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Written by Finnich Vessal

GRE test consists of two main parts – oral and quantitative with a scale of 130 to 170. In addition, there is a written part with independent qualification (0-6).

In total, only 41 points are possible, which means that a one-point difference can change your application to a dream university.

At this stage, companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review come to the rescue. Let’s be honest: To maximize your chances of success, you need solid preparation.

Kaplan vs The Princeton Review 2019: Which Is Better Choice For GRE?

But which company should you choose? 

Why is that? Below are a general description and comparison of each course so you can make a decision. In particular, pay attention to the comparison charts, which will help you more effectively compare the options available.

At the end of this report, you’ll also find a brief overview of the books you can buy from both companies to maximize your chances of success at GRE.

Classes at their own pace are very popular with students. They are a cheaper option that allows students to prepare well because they have enough self-discipline to learn on their own.

The first thing really different from Princeton Review is the price. The exact price can be found in the following table. On average, however, the Princeton GRE price is $ 200 less than the competitors.

It makes a big difference if you have a limited budget. And the truth is that both companies have a very similar offer. In fact, Princeton Review has more logged lessons (24h / 18h) and more long-term exams (8 vs. 7) to get the highest score.

Another thing that works for Princeton is the expert and personalized feedback from his essay. Usually, this type of service is quite expensive, so it is good that it has been included in the personal preparation course.

That does not mean that Kaplan’s course is not attractive. Your online access would be more than two months (6 months versus 4 months) and you would also have two books. However, if you look at the GRE books section below, you’ll find that Princeton materials are far superior.

Kaplan Review

One of Kaplan’s exclusive things is the “Test Day Experience”, where you can visit one of the education centers and take a fictitious GRE exam to get a sense of reality. This is probably why the price of the course is higher.

In my opinion, it’s a good experience, but you can test your knowledge by doing exactly the same test from the comfort of your own home (or in your library, if you’re really in a more serious environment).

Both companies offer a guarantee for higher scores. If you do not improve your previous GRE score, we’ll refund your money or you can continue the preparation at no extra cost.

However, Princeton’s offering is DrillSmart technology, which automatically identifies vulnerabilities and asks questions based on your performance. Kaplan has something similar (Qbank), but you have to create your own questionnaires, which takes much more time.

Princeton Review is therefore usually a better option for personal preparation.

What is in the GRE?

The GRE consists of three sections: analytical writing, quantitative thinking, and verbal thinking. Each of these actions is intended to show your suitability as a student under pressure.

In the Analytical Writing section, you can demonstrate your compositional skills, including the correct use of grammar and the design of logical arguments.

GRE courses

The section “Quantitative reasoning” consists of multiple-choice and blank-fill mathematics, which depends on your understanding of logic and reasoning as well as your computational skills. The verbal part rates your vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Most GRE documents require extensive analytical skills that need to be developed over time. However, in some parts of the GRE, you benefit from storing the memory. If you use one of the best GRE books, you will learn the skills you need to pass the exam and remember other information that you can remember to increase your score.

The best GRE books

Not all GRE study books are worth it. Some of them contain only some of the information you need to get good test results, while others contain no exercise material or a limited amount. The best GRE textbooks are inexpensive and contain tips, guides, and exercise materials to help you prepare for the exam.

Keep in mind, however, that Educational Testing Services, the GRE administrator, offers free practice material on its website before you buy a book. Review these documents before you spend money on additional booklets.

At the same time, online exercise materials are not exhaustive. You can, therefore, use additional materials, especially if your test results are generally unsatisfactory.

One of the best books you can buy to prepare for GRE is “The Revised Official General Test Guide” by ETS. Other valuable books include Manhattan Preps ‘book of 5 exercise books’ GRE, the Kaplan GRE book and the Princeton Review GRE book. Each of these books has its pros and cons, so you can buy or borrow multiple books.


General Test by ETS

Since the ETS is the creator and administrator of GRE, it makes sense to start with your study book. ETS’s Official Guide to the Revised General Test is the only official GRE guide. Regardless, there are other reasons why “The Official Guide to the Revised General Test” is one of the most recommended GRE study guides.

The princeton vs kaplan review

The Official Revised General Test Guide is the only guide that will help you to understand what the true GRE test will look like as it includes four complete, comprehensive field tests. You can bring them online by simulating the actual GRE test conditions.

The “Official Guide to the Revised General Test” not only provides practical and practical tests but also describes each section, helping you to understand the details and nuances of the test that no unofficial guide can provide. The only real drawback of “The Official Guide to the Revised General Test” is that it does not contain any strategies for passing exams. If you use the guide frequently, you may miss training questions before you get ready for review.

The Princeton Review GRE Course 2019

1. 8 comprehensive field tests

This GRE preparation course includes 8 comprehensive, computer-based practice tests. These courses are ahead of their competitors in ERM practice simulations.


After each practice exam, the student receives personal feedback from their instructor. These comments contain the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so he can easily identify the areas he needs to improve before taking the GRE test.


