Manifestation Miracle Course Review 2023– Is it A Real Deal ? (Pros & Cons)

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In this Manifestation Miracle Course Review, we will explore the manifestation miracle program and help you understand why it is the real deal!

Do you want to create your dream life? Have you heard of “the secret” and have tried the law of attraction but haven’t seen it working for you yet?

Then this course is tailor-made for you. Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews is a package of products that will help you harness the law of attraction and help you live the life of your dreams.

I know you are skeptical about this since there are already tons of such manifestation and abundance programs available on the internet that deal in wealth, health, and happiness which unfortunately does not work for you while some are considered as scams by so-called experts who are looking to make a quick buck.

Manifestation Miracle Course Review | Create Your Dream Future Today

Manifestation Miracle Course Review

What Makes Manifestation Miracle a Real Deal?

When “The Secret” came out, The Law of Attraction garnered a lot of interest as it spoke about manifesting your thoughts into your reality. It’s called the law because it works whether you want it or not. Whether it is positive or negative you attract what you constantly think or desire.

Manifestation Miracle helps you achieve this by putting everything you need to learn about the law of attraction in one comprehensive package and guiding you on how to use the tactics in your life.

You will be impressed by seeing the work they have put behind this product when you take the program. This course shows you where you are lack in the law of attraction and manifesting and will aim to make you capable of doing it correctly by showing you the techniques and help you gain a new perspective on life.

It is one of the unique programs that will help you tune your destiny and change your life. Unlike other similar programs available online they do not mix different topics and each aspect is given their due significance.

So, it is a step by step guide to become your own genie and attain the life of your dreams. The author, Heather Matthews is herself an expert in the law of attraction, a well-known life coach, and a transformational speaker with plenty of experiences to back her.

She introduces the missing ingredient in the law of attraction and why it is not working for you by introducing the most important technique in her book called “destiny tuning”.

This is one of the main lessons that they teach. Destiny tuning is the process of learning to connect with and harness the power and essence of who you really are in order to create and attract the life you would truly like to be living. This technique helps an individual to be in sync with the universe’s forces by increasing their energetic vibrations.

Those who are unaware of the concept of the secret of the law of attraction might find this outrageous and bogus but for others that might not be the case.

To conclude we would like to say the that the Manifestation Miracle course is a complete reprogram your mind and change your life system that incorporates tools such as meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude, goal setting and teaching you how to take actions when opportunities arise and achieve your personal destiny through the powers of manifestation.

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Brief Introduction on Heather Matthews and Why Should You Trust Her?

Back in 2009 Heather owned a home in Ottawa, had many friends, and two businesses which look like a perfect and happy life that most people expect from their own lives she was still feeling that the happiness and fulfillment eluded from her.

She had a nagging feeling that she wasn’t living the life she was meant to live. She then spontaneously sold her house, closed down both of her business, and got rid of most of her belongings to take a soul- searching adventure of a lifetime with a road trip. During this time she did a lot of reading, learning, inner reflection, and also met some incredibly inspiring people along the way.

She made some critical discoveries that allowed her to find happiness and fulfill her dreams and became the best possible version of herself. Since then she has been taking one-on-one coaching clients and has helped others to manifest what they want out of their lives be it money, love, or finding their true purpose.

In helping other people achieve their dreams she managed to make further discoveries and enhancements to her system for manifesting a life you can truly be excited about!

Contents of Manifestation Miracle Course

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Let us take a look into what are the contents of this course in this Manifestation Miracle Course Review.

The course comprises PDFs, audios, and videos. The PDF is downloadable, the audio is in MP3 format and the video is in MP4 format. You can access this course in the few steps listed below:

Step 1

The main book is Manifestation Miracle Secret System which is a 162 page PDF that will guide you through the entire manifestation process. Here are some screenshots of the table of contents available in this book.

As you can see this book is divided into 5 sections and each section has a certain number of chapters. After each chapter, there is some exercise that you will have to do.

So along with the theory, they also teach you practical techniques and strategies to help you manifest the life of your dreams. It will take some time and effort to complete the entire book, provided you diligently perform all the exercises mentioned in this book.

However, there is no set time frame for you to complete this book. You can take your own time as per the feasibility of your routine to complete this book and follow the techniques given.

I love reading but for those of you who don’t than listening to the audio contents works out much better for you. The whole e-book is also available in an audio version which can be transferred to any listening device such as a phone, iTunes, or MP3 player and can listen to the book on the go.

You can do a recap session of every chapter by logging in to their member’s area and watching the chapter recap videos which helps you to revisit every chapter you have learned and be better prepared for the subsequent lessons.

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Brief about Manifestation Miracle Secret System Book

As mentioned before that this book is divided into 5 sections let’s take a glimpse of the sections mentioned in the book and what does it teach:

  • Section 1

The first section of the book gives you the introduction of the manifestation meaning and how it affects your life. Even if you feel you know the meaning of manifestation it never hurts to remind yourself again.

