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Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes September 2019: Get Upto 50% Off Now

Written by Finnich Vessal

In this post,  we have listed the Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes September 2019. Learn & Master by Legacy Learning Systems which provides a range of award-winning courses that include blues guitar, guitar setup, maintenance of guitar, freestyle guitar, ballroom dancing, drums, piano, painting, and photography.

Their ambition is to deliver broad and dynamic home-learning solutions as a substitute to traditional schooling and expensive private lessons. In this post, we have featured Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes September 2019. Along with that we have also featured detailed Learn & Master Review. Let’s get started here. 

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes September 2019: Get Upto 50% Off Now

  • Get Up to 50% Off On Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Course Now
  • Get Up to 60% Off On Learn & Master Ballroom Dance Course Now
  • Get $100 Off On Learn & Master Painting Course Now

Detailed Learn & Master Review:

In a world of low-cost, over-hyped, “Learn This Overnight” educational videos, gift Learning Systems was supported to provide actually comprehensive transmission coaching courses for people who need serious instruction within the comfort of their own homes. we believe that learning ought to be fun, unintimidating and systematic, with every new talent building on the previous one. Our initial courses were in music instruction, however alternative topics associated with the humanities, hobbies, career, and a spread of special interests are beneath development.

Legacy Learning System Mission: bringing Personal Dreams accessible.

Nearly all folks have that one factor we’ve continuously wished to find out. To Sing. To dance. To play the associated instrument. To surf, sail, cook, or speak a far off language. no matter it’s, we tend to all have one thing we tend to would like we tend to might do. a private dream.

As time passes and life gets within the approach, that tiny dream will appear farther and farther out of reach. faculty is out of the question. personal lessons are pricey and inconvenient. however what if one thing might build it possible?

First, your lessons are always be arranged out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression with everything you wish in one place. No need to obtain infinite coaching videos from a patchwork of sources.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Online Courses
Second, your legacy course can take you the way on the far side the fundamentals of the standard tutorial video. we tend to get you started quickly, however, your lessons can take you like the way on the trail to mastery as you select to travel. you will not realize an additional comprehensive multimedia coaching course on your topic anywhere!

Perhaps most significant, you will not get to learn alone. Our online support community is associate degree integral a part of the training method and is free for all of our students. The exact same instructors United Nations agency wrote your course are there for you once you have queries or want encouragement. Students United Nations agency participate during this community square measure ready to discuss their progress, post their successes, and act with alternative students the maximum amount or as very little as they need. we don’t seem to be finished once you obtain our course. we tend to square measure finished once you have reached your dream.That is our mission. to create tough skills accessible through transmission self-cultivation courses. To bring personal dreams accessible.

Legacy Learning Systems has also added active forums to its multimedia classes where mentors and other users meet to help and answer questions. Let’s take a look at our “Learn and Master” series of old learning systems.

Learn and Master Courses Review 2019: Detailed Review

We will take a look at Five people’s favorite Learn & Master Courses:

  • The Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Course
  • The Learn & Master Piano Course
  • The Learn & Master Ballroom Dance Course
  • The Learn & Master Photography Course
  • The Learn & Master Painting Course


The Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Course Review

This course is famous for its comprehensiveness. It won the respected Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players Choice Gold award along with Telly awards and AEGIS award for perfection in education. The guitar mentor is Steve Krenz. Reviewers we spoke to were of the consensus idea that he was an outstanding tutor and that the audio and video production quality was exceptional.

We spoke to a variety of users that purchased the Learn & Master stringed instrument course, and for the foremost half, they need to provide extremely positive reviews of it. One reviewer that we tend to spoke with says that he has been an instrumentalist for over twenty years and he purchased the course to assist him to overcome a number of his musical limitations.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Gibsons Guitar Class
Because he never received any formal coaching and was primarily self-taught up to the purpose of an intermediate ability level, he completes that he was lacking some polish and accomplishment that needed some extra instruction. This reviewer we tend to spoke to same that overall the course will and the glorious job of providing steerage for a variety of otherwise good stringed instrument players, covering basic through advanced principles.

