. With just one click you can experience a clearer and sharper image.
  • Intentional blurring: You can blur some parts of the image with the Creative Blur tool. This blur can get your focus to you on a certain object or give you a certain effect that you desire.
  • Soft focus: This is a feature that can make the image’s focal point miniature. It gives a horizontal blur to the image.
  • Refocusing into the main object: If the image is focusing on the wrong object, you can refocus it on the main image via the refocus tool.
  • After using the above-mentioned features if you feel the parameters at which you have set the features can be used for other photos as well, you can set them as presets. These presets can be used later to modify your images.

There are some additional features you can get as per your liking:

  • Multicomputer Installations: You can install your software into 5 different computers.
  • Backup Hard copy installations CDs: A CD will be delivered at your doorstep
  • While You would get 30 days Money Back Guarantee on the product.
  • This Product is compatible with only Windows PC.

Note: There are two versions of Photo Studio 10. One is compatible with Mac OS while the other is with Windows OS. While the change is the OS compatibility is a big change the features remain the same.

Photo Studio Ultimate 10: Pros & Cons


  • Has all the features and presets you can think of
  • Time-saving 


  • Maybe overwhelming for a newcomer.

inPixio Maximizer

The main purpose of this software is to fix grainy pixelated pictures.

inpixio Maximizer


  • Focus on minute details: Whenever you try to click a closeup of a smaller object, there is always a certain minute detail that is very important. While enlarging the image the picture distorts and that minute detail is not visible. Here the software helps you retain this detail.
  • Enlarge your smaller pictures: Whenever you try to enlarge a picture above a certain frame it distorts and gives you grainy pictures. Here the software comes in making your pictures enlarged with no pixelation or grainy effect.
  • Pro version: Reduction of Photo Noise: Whenever you click photos in low light they bring about grainy and unclear pictures. This software helps you reduce the noise due to low light. It gives you a crisp photo even in low light.
  • You can also adjust the noise to your liking. This can bump up your evening photo game one notch up.

There are additional features as well included such as:

  • Advanced Cropping: It corrects the horizontal or vertical correction that a photo may need.
  • Pro version- sharpness tool: Further enhances the sharpness of the photo
  • Colour adjustment: You can choose the saturation, temperature, and various factors via this tool. Using the toner curve you can choose the quantity of red, blue, green, etc in your image.
  • Batch Process: You can simultaneously edit 1000 images to enlarge with a preset zoom setting.
  • Compare different presets: You can compare different presets of your choice and choose which preset suits perfectly for you.

inPixio Maximizer: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with any format


  • Does not have additional features as the Ultimate does. 

Eclipse HDR

HDR editing is said to be a complicated task, to say the least. This software makes HDR editing a child’s playchild’s play. The HDR editing has been boiled down to only three steps by this software. 

Eclipse HDR

The three steps are as follows:

1) Upload an image

2) Adjust the HDR slide to your liking

3) Voila! Your image is ready!

Note: This software is compatible with Windows PC.


  • Presets available: These are over presets to choose from when it comes to Eclipse HDR. People new to the editing world can simply browse through the presets and watch your photo turn into a masterpiece! The main advantage is that you can keep the photo natural as well as enhance it to further increase its beauty. 
  • Only 1 image required: Usually, three images are required to bring about the HDR effect. While this software only requires one. You can also change the temperature, saturation, etc of your image to further enhance the image. This also ensures you do not need an extra HDR camera or equipment to ensure the HDR effect.
  • Fast Editing: It only takes 5 minutes to turn your normal image into an HDR masterpiece.
  • Ease of use: The ease with which these presets are applied cannot be compared to any other. This has to be the easiest and the most effective tool here.

Eclipse HDR: Pros & Cons


  • Best for New Editors
  • No HDR equipment needed
  • Only one image needed


  • Too basic for a professional editor

Free Editor Software

Compatible with Windows Pc. Yes, you heard it right. inPixio also gives you free software to start with.

free photo editor


It gives features such as:

  • Filters: The software offers you 90 plus filters to choose from to make your image social media worthy. You can easily turn any normal image in an attractive, eye-popping image instantly. There are various interesting filters such as vintage, black, and white, old school, etc to make your image stand out from the rest. The best part is you can select and compare these filters by just swiping and selecting the filters.
  • Frames: You can add various types of frames as per your liking to your image. Once you are done, you can easily share these pictures on social media.