We may think we know about this and already know what we want from our lives but sometimes that’s not the case. This section will help you understand the difference between what you think you want and what you really want. You will learn how to understand and choose what you really want from your life.

The five chapters and the exercises mentioned after each chapter will aim to get deep down into your heart and inner feelings that are often ignored by us in our daily routine.

  • Section 2

The second section is about tuning into your personal destiny. To understand who you really are and what are the things that hold you back and blocks you to explore your true potential.

This section has around seven chapters with the exercises mentioned after each chapter teaches you how to unblock your true potential in life and to become happy. How to change your attitude in life and most important all how to manifest your destiny by utilizing the laws of attraction.

  • Section 3

The third section of the book helps you to recognize the desire that you have for what you would like to achieve in your life. This section has five chapters and exercises that deal with creating the vision you have set for yourself to make the manifestation work for you by using energetic vibrations.

These chapters will help you to create the right mindset to reach your desired destination and you will also understand what was lacking in your knowledge to achieve this desired destiny.

  • Section 4

By now you have read enough and done enough exercises that help change the outlook of your life. You will be feeling a lot positive and gradually people around you would also be noticing the changes in you.

With your outlook being changed and creating a shift in your perceptions and attitude you start attracting more of good experiences in your life. Of course, what we are mentioning here is not an overnight change and it doesn’t even mean that negative experiences won’t happen.

But when it does you will have the tools that you have learned in this course to help you overcome it. This section has five chapters with some exercises mentioned almost after every chapter.

  • Section 5

This is where your entire book comes together to wrap up the information given in this book to show you the bigger picture. It will make you understand how you are never really going to be the same again after you are done with the course and how with your changed outlook and a positive mindset you will be manifesting your desired destiny.

You will be a much stronger individual after this course who will be able to deal with whatever life throws your way while manifesting your dreams into reality. This section has merely three chapters.

This book is pretty comprehensive and covers all the aspect with step by step guide that you need to make your dreams into reality.

Step 2

Along with the main pdf e-book comes another workbook called Abundant Success Workbook. This workbook helps us implement all that we have learned. In this workbook, you will get daily exercises that will guide you along a 21-day path of growing and enhancing your manifesting capabilities.

Step 3

After the Abundant Success workbook, you can access Mind Tracks. These are 3-7 minute mp3 tracks that guide your subconscious into a deeply relaxed state where you can start preparing your mind for abundance.

These are mainly affirmation tracks that will powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind for success in all areas of your life. You are advised to listen to these tracks with stereo headphones every day for at least 21 days however 60 days are what they consider an optimal time.

These tracks include “Abundant Wealth Mind Track” and “Love and Happiness Mind Track” with six more bonus tracks under the “Unlimited Success Mindset Series” such as Wealth Attraction Mind track, Health & Vitality Mind track, Endless Abundance Mind track, Love Mind track, Romance Mind track, and Weight Loss Mind track.

Step 4

After you are done with mind tracks, they take you to Chapter Recap Videos. As mentioned earlier they have created a video series that will help you re-instate what you read in the book. Once you have finished reading the chapter you can check its corresponding chapter recap video.

These videos range anywhere between seven to twenty minutes hosted by Mark Ling (Co-founder of Manifestation Miracle) and their team member Brooke Ryan (certified hypnotherapist and First Class Honours Psychology graduate).

Mark and Brooke expand on what you’ve learned in the chapter, discuss background information, examples, and anything else that can help you along your journey.

Step 5

Once you are done with chapter recap videos you are offered two bonus books – The Powerhouse Guide For Health, Vitality, and Disease Reversal and How to Reboot Your Metabolism.

The first one is a 15-page pdf book that acts as a health guide. It discusses how the body and mind are in close connection with each other and how to manifest wellness and health. There are also some exercises given to improve your health.

The second book is 37 pages long and talks about how human metabolism functions, the foods to eat, and the proportions and everything else that is good for metabolism. Though the information is not that unique and can be easily found online it is nice to have everything relate to the topic at one place in a comprehensive manner.

Step 6

The final bonus is a two-and-a-half-hour long video known as Money MindFlood System. Here Mark Ling shared what the system is all about in form of slides.

This video will flood your mind with wealth and money-making consciousness and will help you discover specific mindset fundamentals that you must adopt to put yourself on the path towards wealth and prosperity.

You can watch this video presentation online or can download it on your device and watch it on your own perusal.

Price and Upsells | Manifestation Miracle Course Review

digital package and physical package

The price for this entire course (online access) is 47$ which is a fantastic deal in my personal opinion looking into the things they are offering in this course and it is difficult to find such a reliable course at this price online.

They do have physical and online access for the same course at 199.95$ excluding shipping and handling charges which is their best value product.

For all those people who don’t prefer reading e-books, this is a great way to have a physical copy to read and also keep a track of the exercises by jotting them down in the book.

The last pricing is for a physical package that has DVDs and printed books which has been priced again at 199.95$ excluding shipping and handling charges.

