Jordan Belfort Review 2023: Should You Try The Straight Line Persuasion?

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Content Quality
Learning Experience


  • 8-hour training workshop
  • High-level content
  • Engaging presentation
  • No BS training
  • World-class presenter
  • Great motivation
  • Training focuses on actual strategies


  • The production quality can be improved
  • Some of the information provides are not very useful

For me, Jordan’s Straight Line Persuasion had a big impact for me when I first became an entrepreneur & the Straight Line Persuasion has become part of my sales game at this point.

Price:$ 149

In this post, I have featured my trustworthy and honest Jordan Belfort Courses Review With Discount Coupon 2023. Along with that, we have also featured details about Jordan Belfort Script Builder and his sales program. Let’s get started here.

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Who is Jordan Belfort?

Mr Jordan Belfort is a talented salesman who had been made famous by box office hit, feature film, Wolf of Wall Street (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). He actually holds natural, unparalleled skills in motivating sales agents and coaching entrepreneurs.

The reputation of the greatest WallStreet brokerage, Stratton Oakmont was suppressed by Mr Belfort’s knowledge on how to connect with his sales team in helping them to close more deals on the telephone.

Jordan Belfort Courses Review - Straight Line Persuasion

Two people are working at the firm, The Wolf himself, Jordan Belfort, and his best friend Donnie Azoff (who was represented in the featured film by the famous Jonah Hill). They were successfully landing deals regularly.

He was once quoted as shouting the phrase to his team in a fit of extreme disappointment, “Every Sale Is The Same!”

After that, the idea of Straight Line Persuasion was found. With the help of that, Mr Belfort went to work on developing every sales transaction into a duplicatable, trainable model for all of his teammates to learn from.  

Jordan adds his years of quick-increasing success to this Straight Line Persuasion system after, basically overnight, his crew was now able to land more and more deals just like Donnie and Jordan.

After learning numberless life lessons, his brokerage firm was reaching record-shattering numbers in no time. Now he has this system that he markets to train sales teams limits who gain access to what he advises; they must agree to utilize the information with highly ethical controls and take massive action after learning the sales strategies that he developed with his personal experience.

What is Sales Training With Jordan Belfort Like?

Selling is hard, like really hard.

You don’t have a business without Sales. If you are an entrepreneur, then sales are something that you need to take very seriously.

Fortunately, you can make efforts for yourself, just like anything else in life, just by understanding the important concepts and learning the essential skills required to be successful.

Learning is the key.

Especially in today’s world of sales and marketing, your tactics and strategies need to be flexible and adaptive on the basis of changing tools. You need to adapt your sales approach on the basis of how people want to communicate and buy now because human behavior is changing rapidly. You should be aware of this type of situation.

I have a lot to compare it to give you some context into my thoughts about a training seminar with Jordan Belfort.

Since becoming an entrepreneur in 2011, professional development and further education have been a top priority for me. I have spent thousands of dollars and gone through a lot of training and courses. I have spent countless hours over the years on acquiring and sharpening my skills.

Yesterday, I spent the day in the Master Class of Straight Line Sales and Persuasion.

The Gorilla In The Room!

As I am addressing the gorilla in the room, Jordan Belfort used his powers for bad.

He gained a level of success he couldn’t properly gear and spiralled wildly out of control.

Jordan Belfort Courses Review - Jordan Belfort

It doesn’t mean that his skills and system are bad, they’re just tools.

Actually, his tools are incredible. I am not going to stay anymore on this or do an apology. He has done his time and talked about his lapse in other places.

Either way, his skills can’t be discussed. It’s all about how to use his skills in sales.

About Jordan Belfort Sales Training

I was going to start off this section by saying “amazing”. However, thinking back to it, the entire event was amazing.

This workshop started at 9:00 am and ended at 5:00 pm with a 2-hour lunch break, where Jordan introduced to a small VIP group. So, actually he did not get any break.

There was no foam or BS at any point. After his introductory story of 3 minutes, it was off to the races.

The spectators learned all strategies about his Straight Line Selling System which is all about guarantees.

How do you earn someone’s attention and respect? How do you connect with people and communicate with them in the first 4 seconds?

What makes sense when you’re talking to a person? What do you need to say? How do you say it?

What are the key factors you need to conquer a person’s belief and how they would actually be happy to buy it from you?

How do you exclude the wrong people so that you don’t waste anyone’s time trying to sell them something that they shouldn’t be buying?

 Jordan Belfort Courses Review- Wolf Pack

The most important thing is, never go into a situation without preparing. Your actions are always intentional. You have to know what you’re going to say, the words, the tone, the timing, everything. Take a script if needed.

You can not leave or wing your success up to chance.

These are some of the precious topics that he discussed on over the course of the 8-hour workshop.

Jordan Belfort’s Presentation

No doubt, this man is a world-class presenter. It was an 8-hour training workshop. It is surprising that how a man can be so energetic and charismatic for the whole time.

