What Else Should You Know About Microsoft AZ-301 Exam and Practice Tests?

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Microsoft AZ-301 is the second exam after AZ-300 that is required for any individual who wants to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. This credential is currently among the most distinguished and sought-afterones in the industry of Information Technology.

It demonstrates your proficiency and understanding in a number of aspects of the IT job fields, including data management, governance, identity, security, disaster recovery, budgeting, networking, virtualization, and much more.

Microsoft AZ-300 is a topic for another time. In this article, we will focus on the second test, which is Microsoft MS-101, MS-500, MD-101, 98-364, DP-200, MB-210, AZ-301 PDF 300-101 Network Plus, A+, Security+ Certifications .

Microsoft AZ-301: Exam basics

Microsoft Exam AZ 301

Microsoft AZ-301 is all about Azure technology. Regarding the number of questions, there are a total of 40-60 of them in each exam. The time allocated for writing the answers to all the questions in this test is 150 minutes. As for the passing score, you have to score 700 marks. The inability to get this score is considered a fail.

Those candidates who fail to achieve the passing score are given a chance to retake the exam until they pass it. According to the retake policies outlined by Microsoft on the FAQ section, your second attempt can be done after 24 hours. All other tries should be done only after 14 days. All in all, you can only use this opportunity 5 times a year.

As for the exam fee, you should pay $165 if you are a resident of the USA. In some countries, the payment can be higher due to the taxation policies. This is because this pricing does not include any applicable taxes. So, if you are planning to take Microsoft AZ-301 and you are not in the United States, you should confirm the exact sum with your exam provider.

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Microsoft AZ-301: Exam modules

When it comes to the Microsoft AZ-301 certification exam, there are main topics that the applicants need always to focus on. But before covering their details, we should mention that considering the difficulty level of these objectives, Microsoft has structured this test in a way that is much adaptable to the IT professionals who have planned to start their preparation process in the near future or have already started their learning. If you refer to any comprehensive study guide for Microsoft AZ-301, you will definitely see these modules. Let’s finally check them out!

  • Determining workload requirements

This is the first topic area in Microsoft AZ-301. About 10 to 15% of all the questions in the exam usually come from this domain. It is divided into 3 broad subsections. The first one focuses on gathering information and requirements from different Azure resources that include tasks, such as identifying service-oriented architectures, compliance requirements, identity and access management infrastructure, and many more.

The second section of this module deals with how to optimize the consumption strategy. Finally, the last one focuses on designing the monitoring and auditing strategies.

  • Designing for security and identity

This is the second exam module. If you go through any study guide written by the qualified professionals, you will discover that the subtopics under this domain have been given a more significant value over most other topics. The reason for this is the weight that this section has been given in the Microsoft AZ-301 test.

Precisely, about 20-25% of all the questions will be drawn from it.The subsections include designing the monitoring strategy for security and identity, authentication and authorization, identity management, and developing for risk prevention of identity.

  • Designing data platform solutions

In this domain, the focus is on the candidate’s proficiency in designing and documenting data flows, designing the data protection and data management strategies, as well as monitoring and designing the strategy for the data platform.

The questions from this section make up to about 15-20% of the total questions. This percentage is very significant and giving less attention, skipping, or ignoring this part of content during your preparation for Microsoft AZ-301 can severely affect your overall results.

  • Designing for deployment, migration, and integration

Just as the title suggests, this module focuses on designing deployments, API integration, and the migration strategy in the Azure infrastructure. The weight given to it is between 10 and 15 percent of the whole test.

  • Designing the infrastructure strategy

This is another objective that is given prominence in Microsoft AZ-301. In fact, compared to all other sections, this one takes the second place regarding the weight it has been given. This area contains many subtopics that include designing the storage, networking, compute, and monitoring strategies for infrastructure.

Since the weight given is about 15-20%, it is a grave mistake to neglect or pay less attention to this domain when preparing for the certification test.

Of course, this is just the smallest amount of information about the exam objectives that we can give you. The content should be covered from all sides, that is why you need to check the list of topics on the official webpage. Moreover, we recommend that you buy the Microsoft study guide for this test so that you will be able to get as much knowledge as you need without neglecting the smallest details and learning the irrelevant information.

To get more prep resources for Microsoft AZ-301, please visit th ePrepAway website. It has different types of tools that contain video tutorials, guides, practice tests, and braindumps for any certification exam of various vendors.


If you still think whether you should take the Microsoft AZ-301 exam or not, you have to know one vital detail. There will be a new version of this test (AZ-304) that should be released on June 29, 2020. This exam is now available in beta so you can try it or go for the old version.

To sum it all up, it is essential to understand that Microsoft AZ-301 is of the Expert level. Therefore, you need to put all your efforts into the task and prepare for this exam with great deliberation. You can definitely do it by using all study materials that are suitable for your way of learning.

Don’t forget to include braindumps as they can help a lot. This is the perfect resource to evaluate your level of knowledge before taking the real test. So, use them wisely and you will succeed.

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