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Every website today is very much concerned about how its product looks on the net.

It’s all about the presentation, every close detail, and other zoom and 360° rotation attribute which you give to your every single picture.

For adding so many elements to your product images, you definitely need a very smart and powerful tool that can perform wonders.

So, here we introduce you to the technically advanced software Magic ToolBox.

Let’s check out the Magic ToolBox promo codes and then discuss more its components.

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How To Take The Benefit Of The Magic ToolBox Promo Codes?

  • Get to the website by clicking the discount icon
  • Explore all the products of Magic TooBox and decide which one you want for your website products
  • Every product has got its individual plans as per your site and usage.
  • Click on that particular plan Buy Now
  • Choose license, apply the magic toolbox promo code and quantity and then Proceed to Checkout
  • Next, complete all the personal and credit card details required to buy the package.
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benefit of the Magic ToolBox promo codes

About Magic ToolBox

Magic Toolbox offers a collection of wide-ranging tools to make your website more engaging. With the help of fascinating tools adding attractive effects to your product image, your users will find it easy to understand your product and have a detailed look at it.

Their image applications give everyone the power to insert stunning paraphernalia on their websites within 5 minutes. It all done with zoom, enlarge 360°, and slideshow features.

Every single app empowers web designers to generate amazing user experiences with their high-resolution pictures, heading to better conversion, better sales, and higher revenues. You don’t need to pay more as compared to other expensive software in the market.

Started by four web and UX specialists in January 2006, Magic Toolbox assists over 30,000 clients in 140+ nations, together with the world’s top 3 venders: Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Tesco.

Its headquarters are in the UK and the team works across 3 continents and 8 metropolises – London, Manchester, Oxford, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Vancouver.

It also offers all-set applications and extensions for your website mentioned below:

Overall Features Of Magic Toolbox Apps

  • Smart, quick, and involving components in each app.
  • Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and in case you are satisfied, it also offers a 30-day money-back policy.
  • It also offers 30-minutes free support for all the customers. If you have any other questions, just ask and you will get assistance.
  • You can instantly download any of its products by just making the payment via PayPal, bank transfer, and credit card.
  • Every customer will enjoy 12 months of free updates to the purchased app. After 12 months, the updates will be available at a 75% discount.
  • The apps are refined for every browser, be it Google, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • All apps are ready to be used with any device, be it Android, iOS, tablet, or PC or Mac.

Overall Features of Magic Toolbox apps

Magic ToolBox Products

Magic Zoom

Inserting picture zoom to your website is very simple with Magic Zoom. Display beautiful images and videos to increase conversions and commitment without entering a single line of code.

Magic Zoom was advanced in Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 – the most suitable technology obtainable today for image rocketing on the web. It’s not reliant on any exterior collections like jQuery or Zepto and doesn’t need extra backgrounds like Bootstrap or Foundation.

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom Plus

This app adds a phenomenal zoom effect to your product enabling it visibly clear and sharp.

It engages your visitors and increases your sales making your product look stunning and highlighting every feature. With Zoom Plus, you can include videos, add 360- spins, use a magnifying glass, full-screen image zooms, and image zoom in-click.

You can buy the app as per your website numbers. It is perfect for website owners, freelancers, and agencies. The app is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. Magic Zoom Plus is 100% well-matched with all websites.

It functions wonderfully with or without jQuery or other 3rd party collections. You can choose to start on page load or on-demand (lazy load).

Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Scroll

It is the best tool for adding a responsive slider for images, featured comment, HTML, product thumbnails, and videos. Magic Scroll is an app for infinite possibilities. It is fast, easy to use, and is also jQuery compatible.

This quick to respond slider will make the experience unforced for both mobile and desktop users. It is fully optimized for every browser and every device.

You also get instant access to 19 extensions. Magic Scroll is a vanilla JavaScript slider with CSS3 animations.

Magic Scroll

Magic 360

With Magic 360, you can engage your customer with a stunning 360 view of the products.

It helps in getting more sales, positive reviews, more returns, and all that just in a few minutes. It allows free integration with your theme and also increases site speed and save bandwidth. With Magic 360’s mobile motions, reviewing every feature is a bliss.

Magic 360 - Magic ToolBox Promo Codes

Magic Slideshow

Magic Slideshow app allows you to enjoy the simplicity at its best through the responsive product designs. The slideshow images of the product will automatically fit in up and down to fit any device.

The app is fully responsive, jQUery compatible, SEO-friendly allows bandwidth, and has custom themes support. You just need to pay one time for the app and get the license forever.

Magic Slideshow

Magic Thumb

Magic thumb app is like a ready to respond lightbox that works like magic. You can show your product pictures in stunning detail with high-definition zoomable images.

You have more than 40 options for easily adjusting the effects, buttons, and styles. One can tell your story via clear and sharp images. It is adaptive and fully receptive to any screen type. With the purchase, you will get instant access to 43 extensions.

So, Magic Thumb is the top out-of-the-box answer for showcasing your pictures.

Magic ToolBox Promo Codes

FAQ:- Magic Toolbox Promo Codes

🙄What is the difference between Unlimited and Bundle?

You can use an Unlimited license on as many websites as you wish (perfect for web developers). Our Bundled license is an Unlimited license with the added benefit that you can integrate your choice of tool with another application. Of course, this is subject to our approval. I need help!

🧐How do I upgrade my module from the demo version?

If you have installed the demo module for Joomla, Magento, Prestashop or another platform, you can upgrade to the full version. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the original file, please select 'yes'. Refresh your web page, the 'Please upgrade' text will disappear.

🤔Does the license last forever?

Yes, the license lasts forever. It is a one-time fee (except for Magic Touch™). You can upgrade to the latest version at any time or you can stick with your version.

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Conclusion- Magic ToolBox Promo Codes 2023

Therefore, Magic ToolBox is a smart app for making your product images more vibrant, sharp, and responsive.

It will display your product making it more engageable and stunning to the eyes of the customers. We all know that pictures do more work than words, and sharp images are the key to quick selling.

Now you too can utilize the Magic ToolBox apps to make your webpage more striking and reactive with lively images.

I hope you enjoy the post on the Magic ToolBox and also take full advantage of the Magic toolBox promo codes 2023

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