The guitar instructor himself is adorably heat and an extremely capable teacher that gives organized and well-paced instruction. Everything is explained clearly and he’s plain an exceptional musician in his title. The course provides dynamic instruction, often mixing things up so they remain fascinating and recent.

For example, mixing up musical theory with active learning applications utilizing a variety of various resources- the book, DVD sessions and CD musical accompaniments that are enclosed for you to jam with. The content covers a colossal spectrum of various skills. therefore you may be finding out things like music scales, chords, fingerpicking ways, soloing ways, completely different musical designs like jazz and blues guitar, and far more.

Every session includes a suggested period for learning the content and budgets 15 to 30 minutes of following per day. a number of the sessions could take as long as one or two of weeks, whereas others could take solely per week. a number of the downsides that reviewers mentioned area unit that since everything is self-reliant you’re to blame for maintaining you follow a schedule and being disciplined concerning learning course content. If you’ve got bothered being disciplined concerning follow and are typically not a self-starter kind, you’ll not be disciplined enough to actually make the most of this guitar learning course.

Another criticism some users have is that the course is incredibly significant on music theory. If you’re simply wanting to be told a couple of cool-sounding guitar riffs to impress your friends at parties, this probably is not the course for you. On the opposite hand, if you’re invested in mastering the guitar, you may need a foundational understanding of music theory. So, for a few users, this is often a true strength of this guitar-learning program.

It very depends on what you are looking to urge out of it.  It uses a split screen, in several cases, showing coincidental views of the left and right hands, or the musical notation and music staff- this provides increased learning expertise. concerning its price, whereas several aspiring and old guitar players can pay thousands of greenbacks over the course of many years taking stringed instrument lessons, some reviewers say it is sensible to buy a $1000-$2000 quality guitar and pay it slow learning from this dynamic guitar course instead of from an in-person tutor.

One purchaser that we spoke with said that the course takes around 10 to 14 months to end. after you area unit finished it, you will be ready to read music, I perceive however it works, and have a solid comprehension of electrical gear, guitar, some facts.

Overall you may have learned the way to play the guitar and perceive the language of musicians. As well, the course is supported by a spirited discussion board with several international users, therefore you may continually have that resource to fall back on if you acquire some further help.

Some Of The Sample Lessons:

Session One: Starting Off Right

String Names, Technique, Tuning, Finger Exercises, C & G7 Chords

Session Two: Reading Music & Notes on the 1st & 2nd Strings

Music Reading, 1st & 2nd String Notes & Exercises

What will you get from it:

  • 20 HD DVDs with more than 40 hours of guitar lessons.
  • 5 CDs with Jam-Along content
  • A guitar lesson book with 100+ pages
  • Access to an online student support site
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Pricing Plans:

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Gibsons Guitar Class Pricing


  • Warm and Engaging Tutor
  • Uses split screens to demonstrate concepts


  • Very heavy on music theory- so if that’s what you are looking for, don’t buy it
  • Not a replacement for in-person instruction

Testimonials and Reviews

What do you think about our course? Leave your thoughts on the testimonial thread on our forum. We may post yours here!

“Thank you Steve, you have made my dream come true. You have made me a guitarist.”
Gene Arnold, Highland Lakes, New Jersey

The Learn & Master Piano Course Review

This course is designed to walk you through learning the piano with the help of the tutor Will Barrow. Users that we interviewed said that it’s a candid and relatively easy to follow piano instruction course though at around lesson 12 the skill requirements do jump a bit.

