Instant Proxies Review 2023: Rating, Pros & Cons of InstanProxies!

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  • Fast and dedicated high anonymity HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
  • Dedicated proxy control panel.
  • 7-Days money-back guarantee.
  • Instant delivery of proxies upon payment.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No limit of concurrent connections.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Straightforward and very inexpensive pricing plans.


  • Does not offer SOCKS proxies
  • SMTP emailing is not allowed.

If you're looking for a service that will provide fast, reliable proxies to ensure your data is secure and private then consider as an option. Their prices are competitive with other similar services in the market, they offer many different packages tailored to specific needs, and their customer support is excellent! I highly recommend them if you want a proxy provider that's affordable but also efficient.

Price:$ 13

Looking for an unbiased Instant proxies review along with some amazing discounts? You are at the right place.

Are you an online business owner? Irrespective of any business, the risk of spying and constant thefts.

The web has become a dangerous place. Your private information is at the mercy of data thieves, hackers, and marketers. You need to protect your identity online, but it’s hard to find trustworthy proxies that you can trust with sensitive information.

Thankfully, we have the proxy services like InstantProxies that provide high-quality proxy services.

Key Takeaway:

Instant Proxies is a private proxy service that disperses exclusive HTTPS/HTTP proxies that back a range of websites. Unlike others, this service offers blazing-fast proxies with 99.9% uptime.

You can test or ping the general browsing sites like Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, Ticketmaster, and Pinterest through their websites.

Are Instant Proxies worth it?

I have personally used Instant Proxies and have had a great experience. The proxies are incredibly fast and have low pings, which is exactly what you need for speed-sensitive tasks like online shopping or bidding on auctions.

Furthermore, the customer service is excellent – they are always happy to help and quick to respond to any questions or issues. Overall, I highly recommend Instant Proxies for anyone in need of high-quality private proxies.

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Before writing this Instant Proxies review, we bought 10+ private proxies from them and I have evaluated my results below.

Instant Proxies Review

InstantProxies is a private proxy provider based in the United States. It has many of its proxies there. You can use InstantProxies for general browsing, but they are also good for scraping Amazon sites and social media management.

The price for these is the lowest you can get from any company that will do what you need it to do.

They are compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube among others–but not shoe bots.

InstantProxies is a new proxy service that offers private proxies started in 2012 with the direct proxy server. Backs through proxies’ test/ping to General Surfing.

InstantProxies review-Instantproxies overview

Instant proxies is a proxy server that unblocks various sites including:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter

Why Instant Proxies is the best proxy service?

Instant Proxies is the most affordable private proxy provider in the market. It might be something intrepid to claim, but those who know the high cost to be paid when choosing the wrong services know it very well. It’s not only about being a cheap service provider, but also the one who doesn’t share the servers.

It is confirmed that if someone is asking for a price lower than the desired limit, then assume that it is not a private proxy, but the shared one.

If you are tired of trying the imprecise proxy providers, get more with the Instant proxies:

  • Don’t delay days for distribution – try before you purchase (and enjoy immediate setup)
  • Do not agree to take crumbling service – review your uptime (get 99%+ uptime for sure)
  • Don’t put up with time-consuming support – talk with sustenance and test their reaction time).

Top Features of Instant Proxies: 

Here are some quick features of InstantProxies:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • 100% Compatibility
  • Elite Anonymity
  • Subnet Variety
  • Worldwide Locations
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Blazing fast proxies
  • State-of-the-art network
  • 99% network uptime
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Monthly pricing policy
  • Instant set-up
  • Multiple subnets
  • HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • Refund policy within 5 days
  • Support test/ping via proxies
  • Webmail allowed
  • Multiple cities
Features Of Instant Proxies
Features Of Instant Proxies

Features of Instant Proxies:

Let’s dive deeper into the main features of instant proxy servers.

  • Test Your Proxies before buying 

When you buy a proxy from InstantProxies, make sure it works for your purpose and has a good response time. If the test result is not good enough, just restart the test until you get an acceptable one. In our tests, we have seen that most of the proxies have been working well with a good response time.

After testing them, they are reserved for 30 minutes for you to order if you want them.

