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Mariner Software Discount Coupons, Mariner Software is an American company with an emphasis on planning and distributing PC software products.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mariner designs, vends, and helps specialized and private software for the production, writing, and inventive markets. The firm’s software products comprise Mariner Write, a word processing app, and Mariner Calc, a spreadsheet app.

Let’s check out the Mariner Software Discount Coupons and then get the detail about the software.

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About Mariner Software 

Mariner is quite a different name for a software. But as everything has a past which influences the present and future, the same goes for the Mariner Software.

The founder of this software kept this name as he and his father used to build boats and PCs together in the garage. His dad worked on direction-finding processors for nearly all the initial skyrockets and satellites for NASA which involved the Mariner Space Program.

So, that is why the software is named differently.

Mariner started as a small firm and in 2002, it developed as a major software with multiple product range to distribute. When the creator of this innovative software found the shortage of creative writing products, it invented a few advanced versions, republishing the present ones.

By creating such products, Mariner’s purpose was to encounter industry front-runners. In buying or republishing prevailing apps, the objective was to offer new technology and a spontaneous user interface, as well as the Mariner brand.

Since 2004, Mariner has developed or republished 9 distinct writing apps for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Mariner’s Advancement

Mariner’s management as a creator has not been restricted to the inventive writing market but has acquired achievement in the home and office marketplaces also.

In 2008, Mariner signed a contract to republish MacGourmet Deluxe, the esteemed formula creating software. Around 2009, ReceiptWallet was developed and the product rebranded as Paperless, at once turning out to be one of the most admired names in the Mariner product line.

In 2010, Mariner obtained Narrator from Dejal Systems, increasing one of the most recognized text-to-speech apples on the Macintosh OS X platform.

In 2013, Mariner assimilated the properties to Advenio, Inc which comprised of MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and Gourmet for iOS (formerly MacGourmet Touch).

With the launch of Apple’s App Store in 2008, Mariner started writing mobile editions of MacJournal, Mariner Calc, and Contour. Mariner Software is dedicated to the iOS platform and endures to advance some of the present line in the time ahead.


  • MacGourment Deluxe – Powerful Recipe, Meal, Nutrition, and Cookbook Management Software
  • Persona – Character Management Software
  • Paperless – Digital Receipt and Document Management Software
  • Mac Journal – Journaling & Blogging Software
  • Story Mill – Novel Writing Software for Mac
  • Contour- Story Outline Management Software
  • Narrator- Text-To-Speech Software for Mac
  • Mariner Write- Word Processing for Mac
  • Montage – Screenwriting Software for Mac
  • Calc XLS- Mobile Spreadsheet
  • Gourmet for iOS- Mobile Recipe Management
  • MacJournal for iOS – Mobile Journaling
  • Contour iOS – Mobile Scriptwriting

Products Reviews

  • Montage, a Macintosh screenwriting app, which has been evaluated by periodicals such as Macworld and MacUser UK, which gave it 4 out of 5 “mice”.
  • MacJournal, which is defined as a blogging implement and individual journaling application for Macintosh processers. It has obtained 4 (out of 5) mice assessments from MacUser UK, as well as a 3.5 (out of 4) rating from Macworld magazine.
  • WinJournal, which the firm defines as a Windows blogging tool and private journaling app, which has been assessed by PC World (magazine).
  • Desktop Poet, which is defined on the establishment’s website as “fridge poetry software” for Macintosh and Windows, which has been evaluated by
  • StoryMill, which is defined as “novel writing software” for Mac OS X, which has been evaluated by periodicals such as Macworld, which awarded it 4 out of 5 “mice”.
  • Contour, a script and story build-up program, presently for Mac OS X and Windows. Has obtained 4 stars (out of 5) from Macworld.
  • MacGourmet Deluxe, which is defined on the firm’s website as a technique and wine supervision tool for Mac OS X, which has been reviewed by periodicals such as MacLife, which gave it 4.5 out of 5.
  • Mariner Calc for iPhone, which the company explains as a tool that offers the capability to see and amend built-in Microsoft Excel documents on the iPhone. It has obtained 3.5 out of 5 “mice” from Macworld.
  • Mariner Paperless, is defined as a digital article and acknowledgment management tool, which has been assessed by Maximum News.

Products Reviews

Why Mariner Software?

Whether you have devices working on Windows or iOS, Mariner software has all the intuitive and handy solutions for your device.

Be it calculation, writing, creating recipes, organizing bills or files, or text-to-speech, all these digital products are created by Mariner software.

Mariner functions on the latest technology trusted by the experts int e-market, and thus offer the most advanced products for multiple usages. The company has evolved in the past years and has a success story in the market for more than 28 years.

Support – Mariner Software Discount Coupons

Mariner software offers great support for its users. There are ample of video tutorials, knowledge base articles, and Contact Us form to get your issues resolved as soon as possible.

The group of experts is always ready to help as and when you require it.

Support  Mariner software Also Check – Mariner Software Discount Coupons

Conclusion- Mariner Software Discount Coupons 2023

Marine software designs products that are useful to your private needs, business purposes, and homemaking. It covers all the major products under one roof so that the user does not have to search for related products with other brands.

It uses the best and the most advanced technology in the software with an intuitive user interface. Overall, it has a good number of products for your digital requirements.

I hope you like this post on Mariner Software and please do not forget to take the full benefit of the Mariner software discount coupons. Share these Mariner software discount coupons with your friends and relatives.


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