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You expect your home to have basic security features, such as window locks, a peephole in the front door, and exterior lighting. However, as smart homes become more important, people want more advanced ways to ensure their homes.

Security and surveillance companies have taken this opportunity to develop smarter and more innovative products that help protect their loved ones. 

To see how far we’ve come, look closely at how Lorex Technology has become a leader in the video surveillance and home security industry.

Lorex Technology Reviews

It has a good price-performance ratio. So, if you pay for a Lorex security camera system, you can count on professionalism. Feature-rich systems include HD image quality up to 4K, long-range night vision, and many options.

But remember, even if there is no subscription fee, the equipment itself can be expensive. Read what our experts say in our article about Lorex.

Lorex Technology Review With Coupon Codes

Lorex Technology (lorextechnology.com) is a recognized home security brand that competes with brands such as Lockitron, Danalock, and Igloo. Compared to competitors, Lorex technology is a mid- or lower-performance brand.

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Anyone can post reviews on Lorex Technology in Knoji. However, our editorial team also identifies to answer questions and comment on this brand.

So far, our team has spent around 80 hours researching and reviewing the 257 key home security brands based on 340 data points, including: (see the full list of criteria).

The strengths of Lorex technology are:

  • Free shipping offer.
  • It provides free returns and exchanges.
  • Accepts Apple Pay.
  • Offers affiliate programs.
  • Offers promotion codes.
  • Provides contact information.
  • Cyber ​​Monday sales offer.

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What Is A Lorex?

Lorex is a Markham, Ontario based company with extensive experience in the home security market. This video technology company strives to provide a high-quality customer experience through excellent products and an excellent customer service team.

Lorex discount coipon codes

The product range is very wide and offers you countless possibilities to adapt your security system to the needs of your property. You can view the sources remotely on your computer or mobile devices.

Properties And Technology

Lorex Cloud Security Camera Application

This application for iOS and Android offers many features to control your home security system. With compatible cameras, event notifications, a full list of events, and video recording, you get live viewing and playback, tilting, and zooming features.

Lorex Secure Mobile Application

This is another application for people who buy home security systems that include a digital video recorder or a network video recorder.

You can view all of the camera’s views, create camera groups to reference different areas of your property, save records to the cloud, quickly scan all events of a day, create smart motion detection panels, and transform cameras.

Turn on and off and pan, tilt and zoom in certain areas.

Lorex Technology coupon codes

  • Continuous recording, programmed or activated by movement.
  • Adjust the exact time that the Lorex Home Security system begins recording to better meet your storage needs and storage media.
  • Local storage.
  • Protect your video recordings on SD cards and hard disks.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Examine the environmental conditions inside or outside your home.
  • Bidirectional audio.
  • Communicate with people near your cameras to deter intruders and instruct your guests.
  • Push notifications.
  • Real-time keeps you up to date with events that occur on your property.
  • User-friendliness.

Wireless cameras and those using your home network have simple configuration procedures. You can easily configure yourself. The cable versions of cameras and recorders may require professional installation.

Customer Service

Lorex has an outstanding customer service experience that caters to private and business customers. The customer service portal provides an excellent presentation and makes it easier to find the information you are looking for.

For basic requests, you do not even have to contact the support team. Video tutorials are available for the products if you would rather watch a tutorial than reading one. Lorex Technology coupon codes here. Read More.

Lorex Technology Reviews - Nocturnal Security Cameras from Lorex

The staff is well trained, and you have separate sales, technical support, and customer service representatives. This division simplifies the process to provide the support you need for your residential safety system. You can access live chat, phone, and email.

If you need to set up a refund, you can configure it using an easy-to-use online process.

Lorex Security Courage

Lorex security systems are designed for people who want to protect their property. These systems are robust and offer many features at a reasonable price. Lorex Technology coupon codes, Read More.

The cost depends on the video quality of the cameras from 1080p to 4K, as well as the number of devices in the network. You can pay between $ 99 and $ 3,000.

All systems are delivered free of charge. If you are not satisfied with your products, you can return them within 60 days to receive a refund.

It is not necessary to pay for a subscription with these systems.

Lorex Camera Equipment

There are two types of Lorex cameras: a dome and a sphere. The ball-style cameras are oriented in a specific direction, while the curved versions offer a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Lorex Technology Reviews - HD Wire-Free Security Camera Systems

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

This category of home security cameras is completely wireless and monitors the environment using the WiFi network.

Since you do not have to worry about transporting the cables to these cameras, you can lay them more flexibly. Besides, they are ready to perform the installation themselves.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

These weather and vandal-proof cameras are designed to withstand whatever nature has to offer. The camera is designed to provide high image quality in the middle of the night.

Some models offer night vision over long distances, so you can know what’s happening outside your property.

Indoor Security Cameras

High-definition video shows you everything that happens in your home, so you should never worry about not being protected. Even in low light conditions, you get clarity at any time of the day or night. Digital zoom features let you stay away from intruders.

