18+ Best Kajabi Website Examples 2022: Is Kajabi Good For A Website?

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In this post we will discuss Best Kajabi Website Examples 2022:

Choosing an online course platform may be a daunting task. If you’ve reduced your search to a few platforms and are considering the long term, you may be asking what is even achievable in Kajabi.

Kajabi is one of the leading all-in-one online course platforms and our top recommendation for developing and marketing your program, but how far can the design and functionality go?

You may already be aware that picking an out-of-the-box platform, such as an all-in-one, has certain trade-offs, since you’re working inside a predefined framework, and, well, you can’t do everything! 

However, ceding some control enables greater simplicity of use, since everything in Kajabi is plug and play.

You may be confident that everything will go smoothly and efficiently! That is not always the case when it comes to online courses.

Even with code access, there are several things that Kajabi will not allow you to accomplish.

As a result of my extensive experience with Kajabi, I’m going to demonstrate what is and is not feasible, as well as some instances of Kajabi sites that pushed the envelope!

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What Is Kajabi?

Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser started Kajabi in 2009 after deciding to create their platform for selling material online. It all began when Kenny created a toy for his kid and proposed to Travis that they sell it online.

However, the two were intimidated by the manufacturing process’s complexity. Rather than that, they opted to offer a course on how to create the toy at home, but there were no simple-to-use platforms for selling courses in the manner in which they envisioned.

Kenny then used his programming skills to establish Kajabi, which enables him and others to market their expertise. Kajabi is headquartered in Irvine, California, with Kenny continuing to serve as CEO.

18 Best Kajabi Website Examples 2022:

Here are kajabi website examples:

1. Kenza Collective:

This website is aimed at parents who need help on how to unwind amid a hectic routine of caring for their family and working.

There are testimonies from parents worldwide about how the website has helped them in achieving a work-family balance.

Kajabi Website Examples Kenza Collective

The site’s owners were also able to develop a login and sales page for all users, as well as a subscription option for podcasts and online courses, using Kajabi.

2. Revitalized Churches:

This is a website for pastors who need training and guidance in leading their congregations. On the landing page, visitors from all around the globe may sign up for consultations and online courses.

When new clients join up, they may take advantage of a free online course.

Kajabi Website Examples Revitalized Churches

All other pages on the site will redirect you to an About Page, a blog post, and more contact information for the team.

3. Course Bee:

This site exemplifies the message by focusing on Kajabi’s principal role, which is to provide a platform for producing online courses. It assists instructors in developing effective and entertaining courses for their pupils.

Course Bee

By using Kajabi, the site enables users to subscribe to a variety of monthly options. Additionally, it provides consultations that are self-bookable.

Additionally, there is a link at the bottom of the main page to subscribe to the email list. As visitors travel through the remaining pages, they’ll discover further information on the bundles.

4. The Beatitudes Project:

This Kajabi website sample focuses on communicating God’s message via songwriting and music. The term The Beatitudes is derived from Jesus Christ’s biblical teachings.

On the site’s main page, you’ll discover links to the many digital items offered by the Beatitudes Project. Among them are a 20-track musical CD, a book, a ten-part video series, and more workbooks.

Kajabi Website Examples The Beatitudes Project

You’ll also discover more about the many active projects as you navigate the landing pages. Each has a post that gives helpful information for someone who is just surfing.

5. The Fight Back Project:

This Kajabi website is dedicated to women’s martial arts and training programs. Georgia is the originator. She is a Kickboxing specialist, former athlete, and exercise scientist.

Kajabi Website Examples The Fight Back Project

When you visit the website, you’ll find information on the many programs available to you, as well as a short biography of the creator. Additionally, you may listen to podcasts and read research papers to assist you in selecting your program.

6. Medical Exercise Training Institute:

Another excellent example of a Kajabi website is this one from the Medical Exercise Training Institute. The platform is ideal for anybody interested in learning how exercise might aid in the management of chronic medical issues.

Assume you intend to work with chiropractors and physical therapists in the future. In such a scenario, this Kajabi website will supply you with all of the information you want.

