18+ Kajabi Courses Examples 2023: What Courses Are Available on Kajabi?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Kajabi Courses Examples 2023.

The major goal of a learning management software like Kajabi is to provide online courses for customers. Since migrating to Kajabi, we’ve been incredibly happy with the way the platform enables you to develop courses.

However, like with any new product, there is sure to be a learning curve. To assist you out, we put prepared this overview description of designing courses in Kajabi.

We have included some samples of courses that we’ve produced inside the platform for you to view.

After reading this, you’ll ideally feel more comfortable with developing a course in Kajabi. Hopefully, you can utilize what we’ve learned along the road to make your experience with Kajabi even better!

How To Build a Course With Kajabi?

If your online company intends to provide online courses, understanding how to construct a course is critical to its success. While there are other online platforms for this purpose, we just made the transition to Kajabi.

After evaluating various learning management systems, we can confidently state that Kajabi is one of the finest.

We feel this way in large part because Kajabi makes it simple to create a course on their platform. The whole system is very user-friendly, which transfers to the creation of online courses as well.

From the client’s viewpoint, the course’s home page will display a variety of various items. A banner containing the course’s image will run across the top.

You’ll be able to see the course’s many components as well as information about the teacher.

Users may view videos, access accessible downloads, submit comments (if the instructor has permitted them), and read the part’s description inside each section. We’ve discovered that our customers seldom use comments, but it’s a good tool to have access to.

When you go to the other side — the course builder side – navigation is rather simple, which we like. You may modify information, personalize, and browse offers and members, among other things.

Additionally, there is a preview option, which is a helpful method to ensure that everything displays the way you want it to.

One of the best features of Kajabi courses is how easy it is to update the material. You may add material in the form of subcategories or posts section by section.

When you pick a section to modify, you may change the part’s title, select a category, and include media and descriptions.

Kajabi users may upload movies up to 4GB in size. While it may take some time to submit a video to Kajabi (this may be our only criticism), they do give a bulk upload tool. This enables us to upload weeks’ worth of video footage at once.

Thus far, we’ve discovered that Facebook groups provide a more conducive environment for commenting. However, having the choice is always desirable.

When it comes to uploading downloads, Kajabi’s courses have simplified the process considerably. Simply click add file to import a file from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, or an external link.

Finally, Kajabi enables users to construct automated processes. Additionally, you’ll find this here. Essentially, Kajabi courses let users construct an automated reaction to certain behaviors.

For instance, the automation portion would enable a customer to get a pre-scheduled email upon completion of a certain component of the course.

18 Best Kajabi Course Examples

Here are the 18 kajabi course examples:

1. Semi-Retired MD:

Semi-Retired MD provides a variety of courses to assist doctors in learning the ins and outs of real estate investment to attain financial independence.

Their website is not maintained by Kajabi, and it connects directly to sales sites for their many courses, eliminating the need for an intermediary course portal. On the other side, Kajabi powers all of its sales sites, courses, payment processing, and even email marketing.

Kajabi Courses Semi-Retired MD

Zero to Freedom, their flagship online program, is only offered a few times a year and includes access to a private mastermind coaching group.

Within their courses, the member area is extremely well-designed, and they provide a thorough written synopsis of each lesson under the course videos.

Additionally, they provide a virtual conference dubbed Fast FIRE to Freedom Summit, which they sell through their Kajabi website.

2. Transcribe Anywhere:

TranscribeAnywhere assists prospective transcriptionists in developing their careers, and their whole website is administered by Kajabi.

Two courses are available on the website, each of which includes screencast videos, style guidelines, a private Facebook group, and handouts. Additionally, they provide a complimentary mini-course that assists them in growing their email list.

Transcribe Anywhere

However, what I find most intriguing about them is how they arrange their courses and pricing using Kajabi’s Automation tool.

Thus, one may purchase a single course from their portfolio and then upgrade to the combined course package.

Additionally, they follow up the courses with a test, which students who pass get a certificate and admission to a private group.