What do you expect from the reformed degenerate whom you saw in the movie, and likely of what you would think of an entrepreneur from New York? He was very engaging, highly energetic and active around the room, and of course, cursing and one-liners that make it very stable, politically correct to the listener in discomfort.

It was actually a mixture of entertaining presentation with a high-level content, which makes the event worthwhile for the attendee.

Summary & Keynotes of Straight Line Persuasion


  1. Tenets of straight Line Persuasion.
  2. The Art and Science of Prospecting.
  3. Mastering the Art of Tonality.
  4. Being a Leader and a Visionary.

Jordan Belfort Courses Review- The Wolf of Wall Street

  1. The Inner Game of Sales.
  2. Straight Line System- 5 Key Elements.
  3. The Art and Science of Qualifying.
  4. The Art and Science of Looping: how to turn objections into Closes.
  5. Creating Presentations that Close Anyone Who’s Closable.
  6. Creating Customers for Life and Generating Massive Referrals.

There are 3 things that need to come across immediately on a call with your tonality:

  1. You are an expert.
  2. You are as sharp as a tack.
  3. You are enthusiastic as hell.

Thanks to Jordan for this because Tonality is something that you need to pay attention to. But now whenever I speak with any prospect, I am sure it is making a difference.

It is important to be a visionary because having a vision in your life, you can achieve something you want.

As an example, James Cameron, a famous Director had to convince many different people to invest money for his vision movie Avatar. He used to convince people about his vision and then he would be able to raise funds. He had such a powerful vision that people got interested to buy it.

Jordan Belfort Courses Review- Testimonial

When you’re about to go into the business world, do your better to illustrate things for your prospective clients where they can see few downsides to buying, along with enormous upsides for getting started with you today!

Also, this guy is amazing when it comes to inspiring others to get motivated; his inner game training is off the chain!

Here’s one of his quotes that is my favorite; in fact, I read it daily to get jacked in my motivation for the grind being worth the effort, then move into action immediately every day.

According to Jordan, “You’re not your past, you’re the resources & capabilities you glean from it”. This one is a favorite quote of all time.

When you’re positive about your sales or service, others can sense & feel that positivity from you. Tonality and body language is the way that makes all the difference. It’s not always about the words but how you say it with your sense of positivity.

The work he does helps in conditioning others on being absolutely certain about things – and goes further to identify this state (meaning, the state of being absolutely certain) as a prerequisite to selling and a non-negotiable feature to winning in your sales game.

Basically, when you’re so confident about your service or product that others resonate with what you’re so certain about, your body language, tone, and other non-verbal messages can translate to the customer and get them to buy in long before you ask for the product.

In the end, it’s not always about what you say, but the magic can be more in how you deliver your message – with a state of certainty, and this could make all the difference for your future business model.

What is the Straight Line?

The idea of Jordan’s straight line was devised to get you in full control of sales, oftentimes your hope may try to take you off the straight line and start talking about something that has nothing to do with the product, your job is to bring them back to the main subject at hand. Before closing the deal your job is to handle as many objections as you can.

The Art of Looping & Handling Objections!

Do you know what kind of objections you can handle in his or her mind?

I am sure you don’t know.

Your job is to mine their objections out of them. Oftentimes they are telling you an objection because they don’t want to tell you what’s really bothering them which could be like product are being too expensive or they don’t fully trust you or maybe if service is good for them or not. These are some common blocks that prevent people from buying the product or service.

They may be using some poor ways to ignore the situation.

Let’s use this art of looping and say, “Yeah I understand, but let me just say, we have already helped many clients with our service, what’s worse that can happen?”

“I know you are going to very impressive if I produce just even half the results that I know we can. All you have to do is just give us one-shot”

You are handling the price objection, saying look the worst that could happen is losing their money. What’s the massive upside if I do produce the results for you and have your problem get resolved?

This is the art of looping.

When you go for the conclusion and you get the objection, then you just loop back and state another positive benefit of doing business with you. In this way, you can handle the prevention of making their decision. You just continue to loop back until you can sort out all of their objection.

jordan user review.png 1

There are quite common claims made so prospective that clients don’t need to make a buying decision. It depends on what’s going on in their business or their life. These are some uncomfortable things for them when you are asking them to buy the product.

You can directly inquire about them and just call the soon-to-be buyer on the carpet with what they have just told you.

“Mr./Ms. are about to the newest satisfied long-term client of our firm, is your wife/husband really someone you need to run this choice by, or maybe you should not believe that this product or service can work for you?”

There is one thing I have learned over the last few years of no longer employee who have been working for 9 to 5, I am now earning $50k every month with the help of a local lead generation business. Now I am helping business owners around the United States from nothing more than a laptop and good internet connection. It is probably the best response with respect to handling the objection.

Always remember, the magic is in how you say what you are wanting to communicate. So instead of hoping, here’s a suggested adjustment to what you are willing to share with the buyer-

“Okay, I hear you, you need to speak with your wife about this- but there’s something I need to share with you that we have helped several clients who were supposing the same about our service or product, and we’ve got to ask what worse can happen here?

If you can allow us to deliver the opportunity even half of that results that I am confident we can, there’s no doubt you will be very impressed.”

