IPXO Review 2022– The Unique IP Lease & Monetization Platform

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  • Highly efficient in protecting the system
  • Bug tracking feature available
  • Network visualization is incredible
  • Network device performance monitoring keeps you updated
  • Network performance monitoring feature
  • Comes with malware protection


  • Can burn out your budget 
  • Customer support needs improvement

IPXO can prove to be very helpful for your system. Whether it is network performance monitoring, network visualization, network traffic monitoring, bug tracking, or malware protection, it excels in everything.


Are you looking forward to the IPv4 lease and monetization stages? This is possible with mutual benefits. For this, you can make use of IPXO. Read this IPXO Review to know how.

IPXO, or Internet Protocol Exchange Organization, is a great monetization stage and an IPv4 lease. It connects IP owners with organizations looking to lease IPv4 properties for mutual benefit.

Here in this article, we have included all the important things regarding IPXO in detail. So, read this article to the end. 

ipxo review

IPXO Review- What is IPXO?

IPXO’s creation began in mid-2019 when a community of forward-thinking Internet programmers recognized a way to alleviate the world’s current IPv4 address shortage, which has existed since 2011 when the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or IANA allocated the last eight position blocks, officially depleting the pool of available IPv4 addresses.

According to reports, the capabilities will be available beginning in June.

The IPXO community believed they could compensate for the demand gap created by the deficiency and resolve any barriers in the organic market. This Marketplace enables partnerships that hold IPv4 to adapt it. The Marketplace enables IP owners to establish their subnet costs and manage their revenue.

Due to the existing deficiency, IP address costs have skyrocketed, focusing on organizations needing growth.

As a result, leasing IP addresses has sometimes been a more attractive and realistic choice than purchasing them.

Additionally, this is when IPXO falls into play. The IPXO Marketplace is the go-to location for companies of every scale looking to acquire IP addresses. IPXO provides a flexible, cost-effective arrangement that does not require long-term commitment, as leasing IP addresses is less expensive than purchasing them from an RIR.

ipxo ip lease- ipxo review

Some of the Best Features of IPXO Review

1. Malware Protection:

Malware security safety adds an essential second layer of defense to your device or network. A strong antivirus security kit is the cornerstone of every person or company’s computer system’s technical protections.

IPXO is one of the best tools available in the market to help your system stay uninfected from malware.

2. Bug tracking: 

Bug tracking is the method of documenting and monitoring program defects or failures during the testing process.

Additionally, it is referred to as Fault tracking and problem monitoring. Lots of defects can exist in massive structures.

Each requires evaluation, monitoring, and prioritization for debugging. IPXO can help you detect these to make your work better and bug-free.

3. Network Traffic Monitoring:

Network traffic management, or network traffic review, is a technology analytical technique utilized by computer network security managers to identify problems that could compromise network availability, usability, or security.

IPXO can help you identify the problems with your network so that you can know how to rectify them.

 4. Network Visualization:

The method of visualizing networks of linked entities as links and nodes is called network visualization, graph visualization, or connection analysis.

Nodes are used to reflect data points, while ties represent the relationships between them. IPXO will help you represent better. 

5. Network Device Performance Monitoring:

Tracking network success is the practice of visualizing, monitoring, optimizing, troubleshooting, and reporting on the network’s health and functionality as perceived by your customers. IPXO can help you track the network from time to time. 

What do you get at IPXO?

ipxo monetization- ipxo review

From all reports, the concept was straightforward — create a platform that connects IP address owners with potential tenants. Nonetheless, as is the case for most activities in the software community, it was challenging.

IPXO’s party encountered many obstacles on their way to survival, but they persevered and succeeded. The result was the world’s first business hub for IP addresses.

It is a powerful IPv4 monetization and leasing stage with built-in proprietary advancements that ensure a seamless client experience. Additionally, I am not done yet. I would almost certainly automate our cycles to the extent possible.

It ensures simplicity at all stages with an easy-to-use dashboard, complete report configuration, and scheduled installment periods.

IPXO places a high premium on IP address abuse around the board – it is one of the organization’s core values. IPXO also updated steps to ensure the IP addresses remain clean. Both safeguards include a KYC or Know Your Customer approach and a policy for managing violence.

