LiveWatch Review 2020 January-Are They Better Security Option For Home?


About Livewatch

LiveWatch is a reputed home security company that has been in the business for more than 14 years. It provides excellent monitoring services for people in the United States. Founded by Chris Jounson, LiveWatch has a customer base of over 200,000 homes and small businesses. The service offers high-quality equipment and customer service which has helped them earn an A+ BBB rating as well. Most of its clientele include U.S Defense Administration and military personnel.

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How it Works: LiveWatch Review 2020 January-Are They a Better Security Option for Home?

Livewatch provides wireless monitoring with two layer protection. It protects both indoor and outdoor spaces of your home by using its portable motion sensor. It secures doors, windows, garage and alerts users in case of security breaching.

The alarm system notifies users on their smartphone and they can disarm the sound with the help of its app. In case of emergency, the alarm system can automatically dispatch police from the monitoring center. If you have installed its built-in security camera, you can check your home activity regularly.

Equipment & Package

LiveWatch provides excellent home security equipment. LiveWatch follows a unique approach of offering only one-year contract after which the customer can return the equipment for a refund. This substantial equipment discounts along with minimal commitments have made LiveWatch a pioneer in the field of home security services.

The basic package comes with a panel, 2 window/door sensors, keys and motion sensor. Livewatch has two types of plans namely,

  • Plug and Protect Basic

The basic plug and protect monitoring service costs $99 that has the basic monitoring devices like motion sensor, keychain remote and window sensors to wirelessly monitor your home 24/7. It has a cellular Simon XT Alarm Panel from GE security. Apart from this, you can also buy flood or smoke detector, Simon XT wireless talking bi-directional keypad and an image sensor. It is an entry-level security package that can be self-installed within 15-20 minutes.

  • Plug and Protect Plus

If you wish to change your plan, Livewatch offers a second package that is slightly superior to its basic plan. You can upgrade to plug and protect plus plan within 90 days of your purchase while additional equipments can be added at any time. The second plan starts at $199 that comprises of a IQ control panel along with the other basic monitoring equipment. The IQ panel is a touchscreen equipped with Wi-FI and a cellular chip. It has a built-in security camera.

In this plan, customers are allowed to connect up to 40 devices including locks, lights, thermostat, garage door sensor and smoke detectors for automation and security. Plug and Protect equipment has a limited lifetime warranty. There is no termination fee for canceling LiveWatch services at any time.



LiveWatch offers three monitoring plans namely,

Mobile Pro – $29.95/mo

  • Smartphone control
  • Crash& Smash protection
  • 24/7 monitoring and ASPer

Total Home – $39.95/mo

  • Smartphone control
  • Crash& Smash protection
  • 24/7 monitoring and ASPer
  • Home automation
  • LiveVoice Assist
  • Location-based control

Total Home + Video – $49.95/mo

  • Smartphone control
  • Crash& Smash protection
  • 24/7 monitoring and ASPer
  • Home automation
  • LiveVoice Assist
  • Location-based control
  • Security camera
  • Live Video Streaming



  • Self-Installation

The best and worst part of LiveWatch is its self-installation process. Some customers may find it easy to install devices on their own while few prefer technicians to do the job. However, LiveWatch provides user guides and tech support for its customers to install the device on their own. After installation, the technicians will run few tests through the phone to check if it’s working properly. Livewatch security system can be mounted on the wall or placed on the desk. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the whole process.

  • Crash & Smash Protection

Crash and smash protection is a patented technology of LiveWatch that secures your alarm system from burglars. The crash& smash technology is both software and hardware-based that prevents someone from destroying the control panel. Unwanted entry and breaking in can be avoided and alerted through this hi-tech system.

  • Automation

Livewatch provides home automation facilities for all its users. More than 40 devices can be attached to the monitoring system to control lights, locks and temperature of your home. You can control all these devices using your smartphone from anywhere at any time. It sells Z-wave devices which are considered to be a good range of smart home products. Some of the products include smart bulb, in-wall switches, Z-wave smart switch, KiwkSet Smartcode Wireless Keypad Deadbolt, Leverlock and Z-wave Thermostat.

  • LiveVoice Assist

It is an add-on feature that differentiates livewatch’s alarm system with others. This is a two-way audio function that allows users to interact with the central monitoring system using their control panel. Livewatch currently has three central monitoring stations in the United States.

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More features….


  • Location-based Control

Location-based control helps you to monitor your home based on your movement. Suppose if you leave to work at the same time every day, you can schedule the system to switch off the thermostat automatically as you leave the house. Similarly, you can activate or deactivate your alarm system when you leave or arrive back home.

  • Security Camera

Livewatch offers security cameras with its advanced plan Total Home+ Video. It has live video streaming and smart video capture. Video clips can be captured 24/7 and stored in the cloud services. The video clips can be accessed through the smartphone app. Livewatch sells four indoor and one outdoor camera.

  • ASPer

 ASPer stands for As Soon As Possible Emergency Response which is an interactive communication center that allows users to contact their whole family at once through the smartphone or computer in case of emergency. All the contact numbers can be saved on the control panel to alert members by sending messages simultaneously.

It takes just thirty seconds to notify emergency contacts when the alarm gets triggered. Apart from this, ASPer is a good chat option for customers. They can communicate with members to deactivate false alarms or prompt them to input the safety code to disarm the alarm system.

  • Mobile app

LiveWatch mobile application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, Apple Tv and Amazom Fire TV. It helps users to control their home security system as well as home automation devices through the smartphone.

  • Customer Service

It has excellent support staff that provide 24/7 customer services. They can be reached via phone and email. Apart from it, there’s a live chat facility to get immediate solutions to all your queries.



  • Good Equipment
  • Great customer service
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Free tech support
  • Quick monitoring response


  • Self-installation
  • Limited contracts
  • Higher Upfront fees


Is LiveWatch a Good Security System?: LiveWatch Review 2020 January-Are They a Better Security Option for Home?

LiveWatch is one of the best home monitoring services in the United States that provides excellent equipment to keep your home safe and secure. The wireless control panel and alarm system protects both indoor and outdoor spaces by alerting users in case of emergency, theft and breaking in.

Since the device is wireless, it makes it easy to transfer it across places. The plans are moderate with excellent add-on facilities.

It provides home automation services that help users to control lights, locks and temperature with ease. Smartphone app control helps users to activate and deactivate the alarm system from anywhere.

The self-installation process is easy and simple and the device can be setup within minutes in your home. Overall, LiveWatch is a good DIY security system in the US.

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