“What’s the worse that could happen?”, Ask yourself what is really taking place with this language, you are just surfacing the objection. These are the options about what’s going on with this conversation at this point:

  • The business owner’s company loses money when deals end up not working.
  • The client gets a massive profit whenever problems get resolved.

Buyer tosses an objection when you ask for the sale, you just have to bring it back to a positive aspect of helping the deal to go forward.

Find the main reason which prevents them from doing business with you or your company, keep circling back to positive values of going further until all objections are sorted out and asking for the sale is a sinch.

Ask them about being happy with the idea of this product or service.

You have to always be certain about what you are presenting. Keep pushing until they respond something like “Oh yes, it sounds interesting.”

After getting an affirmative response like this, get them to another positive response in the pattern with a follow up like:

 Jordan Belfort Courses Review- Product

“Let me ask another question. If you believe this service or product can work for you, then is it worth the price tag?”

Think through what’s going on here- you are confirming if the resistance to making a deal happen with you today is due to cost or some other issue, such as if they truly want the product or service.

Jordan has plenty of other awesome ideas in his Straight Line Persuasion course.

  • Common Complaints of Straight Line Persuasion.
  • Some people say that the Straight Line Persuasion is outdated.

Here’s my opinion.

Jordan’s training is more focused on the actual strategy of a sales call or meeting. He devised the Straight Line Persuasion in the ’90s and his art of handling objections & using tonality to increase your reliability will stand the test of time.

Straight Line Persuasion - Pricing Plan

Now in 2023, the landscape is a bit different in the sense that we have massive use of the internet, so there is a lot more we can do in terms of positioning ourself in the market as the go-to expert so that our positioning can sometimes do most of the selling for us.

Thanks to Jordan because I have become a lot closer & his training has no doubt helped me land some of my deals.

What’s the Notion Of The Straight Line?

A positive mindset designed with a goal has complete control over your sales conversations. Your prospective customer may divert the conversation from the topic that you are discussing, perhaps even to a deviation that no longer relates to what you are trying to share with the buyer. Jordan makes this statement extremely clear.

 Jordan Belfort Courses Review- Courses

Your job is to represent sales and helping the buyer get what they need. They need to solve every problem with your product. You have to use your talent gently, steer the conversation and client’s mindset to what you are talking about.

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Jordan Belfort is a realist, he really understands how to make money and how to help the purely logical individual. Listen to someone who has fallen from success, and regained it.

Corwin Neal Harris.

The Straight line System is a paint by numbers strategy to take your sales to a whole new level by being Sharp as a Tack. Enthusiastic as Hell. and Being an Expert in Your Field.

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Conclusion: Jordan Belfort Review With Discount Coupons 2023

I am a huge fan of Jordan Belfort, not for the crazy stories of the past, but because he really knows his job when it comes to sales.

In my opinion, I put his material right up there with the very best guys in sales & marketing: Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Dan Kennedy, Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’ve definitely gleaned a lot of lessons from his Straight Line Persuasion, and without a doubt, I have seen the ROI from his training.

Especially love his way of handling objections by what he calls Looping.

I can say that he gets a lot from Tony Robbins on his inner game training but I really enjoy Jordan Belfort’s take on mindset & motivation & boy is he a badass motivator.

What is a good motivator? It’s someone that can influence you right?

It makes sense that people that are good at sales can also be really good as a motivational speaker.

Jordan is what you call a natural closer.

He’s been capped at sales since he was a kid, selling popsicles & fudge on the beach during hot summer days, and killing the game or when he tasted his first massive success of selling meats with door to door sales. When you listen to this man doing his Straight Line Persuasion presentations, he has this strange ability to have you hanging onto every word he utters.

You can say that he has some God-given abilities in communication.

Even if you feel that you’re already good at sales, Jordan is someone worth paying attention to, because chances are Jordans got at least few things that he’s doing at a very elevated level that you could take away & make yourself better.

In my opinion, some people weigh his past too much.

I can say that if someone that can learn from their past & change, those people may have something bit more to teach us than the squeaky clean.

For me, Jordan’s Straight Line Persuasion had a big impact for me when I first became an entrepreneur & the Straight Line Persuasion has become part of my sales game at this point.

In my opinion, the movies didn’t show equity in displaying just how good the real Jordan Belfort is in sales training & motivational coach.

Hell yeah, I recommend Straight Line Persuasion.

The idea of Straight Line Persuasion has worked beautifully with my local lead generation business.

After that, I’ve been able to close small business owners over the phone, whom I’ve never talked to before or met in person.

I will give all thanks to my enhanced ability to take control of the sale by being able to handle objections & get to the close.

Because of this now I can make multiple six-figure salaries from my laptop with over 45 clients across the US.

If you’re interested in becoming your own boss, you need to develop high-income skills.

Sales are one of them.

But for me, online marketing skills was the other piece I needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Your skills can bring value to the marketplace.

This is your income which is a direct reflection of how much value you’re bringing to the marketplace.

Straight Line Persuasion is great for your sales skills.


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