2. Prepare the GRE test

The princeton review

Princeton Review is the only self-study GRE course that offers dissertation ratings. How cool is that? Students can submit their essays with the LiveGrader tool. They receive real feedback and expert evaluation, including suggestions for improving their GRE test writing skills to improve their test scores!


3. Semi-private group option
You can not afford a private teacher? This is not a problem for the Princeton Review’s GRE readiness course. This course offers a semi-private option for small groups with a limit of 4 students.

Kaplan for GRE Review

This is a great way to get personal help from a teacher, in person or online, without the expense of a private tutor. This option is run once or twice a week for a total of 24 hours of lessons in addition to using online material.


4. Teacher’s access outside the classroom

When you sign up for the Ultimate class, you have access to tutors and teachers outside of class through many channels, including the person, the phone, and the email. By selecting the Private Teacher option, students can adjust the course price based on the teacher’s experience and experience.


5. The tutoring opportunities of Princeton Review GRE:

The princeton review vs kaplan gre

Private teacher: more than 40 hours of training and instruction time
Teacher tutors: Over 500 hours of tutoring (or relevant work experience) and lessons for students whose qualifications have improved
First-level tutors: at least 1,000 hours of tutoring (or relevant work experience) and instructed students who have achieved excellent results


6. The teaching method of Adaptology

Finally, I think the best part of the Princeton Review GRE is Princeton Review’s Adaptive Learning Methodology. This teaching method allows each program to be tailored to the needs of the student.

It is therefore prepared exactly as needed. In addition, each live class includes individual exam dates with your instructor.

This will allow you to check how you passed the exam and make use of the mistakes you made.

Now that you know everything about the preparatory course at the Princeton Review GRE, how is this compared to the rest? In the next section, we will see how the Princeton Review compares to the GRE Kaplan course.


Comparison of GRE Courses: Kaplan vs The Princeton Review

When preparing the GRE you should research the GRE courses. The Kaplan GRE course is another way to prepare for the GRE exam. Let’s see how it compares to the Princeton Review GRE Readiness Course!


Kaplan vs The Princeton Review MCAT

As you probably know, there are so many MCAT preparation options even between Kaplan and Princeton Review that it is difficult to compare them.

MCAT tests are so important to the admissions process that they have tried to provide all options to the student. Princeton Review says they offer 123 hours of classroom instruction. Kaplan says they offer “more live MCAT instructions than anyone else”, but they do not publish the number of hours, which makes it difficult to verify demand.

However, there are many specialized options here, from tutoring small groups at the Princeton Review to the intense summer in Kaplan, in places like San Diego and Austin.


The main differences between Kaplan and Princeton Review in the MCAT are:

Princeton Review offers up to 11 pounds of preparation, while Kaplan offers 7 pounds.
Kaplan includes 3 hours of tutoring with his “PLUS” packages, while Princeton Review needs a tutoring package to get individual attention.

The princeton for MCAT

Princeton Review offers private or small group lessons, while Kaplan offers only private lessons.

So, what’s my choice for the best course MCAT, Princeton Review or Kaplan? It is a closed decision that depends, to some extent, on what you are looking for.

Kaplan really offers first-class premium options in terms of tutoring and intensive options.

Kaplan for MCAT

However, for most MCAT students, I would choose Princeton Review based on their additional review books and the available group tutoring kit.

Kaplan vs The Princeton Review: Books

In preparation for preparation different platforms talk to different students. For my part, I find it much easier to learn physical resources. If this sounds like your style, this section is for you.

Kaplan offers two major textbook options that can be crawled on its website and purchased through Amazon. GRE Prep (16 USD) and GRE Prep Plus (28 USD) provide exam, physical exam and online practice exam strategies as well as access to the Kaplan faculty to receive questions and answers. Facebook Page.

Kaplan vs the princeton

The Plus option adds an additional online test, the useful QuizBank tool (see Comparison of procedures below), and a mobile-friendly platform.

In contrast, the Princeton test offers options between $ 10 and $ 40. Although the first place is slightly more expensive than Kaplan, the Princeton magazine has been updated for its versatility: the site currently offers more than 20 manual options!

The princeton review and kaplan detailed comparison

From specialized workbooks to comprehensive strategies and practical tests, choosing the right book (at the right price) is a great benefit for the user.

Winner: Princeton Review


Kaplan vs The Princeton Review LSAT

In fact, if you are preparing to study law, there are significant differences between the Princeton Review and Kaplan regarding LSAT.

They made various choices as to what they should emphasize in terms of the number of learning materials they provide, the evidence they provide about their students’ outcomes and their costs.

The main differences between the Kaplan and Princeton journals for checking LSAT readiness are as follows:

  • Princeton Review offers 6 supervised exams, while Kaplan 3 offers supervised exams.
  • Princeton Review offers 130 hours video course at 70 hours of Kaplan.
  • Princeton Review revealed an average increase in LSAT scores of 12 points.

Kaplan offers 3 hours of tutoring in his “Plus” packages, while Princeton Review needs a tutorial package for this.

Kaplan LSAT

Kaplan offers 2 LSAT preparation booklets with LSAT preparatory courses online and in person.

