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KiwiCo Promo Codes December 2022: Hands-On Science And Art Projects Delivered To Your Door! 

Who doesn’t endlessly scroll through Pinterest for DIY activities to keep their children entertained? But sometimes it may take ages to find the perfect DIY activity for your kid.

And who can guarantee if you will find the right craft supplies thereafter? (I have had to skip a lot of projects because I couldn’t find the wobbly eyes or the right washi tape. The struggle is real!)

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But a KiwiCo Promo Codes subscription is meant to make your life easier with fun learning DIY kits delivered right to your doorstep. You get to skip the process as well as keep the crown of a fun parent intact. 

The promo codes in this article are just going to help you make the decision faster. So, let’s get into the details.

KiwiCo Coupon Codes – Latest

Here are a few KiwiCo Promo Codes that will help you save some bucks with your KiwiCo crate.

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What is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is a subscription service, which offers a different range of projects, crafts, and activities for different age groups.

With a KiwiCo subscription, you receive a ”KiwiCo Crate” containing all of the DIY supplies needed to create a STEM-based fun hands-on project (that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Primarily, the projects are categorized for different age groups. KiwiCo provides a recommended age range for each crate that comes in a KiwiCo Box. If you have a look at the teenage crates, the projects are also categorized according to different interests helping you make a better choice. 

KiwiCo Pros And Cons


  • No age bar

KiwiCo has something for everyone! No matter how old your child is or what his interests are, you will cent percent find a crate tailored to interest him. Also, earlier KiwiCo was made just for kids, but their added variety will now help you find a project for yourself too!

So while your kid is traveling around the world with the Atlas Crate, you could be tuning in to a wooden ukulele of your own.

  • Free shipping anywhere in the U.S

KiwiCo offers free shipping all over the U.S, including Hawaii, Alaska, and APO. 

But if you live outside of the U.S and still want your KiwiCo crate, it costs somewhere around US$19.95 + shipping (US$3.95-$6.95 depending on the destination) each month. You can head over to their site and find out the specifics.

KiwiCo Gift Of Learning

  • Clear instructions

As with other craft subscription services that I have used, the project seems more for the parents than the kids with unclear or complicated instructions. The parent probably has to sit through the whole activity and rethinks the whole idea of even ordering the crafts. But with KiwiCo Project, it is not so. 

The crate comes with very simple, clear, and easy to follow instructions. It is also very self-contained. All that you might have to do is hand your child a pair of scissors. 

  • Prompt Customer Service

I dread bad customer service because any small problems or tweaking the subscriptions require hours on the phone and a lot of follow up emails. But with KiwiCo, I experienced prompt customer service when I wanted to switch my subscription to another crate by dropping just one mail.

KiwiCo Promo Codes Crates

Even with the online reviews, I went through, in most cases, the complaints were resolved immediately and thoroughly. Only a few complaints were seen pending, which also were promptly replied to by the customer service of KiwiCo. 


  • Auto-Renewal

KiwiCo subscription comes with a small print of auto-renewal which is often not read through. And before you know it, your one-month KiwiCo subscription has turned into you paying for another month as well. 

The complaints are higher with gifted subscriptions because the auto-renewal message directly goes to the receiver since sometimes we tend to use the gift receiver’s email address while signing up.

Many times, these issues are solved by dropping a mail but come as a surprise to many after they are billed for another extra month.

KiwiCo How It Works

Beware of the auto-renewal policy when you sign up and make sure you cancel in time if you do not want to continue. 

  • High Price

KiwiCo enhances the value of your child’s playtime while also giving it a structure, but even then it seems a bit overpriced. Sometimes, some crates might give you the feeling that you would have surely saved some bucks if you bought the same supplies off the market individually. 

Apart from that also, it is a subscription that not many can afford. It would cater to a larger audience if the price was lowered a little. But you can always save some money with coupon codes in this article and by committing to longer subscriptions. 

  • Limited Shipping

KiwiCo does not ship to many locations other than the U.S which is a major drawback. It has limited options when it comes to the international market.

KiwiCo Gifts

My Personal Opinion | KiwiCo Promo Codes 2022

In my opinion, KiwiCo is a complete winner if your kids love hands-on projects and learning. The instructions are clear, the activities are fun and the clean up is also pretty easy overall. And it will surely save you from the repeated cries of ‘I’m bored!’.

What I also loved was that the projects are quite self-contained and keep your kid engrossed for a long time without your supervision. Of course, some projects might require parental guidance, but even that is clearly stated on the crates.

There are times when you won’t hear your kid for a complete hour or two. Can you even imagine that?

On the other hand, I’ll say that it is a bit expensive to order these regularly, even though a longer commitment makes it a little more affordable.

KiwiCo Promo Codes Subscription

I would personally rather suggest KiwiCo crates best suitable as a gift or something that you do once in a while for a change. But if you can overlook the price, KiwiCo promises for a fun afternoon project.

FAQs | Kiwico Promo Codes

🤫 When does the first crate from a subscription ship after signing up?

The first crate will ship within 2-3 days of purchase.

🙄 Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime after the first crate is delivered to you or once your pre-paid months of the subscription are over.

🤟 What age are KiwiCo crates perfect for?

Since the company offers a wide variety of products for all ages and interests, KiwiCo has something for everyone.

🤑 Can I get the first box delivered to me in person if I am giving the subscription to somebody?

Yes, you can get the first box delivered to you in person and can change the address to the person you are gifting it to later. It's all very simple with their supportive customer service.

🤙 Can I switch from Doodle crate to a Tinker crate?

Yes, you can switch subscriptions by going to 'My account' and contacting KiwiCo easily.

Conclusion | KiwiCo Promo Codes 2022

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that ordering a KiwicCo crate guarantees fun and learning at the same time. Every crate that you order will be worth it and also prove to be nothing less than a bonding session between you and your child if you do it together. 

Personally, the Doodle Crate and the Tinker Crate are my (Of course, I mean my children’s) favorite since they both focus on creation.

My children love their Doodle crate on days when they are feeling artsy and the Tinker crate has made science their favorite subject in no time. What better way than hands-on experiments to fall in love with science, isn’t it?

I would give KiwiCo crate a round of applause for making the instructions so easy to follow for the kids alone. It shows that they have had them tested by kids before they are up on the market.

All in all, I would give KiwiCo 8 out of 10 stars. I am really happy with their product, but the hole in the pocket reminds me to not be over-enthusiastic with my subscription.

On days like that, I use the Kiwico App which features many project ideas and is available free of cost.

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