3. Yogi Flight School:

Nathania Stambouli’s Yogi Flight School provides an online course to assist Yoga devotees in improving their proficiency with certain poses.

The course includes video courses, taped seminars, interviews, and membership in a secret community. Additionally, students have the option of upgrading to a monthly subscription, which includes extra weekly live sessions.

Kajabi Courses Yogi Flight School

This website is another good example of how to use Kajabi as a one-stop shop. Apart from their courses, the platform hosts their blog, funnels, and email marketing.

What sticks out the most to me, though, is their checkout page. I like how their payments website effectively communicates their sales pitch and highlights testimonials.

4. Loosetooth.com:

Loosetooth.com is an eLearning company that uses sketching to assist individuals to enhance their visual thinking abilities. It is led by Brandy Agerbeck, a pioneer of visual thinking.

On her website, she provides various online courses, including her famous curriculum, The Agerbeck Method. Additionally, she maintains a membership community known as Camp Draw more.

Additionally, she has incorporated a Shopify shop into the website via which she sells additional tangible things and promotes her Amazon books.

Loosetooth.com While there are other aspects of her business to like, what I admire most is her extensive use of Kajabi’s marketing tools.

She utilizes Kajabi Events to provide live courses and convert attendees. Additionally, she utilizes the page builder to construct stunning landing sites for lead collection.

Additionally, she utilizes Kajabi’s email marketing capabilities for follow-ups and product sales.

5. Graham Cochrane:

Graham Cochrane is a well-known designer of Kajabi. He owns and operates an online training platform that teaches prospective entrepreneurs how to create passive revenue streams.

His offerings include an evergreen online course, a coaching community that meets a few times a year, and an application-based mastermind group.

Kajabi manages all aspects of the website, including the courses, landing pages, and email marketing.

Kajabi Courses Graham Cochrane

What impresses you most about the website, though, is how they use the pipeline builder to develop sales funnels and offer online courses.

Their landing page invites people to sign up for their free training and then automates follow-ups using Kajabi’s email marketing capabilities.

Graham Cochrane also operates a company called Recording Revolution, where he also utilizes Kajabi for his classes.

6. PBN Academy:

PBN Academy is an online learning platform dedicated to plant-based nutrition and wellbeing.

Kajabi is used to build the course website, and the platform is used to deliver the courses.

The courses are unique in that they were developed collaboratively by experts and contain aspects such as case studies, live Q&A sessions, and a community.

PBN Academy

I appreciate the design of the member section, which includes extra text underneath the course video and a navigation bar on the right side that allows students to access all of the modules’ lessons.

Additionally, their website has a blog powered by Kajabi’s native blogging capabilities. They have a different parent site, Plantbasednews.org, which is a similar news platform, but it is not housed on Kajabi.

7. Social Mediology:

Social Mediology is an internet company that provides other companies with goods and services linked to social media.

They provide a variety of online courses and coaching services. Additionally, they provide social media auditing and management services.

As with many of the other Kajabi course examples on this list, they manage their whole company via the platform. However, they are special in that they have a podcast that is housed on Kajabi.

Kajabi Courses Social Mediology

As you are probably aware, Kajabi has a Podcast function that enables you to produce, host, and distribute podcast episodes directly from the platform.

8. Photo Serge:

Photoserge is an online education platform that assists photographers in honing their craft.

The website has a robust course collection that is well-organized and even provides course packages. Apart from video courses, their premium course, which is their primary product, includes live coaching, a private community, and a certificate.

Kajabi Courses Photo Serge

What stands out most about them, though, are their lengthy sales pages for their premium courses, which do an excellent job of outlining the course content, including a video teaser, and including several breathtaking photos. 

Finally, their website has an affiliate marketplace powered by Kajabi through which they propose more items.

9. The Universe Talks (TUT):

TUT by Mike Dooley is a household name in the personal development industry. On their website, they sell a range of digital items, including online courses, subscriptions, books, and audio programs.

Additionally, they put a high premium on student interaction via live seminars, mentoring, and a private community.

