Linkword Languages Review 2022– Is It Easy To Learn Languages Here?

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This blog is about the Linkword Languages Review 2022. It is Fast To Learn And Easy To Remember!

For someone with an active left brain, getting attracted to learning new languages, be it through movies, songs, albums, books, or any other medium for that matter, is nothing but natural.

But even for someone who is inclined to wanting to learn it, having an interesting resource is of utmost importance. 

Learning a new language could have multiple pros that include adding a new skill into your resume, getting a new hobby that makes your brain active, or a big one like impressing your crush.

Languages are important for understanding different cultures, different people, different works of literature, and of course different forms of art like movies and theatre.

In times like the one we are living in today, that of a global pandemic, learning a new language is a great investment which will help you expand your skills, broaden your mind with knowledge of different cultures or even become the most attractive prospect for that new job you’re looking for. 

As overwhelming as learning an entirely new dictionary sounds, with resources available today, it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks before you go around flirting in French or Spanish.

Linkword Languages Review 2022– Is It Easy To Learn Languages Here?

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Linkword Languages: An Overview

‘Linkword’ is a mnemonic language learning system designed by Dr. Michael Gruneberg in the early 1980s for easing the learning of different linguistic tongues with the help of similar-sounding sounds.

A mnemonic technique, or memory technique, is any learning technique that helps information retention or retrieval (remembering) in human memory.

Linkword Languages Review Homepage

Mnemonics make use of elaborative structuring, clues for retrieval, and imagery(your imagination) as specific tools to encode any given information in a way that allows for lasting storage and use whenever required.

The process involves creating an imaginary scene that can be easily thought of and will link the words together. 

Linkword Languages is an online website that facilitates better learning of foreign languages through its unique method of teaching. Its tagline is “Linkword is fast to learn and easy to remember”.

They claim that Linkword is up to three times faster than any other normal learning method. 

Built upon science and principles of memory enhancement, in only 10 to 12 hours, you will have an extensive vocabulary and enough grammar to have a normal conversation in the chosen language.

Up to 7,50,000 people have already used Linkword. The unique feature of Linkword is that it is proven to be highly beneficial for dyslexic learners. Find out more about Linkword in this Linkword Languages Review.

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About Linkword Languages

Courses offered by Linkword Languages have been created by Dr. Michael Gruneberg, an internationally recognized psychologist whose special interest lies in memory and learning methods. He was a President of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, an internationally known society.

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Dr. Gruneberg has been seen on a number of broadcasts for the BBC, which also included writing the very script for the BBC QED program, THE MAGIC of MEMORY, and was also the factual and scientific consultant for the BBC series on Unforgettable Memory.

He has a large number of research books and papers on Memory and Memory improvement to his name.

Features | Linkword Languages Review

Linkword Languages Review brings you the following features of Linkword-

  • Three times faster – 3 times faster than normal learning methods.
  • Scientifically backed – Built on scientific principles and techniques of memory enhancement and retrieval.
  • Learn basics in less than 15 hours – Teaches enough vocabulary and grammar within 10 to 12 hours to hold a regular conversation.
  • Convenient – A comfortable platform for dyslexic learners.
  • For hobby or academic purposes – Can be used to learn languages seriously or just as a side skill.
  • Revision-The platform can be used for the revision of previous studies.
  • Basic vocabulary and speaking skills to communicate and read fluently – You will be able to read an average newspaper in a foreign language, watch a local movie or converse with people fluently by the time you complete the last level of the course.
  • Backed by research – When a study was conducted on a student who studied Italian with Linkword Languages 10 years before, he showed recollection of 30% of the language without any revision.

When he was given 10 minutes to revise, he showed recollection of the language up to 70%.

After just one more hour of revising, he showed an astonishing memory of 90% of what he had learned 10 years ago. This study proved that the Linkword method makes you learn quickly, but not forget quickly.

Linkword Schools

  • Various platforms – Versions of the site or application are available for all devices, whether it be on Mac or PC, Android phone, tablet, or an iPhone.
  • Audio lessons – You can listen to the mp3 audio versions of the courses when you are out or doing something else and wish to multitask.
  • Languages – Languages offered by Linkword are Dutch, French, German, Chinese Mandarin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, European, Russian, Spanish, European Spanish, Latin, American, Welsh.
  • Packages – You can buy and download a package of one language that you want to learn or you can buy multiple languages at the same time.

They also offer a “15 full Linkword language course” consisting of all the languages that they offer with their respective complete courses.

  • Basic lessons to survive in a new land – ‘Survival courses’ are offered separately in 30 different languages which include approximately 200 words which can be learned in a surprising duration of 2 to 3 hours.