I agree with Princeton Review for a few reasons. First, there are the absolute numbers beside the learning material.

Kaplan LSAT Coaching review

Although I put quality over quantity, you know how to study when you study law, and you will make good use of these extra repetitions. Second, the disclosure of Princeton Review about his LSAT students, which makes this 12-point jump a major issue.

I recommend that you read about the methodology as this is not a perfect experience, but it is very rare for a test preparation company to provide that kind of transparency. Finally, I like the fact that Kaplan offers this 3-hour training and I want it to be done by Princeton Review.

However, Kaplan’s “Plus” packages are nearly as expensive as the tutorial packages from Princeton Review. If you want a tutorial, you can switch to a Princeton review tutorial for a little more and enjoy 10 hours of tutoring.


Princeton Review vs. Kaplan: Pricing Policy

For the first price comparison, I will see Kaplan’s and Princeton Review’s standard online test preparation options at their own pace. Keep in mind, however, that each platform offers its own add-ons and special packages, which I will discuss in more detail below.

The trial package of Princeton Review costs $ 499, which is significantly cheaper than Kaplan’s test preparation for 699 US dollars.

In terms of preparing for the live test, Kaplan initially costs $ 999 less than the $ 1199 Princeton Review. However, note that Princeton Review often sells and your live online courses receive a $ 300 discount at the time of writing, ranging from $ 1,199 to only $ 899.

Winner: Princeton Review


Princeton Review vs. Kaplan: Access/course of the course

As mentioned earlier, Kaplan offers access to his online preparation documents for 6 months. With the Princeton Review Package, you pay less, but you also have only 120 days to access the course material.

Kaplan customer reviews

The options allow you to continue with any company or expand your access if you are not satisfied with your progress or product. We will look more closely at the price guarantees below.

You must consider your schedule when choosing a course, but for me, Kaplan is the front-line of the extra two months.

Winner: Kaplan


Complete practice tests

The GRE exam preparation booklet must also include comprehensive hands-on exams so you can practice collecting the experience required to complete the exams. In a perfect world, these will be computer-aided as GRE is (usually) computer-aided.

Of course, not all GRE books can be for everyone. A good GRE read-only book may not necessarily have all of these characteristics to be useful, but it must meet one or more specific goals of its high-quality preparation plan.

Kaplan vs Princeton GRE

For example, you might have a preparatory book that is full of amazing practical questions, and another that has a particularly good conceptual analysis of mathematics. Both can fulfill a valuable and necessary function in your program!

Why get the GRE Readiness Book?

Despite its drawbacks, I recommend at least most students to get the official guide. This will give you two more practice tests in addition to the Powerprep software. Official STD testing is a rare and excellent resource that justifies the official guide just for this purpose.

If you think you really need all the official STD training questions, you can keep them in your hands (which is reasonable!), Then the PowerPack is the answer.

Keep in mind, however, that most review information tips and content are available online for free. The main value you get in these questions is the questions themselves.

Guaranteed improvement points

Kaplan and Princeton both have a “score improvement guarantee,” which can be useful if you’ve already passed the GRE test.

Princeton will refund your money if you do not improve your GRE score by 5 points.

To claim the guarantee, you’ll need to watch all the videos in the lesson, answer all questions related to the exercise, and see all the video explanation videos of practice questions that you did not answer correctly. You should also send them a copy of your previous earnings report to show that you have not improved your score by 5 points.

Kaplan testimonials

The Kaplan Score Guarantee applies to any number of points. If you improve by 1 point, you will not receive a refund.

They have similar requirements as Princeton. You must, therefore, view all video lessons and answer all questions and take the exams to qualify for the guarantee of improving the score.

Kaplan and Princeton both have a “score improvement guarantee,” which can be useful if you’ve already passed the GRE test.

Princeton will refund your money if you do not improve your GRE score by 5 points.

To claim the guarantee, you’ll need to watch all the videos in the lesson, answer all questions related to the exercise, and see all the video explanation videos of practice questions that you did not answer correctly.

You should also send them a copy of your previous earnings report to show that you have not improved your score by 5 points.

The Kaplan Score Guarantee applies to any number of points. If you improve by 1 point, you will not receive a refund.

They have similar requirements as Princeton. You must, therefore, view all video lessons and answer all questions and take the exams to qualify for the guarantee of improving the score.


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Conclusion: Kaplan vs The Princeton Review? (Who Wins)

If you’re not the type of student who needs a lot of hands (and this should not be the case if you graduate), an online GRE preparatory course will cost you much less than a traditional classroom.

Kaplan and Princeton Review charge less for online courses than for live courses (though online prices may vary by region), but the real pioneer in this area is Princeton.

If you’re looking for a custom options program, Princeton Review is definitely an excellent choice. You can choose between different levels of learning, enroll in a small group study, or even try the program at your own pace with the syllabus at your own pace.

With 8 complete practice exams that you always have at hand, Princeton Review ensures that you are fully prepared for the GRE exam. We recommend this program if you are looking for a lot of exercise material.

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