LEO Privacy Guard Review 2022 : Enhance Your Phones Performance With One Tap

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In this post, I am going to share the LEO Privacy Guard Review 2022.

Smartphones are a very handy device; they make our life really easy. With startups launching apps to order laundries, food delivery, and book cabs, etc, smartphones have become a primary source to transfer funds.

Almost every application gives us an option to save the card details for faster operation, though it saves time, it also increases the risk of our data getting stolen.

This is why we need an app that can protect our data from getting stolen, there are a lot of security apps available in the market but not all of them are effective enough. This is why I am writing this review of one of the best mobile security apps available in the market LEO Privacy Guard.

LEO Privacy Guard Review

LEO Privacy Guard Review 2022: Enhance Your Phones’ Performance 

About LEO Privacy Guard 

LEO Privacy Guard is developed by LEOMASTER, with the aim of providing a better mobile surfing experience it was started in 2014.

They have their branches in India, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Beijing. LEO Privacy Guard is the first product launched by LEOMASTER, it is an application management tool which gives you an option to lock your apps, photo, videos, text messages, etc, and it has many more features.

Features of LEO Privacy Guard Review

Let’s take a look at LEO Privacy Guard Features

Theme and Interface

The developers of  LEO Privacy Guard have done a great job in keeping the interface easy and simple, when you open the application it will ask you to enter the security pattern you have set up, you get 5 attempts to enter the correct pattern.

On the home screen of the application, you will see 3 main tabs Lock, Protection, and My apps.

Under the Lock tab you find various options using which you can select which apps you want to lock, which theme you want to apply, modes, and app cover which is a great feature for protecting your app.

Under the protection tab, you can check the level of security your phone has, depending on that level, the app suggests how you can make your phone more secure.

My Apps tab gives you details about the data usage, battery usage, and an option to create a backup of photos, videos, and various applications.

leo privacy guard features

Performance Booster

Installing many apps and games makes your phone really slow; these apps keep running in the background which ruins your phone’s performance.

These apps create a lot of junk files that eat your phone’s storage space. The phone boost feature present in LEO Privacy Guard stops the applications running in the background and increases the speed and performance of your phone.

A boost icon is created on the main screen of your phone, so you can boost your phone with just one tap. It also gives you an option to delete the junk files present in the application which will prevent your mobile space from getting wasted. You can backup your images, videos, and existing apps on your SD card to save space.

Security and Privacy

Our smartphones are full of private data, personal images, video, files, and folders. We really hate it when someone tries to snoop in our phone, some of our friends and colleagues knowingly or unknowingly barge into our privacy.

Also, a lot of apps contain our banking and card details, but with the LEO Privacy Guard security feature we can prevent such things from happening.

You can set up a security pattern or passcode so no one can access your private data, files, and application. There are other features like app cover which add an extra layer of security, you also need to set up a security question and password hint.

Quick Links

FAQs | LEO Privacy Guard Review

🤔 What does LEO Privacy Guard do?

Leo privacy a nifty app is here to rescue android users from attacks on their privacy. Apart from providing the usual app lock feature Leoprivacy has extra add-ons which makes it way cooler.

🤷‍♂️ How can I recover deleted photos from LEO Privacy Guard?

Often the data is written in a way that even none of the recovering applications can get them back. Yes LEO night bring your photos back but conditions apply here. Lots of limitations here. I never even bother trying after getting that they don't work as they should.

🙋‍♀️ How do we get deleted data from LEO Privacy Guard?

Maybe you can try GT Recovery to recover your photos with AppLock. GT Recovery for Windows Download: Free Recover data, photos, files on Android and PC. Lost your photos on an Android phone & need to recover deleted pictures, try GT Recovery for Windows- the World's 1st Data Recovery Software for Android smartphones.


Ease of Use
User Friendly


  • Top notch security and privacy
  • Priavte Browsing
  • Safe Box
  • Anti-Theft
  • Harassment Intercept
  • App locks available


  • Lack of backup features

LEO Privacy Guard is the first product launched by LEOMASTER, it is an application management tool which gives you an option to lock your apps, photo, videos, text messages etc, and it has many more features.

Price:$ 10
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