They are only text, no sound downloads. This pack includes exotic languages like Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi (Urdu), Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (European), Spanish (S. American), Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Welsh.

  • Improve your memory– Memory improvement ebooks are offered by Douglas J. Herrmann and Dr. M. Gruneberg. They offer a method to cure your memory failures by dozens of proven methods given by these two world memory experts.

It contains chapters like memory failures, useful techniques, overcoming memory failures, self-care and memory improvement, memory tasks, etc.

  • Free Demonstration lesson– If you’re unsure whether you want to buy a course or multiple or simply the survival or memory kit, you can opt for their free of cost demo session and test for yourself whether the teaching styles and the Linkword method steal your attention and make you want to continue.
  • Appreciated by– Recognised platforms like ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Financial Times’ and others have complimented Linkword languages to be one of the most interesting ways of learning a new language. 
  • The reason behind the method– Linkword languages want to promote active learning and avoid passive learning as much as possible, they advise the students to use their imagination that promotes better learning and more efficient memorizing of what you have learned.


Why Linkword? | Linkword Languages Review

The courses used by Linkword languages have been developed by an internationally recognized expert in memory and learning methods, Dr. Michael Gruneberg. 

Unlike other language teaching platforms, Linkword uses different tests via testing patterns to increase the speed of learning, information retrieval, methods of association, and exercises to increase memory retrieval.

The Linkword site very proudly boasts of its higher performance levels and the fact that no other platform publishes its performance levels with regards to their courses.

The studies based on which the courses have been designed have also been published in numerous journals, showing the courses’ authenticity and effectiveness.

Linkword Languages Special Offers

If you visit Linkword languages site, you will find their ‘about page’ to be their hat full of feathers, where they have put all that they have out on the table and showed that hard work and proper research has gone into intricately structuring courses that not only benefit the learner but also boost their confidence and self-esteem.

When they realized that students may get bored after learning 200 words and then having to learn Grammar, they decided to try a new approach to teaching grammar. Right after 10 words, grammar was introduced.

As suspected, the boredom flew right away and so efficient was this strategy, that some students managed to learn complete grammar within a dedicated span of 24 hours.

Be it young or old, student or working employee, man or woman, we all have the power of imagination that allows us to build different scenarios and ideas in our heads.

Linkword method uses these exact features of our brain to make us learn a new language and because it’s universal, yes, it does work.

Where Does Linkword Languages Fall Short?

One of the major drawbacks of Linkword is the lack of interaction in its curriculum.

Especially at a beginner’s level, knowing that you’re being heard and given feedback immediately, helps you learn not only faster but much more attentively, therefore increasing the duration of that memory in your brain.

Why Linkword

Interactive learning ensures that all senses of the student are active and focused, this also helps in increasing concentration and work efficiency in general. Lack of dialogue between you and your teacher or another student or an active AI, makes this platform feel almost monotonous.

You may especially feel disinclined to continue if you like continuous dialogues that keep the class alive, features like stories and poems in that language or objective exercises like fill in the blanks, match the pairs, etc. 

Rival platforms like Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel use multiple tools like games and storytelling which might give them an upper hand in this case.

Do Dyslexic Learners Benefit?

Dyslexia is a condition that makes reading difficult for the person affected by it. Problems arise in identifying speech or sounds and in relating or reasoning with other letters and words. It is also known as a reading disability.

Dyslexia is known to affect the language-processing areas of the brain.


While many teachers assume that teaching dyslexic students is impossible, the Linkword platform flows against this stereotype. They believe that the problem is in the method of teaching.

Below you see an example of the Linkword Technique for learning vocabulary.

  1. The Japanese for SHORTS is HAN ZUBON.
  2. Imagine my HANDS UPON your SHORTS.

50 years ago, one of the first studies proved that this method of learning is three times faster the normal learning.

After a study was conducted by Linkword languages in a school in the UK, it turned out that the average mark for the class went from 38% to 50% in 7 months, when a quarter of the class of dyslexic students was promoted to the next grade.

Something that never happened before! The students also reported higher satisfaction in learning and an increase in the speed of learning. 

What Past Users Have To Say About Linkword? 

  • They had difficulty spelling and reading all their life as they suffered from dyslexia, which means they found it hard to remember and retain knowledge.
  • To their amazement that Linkword worked for them, the course built up word by word knowledge and sentences. They highly recommend the course to everyone. They say they’re hooked.
  • The Linkword website claims that learning has been made up to 3 times more quickly than with conventional methods. Positive reviews from people even with an existing dyslexic condition have come in and they say have learned quicker than ever before.