Medical Exercise Specialists can provide you with online instruction and consultations. Additionally, the website has a sign-up form for several payment alternatives, which was created using the Kajabi website builder.

Finally, the portal hosts live videos and seminars.

7. Orthovated:

The purpose of this website is to assist independent orthopedic clinics and practitioners. Dr. Robert Trujillo, the originator, provides objective career guidance to orthodontists, dentists, and clinicians.

As is the case with the majority of membership websites, this Kajabi website allows users to subscribe to paid consultations, online courses, and even live workshops. The landing page includes a navigation bar that assists users in navigating the site.


On the website, visitors may also subscribe to email lists. This demonstrates that it is an excellent Kajabi website example.

8. Ella:

Ella is another excellent example of a Kajabi website that makes the most of the platform’s possibilities. It’s an online course website with a plethora of tools for learning French.

There is also a free trial period for new students to evaluate the courses. Ella even provides a free online movie to all of its subscribers.

This is a Kajabi website that you may use as a model for creating your landing pages, sales pages, and online company.

9. Maggie Landes MD:

Maggie Landes, the website’s creator, is a licensed nutritionist and physician. Visitors to the site may register for an E-Guide Mini-Course on good eating habits and diet regimens.

Additionally, you may sign up for their email list to get various recipes, shopping lists, and diet suggestions from the team.

Kajabi Website Examples Maggie Landes MD

10. The Bromley Method:

Pilates for beginners, postnatal mothers, and exercise aficionados is the focus of this fitness website. The landing page will direct you to over 80 Pilates programs and a login page for returning members.

The Bromley Method

Additionally to the various training sessions, The Bromley Method provides paid subscriptions to personal consultations with Pilates professionals. Additionally, you may pick from three different payment options.

11. ICY Productions:

ICY Productions is an excellent example of a Kajabi website since it makes use of almost all of the platform’s capabilities. It’s a website that teaches users how to use their iPhones and iPads to produce and edit films.

The site provides its users with digital items in the form of two online courses. These are simply downloaded by students, who may then access additional video material for a more visual experience.

Additionally, as you begin the course, you’ll get a comprehensive list of useful resources for creating your films. These tools connect to affiliate links, which developers may quickly include into their websites when using Kajabi’s affiliate network.

ICY Productions

Additionally, as is the case with the majority of online companies, visitors may choose to join an email list made using Kajabi’s email marketing tools. Additionally, students may consult with their lecturers directly while on the platform.

12. The Empowered Entrepreneur:

The Empowered Entrepreneur was founded by Dr. Amy Palmer and Deb Del Vecchio-Scully to provide “brain-coaching.” Because the most effective method to do business is with a motivated mind, they identified the greatest strategies for entrepreneurs to maintain an optimistic outlook.

The two specialists were able to develop an easy-to-navigate site with the assistance of Kajabi’s online course designer. It includes a list of their services, a link to their blog, and contact information.

Kajabi Website Examples The Empowered Entrepreneur

Additionally, The Empowered Entrepreneur provides subscribers with access to special material. Additionally, you may subscribe to their email list by entering your email address, which was produced utilizing Kajabi’s email marketing tools.

13. Earn That Body:

Kim Eagle, a well-known lifestyle coach, founded this website in 2009. When you visit the site, you’ll notice intuitive navigation created using Kajabi’s website builder.

It includes three athlete programs, seven dietary plans, and a range of training modules.

Kajabi Website Examples Earn That Body

Additionally, site members will be able to buy premium content via Kajabi’s online business tools.

Earn That Body’s online video courses, audiobooks, and one-on-one consultations are all available. Prices vary from as little as $15 to as much as $200.

14. Penny In Your Pocket:

Penny is all about assisting online businesses with utilizing Kajabi to create their website, sales page, course, or program!

She sells one-on-one coaching, training, and seminars, as well as Kajabi templates. And it’s clear that Penny is both creative and accomplished at what she does—in addition to the clean design and consistent color palette, Penny makes effective use of Kajabi’s capabilities.

She incorporates motion features, and instead of block parts, the site seems to have been designed entirely by a graphic designer.

