iThemes Security Free vs Pro 2023: Is The Free Version Enough?

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For both beginners and experts, it’s hard to keep the WordPress site safe. Especially for a website that has been around for a while, WordPress security is very important. But with the best WordPress security plugin for your site, you won’t have to worry about anything near 100% of the time.

If you want to keep your WordPress site safe and secure, iThemes Security Pro is the best way to do it. Read our iThemes Security Free vs Pro comparison to find further. You can also check out the iThemes Coupons and Promo Codes that can save up to 55% OFF.

iThemes Security Free vs Pro 2023

iThemes security free vs pro

All of the features of the free version are accessible in the PRO version as well, however PRO features are only available in the premium edition of the iThemes Security plugin:

  • Security Check — Determines whether you’re utilizing the iThemes Security Pro-recommended features and settings. – FREE
  • 404 Detection – Automatically blocks suspicious IP addresses that are causing problems on your WordPress site. – NO COST
  • The “Away Mode” setting disables WordPress accessibility features, but you can turn them back on again at a fixed schedule.
  • The “Change Content Directory” setting allows you to rename the wp-content directory to a different name.
  • The “Change Database Table Prefix” setting changes the database table prefix that WordPress uses.
  • File Change Detection scans your WordPress site for changes to files and pages that may have occurred unexpectedly.
  • Notification Center allows you to receive alerts, messages, and news about iThemes Security Pro right to your email inbox.
  • Banned Users – This lets you see a list of IP addresses that have been blocked. These are the IP addresses that have tried to get into your WordPress site. You can look at them from here. If you ban a trusted IP address by accident, you can remove the IP from this list by using this feature. A lot of people who work for you or are VIP members have IP addresses that you can give access to your files. You can do this for free.
  • Hide Backend – Change the name of the login page and stop people from getting to wp-login.php and wp-admin.
  • Password requirements- There are free tools that let you manage and set Password Requirements for your users. – FREE
  • SSL – Set up SSL to make sure that communication between browsers and the server is safe.
  • Recaptcha: It helps you keep your site safe from robots by making sure that the person who is commenting or logging into it is, in fact, human.
  • Malware scan scheduling: If you want to keep your site safe from malware, you can set up automatic malware scans. When this feature is turned on, the site will be checked every day. If there is a problem, an email is sent to a group of people who are interested.
  • Network Brute Force Protection: There are websites that report and protect against people who do bad things on the internet. You can join them. – FREE
  • Passwordless Login – Make it possible to log in without a password. – PRO
  • Privilege Escalation: Administrators can make a user of the site have more access for a certain amount of time. This feature lets them do this.


iTheme Security Pro was created to help protect websites from common threats. No security plugin can prevent every single attack. Good practices and due diligence are essential. This plugin makes it easier for you to apply these measures.

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