Kevin David Review 2023: Are His Courses Worth The Money?

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Proper guidance is what is needed during the low time of a business and Kevin David does the same thing for you. Freedom from 9-5 jobs. Learn more about Kevin David in this review

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  • Detailed Course Structures
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  • Best Books Recommendation
  • Freedom from 9-5 jobs
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  • Experienced Trainers
  • Active social media groups
  • Perfect for Newbies


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Kevin david review

If you have ever heard of making money online, you might have heard about Kevin David and his course- Amazon FBA. 

Well, I agree that many of you might be flooded with doubts about whether or not Kevin David is legit. I have done deep research into his courses and learnings.

He’s got a big YouTube channel and a lot of people follow him on Facebook too.

So, who is Kevin David? Is he doing a scam? Can you earn money from his products?

I’m going to explore these questions in this Kevin David Review.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Kevin David masterclass is worth considering because he’s a young entrepreneur who’s successfully created multiple income streams over time. He can certainly guide you in starting your journey toward making money online passively.

You don’t have to buy all his courses at once. You can pick from his Shopify dropshipping course, Facebook Ads Ninja masterclass, Digital Course Secrets, or his Amazon FBA ninja course, depending on what suits your goals best.

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Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, tutor, and writer who helps you build your business empire with zero experience through his books and speeches.

Kevin David got popular with the podcasts and started THATLifestyleninja. He’s also the writer of the super popular book, “Unfair Advantage.”

He’s someone who knows a lot about online marketing. He believes in freeing business starters from regular office jobs, which is exactly what he tries to do with his classes on the Internet.

Kevin’s journey into business began when he was in high school. He was already selling baseball cards back then. Later, he made video games and blogs and made money from them using Google AdSense and Amazon partnerships.

He studied to become an accountant and worked at an accounting company for a bit. After that, he got a job at Facebook, helping keep people’s privacy safe.

During that time, he started to learn about online businesses. And while he was doing all this, he started a side business selling things on Amazon, which ended up being really successful.

After his Amazon business became a big hit, he decided to teach other people how to make their online businesses successful.

What is Kevin David’s Net Worth?

You might notice that Kevin takes pictures of fancy cars, but knowing exactly how much money he has is not easy.

There’s no official proof of how much money he has. But lots of sites confirm it’s somewhere between $5 and $20 million.

But really, how much money he has isn’t the important thing. It’s better to focus on learning his ways to be successful instead of worrying about how much he earns.

Is Kevin David a Scam?

First thing that I get asked over my Kevin David Review, Is Kevin David a Scam?

Absolutely not. Look, I’ve heard some people call him a scammer, but let’s be real, most of the folks calling someone like him a scammer probably haven’t even tried the things he offers.

kevin david scam

And if they did, they might think his stuff is some quick and easy way to get rich, and they’re not ready to really put in the work.

But honestly, he’s not a scammer. If he were, he wouldn’t be so open about what he does. He wouldn’t have the good reputation he’s got online. And he definitely wouldn’t have so many followers.

Of course, I’m not saying his products are all amazing; you’re guaranteed to make money with them. I’m just saying there’s potential to earn.

What courses does Kevin David offer?

The courses that are offered by Kevin David under his website are Amazon FBA courses, digital course secrets, Facebook ad courses, and marketing agency masterclasses. 

Let us discuss each course in detail in this review of the Amazon FBA course to give you a clear idea of which direction you wish to spread your business and which course will help you achieve your dream of developing your business on a large scale. 

Amazon FBA Courses 

Kevin made a lot of money with his successful Amazon FBA business. Now, he’s being kind by sharing all his secrets in a special course.

It’s called the Amazon FBA Ninja course. In this course, he teaches you everything about creating a successful Amazon FBA business, right from the beginning to the end.

Kevin David Courses- Amazon FBA Course

If you don’t know what Amazon FBA is, it’s when you sell things on Amazon and make money.

Kevin’s course tells you how to start, grow, and make much money with your Amazon FBA business. It’s like a step-by-step manual of how he became a millionaire with FBA.