If you’re searching for a lovely Kajabi theme, check out Penny in Your Pocket. You may use her templates as-is or modify them to fit your online business’s appearance and feel.

In any case, you do not have to start from zero when developing your Kajabi site.

15. FullyRaw:

Kristina, the creator of FullyRaw, is another site that falls into the health and wellness niche. She gives information to empower individuals to take charge of their health.

In contrast to the first site in this post, FullyRaw makes use of the Kajabi template customization feature. The vibrant colors and consistent theme combine to create an engaging website.

And the styles and colors do not distract from the content; Kristina provides a call to action and a lead magnet to download her free e-book right on the page. We haven’t discussed retreats or other excursions advertised on a website.


In essence, clicking the “Book Now” button directs you to a sales page. It’s comparable to other sales sites you may see on a Kajabi-hosted site, except that FullyRaw is advertising reserved spaces on a yoga retreat.

This demonstrates Kajabi’s adaptability—you are not confined to selling just one or two things, but may customize it to match your business’s requirements.

16. Brendon Burchard:

Brendon Burchard, one of the best motivational trainers and performance coaches, is also one of the most well-known names affiliated with Kajabi.

His website has all of the Kajabi characteristics covered in this article, including a strong lead magnet opt-in at the top, blog articles and paid course material in the center, and a full-page pop-up providing freebies.

Brendon Burchard

Although they are little, the widgets at the bottom of the page enhance your website’s functionality and may help you expand your online company.

These tools are widely used on other platforms, such as WordPress, and if you were unaware, you would never guess this is a Kajabi site.

17. Grant Cardone Training Center:

Grant Cardone, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate billionaire, built his websites using Kajabi.

This site is only dedicated to the training that Cardone provides, as indicated by the domain’s use of the term “training.” This website is entirely dedicated to the digital courses, coaching, and webinars that he provides to his subscribers, and it was built entirely in Kajabi.

Kajabi Website Examples Grant Cardone Training Center

Kajabi comes with pre-designed themes and fully configurable layouts. However, if you only want a location to store all of your digital items, you may do so as well! Cardone’s website is based on a clean and consistent design with an abundance of information and high-quality content.

As you can see, Kajabi makes it very easy to produce and sell your items, as well as design sales funnels to entice users to buy content.

18. Keith Ferrin:

If you’re an author, lecturer, mentor, or coach, Kajabi’s simple but professional websites are an excellent match.

Similarly, if you’re a brand, Kajabi is an excellent solution for centralizing all of your offerings without having to create a new website from scratch.

As we all know, marketing is a critical component of being a writer, and as you can see on Keith’s site, he offers choices for a blog, a community, and instructional courses all in one location.

Kajabi Website Examples Keith Ferrin

It serves as a gateway for newcomers to your audience and a holding area for returning readers. You may share information about your services and even create educational courses using your site.

7 Major Features and Benefits of the Kajabi Website Builder

Here are the features & benefits of kajabi website builder:

1. Customization of the Login and utility Pages has Been Enhanced:

They’re increasing your login and utility page versatility. These pages may be customized with background pictures, colors, and videos. Additionally, you may opt to display or conceal the footer.

This additional flexibility enables you to provide a consistent experience across your funnel. You may use logos, branding, and other components to demonstrate to your clients that they are dealing with your firm at each stage.

 Kajabi Website Examples Customization of the login and utility pages

2. Improved SEO with image Alt-Text:

Kajabi’s new website builder enables you to add alt-text to any of your website’s photos, including those on your blogs. Alt-text describes your photos in writing, which helps search engines better grasp what’s on your site.

By including alt-tags, you may boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Boosting your SEO is a cost-effective strategy to boost your exposure to potential and current clients.

3. Increase client Involvement via the use of the Member Directory:

Their new website builder contains an excellent feature for community building. It includes a new Member Directory page that allows members to connect with others who are also enrolled in your course.

Your members may also opt to provide connections to their social media accounts inside the Directory. This makes it simple for them to connect on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Over time, these community relationships may help increase client engagement and result in increased return business.

