Luminati Coupon Code, Promo Codes November 2020

In this post, you will get the Luminati Coupon Codes 2020 to save money on the proxy server plans.

Luminati is the only proxy network that demands consensus of its Residential peers, has constricted observable measures for its clients and helps Fortune 500 organizations. Luminati has linked hundreds of millions of devices via a P2P network.

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FAQ About Luminati Coupon Code

🧐What should I do if I signed up but I didn't receive a confirmation email from Luminati ?

Contact and they will get back to you as asap.

🙄 Why should I use Luminati if my target websites are not blocking me?

In these cases, retailers will grant access but provide wrong information. With Luminati, you will receive the same data that a private user gets.

🤷‍♂️ How Luminati differs from TOR?

Luminati has a different model of service as compared to tor. TOR has around 20K IPs, and they are all marked and identified, but Luminati's peer to peer (P2P) network has over 72 million residential IPs that are not identified.

On PC networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an app) that works as a mediator for demands from customers looking for sources from other servers.

A customer links to the proxy server, in treating some service, such as a folder, connection, web page, or other means available from another server and the proxy server assesses the demand as a way to streamline and limit its intricacy.

Proxies were developed to add arrangement and encapsulation to allotted arrangements. Luminati is one of the world’s largest and powerful proxy network which can scrape any website data.

Let’s first discuss the Luminati promo code and then explore the software in detail.

How To Use Luminati Proxy Coupon Code?

  • Click the discount icon and go to the website.
  • Click pricing to know about the various plans.
  • You can choose a proxy server as per your requirement like for home, residential, or mobile.
  • Click on Start Now and sign up with your email id.
  • Don’t forget to take the advantage of the promo code before final payments.
Dashboard - Account Activation
Dashboard – Account Activation


Luminati is now a front-runner of this new virtual cloud services market. They will remain to flourish and advance their services, and to progress their supercomputing network to offer new services.

The work culture at Luminati is very cool and comfortable. The team has all the gears which you need to outshine and works with the best developers like CTOs, VP R&D, and R&D seniors. You can easily download the Luminati’s kit which has all the branding assets. You can also have a look at the products and the value overview.

luminati coupon codes -Largest Proxy Network
Luminati discount codes -Largest Proxy Network


  • World’s Major Residential IP Proxy network
  • GEO IPs Situated in nearly all nations (223), city (26846), ASN (11748), and mobile carrier (592)
  • Prevailing Luminati Proxy Manager for scratching features
  • Unrestricted networks & 24/7 Specialized Support
  • Available in almost all APIs like- Shell, Node.js, Python, C#, Java, VB, PHP, Ruby, Perl
  • Never blocked with their proxy network
  • 7-day free trial
  • One easy interface to retrieve Luminati’s Residential IP network, Datacenter Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, and Mobile proxy network

How To Use The Luminati Proxy Service?

  • Retail Price Evaluation

Sellers price their products algorithmic-ally comparative to opponent’s pricing. They utilize the proxy to jam this information without being gridlocked or betrayed.

luminati coupon codes - How to use

  • Ad Authentication

Ad networks use to secretly see their advertisers’ landing pages to safeguard they don’t comprise of any malware or inappropriate promotion. If advertisement networks used a consistent server-based proxy network, the malevolent promoter would know he’s being examined and could cape them with a special communication.

luminati coupon codes - How to use

What Customers Are Doing With

You will have sales acumen to understand the best buyer for your service. Full brand protection by monitoring the web for proper use of your brand to protect your intellectual property, trade, marks, and pricing stratagem. You can do self-testing by assessing your proxies from anywhere in the world.

One can authenticate ad veracity via loads of residential IPs. Remove confusing ads and broken links. Helping job seekers and managers link faster and more efficiently. Gathering price info without being gridlocked or misinformed. The customers are getting a lot of assistance in streamlining their work process by connecting to the Luminati proxy network.

Advantage Of Luminati Proxy Service

  • Any IP types

Easily change between shared proxies, data-center private proxy, residential IPs, and mobile IPs. Make use of the Luminati Waterfall to increase your demand’s success rate and decrease your proxy prices.