They use Kajabi to manage their courses and memberships, while WordPress powers their main website.

Kajabi Courses The Universe Talks

When you evaluate their Kajabi website, a few things strike out instantly.

To begin, their sales websites are very well-designed, with video sales letters, countdown clocks, testimonials, and FAQ sections, among other aspects.

Additionally, you’ll get an understanding of the degree of versatility offered by Kajabi’s website builder when it comes to creating your website and sales pages. Second, their membership sales page has a “Choose What To Pay” option.

It’s a unique marketing strategy that’s simple to implement on Kajabi.

10. Milkwood:

Milkwood is an online course portal dedicated to assisting individuals in acquiring permaculture skills necessary for sustainable living.

Although their primary website is hosted elsewhere, the Kajabi platform is used to manage their course portal, sales pages, courses, and payments.

Apart from the course portal, their main website has an integrated Shopify shop where they offer numerous eBooks about permaculture living.

Kajabi Courses Milkwood Permaculture Living, their major product, is a 12-week online curriculum with tiered pricing that enrolls students just a few times a year.

Milkwood is another website that utilizes Kajabi’s community function to host their community, and it is a significant element of their program’s premium plan. Additionally, depending on the plan, the program includes lifelong access to video courses, live Q&A sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching conversations.

11. Happy English:

Happy English provides a variety of online courses to assist individuals in honing their American English abilities. Although their core website is not built on Kajabi, their courses and sales sites are.

They include manuals, quizzes, and downloadable videos as part of the courses. Additionally, the courses have tiered pricing, with higher-tiered subscriptions including access to a private community and a 1-on-1 session.

Happy English

Happy English makes excellent use of Kajabi’s community feature by delivering a membership community as a stand-alone product.

The community is available to new members multiple times a year and includes live sessions in addition to recorded courses, quizzes, and other course material.

12. Education By Matt Johnson:

Education by Matt Johnson is an online education platform dedicated to assisting wedding filmmakers in growing their companies.

While the gateway website and courses are created on Kajabi, their main website is not.

Apart from premium courses, their principal product is Matt Johnson’s 1-on-1 tutoring. They provide a variety of coaching items, which are marketed on the platform.

Kajabi Courses Education By Matt Johnson

As previously said, Kajabi offers a Coaching solution that enables you to quickly develop, sell, and manage single or numerous coaching sessions.

Additionally, they provide a few other intriguing goods, such as price templates and customized feedback through recorded video.

Additionally, their courses provide a tiered price structure, with higher-tiered subscriptions including access to independent items like templates and customized feedback.

13. In The Keys of Success:

In the Keys of Success is an online portal dedicated to advancing artists’ careers.

Their principal service is a mastermind coaching community that enrolls members on a limited basis throughout the year. Additionally, membership includes videos, Q&A sessions, live calls, and access to a private Facebook Group.

However, what I enjoy about the mastermind community is that all of its course information is accessible through a Kajabi mobile app.

As previously stated, the mobile app plays a significant role in Kajabi’s attraction to course authors. The Keys of Success is another example of a company using the app to enhance the value of its service.

Apart from the membership community, the website provides a variety of cheap premium courses and one-on-one coaching packages.

14. PurelyTwins:

PurelyTwins provides a variety of courses and a subscription site designed to assist new moms in improving their health via a faith-based approach.

When it comes to their technology stack, although their main website is not built on Kajabi, the platform powers their course portal, sales pages, and payment processing. The courses include training videos, guided meditations, brief suggestions, and a few more perks.

Kajabi Courses PurelyTwins

Additionally, they have implemented a two-tiered pricing structure for their courses by combining courses in their higher-level programs.

Additionally, their membership site was built by combining many courses.

However, what sets PurelyTwins apart is that they make their courses accessible through the Kajabi mobile app, which is ideal for mobile learning.

For your information, Kajabi provides a free mobile app for end users, making material consumption on mobile devices simpler for your students.

15. Flowing Zen:

Flowing Zen is an online school founded by Anthony Korahais to educate individuals on how to improve their health via the ancient art forms of Qigong and Taichi.