4. Increase Income with upselling and cross-sell options on Library pages:

Would you want to boost your revenue? Then you’re going to like the functionality they’ve added to your Library pages. They may now incorporate upsell and cross-sell offers directly on your current customers’ screens with this new version.

When consumer purchases from you once, they are far more likely to purchase from you again – making current customers one of the finest audiences to market to.

Kajabi Website Examples Library pages

The Library page upgrades will enable you to give them offers they haven’t previously bought or subscribed to. These “smart” offers to enable you to conceal offers that a client already possesses, resulting in a more positive customer experience.

5. Utilize Stunning Templates to Get up and Going Quickly:

Some Kajabi Heroes are amazing designers, and they delight in seeing the innovative websites and services you create. However, many of you are first and primarily businesspeople, not designers. That is why they have developed a collection of stunning new website templates.

Kajabi’s new website builder includes templates that enable you to construct a website that seems as if you hired a high-priced professional designer (even if you didn’t – that will remain a secret).

Additionally, these templates save you numerous hours spent modifying your website, allowing you to focus your time and resources on activities that generate money, such as creating online courses and improving your funnels, or other activities that help you develop your company.

They’re beginning with three new templates that make use of the design elements and capabilities of the new website builder. You may anticipate other new templates being released in the future.

6. Increased Customization and Adaptability: 

Kajabi’s new website builder provides you with more tools and possibilities for creating a website that conveys the narrative you want it to. After all, your website is more than a portal to the internet. It reflects who you are and your brand.

They’re always developing new features to allow you to customize your website precisely as you want. You may showcase your greatest typeface (get it?) with color and size choices appropriate for each screen size.

customization and adaptability

Additionally, you may sync your brand colors with text boxes, which eliminates the need to input color codes twice. These enhancements make your call-to-actions more visible and consistent with your identity.

7. A consistent Kajabi user experience:

They made several adjustments to Kajabi Pages last year. This simplified the process of businesses creating professional-looking sites quickly and without difficulties or delays.

They’ve applied that philosophy to the Kajabi app’s website and blog builder. The new Website and Blog editors have the same appearance and feel as the Pages and Email editors, giving a more seamless experience.

This ensures that Kajabi Heroes enjoy a consistent experience as you develop your site’s different components. Your consumers will benefit since your brand’s appearance, feel, and experience will be consistent across all of your public-facing assets.


Is Kajabi good for a website?

Kajabi is one of the most widely used platforms for online education accessible today. Numerous Kajabi instances and websites have grown to be fairly popular as a result of the platform's simple features.

Does Grant Cardone use Kajabi?

Yes, he does. Grant Cardone University is a successful example of a Kajabi website.

Does Kajabi do landing pages?

Yes, it does. Within the Kajabi platform, you may design your custom landing page. It's as straightforward as creating a sales page or a new blog.

Is Kajabi good for a website?

Kajabi provides excellent tools for developing landing pages and sales funnels, as well as for converting site visitors to clients. In general, Kajabi outperforms the majority of other online course platforms when it comes to native marketing and selling skills.

What are Kajabi sites?

Kajabi is the ideal platform for creating specialized online courses. This site has a playlist of courses along with an action button for starting a course. You may achieve the same thing by using the website-building tools provided by Kajabi.

Can you use Kajabi with WordPress?

Fortunately, Kajabi integrates seamlessly with your current WordPress website. This connection enables you to leverage Kajabi's digital marketing capabilities in conjunction with WordPress or to progressively migrate away from it.

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Conclusion: Kajabi Website Examples 2022

The elegance of Kajabi’s interface is that it is simple to use for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced digital company owner or a relative newcomer, you can easily get started.

Features like an infinite amount of landing pages, sales funnels, and digital items are included as standard. Additionally, they provide customer support, a free trial, and a FAQ section post, all of which are easily accessible via Kajabi.

It comes equipped with everything you’ll need to create a completely functional and successful company website.

This post highlighted only a few of the several successful websites built using Kajabi. We hope that by the time you conclude this piece, you’ve gained some useful ideas for developing your website.

There is always a way with Kajabi!

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