  • Know Proxy Status

You can tell if the proxies you are assigned are online by using the proxy admin panel. You can also check them on their website to see how many of their servers are down now, in the last 24 hours, and in the past 30 days.

  • Server Locations

InstantProxies has proxy servers in both America and Europe. But they do not share information about where their servers are. They also do not have any servers in other continents, while many new providers are setting up proxy servers everywhere they can.

However, it would be even better if they add more locations to their fleet of proxy servers.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Instant Proxies are a great choice for those looking to save on bandwidth costs. Their pricing model is based on the number of proxies bundled in a package, so you won’t be spending any money each time your favorite website needs more power!

Additionally, their unlimited connection limit means that even if one proxy goes down or gets slowed down by heavy traffic (which could happen), there will still always be enough simultaneous connections available because they come with an unlimited amount per purchase.

What’s better than this?

With InstantProxies’ impressive threading support too– meaning as long as someone’s free-to-use CS2 license permits it; then users can create up & x16 threads at no extra charge.

  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

InstantProxies provides a 7-days money-back guarantee, so you can always get your refund within the first week of use.

If they don’t work out for whatever reason and are not up to snuff in their performance metrics then you have an option other than being stuck with them or having no choice but submit without any input.

  • Quick IP Authentication

The proxy authorization system allows you to authenticate up to 10 IPs in the control panel.

You won’t be bothered by username-based authentication. However, there is a limit on how many addresses can use this service at once, and if your dynamic IP changes often then it might not work out well for you!

  • Proxy refreshing

InstantProxies will refresh your proxies after you have paid for renewal. You can’t just have the proxy refreshed automatically.

If you have any trouble, please use our support tickets to request a new proxy.

  • SEO Optimized

Datacenter proxies are not very reliable because they can be blocked, detected, or flagged by many websites.

But InstantProxies are different.

They offer a lot of use cases and are one of the best in the market. They provide specialized proxies for specific purposes such as SEO research and social media management. Their proxies are also best for YouTube automation and a few other use cases

  • Mobile-Friendly

Smartphone users can use proxies, but they are different than computers. You need to go into your mobile settings (this is where you find the network and proxy settings) on your smartphone.

After that, you can enter the IP address of the proxy server and port number here. You need to make sure that your phone’s IP is authorized in InstantProxies first so it can connect to them.

Anytime you want to use a proxy, just click on it in this list and then click Connect.

  • The Web’s Most Innovative Private Proxy Service
  • Highly secret private surfing from the key web browsers.
  • High-capacity content dispatching from proxy-supporting mechanization gears.
  • Highly functioning web heaving from custom structures.

It is very important to buy private proxy services to keep away from the eyes of financial predators.

Instant Proxies Proxy Servers & Locations 

InstantProxies has servers located in different locations around the US and Europe. You can buy a plan with up to 7 cities, but you do not get to choose which ones or where on the planet they are located.

  • Instant Proxies Performance

Instant Proxies has a service that checks all of its proxies every 5 minutes. They have had 100% uptime for the past 30 days. That does not mean there were no downtimes. But, if there are any, they are probably less than 1%. You can check this by clicking on one of their links at the footer.

Instant proxies uptime review

💥 Instant Proxies Type & Pricing

InstantProxies offers various proxies that work with almost any site.

You can use these proxies for general purposes, or you can use them for applications like Craigslist, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Yahoo. Our proxies are private and have a lot of features. Furthermore, there is no difference in the features and benefits that these proxies offer.

The best part about IP is that it has by far the best private proxy services at the cheapest price in the industry. The cost that it charges for the private proxies, there are other flaky firms charging the same for the public proxies.

The main difference between these two types of proxies is security. By far, the IP keeps its promise and offers the best private proxies along with the best uptime surety. Spending a few dollars will shed on the best private proxy services from industry experts.

Instant Proxies Pricing Policy

Usage And Verification

The whole system of IP is easy to set up. Once you decide on the service you need for your network and checkout with full payments; within seconds everything will be delivered to you in your email with an auto log-in link. You can start immediately and also check your network status via their website.