They provide a variety of online courses that include instructional videos, guided meditations, live Q&A sessions, webinars, and direct contact with the teacher.

The Kajabi platform powers the academy website, which includes courses, sales pages, email marketing, and funnels.

However, their parent website, which includes a blog, is constructed using WordPress and has multiple links to their courses.

Flowing Zen

While there is much to like about the Flowing Zen website, including its ease of navigation, the most appealing aspect is the design of the member’s section.

They are another example of a website with an attractive course member section that generates significant participation through comments.

Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, several of their advanced courses require students to complete prerequisite courses before proceeding.

In general, this is an excellent example for anybody interested in starting an online school rather than just selling a few solitary online courses.

16. Your Guitar Sage:

Your Guitar Sage provides a membership site and a variety of courses to assist guitar aficionados in developing their talents.

They grew their fanbase via their renowned YouTube channel, which has accumulated over 100 million views.

Their principal product is a subscription site called Unstoppable Guitar System. It was developed by packaging its courses with additional content such as eBooks, live sessions, and a community

The brand website for Your Guitar Sage is developed on WordPress, and it includes a WooCommerce shop for selling items.

Kajabi Courses Your Guitar Sage

Kajabi manages the membership business’s critical functions, including course delivery, sales sites, and payment processing.

What makes their membership package unique is that it has multiple different levels, including a free one, providing consumers with a variety of possibilities.

Therefore, if you’re considering creating a membership site using Kajabi, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s really simple to construct numerous levels and give them unique content. 

17. HPX Courses:

The subscription is centered on Brendon Burchard’s brand, a well-known name in the personal development sector, and offers access to several courses.

As you may know, Kajabi also enables designers to create membership sites, as HPX Courses demonstrates.

Brendon Burchard

Although the membership site and courses are hosted on Kajabi, Brendon’s main website is not.

When a member joins, they instantly have access to a bundle of courses, and more courses are unlocked monthly.

Additionally, the subscription includes live coaching, a secret community, and an interactive members-only app for journaling and goal planning.

18. Digital Course Academy:

Digital Course Academy is a self-paced online course that teaches artists and entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable online course company.

The course, which was created by Amy Porterfield, one of the most well-known figures in this field, is only offered for registration a few times a year.

She manages her company utilizing a variety of various platforms and utilizes Kajabi exclusively for course delivery.

Before entering the platform’s course section, a user visits the sales page and completes the payment outside of Kajabi. As a result, if you attempt to visit her Kajabi site, you will be sent to the login page.

Kajabi Courses Digital Course Academy

The first thing that hits you about the course website is the amazing design of the member section, which utilizes a Kajabi template and bespoke graphics.

Apart from the basic modules, the course includes various features, such as a Q&A vault, a Tech Library, and access to a private Facebook group, to mention a few. Additionally, the course has a distinctive appearance and feel.

The platform’s course player design is one area where it outperforms rivals, and Digital Course Academy is a great example of a company that takes advantage of it.

FAQs About Kajabi Courses 2023

What courses are available on Kajabi?

Courses for almost any field or subject you may be looking for are available on Kajabi.

What is better than Kajabi?

There are a few alternatives to Kajabi like Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, etc but none of them can be considered better than Kajabi.

Is Kajabi university free?

Kajabi University is completely free to access for the duration of your Kajabi membership.

How many courses can you put on Kajabi?

In Kajabi, you may design three kinds of courses — mini-course, online course, and evergreen training (drip content) (drip content). There is no limit.

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Conclusion: Kajabi Courses 2023

As seen by the several Kajabi course examples above, the more comfortable you get with the program, the more creative you may be.

For instance, we included challenges in many of our courses to ensure that there is information available every day. You may integrate anything along the lines of these challenges or Q&A sessions, as shown in the Volunteer Boost course.

The options expand as you get acquainted with the platform. It’s a journey for us as well, but perhaps these examples of Kajabi courses demonstrate how you may swiftly learn and grow.

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