The course has 8 parts, all in video form. There are no written words. Kevin thinks you can learn better by watching him do things instead of reading about them.

Here is what it includes:

  • Product research (3 parts)
  • Suppliers and Shipping (3 parts)
  • Listing Optimization and Ranking (3 parts)
  • Product Launch Strategy (2 parts)
  • Email Follow Up and Reviews (2 parts)
  • Amazon PPC and AMS (3 parts)
  • Facebook Marketing (3 parts)
  • Millionaire Seller Hacks (3 parts)

Kevin keeps the course up-to-date with the latest trends and Amazon FBA rules. When you buy the course, you can always get the updates for free. So, the lessons never become old.

A bonus section also teaches things like choosing a specific area to sell in, useful tools, and selling internationally. You also get to join a private Facebook group with around 4,000 members, and there’s a live Q&A session in that group.

You can access all these bonuses in the “STUDENT NINJA EXTRAS” section.

Now, let’s review what each module in Kevin David’s Amazon FBA ninja course covers for the rest of this review.

Bonus Course Module

You’ll find lots of videos and some extra helpful stuff in this section.

The first video is about picking a special area to sell in. Kevin will share tips and tricks to find areas where you can make lots of money every month.

The next video teaches you how to use computer programs to help your FBA business grow. You’ll learn how to use tools to find good products and other useful software to save time and make more money.

Then, there’s a video about selling on Amazon even if you don’t have a US bank account. This is super useful if you live outside the US.

Finally, there’s a video all about something called “Merch by Amazon,” which is Amazon’s print-on-demand service. Kevin will show you how to start making $10,000 a month by selling print-on-demand stuff on Amazon.

Digital Course Secrets

Out of all of Kevin David’s courses, I like the Digital Course Secrets the second most, right after the Amazon FBA Ninja course. This course guides you through the steps to create a steady income by selling online classes.

Digital Course Secrets

Even though Kevin first made money with his Amazon FBA business, he now earns a lot each month from selling his digital courses. Many sources say he makes more money from his courses than his other online businesses. He even got an award for making over $10,000,000 just from one course.

That’s why he’s the best person to teach you how to start your own course-selling business.

The Digital Course Secrets has six parts that will help you become an expert in just a few weeks. There are also some extra goodies to help your business grow even more.

It covers the following modules:

  • Choosing your niche
  • Building your tribe
  • Validating your course idea
  • Organizing, pricing, and outlining your course
  • Building your course technology
  • Marketing Mystery

The basic requirement for learning digital course secrets by Kevin David is the user need not waste his time on how to start his existing digital course but rather should be a firm determination.

I noticed that I have qualities like patience and temperament as for a business, it is very necessary because it takes time as well as dedication.

Bonus Content 

  • Recurring Affiliate Marketers: If you’re a recurring affiliate marketer, one of the best strategies is to establish an affiliate program. This way, you can enlist popular influencers and content creators to endorse your course, earning them a small commission for each referred sale. Kevin will provide guidance on how to recruit affiliates to promote your program without the need for advertising.
  • Many Chatbots: Kevin will instruct you on optimizing ManyChat Bots for Facebook Messenger. These automated bots can engage with your customers on your behalf, and Kevin will teach you how to make the most of them, including using them to re-engage customers who didn’t initially sign up for your course.
  • How to use the Automated Million Dollar Webinar Funnel: Learn about the system designed to effectively convert potential customers into actual buyers. Kevin will guide you on how to implement this funnel for your benefit.

Case Study section

In one section, you’ll find inspiring success stories from students who’ve taken Kevin’s course and put it into action. For instance, Mia and Tanner have earned over $500k by selling online courses, and another student is making $100k every month after following the course’s advice.

These stories show that Digital Course Secrets is making a real impact for many people, and you could be the next success story.

The price for Kevin David’s course is $1997 as a one-time payment, or you can choose a more affordable option of $599 per month for five months if the upfront cost is a challenge.

