Top 7+ Media Temple Alternatives In 2022

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In this article we have featured Top 5+ Media Temple Alternatives In 2022, Media Temple, acquired by GoDaddy in 2013, is a general web host that provides shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

One of the most common complaints that users have about Media Temple is that it is not very straightforward and transparent, particularly when it comes to its plans and services.

Some users are perplexed by its clustered server architecture (the “Grid”). Furthermore, while Media Temple plans are not cheap, most premium security, support, and performance features come at an additional cost. Check out the latest Media Temple Coupons

Media Temple Hosting Alternatives



Pantheon is one of the quickest and the most dependable Website operating platforms for WordPress and Drupal. It has hosted 300k+ websites successfully.

It provides customer support for 24*7, high-grade security, and 99.9% uptime. Pantheon has almost ten billion monthly users.


It has a serverless content management system, Management of website portfolio, and structured, flexible workflows.

Pantheon also offers scalable infrastructure and a very fast content delivery system. Pantheon with such advanced components is sure a good alternative to Media temple hosting.


Pantheon offers four major plans. The first one is the Silver plan which is promising for developers and is free of any cost.

The second plan is the Gold plan which is great for small teams, the third one is a Platinum plan which is for larger teams, and the last one is a diamond plan which is great for enterprise teams.

To know the gold, platinum, and diamond plan pricing, you need to contact sales on Pantheon’s website. 

2. Kinsta:-


Kinsta is an amazing website hosting platform for WordPress. It operates on groundbreaking technology and takes care of all the necessities of clients regarding the website.

Kinsta provides a well-managed website operation, free migration from other websites, daily backups, high speed, and high security.


The control center for your website will be Mykinsta, and from there, you can perform a wide array of operations like creating an SSL certificate, tracking bandwidth, etc.

Kinsta takes the safety of your website very seriously, and its best feature is the speed-obsessed architecture.

Kinsta can be a great competitor to Media temple hosting because of its speed and security advancements.

Kinsta has taken the responsibility to handle your site by monitoring, scanning, and running it. This helps you focus entirely on your own business without being stressed about any other factor.

WordPress experts will always support you in any of your tasks. Moreover, this platform is developed so that it is easily get operated by beginners.

Mediatemple Revi

It also offers advanced features that developers will surely like and use. What you need to do is to install Kinsta and then let yourself explore and use everything which it offers.


Kinsta offers ten options in its plans for you to choose from, and those are a starter, pro, business 1, business 2, business 3, business 4, enterprise 1, enterprise 2, enterprise 3, and enterprise four, and their

respective prices are $30/mo, $60/mo, $100/mo, $200/mo, $300/mo, $400/mo, $600/mo, $900/mo, $1200/mo, and $1500/mo. All of Kinsta’s plans offer a hack fix guarantee and free migration.

3.WP Engine:-


WP Engine offers hassle-free and properly managed website hosting features. Currently, It is hosting more than 1.2M websites.

WP provides a rapid and reliable digital experience and is designed to be suitable for businesses of different sizes.

Its platform has cooperation with award-winning services, substantial technology, and distinct partners and innovators for making your website more impactful.


To provide services at a higher rate, WP Engine leverages more than thirty open source technologies and has the best CMS that you can customize for your business.

With such unique tools and features, WP Engine can be a great choice if you are looking for Media Temple Hosting alternatives.

It is one of the most famous platforms for WordPress. It is beneficial in increasing the number of visitors to the website.

Moreover, it helps in growing more revenue as it improves performance. WP Engine decreases the risk of losing website security because it constantly monitors it.

It controls daily backup, automatic updates, and managed upgrades, and therefore, you can concentrate on your business accurately.

Mediatemple Revi

This platform offers you ease to operate the system online and cooperates with people as much as possible, thus giving you shortcuts and efficiencies. It will always support you in achieving each path; let it be your journey or beyond that.


WP Engine offers five major plans, named Managed Hosting Startup, Managed Hosting Professional, Managed Hosting Growth, and Dedicated Hosting Custom. 

The first four plans’ respective prices are $25/mo, $49.17/mo, $95.83/mo, and $241.67/mo. To know the price of Dedicated Hosting Custom, you need to contact WP Engine.



Hostwinds provides web hosting to businesses of different sizes as well as individuals. They have fast and reliable services for hosting a website. 

It guarantees 99.9999% of uptime and friendliness. It can be operated on both Windows and Linux and customizable cloud servers that provide many applications which need only one click to get installed.

Customer-Centric-Web-Hosting-Solutions-Hostwinds (1)

Hostwinds provides 24/7/365 customer support and has groundbreaking technologies for better functioning and providing a well-managed platform.

Hostwinds is surely a good alternative to Media temple hosting.


Hostwinds offers four major plans, and those are Shared, Business, Reseller, White Label.

Shared hosting has three proposals named Basic, Advanced, Ultimate, and their respective prices are $5.24/mo, $6.74/mo, and $8.24/mo. 

The business plan also has three Basic,  Advanced, and Ultimate proposals, and their respective prices are $8.99/mo, $10.49/mo, and $12.74/mo. 

Again, three Reseller plan proposals are Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate, which has the same expenditure as the Shared plan. The white label will cause an expense of $10/mo.

5. WebOps:

WebOps is a collection of those practices which offer collaboration. Moreover, it operates automatic processes to enhance the entire team’s efficiency, starting from designers and developers to stakeholders, content editors, and many more.

media temple hosting

The consequence is that the cross-functional web teams are entitled to test, develop and bring out the changes in the website quicker and more dependable.

WebOps merges the lessons of DevOps and Agile groups to assign a priority to repetitive work, which is evident to every member of the team.

When the deployment measure rises, the risk factor reduces, and smaller wins create more significant wins.

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6. SiteGround:

This platform quickly adopts the best in-house build solutions and technologies.

It greatly customizes the Linux containers to ensure it matches the reliability and security standards.

Moreover, this platform trusts that managed and standardized hosting is a route that can empower its customers to be

Web Hosting Serv

concentrated on their primary business and take their maintenance of hosting off in the list of tasks.

This platform provides WordPress updates automatically, enabling you to leave it on schedule or auto-pilot.

Also, there is a great team behind all the security systems, and therefore it is trustworthy and safe.

7. CloudWays:

This is yet again a great hosting platform where you can concentrate on your own business and ignore all the hassles of hosting.

This platform ensures you experience outstanding performance, choice, and reliability with a support of 24*7 hours.

This support performs as your extended team, making it a preferable option for growing eCommerce businesses and agencies.

Cloudways_ Manag

Moreover, Cloudways provides you with automated backup and manages the website’s security appropriately.

Moreover, it monitors the website 24/7 with accuracy and assurance.

It has PHP 7.3 Ready Servers and an auto-healing server as well. It offers you unlimited applications, and you can make their use without any complications.

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