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This post, will throw light on how freelancers make money online.

Who are freelancers?

New creatures on the planet earth….

Nahhh!!!!! Those of you for whom there is no mundane to follow.

They set their goals of working anywhere, their office may be is their home to earn… Yeah! It is possible to make money online.

Wait, wait……That does not mean they are free every time, they have excelled at many things, getting schedules, having responsible towards the work done. But without any bossy vibes.


They are Boss of their own, known as FREELANCERS.

There are a huge variety of jobs at freelancing. You can choose jobs as per your skills and if complete them accordingly, it will pay you without attending any office hours.

Being a Freelancer it allows you to do hourly jobs, part time jobs, and projects like short term and long term period.

There is no need of  specific company to work under their module and follow their rules.

You can work with freedom and take projects of your choice to work.

You just need to determinant of work from home or any desirable place and get paid from people all over the world.

Well, in this post, I will ease your  workload  to explain freelancing job for you to make money by utilizing your time and skills.

The market for a freelance job is vast these days. Listed below freelancing companies:

  3. iFreelance
  4. SimplyHired
  5. Freelance Writing Gigs
  6. peopleperhour


Now, I will elaborate about

What is Make Huge Money Online With : Step By Step Guide is the global crowdsourcing marketsplace where employers from different different stream  post their  job and hire freelancers. It allows freelancers  to put their efforts in bidding  to get hired and compete with other freelancers to prove their skills and earn online.

Inshort, it is a browser related to freelancing.

Jobs available there are outsourcing, it means that there are huge opportunities from worldwide. It relies on the online industry, wherever you are located in the world, you are just few clicks away from getting hired as a Freelancer.

If you are good and talented at something that can be liable to turn into service, then you can sell your service at Here you find a lot of takers from high scaled companies to small business or individuals.

How it works as a job?

It is not so hard and complex to dive into The only thing you need is dedication.

There are two terms below to understand the schema of job under

employers – one who post the project.

employees – one who bid for job aka “freelancer”.

If you are an employer, it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. First, you will need to post your project.
  2. You have to select the freelancer to complete the project among the several who bid.
  3. You will need to pay when your project is completed.

There’s a service of account for free at

If you have projects on pending or need freelancers go there and sign up as an employer today and post your first project for free.

If you are an employee, it works in 5 simple steps:

  1. First, choose a project you have knowledge about.
  2. Let bid on a project. (Competition is tough)
  3. If you win here.. Got selected then you will get further work to do.
  4. Complete the project.
  5. You will get paid.

If you have a spark to work like this, then be ready to create your own  freelancer account today and start making money.

Payment Methods and Terms  of

It charges only 10% from your pay’s as a fee.

Their partners in Payment transfer are :

  • PayPal,
  • Skrill,
  • ACH,
  • Wire Transfer and
  • Payoneer

$30 is the minimum payout.

Payment is made twice a week. It will pay you on Monday and/or on Thursday of each week for completing work at home jobs. is integrated with large scale companies and forums like Warrior forum, Worker freelance marketplace, etc. That’s because it is most popularly known marketplace of freelance.


There is a lot more to explore at than just completing jobs.

I will list several ways to make out huge money online with :

1.- Make money with freelance projects
2.- make money with as an affiliate
3.- Earn money with the virtual marketplace
4.- Earn money on freelancer as micro workers

1. Make money with freelance projects

Freelancing is accessible with unlimited ways to  make money online. With the mixology of skills, freelance job, an internet connection, make huge money without getting high-tempered into office environment.

You can bid for both kinds of jobs having different payments to offer you.

  • Part time jobs
  • long-term jobs

If you are interested in doing a part time job here, so you can bid for part time jobs only where they offer you projects having the minimum reward of $2 to max $20 per hour work.

If you are interested in doing a long-term job here, so you can bid for long-term  jobs only where they offer you projects having the minimum reward of $30.

You can find jobs like article writing, logo design, translation, 2D -3D designing, engineering, WordPress, web designing and development, and many more.

If you are willing to do this stuff, you will need to bid these part time jobs or long-term jobs. They can pay upto $500 for project like logo designs, design a social business ad page and many more limitless projects.

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2. Make money with as an affiliate

Here your networking makes a count. Because also come up with affiliate programs.

If you are more focused on your audience to serve them through affiliate links and they too get convinced with your content having links than you can raise affiliate income and display revenue.


Refer your friends  is an affiliate program offered by

Under this program, you will need to refer  freelancers from to your friends who want to hire someone to complete their project. For the first 100 days, you will get completely 100% fee taken by

3. Earn money with the virtual marketplace

At being in the multi channel virtuality you can turn money_orientation On..It means that you can put your selling skills in the showcase of online marketplaces and earn money. is a virtual marketplace where you can sell your files to the audience globally.

Files include design files, writing content, software, backgrounds, icons, e-books, CMS plugins, WordPress templates, audio, video files, photography and many more…

4. Earn money on freelancer as micro workers

Having a micro job or jobs, you should seek  it like your practicing phase where you can utilize your skills by getting other’s work done at low rate.

At, there is a micro job marketplace known as freelancer services where freelancers can sell their services as microworkers .

The starting payout is $5, with every skill freelancer has.

The work you put with skill and effort, you can surely make a sell out of it and earn your worthy money.

But I will add some example to show you how you can make money using

How micro jobs marketplace work for you :
  • Earn $5 by posting 25 quality comments on someone’s website.
  • Earn $30 by promoting an article to your 50K pinterest followers.
  • Earn $50 to help others in optimizing their WP theme for search engine with rich snippets.
  • Earn $50 for KT on techniques of SEO.
  • etc…

There are some specific companies that let you work only for micro jobs such as online micro jobs, peopleperhour .

They will pay you for completing small tasks.

Relevant link to micro jobs.

At last….

There are huge opportunities  for all aspiring Freelancers. If you are about to join this league or already joined, in both cases keep your

Focus on these key points –

  • Initiate with low-paying projects, bear some cheapie costs.
  • Learn how to bidding and negotiating.
  • Try to set quality attributes in your work that would get noticed in high-quality markets and grab you towards high paying gigs.
  • Be there in networking crowd worth of referrals, not for cocktails only, also for getting work through referrals.

Hope you will get some lucrative deals for sure by following above tips.

Make it happen!!

I will leave you with this link  visit

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