Among all of Kevin’s courses, Digital Course Secrets stands out as one of the top choices. It teaches you how to create a passive income by selling digital courses online.

Even though Kevin has made millions from his successful Amazon FBA business, his online courses have also become a significant source of passive income.

Who is this course for?

I highly recommend this course to those interested in discovering how to make valuable online lessons, sell them to the right people, and generate a passive income.

Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the chance to test it out and see if it suits your needs.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Course

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is like a massive video course for Facebook marketers. It’s all about teaching you how to make Facebook ads that grab the right people’s attention and make you more money.

Facebook ads Ninja masterclass

We all know Facebook ads can be awesome for reaching the folks you want to reach. But making an ad that really works can be super tough, especially if you’re running an online business.

Now, Kevin David, has spent a ton of money figuring out how to make Facebook ads that actually bring in more sales for his online businesses. So, he’s the best person to learn from.

If you’ve got an online business and you want to use Facebook ads to make it grow, this Kevin David course on paid advertising is the real deal.

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass has six parts and some cool bonuses.

It’s got over 65 videos to watch, and you’ll also get PDF notes with cheat sheets to help you out.

Bonus Course Modules

In the bonus, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Facebook ad funnel that doesn’t cost you anything, but still works like a charm? Kevin David has got the scoop on using the tripwire marketing technique and six sneaky psychological tricks that most people overlook. These tricks can make your ad campaigns bring in more money than you spend.
  • You’ll learn an easy way to use messenger bots and funnels to double your conversions fast.

As for the price, the Facebook Ninja Ads Masterclass is either a one-time payment of $1997 or you can split it into five monthly payments of $599. This covers the whole course and all the cool extras. You’ll even get access to one-hour live sessions every month.

Shopify Dropshipping Course

Shopify dropshipping is a business model that can make you a lot of money. Many people have made millions by using Shopify for their dropshipping businesses.

kevin david Shopify masterclass

To put it simply, dropshipping is kind of like Amazon FBA, but with a key difference. With dropshipping, you have your very own online store, and you get to keep all the money you make.

On the other hand, with FBA, Amazon takes a chunk of your earnings as a commission, and you don’t have your own online store. Amazon helps promote your products, but if you’re dropshipping, you’ve got to do the marketing yourself.

Now, in Kevin David’s course, you’ll learn a bunch of valuable things:

  • He’ll take you through the whole process of setting up a successful Shopify dropshipping business, step by step.
  • You’ll get some advanced tips on finding the right products and suppliers.
  • There are detailed lessons on creating and making your Shopify store work like a charm.
  • Kevin will share expert marketing advice, including using Facebook ads and influencer marketing, to turn your store into a money-making machine.
  • You’ll also be part of Kevin’s active community of dropshippers, which is super helpful.

And there are even more bonuses to sweeten the deal!

As I write this review, Kevin is adding more awesome stuff to the course. So, it’s a good idea to check it out and see what new lessons he’s thrown in.

Now, when it comes to the cost, Kevin David’s Shopify dropshipping course is either a one-time payment of $997 or you can break it into three payments of $497.

What Does Kevin David Teach?

Kevin David offers multiple digital programs, including his famous ‘Amazon FBA’, ‘Digital Course Secrets’, and ‘Marketing Agency Masterclass’ digital courses, ‘ZonBase’, ‘ShopInspect’ and ‘MarketerMagic’ software tools for e-business entrepreneurs.

He wrote the book Unfair Advantage, which revealed the Digital course Success’s 3 major Principles. This book is shipped worldwide with free delivery.

He has also created a community to connect millions of e-businessmen with business learners and students, where he enthusiastically teaches them about online businesses successfully and also built strong social media networks to bind them together.

There are additional features, such as if the entrepreneur wants to get private training from Kevin David, he has an amazing option readily available on the website.

Kevin David Review- Ninja Course

There are also various opportunities if the entrepreneur wants to become an exclusive partner with Kevin David. The feature that lets you navigate over this thing is clearly in front of you over the website when you scroll down a little.

