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In this article, you will get Magic Members coupons November 2022 to apply for more savings.

Magic Members is WordPress plug-in. It has most features you will not find in any other –plug-in beyond content protection. It has some best features which make it different from others they are listed below:

Magic Members Features:

It has features which enable you to generate unlimited membership levels, and also create many tires with billing options. An individual can purchase multiple membership levels, which will help you in monetizing interestingly.

Another feature is of drip content, i.e., if you do not want your customer to get accesses to everything at once, you can drip it out.

Next is the download manager, it makes sure that only authorized members can download user’s files.

Customized subscription length: you can customize your subscription length and pay accordingly, this ideal for people using it for the first time or running trials periods.

Partial restricted content which will let you restrict some content and making others public and they is another feature which enables the user to pay per post/ pay per page by which you can allow customers to pay per page or pay per post either way they want.

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How you can handle membership level?

You don’t need to worry about managing membership levels; it will automatically generate three different levels namely:

  1. Trial
  2. Free
  3. Member

Another thing is that you can you can delete or edit membership level according to your wishes, and can also create new membership level.

Once you create membership levels, you will get a large number of options from which you can choose and customize your site like:

  1. Duration
  2. Pricing
  3. Billing type
  4. Role

You can also configure things like what will happen to a particular account after the expiry of account like you can downgrade their account to free plan or just eradicate their access.

You can customize your pages according to membership’s level as for whether you need to provide a free trial or not, you can also limit the number of IP’s allowed per account. It’s good option for that individual who is concerned about shared accounts and privacy.

One of the best things about Membership creation process is that it has a microcopy Dashboard, it makes very easy for an individual to navigate, and otherwise, it would be very confusing.

Overall you will have higher no flexibility option over how each membership level functions.

How can you manage members?

You can manage membership members from inside your Dashboard, like if you have a large number of magic members, you will get a vast number of sorting and filtering option, with the help of this option you can connect to a specific member, and can also export members if needed.

How to restrict content?

MagicMember can let you limit contents in few different ways like you can do it like these following ways:

  1. Restrict access to your entire site
  2. Just restrict some post/pages
  3. Only limiting some specific pages and posts

And can do this just clicking a single tab, for example, you want to restrict your whole site then you can do it by just clicking on Full option, and if you’re going to restrict some post than just select the Partial option,

How does drip content work?

Drip content is the biggest advantage of purchasing MagicMembership unlike others if you want to drip content instead of doing all at a time you can do it slowly as it allows you to drip over time slowly; it helps in keeping your member engaged and coming back to your site.


I hope you will like these coupons; these will help you to purchase the best of all MagicMembership plug-in and will never regret your decisions.

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