The community is now working on additional highlights and will produce them shortly. They are developing and implementing appointed RPKIs to make it easier for those who have IP addresses.

They would not be required to physically protest the course since we would do it for them. As a result, their foundation would allow them to centrally manage their intellectual property properties.

As of now, the IPXO stage has ASN data collection that guides in determining if an ASN occurs to keep a strategic gap from any mistypes.

Additionally, they’ve created a Reservation ID that IP holders may share with prospective tenants to allow them to access the IP subnets introduced to IPAM by those who hold the IPs. 

IPXO is now focusing on strengthening our Abuse Desk Policies and the organization as a whole. I propose a few improvements that will allow IP owners to watch their IP space notoriety more advantageously.

Additionally, another part we will discuss shortly is IP charging cycles. It will allow renters to choose the charging period that is most convenient for them. Tenants would be able to choose between quarterly, half-yearly, or annual billing periods.

Custom compensation cycles are the final factor that they will implement shortly. IP holders may choose the date on which they want their payouts that are to be prepared. Similarly to charging periods, IP holders would choose quarterly, semiannual, or annual compensation cycles.

Under normal circumstances, the catalyst for the founding of IPXO was the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses and the enormous business demand for IPv4 addresses.

IPXO’s motivation is to compensate for the market’s shortfall by providing a venue for organizations to come and lease IPv4 addresses for a specified period.

why choose them

Pros and Cons


  • Highly efficient in protecting the system
  • Bug tracking feature available
  • Network visualization is incredible
  • Network device performance monitoring keeps you updated


  • Can burn out your budget 

5 of the Best Alternatives to IPXO

1. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor:   

solarwinds review

With inexpensive, easy-to-use network management tools, you can minimize network outages and quickly detect, diagnose, and fix network efficiency problems.

Advanced network troubleshooting for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud networks with essential route hop-by-hop review is possible with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). 

2. PRTG:   

paessler review

PRTG Network Monitor is a real-time, centralized service management solution that allows IT professionals to identify and address issues throughout their whole network until they escalate to business-critical levels.

PRTG tracks the IT infrastructure’s networks, computers, traffic, and programs utilizing various technology.

3. Zabbix:  

zabbix review

 Zabbix is a commercial-grade open-source distributed management solution for monitoring and tracking the success and availability of network servers, computers, services, and other information technology tools.

Zabbix is an all-in-one management solution that enables users to capture, archive, handle, and review data received from IT infrastructure and visualize it on-screen and obtain notifications through email, SMS, or Jabber when thresholds are exceeded.

4. Intermapper:   

helpsystems intermapper

Intermapper is a robust and dependable network management application for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Through an IP address, you can map and track the whole environment—not only your IT network.

Live, interactive maps provide a real-time view of network stability, with warnings that assist you in identifying and resolving issues immediately. Intermapper is a straightforward application to install, distribute, and use in the enterprise.

5. WhatsUp Gold 

whatsup gold network monitoring

Network and server administrators are also expected to control anything connecting to the network and resolve issues until they affect end users.

As network assets are unavailable, the whole company begins to lose revenue. Administrators must identify and resolve issues quickly – hopefully until they affect end-users or consumers.

They must see how it is interconnected, what is not running, and what is beginning to stall or collapse. This must be a single vendor-neutral tool, and IT must be willing to report network knowledge to executives.

FAQs | IPXO Review

👉 Can IPXO support several users like teams?

Yes, multi-tenancy is an option offered by IPXO.

🤟 Who are the primary IPXO users?

Our service is intended for IP owners with idle IP resources and businesses in need of IP capacity that majorly uses IPXO.

💁 Is IPXO API-enabled?

Yes, IPXO is API-enabled.

🙎‍♂️ Is IPXO a company that provides manuals, tutorials, and consumer support?

Yes, they have a 24-hour support staff and a sizable knowledge base.

👍 What is the most popular use of IPXO?

Leasing and monetizing IP addresses is the primary use of IPXO.

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Conclusion | IPXO Review 2022

IPXO can prove to be very helpful for your system. Whether it is network performance monitoring, network visualization, network traffic monitoring, bug tracking, or malware protection, it excels in everything.

However, the only problem with IPXO is that it is a little expensive. 

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