One intermediate-level pianist who had taken lessons all throughout his boyhood purchased the course to resume learning the piano. He told us that, in general, he thought-about Learn & Master piano course a solid obtain, however, he will say that the trainer goes off on tangents each therefore often showing off his skilled pianistic talents. reasonably annoying- however, most likely meant to be inspirational.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Piano Classes
He also thought that there required to be additional instruction relating to notes that go well higher than and below the clefs. Another criticism a reviewer we spoke to had was that when the teachings become additionally advanced you’ll need an 88-key piano.

Those that are using 61-key digital keyboards will realize this moderately inconvenient. Another customer that we spoke to same that the instructor’s pacing is typically a touch off. There times once he goes method too slow and times once he goes method too quick. Another downside users encountered is that some neglected to order the workshop DVDs.

They say that whereas you’ll be able to examine workshop content within the enclosed Lesson Manual, your learning expertise can actually suffer if you do not have the enclosed workshop DVDs. Another reviewer that we tend to spoke to says that they finished up getting Music Theory for Dummies as a supplement to the Learn & Master piano course- and this provided a good deal of clarity around a number of the course content.

Other reviewers, we tend to spoke to echoed the final accord that this can be not an ideal product, however, it’s still as good as done and therefore the educator, in general, will an honest job. they are saying that whereas the pacing is so a touch bit off, you’ll be able to perpetually rewind and watch elements of it over to get more familiar with it.

And, if you concentrate on the come back on investment, to figure with a top quality music teacher will price upwards of $60 to $100 per session, therefore finance some hundred dollars during this tutorial course would possibly prevent cash at the tip of the day if you focus yourself on learning the content. Plus, after you do head to see a music teacher you will be prior to the curve, and find a higher price for your cash.


Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Piano Classes Reviews

What will you get from it:

  • 20 Lessons DVDs
  • 5 play-along CDs
  • Instructional lesson book
  • Access to student support site
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Pricing Plans:

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Piano Classes Pricing


  • A solid introduction to piano playing & theory
  • A great supplement to in-person lessons


  • Not a replacement for in-person instruction
  • Some complaints about pacing-going too fast/too slow

The Learn & Master Ballroom Dance Course Review

There are 13 DVDs found in this course are the heart and soul of this training. Every dance is separated into figures with step-by-step training of both the woman and the man, so you know exactly how and what to rehearse. While you study the particular parts of each figure, the display screen separates into two frames – one displaying the tutor’s entire body and the second displaying a close-up shot of the tutor’s feet. The student can focus on the feet or the figure overall.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Ballroom Dance Classes

The Learn & Master ballroom dance course by legacy Learning Systems provides a multimedia resource for people who desire a home-learning solution. This course is meant to be a comprehensive package to assist aspiring dancers to become experienced at ballroom dancing.

Reviewers that we spoke to said the teachings are structured well and arranged in an intuitive fashion so you’re ready to extremely get a grasp of the fundamentals quickly. The course doesn’t move too quick, therefore you and maybe your home-dance partner will simply digest the material. in contrast to alternative courses online, reviewers say that you just will simply observe the foot movement of the dancers as a result of it’s set against a dark background that basically makes the movements pop.

Another reviewer that we spoke to says that they were ready to learn six of a lot of classic dance palace dances, progressing from easier to harder, from this course. In general, the course provides you the basic steps, progresses to a lot of advanced and attention-grabbing moves, so you’re instructed a routine for every. many people who purchased this ballroom dancing course said that it absolutely was an efficient way to supplement the life lessons they were conjointly obtaining. alternative reviewers aforementioned that whereas the course was wonderful, they do not assume it may totally replace the expertise of active instruction.

Another reviewer that we spoke to said that in his opinion it’s in all probability the most comprehensive resource available on the net to be told a way to dance. He said that it is a quality resource for beginners, however also still helpful for skillful dancers that require to boost and polish their leading and following techniques. As well, it will cowl a broad vary of designs from east coast swing, ballroom dancing and rumba to foxtrot, tango, and waltz.