Additional features are:

  • Advanced Cropping
  • Editing colours
  • Before and after comparisons
  • Vignette 

Free Editor Software: Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for professional editing

inPixio Mobile Apps

Aside from PC software inPixio also offers Mobile apps to edit photos.

Photo Editor App

This App can be downloaded from the Apple store.

photo editor app by inpixio


  • Improve your photos by the tools available in the app
  • You can add a frame to give a different vibe to your photo
  • You can add text to customize the photo to your liking
  • Filters are available which you can apply and enhance your image
  • Add various stickers to make them look more appealing.

inPixio Photo Transfer App

This app aims to transfer images from your phone to your computer seamlessly via wifi. 

inpixio photo transfer app

The Transfer can be done in just three simple steps:

  • Open the app in your phone
  • You need to type out the URL provided by the app into your computer’s internet browser.
  • Choose the photos that you want to save and proceed accordingly.

inPixio Photo Transfer App | Pros & Cons


  • Available on both Android and iOS 
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Simpler apps are available.

Subscription Details | inPixio Review 2020

inPixio Studio 10

inPixio Studio 10 offers you a variety of features such as background eraser, cropping tool, etc and making collages. It is a complete package for your editing needs.

inPixio Studio 10 is available for Rs 3758.65/-

inPixio Studio 10 Pro 

In addition to the basic package, inPixio Pro offers additional features such as image correction. It has a variety of tools such as soft focus and red-eye detection.

inPixio Studio 10 Pro is available for Rs 4510.43/-

inPixio Studio 10 Ultimate

inPixio Studio 10 Ultimate is the best ultimate destination for editing like a pro. Its amazing features include removing disturbances and image correction. It can make your image bigger by 1000%.

inPixio Studio 10 Ultimate is available for Rs 7518.05/-

inPixio Studio 10 Mac

inPixio Studio 10 Mac allows you to crop and remove unnecessary disturbances in your photographs. You can also make a collage of all the pictures you like.

inPixio Studio 10 Mac is available for Rs 3471.53/-

inPixio Studio 10 Pro Mac

inPixio Studio 10 Pro Mac has over 30 plus filters and over 40 plus unique textures. It helps you improve the sharpness of the images. You can also enhance these images.

inPixio Studio 10 Pro Mac is available for Rs 4165.97/-

Photo Maximizer 5

Photo Maximizer 5 provides one zoom filter. It also helps you decrease the grainy effect.

Photo Maximizer 5 is available for Rs 4510/-

Photo Maximizer 5 Pro 

Photo Maximizer 5 Pro has all the features from the basic version along with some additional tools. It provides seven zoom filters and can edit 1000 pictures in one batch. sharpness pro tool is also added.

Photo Maximizer 5 Pro is available for  Rs 6014.29/-

Eclipse HDR 

You get about 40 ready to use HDR presets in Eclipse HDR.

Eclipse HDR is available for Rs 4510.53/-

Eclipse HDR Pro 

This offers advanced colour management along with custom Presets. Batch Mode is also available. HDR RElight is also provided which helps you control light sources in an image. 

Eclipse HDR Pro is available for  Rs 11277.44/-

Photo Editor & Photo Transfer Software

Both these are available for free of cost!

While other software such as photo editor and Photo transfer software is free.

Personal View

I think this website has to be the ultimate destination for your editing tasks. The products offered by them are simple to use yet professional. The pricing is, to believe it or not, on the lower side as they give you an installation CD with it as well. 

inPixio also does not charge you for the basic features and gives it to you free of cost. Though free products are basic but are highly effective. 

I find inPixio reliable and efficient. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this software. Anyone can use this software easily. 

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FAQs | inPixio Review 2020

👉 Do you get a CD with the software?

inPixio offers you a choice of whether or not you want a hard copy. If you wish to have a hard copy you are provided with one.

👉 Can a beginner use these products?

Yes, but you should choose a product as per your requirements. The inPixio studio 10 would be an ideal choice for beginners.

👉 Are these products free?

Photo Editor and File Transfer software are free of cost. Other products have paid services.

👉 Do you need an HDR camera for the HDR effect?

No, The software works on every image type you can find. The eclipse HDR has to be the software to go for.

👉 Are photos enlarged effectively?

Yes, The photos are enlarged effectively to the range of 1000%. The software for this would be ultimate or for the specific function Photo Maximizer or Photo Maximizer Pro

Conclusion | inPixio Review 2020

inPixio products are hands down the most effective and user-friendly products out there. The simplicity with which you can use these products is incredible. The products provide value for money. Hence every photo editor even if it is a beginner or professional should try these products.

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