Linkword Language Review

  • A few years ago, a dyslexic person found ‘Linkword’, they started to learn Spanish and it was fabulous. Their husband did it with them and they both loved it. They said that it had to be one of the simplest ways of learning a language in the world.
  • The woman runs the British Dyslexia Centre and has told many parents about this way of teaching languages.
  • Some students say that it takes around 12 hours to learn on Linkword which normally takes 40 hours elsewhere.
  • The rate of success was amazing. The students developed a very strong level of motivation for language learning because they could see very quick progress and they remembered quite difficult vocabulary for a long period of time using the imagery technique. These are some of the reviews given by its users.

Many of the dyslexic students who have opted to learn from Linkword Languages have found it extremely helpful surprisingly and joyfully.

And the sentiment about Linkword languages remains the same whether someone is dyslexic or not. The reviews have generally been very positive and full of praise.


Linkword Languages usually charge as much as £19.99 per language bundle. But you would be glad to know they are currently offering an all-in-one basket of language courses which is currently priced at £29.99 which saves you a massive £248!

If you also wish to include the ‘Survival Courses’ of each language, you’ll have to pay  £37.00 which again saves you  £259 currently.


When you purchase this course, you will receive download links for the PC and Mac software courses, MP3 Audio courses, and applications for Android tablet smartphones for Kindle Fire in the languages offered by the platform. 

You can use one platform at a time, that is,  you can use your MP3 audio or just the app version or the website by itself. It is completely up to you which one you want to use. 

You can decide based on what kind of activity you are doing while learning the language, for example, if you are driving a car you would like to go with the audio version, on the other hand, if you have time to sit down and get comfortable, you might want to use the app version or the software.

You can also buy the survival course books containing all the 30 different languages at £19.99. If you wish to buy a survival course for an individual language, it will cost you £5.99. You can also buy the memory improvement ebook at £5.99.

They also offer an e-book by Dr. M. Gruneberg and Douglas J. Herrmann called ‘Your memory is better than you think and how anyone can improve it’ for £5.99.


The platform assures you to buy with complete confidence and that all courses include a 60 day unconditional full money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with the quality or content of the courses.

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FAQs | Linkword Languages Review 

🙇‍♀️ Do Dyslexic learners require special attention?

A lot of them have testified that they were very surprised at how easy, quick, helpful, effective, and enjoyable this method can be. Learners who had trouble reading and spelling found themselves getting better with it and also engaging in active learning, which now they enjoyed.

👩‍🔧 How much does each level teach you?

In level 1, assuming you are a beginner, within 10 to 12 hours you will have a vocabulary of 300 to 400 words, enough to have a basic conversation. For level 2, within 12 to 14 hours your vocabulary words increase up to 700. In levels 3 and 4, you will be required to give 24 hours each, after which you will have covered a complete vocabulary of 1200 words and all major grammar.

👍 Do I compulsorily need to be in one place while learning the course?

Absolutely not. You can choose to learn from MP3 audios or applications on your phone that allows you to walk around, drive around, be in a cafe or college, in any setting and learn a new language.

🤙 Is this beneficial only for students?

Linkword languages can also be used to teach staff from your company a new language when all or some of the employees may be getting relocated.

🤑 Is Linkword useful while traveling?

One of the features offered by Linkword Languages is its survival package that teaches you around 200 words in the spans of just a couple of hours that help you tour around your vacation spot with ease and without a guide. You'll have enough knowledge of the language to call for taxis, make phone calls, understand a menu and order at a restaurant or simply ask for room service.

Conclusion | Linkword Languages Review 

One of the drawbacks of the Linkword methods is that it takes a lot of effort to create a scene for every new word. However, with practice, you will find that linking words with images becomes easier and readily available in your memory. 

As mentioned in Linkword Languages Review, Linkword has the advantage of offering ready-made scenes for each word so hundreds of words can be memorized in a few hours and this becomes especially helpful for slow learners or students with learning disabilities. 

However, in comparison to modern apps that have attractive interfaces and animations that catch your eyes in split seconds, Linkword Languages’ application or the site comes nowhere near the creativity or design it takes to steal your heart.

Money Back Guarantee

Their application may seem quite dull after getting used to social media websites’ vibrant colors and attractive software. While it may seem like you have other platforms that offer same language courses free of cost or for minimal prices.

You must take into consideration that Linkword languages have a well-thought course planned according to the needs of your brain and learning capacities.

So, if you are looking for a scientifically backed easy to practice learning method, Linkword Languages is the way to go.

However, I’ll add that you must judge your own need and learning style and then choose the suitable platform or technique for learning, which allows you to learn not only efficiently but keeps you hooked throughout the process.

And of course, if you don’t like the course once I’ve ordered it, you can apply for a refund up to 60 days from ordering the course, in case you are dissatisfied with the content or the quality.

Hope you found this Linkword Languages Review useful. Happy Learning!

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