Nowadays, many people resort to YouTube and alternative video sites to find learning solutions, however the reviewers we tend to spoke to mention that this transmission ballroom dance course provided higher instruction than they have been ready to notice free on the net.

Some other purchasers that we surveyed say that the rationale they bought the course as a result of their dance studio may be a forty-five-minute drive from their homes. when a protracted day at work, they weren’t always up for the commute and patterned that a home dance instruction course would be a sensible method of getting the ability while not the trouble of a protracted drive. In their opinion, the videos were informative for each the male and feminine partners, providing completely different views of the footwork, which the lecturers were fun and upbeat dancers. Overall, they thought, as intermediate-level dance palace dancers, that the video course was a fun and fresh way to polish their technique, all at their own convenience.

Another purchaser that we spoke to applauded the instructors Mark Short and Jamie Simon- speech that they supply clear and brief verbal explanations of all of the dance demonstrations on the video. Their instruction was placed in an exceedingly comfy manner, permitting new dance palace dancers to require the lessons without feeling flooded.

Overall, the reviewers that we tend to spoke to supported this tutorial ballroom dancing course as an efficient coaching resource for each novice and skillful dance palace dancers.


Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Ballroom Dance Testimonials and Reviews

What will you get from it:

  • 13 Lesson DVDs
  • 6 Dance-Along CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • Access to student Support Site
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Clear and Concise instruction
  • Covers a variety of styles
  • Great supplement for in-person instruction
  • Well-paced instruction
  • Vibrant and Upbeat tutors


  • Some say it can’t replace in-person instruction
  • Novices get more out of this material than advanced ballroom dancers

The Learn & Master Photography Course Review

Vince Wallace is the instructor of The Learn & Master Photography Course. He has received fairly positive reviews from the buyers that we spoke to. One reviewer supported it as a necessary course for beginner and intermediate photographers. It offers a solid basic understanding of such core concepts as the trio of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, how exposure functions, and how to best use their camera in manual mode. As well, it also offers directions on main principles of design- instructing novice photographers about the rules of photographic composition so you can learn them the right way from the beginning.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Master Photography

One reviewer that we spoke to said that a number of his fellow users thought the content was a bit boring, but he says this is on account of the video instruction seldom cutting to totally different angles. It primarily uses one camera angle when the trainer Vince Wallace is talking for long periods of your time, which implies that the users’ eyes are secured into an equivalent position for extended periods.

Really, though, it’s like sitting through a lecture- whereas it would’ve been better to vary up the camera angles a small amount to make the instruction more engaging, this can be not a giant deal. Overall, this explicit customer said that Vince Wallace is a fount of valuable info. Indeed, he’s at home teaching photography, unlike different video instructors that look and feel unnatural providing instruction during this format.

Some reviewers rave regarding this format of instruction- they represented having been unable to find out this content reading a book or manual, and realize that the plain-English video courses give a sensible and easy method for them to find out photography. This reviewer summarizes his expertise saying that if you’re a starting photographer, getting this course can give you some solid foundational understanding about your DSLR camera. it’ll also provide you with the boldness you wish to observe within the field and contribute to photography forums, wherever you’ll learn even additional from full-fledged users.

Another client that we spoke to supported the learn and master photography course as a good thanks to perceiving however cameras work, what all of their functions do and the way to use lenses effectively. they say that once getting their Canon Rebel camera, they wished to familiarize themselves with its additional advanced features- and located that the teacher provided a simple and casual method of learning concerning these advanced functionalities.

While the course content might be a bit slow sometimes for advanced users, beginners and a few intermediate users found that the pace and content were dead suited to their ability level. Another user that we spoke to was happy with the depth and breadth of the learn master photography course, spoken language that the interactive lessons provided a superb suggests that to find out the way to produce beautiful photographic imagery.

They were affected with instruction regarding indoor and outside photography, strategies of capturing human and different life subjects, and the way the video disk content provided specific details regarding the way to do soft shoots, capture heat skin tones, perceive shadowing ideas, shoot in low-light scenes, deal with motion and take portrait pictures.


Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Master Photography Testimonials

What will you get from it:

  • 15 Lesson DVDs
  • 2 Sample Photo CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Pricing Plans:

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Master Photography Pricing


  • Great for beginners
  • Help new users familiarize themselves with advance camera functionalities
  • Broad exposure to foundational photography concepts


  • Best for beginners and lower-level intermediates

The Learn & Master Painting Course

This is a home instruction learning system designed to help beginners learn how to paint with both acrylics and oils. The tutor is the master artist Gayle Levee, who commands via a series of mutual lessons to provide a robust base for the aspiring artist. Users that we spoke to had consistently positive opinions about this home school painting course.

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Master Painting

One reviewer who has completed college with a degree in studio art mentioned that she had been frustrated and finding an online course that offers old masters techniques and other traditional painting methods.

After that, she says that Gayle is a soulful speaker and has a true knack of delivering words. The course is tremendous for artists of all skill levels, not just for beginners trying to get the a grasp of the basics. This course content offers solid knowledge of how to use oil and acrylic painting on canvas. Another reviewer says that it is a comprehensive and highly enjoyable work that was a tremendous resource for her as an intermediate-skilled painter.


Some of the important concepts added that will describe how to best take care of your painting materials, the best means of realizing your theme, choosing colors properly, developing compounds, and working to draw objects in a proper way. Certainly, customers that we spoke to show confidence that they had improved their abilities to make the illusion of depth, as well as the illusion of space in painting, things that have officially been hard for them to achieve.


Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Testimonials and Reviews

What will you get from it:

  • 20 Lesson DVDs
  • 3 Music CDs
  • Lesson Book
  • Access to Student Support Site
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Pricing Plans:

Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes- Master Painting Pricing


  • Robust coverage of main painting concepts
  • Warm and professional tutor
  • Good for painters of all skill level


  • Some say it can’t replace in-person instruction

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Conclusion: Learn & Master Courses Coupon Codes September 2019

Home instruction is an amazingly dynamic way to learn just about something you’re fascinated by. many of us pull in instruction courses, delivered through totally different media resources, to find out a way to manage their finances, become additional healthy and work, or perhaps learn a musical instrument.

One of the nice things concerning educational video content is that if you do not at the start perceive the conception you’ll rewind the video and listen to it continually. though it ought to be same that educational video and alternative supplementary course content isn’t a whole replacement for active steering from full-fledged instructors.

As we have seen, many of us purchase a Learn & Master course series to supplement their home instruction with lessons from extremely delicate tutors in their space. Computer-assisted instruction could be a trending suggests that of providing instructional resources, whether or not that’s delivered through the internet and varied streaming online page sites, or by a CD or DVD.

The consumers that we tend to interviewed typically expressed some initial diffidence regarding trying to find out photography, dance or music through a non-in-person suggests that, but they were pleasantly stunned at how effective it was to learn during this self-paced manner.

Advances in educational technology, typically observed as e-learning, makes it easier than ever for information to be disseminated around the world. a number of the explanations why this trend in online learning education has exploded recently area unit that there area unit factors live like enlarged easy access, efficiency, lower expense, stability in addition as technological enhancements.

If you’re fascinated by learning guitar, piano, painting, photography or ballroom dancing all from the comfort of your home, you must look into Learn & Master by Legacy Learning Systems. they need to be been within the business of making transmission home instruction solutions for an extended time and their audio and video production quality is top notch.

As well, their product accompanies a 60-day return policy therefore if you’re sad with them you’ll forever get your a refund. Besides receiving literature, DVDs, and CDs, there area unit vivacious online learning communities that may support you as you start to master your instrument, your camera, or the application of social dancing.

The safest shopping for choices to buy through learn and as opposition resellers on alternative platforms which may be one thing you simply a part of the course.


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