Instant Proxies functions via IP Authentication. The username/password option is not accessible. You can use substitutions for web emailing, But SMTP is gridlocked with their proxies. The proxy all-out linking is 10 IPs.

Resources Offered by Instantproxies 

Instant Proxies offer various resources to help you in getting your work done.

Resources Offered

💥 How to use Instant Proxies?

Here is how you can order the proxies from Instant

Click Test Now to start the proxy server test using Instant proxies.

Instant proxies testing and order

Create an account with Instant proxies first to start using their proxies. Register by entering your email address, name, and password.

Instant proxies account creation process- InstantProxies reviews

Choose the number of proxy servers that you want to purchase and order using PayPal.

Instant proxies payment and checkout

On payment, you will be able to log in to the admin area of

Instant proxies admin panel- instantproxies review

In case, you don’t know the login for the admin panel, you can find it in the client area. 

Instant proxies client area login

After login, you will need to add your computer’s IP and submit it for authorization.

how to use instant proxies login area

Once you have got a list of proxies, you can test these proxies and check if they working fine.

Signup and perform the test 

By using the Instant proxies’ services, you will see that the campaigns you are running will be up 24/7. It will run in half of the nation at a super-fast speed.

At almost half the price paid as compared to the other proxies, the services’ quality and the support is amazing.

The connectivity you will get will function impeccably. While using the ping, you will understand the analogy. With Instant Proxies, it has incredible ping time so the link is very fast.

Here are my results on the InstantProxies test: 

InstantProxies review-Instantproxies private proxy test results

🔥 Ping Test & Proxy Speed Test

Instant proxies were tested for their speed and ping returns. And, the results were too good to be called proxies.

Let’s say, we tried the Instant proxies for Craiglist and the following results were obtained:

instant proxies test and speed review

The first test we performed was to check the latency of the proxy server. We used “” to see how fast it took for our computer to send signals to the different location’s servers.

The results were pretty good because if the site you are visiting has a server near where your proxy is, then you will be able to connect very quickly with low ping.

How to Authenticate IPs with Instant Proxies?

The InstantProxy client has an IP-based authentication system.

You can easily log in to your account with the dedicated proxies admin panel, after signing into it using the control panel username and password from the right top bar of the proxy page.

After clicking on Client Login located at the top middle area under My Account, you’ll be taken back onto the main dashboard screen.

Instant Proxies authenticate IPs

Here, you get all the assigned clients will also show up neatly organized by their respective country locations (IP address) so that you don’t need to look any further than what’s already there unless adding more authorized countries/ISPs later down the pipeline.

The first thing you need to do is make necessary changes in your browser or other application where the proxies will be used.

This process might differ for each individual software and it can depend on what kind of settings screen they have, but generally speaking there should usually already exist a section that lists all available encryption techniques (such as HTTPS) along with their respective IPs/port numbers- these are called “proxies.”

After finding this setting within any given piece of technology we recommend clearing out old entries before adding new ones so only allow access through specific means when absolutely necessary; just keep this info handy if things ever go pearshaped!

InstantProxies Tools For Proxies

Though Instantproxies give some amazing tools, two of its tools are most useful. These two are a Proxy tester and a Proxy availability checker.

Proxy Tester

This is a free proxy tester tool that checks for the availability and ping test for the proxies. Just drop in the proxies list and click on ‘Test now to get the results.

Instant Proxies free proxy tester

Browser Privacy Test

This tool is a bit complicated but quite helpful. It gives you information on what information is your browser sharing with other websites.

Browser privacy test-Instantproxies review


Instant Proxies

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Fast and dedicated high anonymity HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

😩  Cons

Does not offer SOCKS proxies


If you're looking for a service that will provide fast, reliable proxies to ensure your data is secure and private then consider as an option. Their prices are competitive with other similar services in the market, they offer many different packages tailored to specific needs.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pros & Cons of InstantProxies


  • Numerous Metropolises.

This is one of the most vital parts of selecting a proxy server. Conditional on what you want it for, you might want to have to be from a precise location. This is of course intended to be as proxies are generally used for secrecy.

  • Complete Secrecy.