The highest video quality is 4K, it uses special video compression technology to reduce the size of the file so that it does not fill the device where the recordings are stored.

Some models offer a bidirectional conversation that allows you to communicate remotely with members of your household.

PTZ Surveillance Cameras

If you want to completely control your viewing angles, PTZ cameras are the right choice for your home. You get a 360-degrees view with a full remote.

The rotation and tilt speeds follow fast movements and other actions. The optical zoom feature lets you view the live view or to shot more closely if you need to see important details.


Lorex Technology Reviews - HD 1080p Surveillance Camera System with Free 24

One of the main advantages of this type of surveillance camera is that it can replace multiple devices with a single unit due to the expansion of the coverage area.

MPX HD Surveillance Cameras

This type of camera does not use your Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cables. Instead, it is compatible with a coaxial cable (similar to that used by the Internet and Cable Television) or a BNC Cable.

If you want a commercial security system that uses a more reliable method of streaming longer-range videos, this option makes a lot of sense.

The cameras can be more than 800 feet away from the capturing device. You need a professional installation, remember.

IP Cameras

These cameras are specifically designed for remote viewing via free mobile applications of Lorex or the included software.

They have 1080P quality and are weather-resistant so that you can use them indoors or outdoors. Lorex Technology coupon codes Read More.

Video Recorder

With digital video recorders and network video recorders, you can record video recordings made by cameras. If you use the streaming option, you will receive many videos that require a location. Lorex Technology coupon codes Read More.

Lorex Technology Reviews - HD 1080p Surveillance Camera System with Free 24

Video monitors for babiesLorex also offer monitors for babies using their rugged video technology. With two-way talk, you can talk to your baby, capture precious moments with one-touch recording, and even connect to the baby monitor from your computer via Skype.

Hard Drives for Security

These hard drives are designed for use with VCRs and have a size of 500 GB to 3 TB.


A lot of accessories are available for your Lorex home security system. Extensions, wireless antennas, and power supplies are just a few of the options you have.

How It All Started

Lorex was founded in 1991 by Bernard Klein and traded on the stock exchange in 1993. In 1996, the company was acquired by Strategic Vista International. In 2003, it expanded into the commercial and professional security market and established a subsidiary, Digimerge.

Lorex Technology offers

FLIR Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality thermal imagers, has acquired Lorex 2012 for $ 59 million. At that time, many wondered what a company wanted to do for commercial and military surveillance cameras. At a small business security firm, President Andy Teich said the deal was not about where they were, but where they were going to be. Lorex Technology, renamed Lorex by FLIR, is now at the forefront of security for individuals and small businesses. Lorex Technology coupon codes Read More.

The Industry of Camera Systems.

Development of the Lorex product range.

Over the last two and a half decades, Lorex has expanded its product offering and pursued the most advanced technology. In fact, over the years, they have been the first to bring many products to market.

Some of them are the popular built-in 17- to 22-inch monitors with integrated recording, remote Skype display, cloud recording, and high-resolution baby monitors with bi-directional communication.

More recently, Lorex was the first company to launch 4K Color Night Vision security cameras and the new RapidRecap feature, which can produce up to 12 hours of video in one minute.

The company also plans further to integrate the new thermal technology into its product line.

Even in this decade, the category of security camera systems has evolved considerably.

Lorex Technology Reviews - Lorex Cloud App for smartphones

And at every stage, Lorex was running. At the beginning of the decade, Lorex presented its EDGE + DVR surveillance system. It was an excellent safety technology for the time.

It had a recording resolution of 640 × 480 and was compatible with PC, Apple, and Android devices. Several years later, Lorex was the first to launch a digital security recorder with a recording resolution of 960H. Then came HD.

In 2015, Lorex announced its full range of 1080p DVRs and NVRs. These systems provide the highest level of detail and clarity at the time. Lorex Technology Coupon codes also Read More.

And they were also extremely easy to use and easy to connect remotely. In addition to these security records, Lorex has launched a new line of MPX 1080p and IP security cameras.

Designed for all weather conditions, these cameras are generally equipped with infrared LED lighting that provides long-range night vision capabilities.

New Offers Today

The latest breakthrough at Lorex is the introduction of the new line of 4K IP security systems. These security systems have cameras with advanced 8-megapixel image sensors and can record at a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.

(This is the quadruple resolution of 1080p). These cameras also feature next-generation H.265 video encoding, which lets you manage small files without losing 4K image quality.

Lorex Technology Review & Deals

For 26 years, Lorex has been a leader in video surveillance and home security. With the emerging security camera sector, future technological advances can only be intensified.

So, what’s the next step for this industry? Time will tell, but you can be sure that Lorex is at the forefront of ensuring the best possible equipment for protecting homes and businesses around the world.