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with this course and are looking for a refund. There is also an upsell to the packages mentioned above in the form of the “Amazing Self” series which you can opt for free for the first time.

However, it comes with a recurring cost of 37$ every month for all those who don’t mind spending extra cash but a word of caution for who is opting this series is not forgotten about the recurring cost and to think through whether you would be able to use it for every month or not otherwise you will end up spending more than it is required.

The primary course covers enough for me and I didn’t see the need for doing the supplement course. So, the final decision will lie up to you to opt for an upsell or just stick to the primary package.

As we have gone through the contents for the entire course, we see that this program works on all people irrespective of which stream of life they come from.

It teaches you unique methods to make you understand the ways to improve your life. It consists of some practical advice and exercises that anyone can apply to their daily lives in various facets may it be wealth, health, or happiness.

The best part about this program is that all the required materials can be easily accessible inside your home. You can print the pdf for easier reading and following the exercises.

As much we believe that this product is recommended for everyone, it is also true that not everyone has the ability or willingness to try this product.

Therefore, check out some points listed below to see if this product is fit for you or not.

This product is fit for you if:

  • You believe in the Law of Attraction
  • You want to manifest your life using proper techniques and guided strategies
  • You are willing to put in the time and effort required to go through the complete program and diligently execute the exercises mentioned in the course.

This product is not fit for you if:

  • You do not believe in the Law of Attraction or consider it to be bogus and fake.
  • You are not willing to put the time and effort required for this course or are impatient with the results.
  • You have already done such courses before but never finished them.

We have discussed whether you are the right fit or not for the product. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this product.

Pros & Cons of Manifestation Miracle Course Review


  • Manifestation Miracle is based on the law of attraction, but it does not involve some ridiculous notion or boasts to achieve something that is unreal. This course makes you understand in a quite simple yet effective way how the universe answers to your frequency and gives you what you wish for in life.
  • The online course does not require any huge investment from your end except for your time. All the materials are available at home and nothing out of the box is required from you.
  • The price is definitely a huge benefit here. They are very economically priced, and the course is affordable for the users unlike similar courses available online that charge hundreds of dollars.
  • The ideas and notions that are shared in this course are quite easy to understand and it touches upon the practicality aspect too with the exercises they make you do.


  • The users of the Manifestation Miracle program will realize you will not achieve any results overnight. Therefore, you will have to give it time. Do not hurry through the learning process expecting instant results and you will have to invest a significant amount of time and energy to learn this course and work on your manifestations. So, if you are one of those who cannot dedicate time and effort then you are better off not buying this course.
  • The information tends to become very repetitive which can annoy some people.

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Quick Links

FAQs | Manifestation Miracle Course Review

🙋‍♀️ What is return policy at Manifestation Miracle?

The Manifestation Miracle Book can be returned within 60 days of purchase if you do not see effective results. You will get a full refund for the same.

🤘 What is the length of the Manifestation Miracle Course PDF?

The Manifestation Miracle Course PDF is 162 pages long. You can buy it with Physical and Digital Package from Manifestation Miracle Course at $199.95.

👍 What is Manifestation Miracle Course upsell package?

You can get Manifestation Miracle Course Upsell Package in the form of the “Amazing Self” series which you can opt for free for the first time. However, it comes with a recurring cost of 37$ every month.

🙆 What is Manifestation Miracle Course?

Manifestation Miracle Course is an incredible program, Heather Mathews provides a step-by-step blueprint that illustrates how to use manifestation to create a great and fulfilling life in this course.

👉 What are Super Bonuses in Manifestation Miracle Course?

Super Bonus #1: The Love and Happiness Super MindTrack. Super Bonus #2: Unlimited Success Mind track Series. Super Bonus #3: Our Just-Added EXCLUSIVE for all abundance-seekers: The Money Mindflood System. All just at $47.

🤓 How Much Is The Shipping & Handling at Manifestation Miracle?

For all US orders, the Shipping & Handling costs are $15, for all Candian orders it’s $20, and for international orders, it’s $25.

🙇‍♂️ When can I see the results?

It totally depends on you how you evolve with this course. It generally takes a month or two to adapt this course and see results.

Conclusion | Manifestation Miracle Course Review 2023

In this section, I will conclude the Manifestation Miracle Course Review in short.

You will always find some people around you who seem to be living their dream life and always achieve their goals. They instinctively make the law of attraction work for them. But if you are someone who needs help then this course acts as perfect guiding light.

The fact that you have made it till here seems like you believe in the law of attraction and need help in manifesting your dreams the correct way and are looking for this course review to answer your doubts.

After all, every person in their life wants to be successful and achieve their dreams and goals to avoid the regret of not doing so in their later life. By following and utilizing the techniques given in Manifestation Miracle there is a huge probability of turning your dreams into reality.

It is not a miracle that is waiting to happen but is a process that requires time and effort from your side. Most importantly, it will kick start that much needed positive transformation of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

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