  • Geo distribution

Discover IPs in each country, city, ASN, and carrier. Some are – India, the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, etc.

  • Synchronized sessions

Direct limitless parallel requirements via numerous IPs for high-speed data collection. has an integral smart IP spin management level. Every single demand you make travels to one of our wonderful proxies — load corresponding servers — that then offer you with the IP address that is most expected to be accessible at the interesting place.

  • Exclusive IPs

Use IPs allocated completely for your target websites. Private Domains assures that you will be the only one utilizing those IPs for the target websites that you have selected.

  • Network uptime

99.9% uptime, plus a real-time network status monitor

  • Professional support

24/7 support from the experts who constructed the product. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes to answer any query. You can also get in touch with the team via Skype and email. You can also call them, message them, and ask them queries on various social platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, WebChat, WebQQ.

  • Luminati Proxy Manager

Speed up your venture with a free proxy manager and in-built scraping models. It is the most advanced open-source proxy manager. It reduces proxy cost and increases success rates by bypassing proxy, reducing bandwidth, and waterfall routing. LPM debugs faster through logging success ratio metrics and SSL decryption.

  • 100% legal and patented utilizes its own data-center reserved proxies and a 100% opt-in residential peer system. The corporation has been thoroughly safeguarding its proxy technology in copyrights.

They keep a comprehensive patent collection in the field. Luminati/Hola has recorded over 48 patents, many of which are approved, while others are at former stages in the patent procedure, together with dozens that are still unpublished.

Luminati Proxy Tools: 

Log into the web via proxy with the best results and without writing a line of code.

Luminati Proxy Manager

  • Speed up expansion time with incorporated scraping features
  • Best for first-time users
  • Restore faster
Luminati Proxy Manager Proxy Manager

Chrome Extension

  • Surf the web via proxy
  • Select the Country / City / Carrier / ASN of your proxy
  • Modify User-Agent and other advanced settings
Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

Link tester (needs LPM installed)

  • See the link’s resending and the final URL
  • Deliver the end URL
  • Both API and graphic GUI are accessible
Link tester
Link tester

Luminati Pricing:

There are three types of plans and the pricing will be different for shared and dedicated IPs. Also, don’t forget to make use of the Luminati discount codes to get the best deals.

  • Datacenter

Data Centre is a fast proxy server network within 87 countries. Your IPs will be allocated from a shared pool of 150,000 IPs across multiple datacentre providers and in countries of your choice.

Shared IP Pricing:

  • $20/month
  • 40GB involved
  • $0.5/GB for additional traffic

Dedicate IP Pricing:

  • 100 IPs–$60
  • 40GB–$4
  • Total–$64/month
  • $0.1/GB for added traffic


  • Residential

Residential IPs are assigned within 30 million peers with cable, DSL, and other home internet connections.

Shared IP Pricing:

  • $500/month
  • 40GB included
  • $12.5/GB for extra traffic

Dedicated IP Pricing:

  • 100 IPs–$60
  • 40GB–$500
  • Total: $560/month
  • $12.5/GB for extra traffic

  • Mobile

Mobile IPs are allocated within 2 million peers with 3G or 4G connections

Share IP Pricing-

  • $1,120/month
  • 40GB included
  • $28/GB for additional traffic

Dedicated IP Pricing-

  • 100 IPs–$60
  • 40GB–$1,120
  • Total: $1,180/month
  • $28/GB for additional traffic

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Conclusion: Luminati Coupon Code 2020

Luminati offers steadfast proxy services to its clients. It functions much faster than others in the competition because of its inbuilt rotation manager which is very productive. It has a great success rate as compared to other back-connected proxies as it sends unrestricted concurrent sessions.

Luminati’s P2P network is the top selection when you need additional IP addresses which are more cost-efficient than Tor.

The Luminati assists to serve many corporate assignments such as partner’s authentication and confirmation, economical B1, surety tests, distinct agreement, etc. And above all, there are many ways to get in contact with the team.

Hope you will get the full benefit of the Luminati Coupon Codes 2020. Don’t forget to share the Luminati discount codes with your friends who are in search of reliable proxy servers.

Luminati Coupon Codes




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