Skype Functionality

The Lorex home security system, the SD7 + Home Video Surveillance Kit, can be accessed via Skype. Skype features have pros and cons. With the Skype feature, you can access the SD7 + system from virtually anywhere in the world, even if you have a Skype account. This is a great way to increase hardware robustness without having to worry about compatibility between different platforms.

Bad News: If you have a Mac, you can not use the system through Skype. Skype compatibility works on the iPhone (with iOS 4.0 or higher) and on Android phones (Android 2.3 or higher).


Another positive point is that the SD7 + system is equipped with a monitor. The Lorex system was one of the few cameras we tested to have a monitor. Lorex Technology coupon codes Read More.

Lorex Technology Review and offers

The 7″ monitor has many configurations, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness of the screen, view multiple cameras, and add cameras purchased separately from the first two cameras, but not more than 4 cameras can be used.


Lorex makes this system very customizable. The basic SD + 7 system includes two cameras (you can add two more). However, if you have a bigger house, you can buy additional wireless reinforcements. There are two different range extensions that you can buy for $ 69.99.


Unfortunately, you can not use the Skype feature of the Lorex system with Macintosh computers. It was disappointing because Skype works quite well with the Windows operating system.

We read some details in the fine print that worried us. For example, you can not upload images to a computer unless it is a Windows computer.

Another problem we were worried about was the lack of Power over Ethernet. When you use a camera in the Lorex system, this is very much dependent on conventional sockets,

Lorex Technology Reviews - Energy efficient 24 inch LED monitor

which severely limits the use of the outside of the camera. You also need a USB connection between the 7-inch screen and the computer to connect to a computer. This limits the functionality of the system when using a home wireless network.

Number of Cameras

The limited number of cameras also gave cause for concern. Although this is suitable for a beginner system, you must select the mount point of your cameras.

People with higher security requirements may be limited, depending on the number of cameras compatible with the SD + 7 system.

What Does Lorex Sell Online?

Lorex offers its customers a true omnichannel experience. You can buy Lorex products in retail stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club, through experienced sales reps, or your innovative and informative website.

Lorex offers the highest quality line of advanced security technologies available online. The wide selection includes a comprehensive product range for all security requirements:

Digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) provide customers with a secure and reliable security system. Not only can these recorders store continuous HD security sequences for weeks,

Lorex Technology promo codes

but they can also connect to most smart devices so that customers can access live video streams or recorded reproductions from anywhere via an Internet connection. 

Automatic notifications, which are activated by motion and sent directly to your phone or tablet, also allow you to monitor your property while you are away. DVRs and NVRs can be programmed to meet your security needs with continuous, motion-enabled, or scheduled capture options.

The MPX, IP, and wireless surveillance cameras can record highly detailed and high-resolution surveillance sequences. With the 720p, 1080p, and even 4K surveillance camera options, you can easily identify intrusions and objects (such as cars).

The vast majority of these cameras are completely weather-resistant (IP66) and offer far-reaching night vision.

Preorganized security system packages combine a security logger and compatible cameras to help customers make their purchases. These packages can contain different types of cameras, such as PTZ cameras, motorized Vario cameras, and vandal-proof cameras, to name but a few.

Accessories such as extension cords, monitors, and PoE switches make sure you have everything you need to keep your security system up and to run it.

These are just a few examples of the many product categories offered to visitors on the Lorex website. Category menus, drop-down options, and an easy-to-use search engine help customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Lorex Technology Reviews - Security HDD for HD security monitoring

From the user-friendly website to the full range of state-of-the-art safety equipment, Lorex is committed to providing quality products and world-class customer service.

For homeowners, tenants, apartment managers, and businesses looking for an effective security camera system, the Lorex website is a unique resource.


  • Bullet and dome cameras.
  • Video quality goes up to 4K.
  • Lots of equipment options.
  • Long-range night vision.


  • Can be overwhelming to figure out which system is the best choice.
  • Costly.

Conclusion: Lorex Technology With Coupon Codes 2023

In general, Lorex offers a good basic security system for the home. If you have a Mac, buyers should be careful. You can not use the Skype application on Apple computers due to disability issues.

In addition, Lorex does not seem to have decided to solve this problem.

However, it is not a “wireless” system. If you want to download pictures or videos from the camera to your computer, you will need an SD card or USB cable to connect to the computer in your window.

The product compatibility product on mobile devices with this system is acceptable.

Lorex is compatible with earlier versions of iOS and Android (4.0 or 2.3). Lorex is compatible with most mobile platforms in terms of age. Some of the products tested here only worked with iOS 6.0 or higher.

In that sense, Lorex is a good system if you have an old iPhone or Android phone.

Lorex brings commercial security systems to the housing market. They offer many options to personalize your security with video qualities of up to 4K.

If you need high-quality security cameras with many features for your home, Lorex is the best option. This was our detailed Lorex Technology Review!! Grab the Lorex Coupon Codes and get the summer savings now! 

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