Scaling your business to heights and making it more profitable is the main area where Kevin David comes into play.

Kevin David believes every person is a mastermind and needs proper guidance under the specific parks in his tour toward success. 

Kevin David has his podcast, which is available on the Apple Store, and if the Android user wishes to listen to it he needs to explore the Kevin David website and enjoy the podcast and experience of Kevin David.

There is a YouTube channel named Kevin David Experience, which also guides you in the same format as the website does but in a more particular way, as it is in the form of an audio-video format.

Watching videos over reading a book is always an easy way of learning as memory retention in the case of audio-video formatting is 6000 % more than the retention power from a book.

You will find Kevin David easily on Instagram and other social media websites such as Facebook and Snapchat, where he spreads his knowledge of developing business for a smaller-scale entrepreneur or a startup owner.

The course is also available on Spotify and Google, and Kevin David is an international personality who is famous all around the globe for providing solutions to young entrepreneurs.

The courses that Kevin David has to offer its users are firstly free training followed by Amazon FBA courses, digital course secrets, and Facebook ad courses. Being a digital marketer, it becomes essential to learn about advertisement, and Kevin David is best at it.

What I liked about Kevin David’s Course?

Now, a few things about the Kevind David course were really impressive, and anyone looking for those qualities would want to get this course.

  • They have a very user-friendly website with an attractive Graphical User Interface. I had a great user experience while navigating, which ensured that the user did not need to move from one location to another to meet his needs for developing a successful business. 
  • This website provides detailed information about each business course and tool.
  • Each course is very useful to build a profile for online business and Entrepreneurship. Every course comes up with content that is very necessary for any entrepreneur to know initially before startup. Having a proper path along with the proper support of manpower and capital ensures that any individual’s business starts to achieve wonders. 
  • The free 7-day trial also enables people to get used to the teaching techniques of Kevin David and have a brief idea of the teaching policies and study material offered by Kevin David under his website that teaches small businesses and helps entrepreneurs by guiding them towards the right direction.
  • More than 5 to 6 published books help entrepreneurs find a path for the direction, which is full of market strategies and marketing skills derived from using the product to showcase it to the people and, with time, make it a brand. 


  • Once the trial period is over, you have to pay for each course which is slightly costlier because some similar websites and videos guide with the free subscription.
  • For buying the basic books that are available on the website, the user needs to pay an amount of $1 for the hard copy, whereas we can get it for free over his email.
  • Kevin David does not offer business-oriented solutions to every problem or query that people are facing.
  • In certain areas, Kevin David gets unfair with people as it teaches people techniques that will force people to practically buy the course even if they don’t wish to.

What People Say About Kevin David Course?

I researched the internet to find some reviews on Kevin David’s course, and here is a screenshot for that: 👇

Kevin David course reviews

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FAQs About Kevin David Course Review

How does Kevin David make money?

Kevin David earns money through YouTube ads, sponsorships, talking at events, investing in new businesses, and running his own companies.

Is Kevin David genuine?

Yes, Kevin David is considered genuine by many. However, there have been differing opinions about his authenticity, with some people raising concerns. It's important to research and form your own judgment based on available information.

How much does Kevin David course cost?

Kevin David course may cost as high as $1997. With some discounts, you can save around $100.

My Verdict on Kevin David Course Review 

If you ask me, I would say Kevin David’s course is a legit course. Some might have issues 

It is a premium digital platform that empowers you to start your own business with A – Z guidance, frees you from 9-5 jobs and achieves your dream of becoming a great entrepreneur.

You have to spend the amount on learning, but still spending some amount with a huge advantage and a great future is worthwhile. Once you start your own business, you are going to be a very successful person in life.

Every business has ups and downs in life. Proper guidance is what is needed during the low time of a business and Kevin David does the same thing for you.

Several books have been published on various marketing strategies and ways to guide a user in developing a successful business.

On a personal note, I would recommend people visit Kevin David’s official website and make the most of the information that is provided under his website. 

I hope you found this Kevin David Review valuable.

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