iPhone Flickering Issues Solved 2020– All Working Solutions

iphone flickering issues

Are you fed up with screen flickering problem on your iPhone? . Most likely these issues are arises due to the faulty hardware component like some defective screen losing the connection with the display circuit. Here in this guide, you will know how to eliminate iPhone flickering issues or misbehave with the top-notch and the working solutions.

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What cause your iPhone flickering issues or misbehave?:  iPhone Flickering Issues Solved 2020– All Working Solutions


The devices issues are categorized into two categories- one is software related and another on is hardware related.


Here, if we talk about the Software related issue, then it has a higher chance of getting resolved compared to the hardware related issue. In this problem, you may require professional aid to get the device fixed.

Most of the time an iPhone screen flickers, freeze and become unresponsive because of some misconfigured settings or some of the app is creating the problem.

It is hard to fix the problem if it is due to faulty hardware or software. This problem can also be arises if:

  • The device is being exposed to water
  • Somehow the device fell or dropped by the user




  • If your iPhone 6 screen somehow becomes unresponsive and it looks like flickering gray bar just at the top of the screen. This hardware flaw is also known as the “Touch Disease


  • If the iPhone screen just keeps flickering when you are about to switch between the apps using the 3D touch or just trying to search your iPhone with the spotlight. This problem can arise in iPhone 7/6s/5s. (Go with Solution 2, Solution 3, Solution 4, Solution 5)


Important: If the iPhone which is having the flickering screen problem and it is bought within 30 days. You can replace a new one in the Apple Store.

Solutions to Fix the iPhone Flickering Issues:


Here in this guide, I am going to provide five best solutions for the flickering screen problem in iPhone. So let’s get started with it.


Solution 1: Apple Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 plus


As already been described in the symptoms 1, if you have the iPhone 6 “Touch Disease” declared by the Apple’s design for this particular design. Here this board is the home to the most of the circuits which lets your iPhone work. It includes the processor, storage and all the touch controllers.


Now Apple has come with this program called the Multi-Touch Repair program just to fix the iPhone 6 Plus.


Let’s move on to the other solution for this particular problem.


Solution 2: Just Close All Open Apps


  • Double click home button
  • All open apps will appear there
  • Just sweep each app to close it



Solution 3: Hard Reset or Force Reboot iPhone


  • Simultaneously press and just hold the Home and Sleep/Wake button right until the screen goes dark. Just hold Sleep/Wake and Volume down Buttons if you are having iPhone 7 or iPhone & plus.


  • Right after 2 or 3 minutes when the Apple logo appears, you can make yourself sure that iPhone is booting up.


Here is the hard reset, all the existing data will wipe out from your iPhone. So make sure you have created a backup of your important data somewhere.


Solution 4: Turn Brightness Down


Before rebooting and hard reset, there is an alternate method to fix this flickering screen problem. Just follow the following instruction.


  • Move to setting >Brightness, and set the brightness to the lowest and keep on that stage for some time. You should also disable Auto-Brightness.


Solution 5: Turn Reduce Transparency On (for iPhone 6 Plus)


Just by removing some of the transparent features Apple has put into iOS 9. Here is the example of Spotlight; it has a grey background along with the Reduce Transparency turned on. Follow the following step.


  • Just go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency


  • Turn the Transparency on


Right after this, your iPhone 6 Plus will work smoothly just like before it used to work. Now use your iPhone hassle-free without any iPhone flickering issues or having any screen



If none of the methods are working with your iPhone then its more likely to be the hardware problem. So do some other alternative to fix this problem.

  • Make sure your iPhone screen is clean:

If somehow dirt is being accumulated on your phone’s display, then it may also create the problem. It will also make the unresponsive touchscreen. Just make sure your iPhone screen is dust and dirt free.


  • Just Replace the LCD screen:

If you are having the screen flickering, frozen or having the unresponsive touch, then it can be due to defective LCD. Just go to the service center and replace your LCD screen with a new one by the experts. This will solve your problem of flickering.


If you are still having the problem, then it must be the circuit board components problem. It includes the touch circuit, touch connector along with the touch IC may get damage. Make sure to get an expert and rectify the problem.


Endnote {iPhone Flickering issues}


Apply the listed solution for the flickering screen problem and let your iPhone free from all the screen misbehaves. I hope you liked this guide on how to fix the iPhone flickering issues or problems.





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