With this supplier, you will be able to use several accounts on many well-known internet platforms. This is for the reason that proxies are fences to guard us against countless risks. These perils could vary from critical to not severe ones, but you must be sure not to use any free public proxies ever.

  • Unrestricted Bandwidth.

As you know that IP provider is very reasonable, it’s quite surprising that they offer unlimited bandwidth for your connection. You connect instantly along with no downtime-it’s simply unbelievable at this price. Well, for me it was quite a lot of aspects of the paid price.

  • 24/ 7 Chat Support:

The support is always present as and when you require it. But honestly speaking, looking at the smooth functioning of the proxies, you will hardly need any support from them. Yet, in case you have any issues or are new to a few things, or need something more professional, then their 24/7 support by experts is present for you to utilize at any point in time.

  • 7-Day money back guarantee

InstantProxies provides a 7-days money-back guarantee, so you can always get your refund within the first week of use. You can also buy a single proxy server or a complete bunch of proxies.


  • Lacks phone and email support.
  • Misses on User/Password authentication
  • Misses on many noteworthy proxy types like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • No notable clients were mentioned on the website.

Best InstantProxies Alternatives to Try


stormproxies coupons & offers

StormProxies is a provider of proxies that use high-quality and high-speed servers, making them reliable for downloading or streaming anything.
All of their proxies are rotating and floating, meaning they will change servers to make sure your information does not get blocked by anyone’s server. They guarantee up to 200k active proxies with unlimited bandwidth.

StormProxies is a proxy marketplace that offers one of the most professional and convenient solutions for sourcing proxies.

With over 1,000,000 top-tier rotating reverse proxies, this service will provide you with unlimited bandwidth and easy access to 1 million unique IPs from around the world. All traffic is non-invasive so there’s no risk of web pages or other services tracking your own address back to you.

As their website says: “Storm Proxies provides many powerful and indispensable features such as an automatic proxy system which ensures all users have access to all available rotators.” Smart shoppers will choose Storm Proxies for import proxy needs!

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies Coupons & Offers

Squid Proxies is a revolutionary location-changing and connection-less website proxy. It also doubles as web caching, which allows you to search the internet much faster than ever before.

You can use them in order to prevent your IP address from being shown in Google Analytics when accessing specific websites such as Dailymotion or YouTube.

The Squid Proxy server was made by California University San Diego for this very purpose about two decades ago and has been continuously improved upon since its creation! The home website of squid proxies is which helps people find the appropriate proxies needed for their central server or other servers and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Blazing Proxies

Blazing SEO

Blazing Proxies is a bulk proxy supplier with premium connections for data anonymity and security. Their internet browsing solutions are perfect for organizations that require more than just a few key services held by many competitors, yet want to find the one service which offers everything all at once.

The advanced connection management tools offer instant stability if your bandwidth starts running low or you need to manage certain points offline.

BP is a powerful proxy service that offers unlimited threads and bandwidth. From Unrestricted Bandwidth to HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Support, BP Proxies Does it all.

Conclusion: Is Instant Proxies Worth Money? 

Well, after getting so much from Instant Proxies at such an affordable price, one must surely give it a try. It is completely risk-free, and in case you find any flaws in the connectivity, they will refund your money within five days.

Though they do not give a lot of proxies of features whatever they give are of high-quality and top-notch speed.

The best part is not only the cheap cost but also the kind of approach they put forward for their users. The testing is smooth and hassle-free including all the main browser’s support.

Some proxy servers might include hidden pricing policies which they won’t be clear about in the beginning, but IP keeps it straight. The overall speed and uptime are great and you won’t regret even working with big marketers as the risk factor is nil.

As per my experience, everything goes smoothly as expected. You can definitely give it a try and moreover, you might also save a few bucks by using the Instant Proxies Coupon Codes.

In a nutshell, If you’re looking for a service that will provide fast, reliable proxies to ensure your data is secure and private then consider as an option. Their prices are competitive with other similar services in the market, they offer many different packages tailored to specific needs, and their customer support is excellent! I highly recommend them if you want a proxy provider that’s affordable but also efficient.

Hope you take the full benefit of the Instant Proxies and get discounts here. 

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