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Today children are quite advanced as they are surrounded with technology all the time. The gadgets in their hand not only can be used constructive purpose but also caustic purposes. Now, it is the parent’s responsibility to have a control over their actions. So, they need a powerful tool to put control on the family devices.

Here in this post we will be talking about a strong software Mobicip, which helps in putting strict controls on all the devices. Let’s first have a look at the Mobicip coupon codes discount and then explore the software.

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How to get the benefit of the Mobicip Coupon Codes?

  • Click on the discount icon and go to the website.
  • Go thru the software and its features.
  • Go to Pricing section and choose a plan that suits your need.
  • If you have any doubt regarding the control features, you can sigh up for free and try the Basic plan first and then upgrade to the premium plans.
  • If you want to cover more than 20 devices, you have to ask for a quote.
  • Click on Sign Up for other two plans and fill in your email id and password.
  • After signing up, you will be asked to fill in more details related to your mode of payment and personal details.
  • Make the final payment and get this powerful software to keep a watch at your kid’s online activities.

About Mobicip

Mobicip is termed after mobile CIPA. CIPA is short form of Children’s Internet Protection Act, a guideline by the US government that dictates protected internet access when arranged by public schools or public library. In the past time when there were no smartphones and tablets, the initiators had an apparition that tutoring is going to be changed by permeating always-on mobile technology in the hands of K-12 schoolchildren. And there arose the need of a software which would keep strict controls on every activity of the students. Mobicip was born at that very time, with a goal to generate and encourage the harmless use of equipment for education.

Soon the software was a big hit among the parents and has millions of downloads till now, five years of success story, and petabytes of management far ahead, they believe the idea has come full circle as the world as we know it, and not just teaching, has been renovated. The locations at which the main offices are at USA and India. The work culture in their office is cool and every one is his own boss with the full freedom to think and implement accordingly. The main objective is to work for the best results of the software. And that is the reason they are trusted by hundreds of schools around the world.

Mobicip is featured on many well-known publications like The Huffington Post, PC, The New York Times, etc.

What devices it works for?

The software works on the following devices:

  • iOS- all iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices
  • Android- all android phones, tablets, including Galaxy series, Kindle Fire and Nook
  • Computers – protect desktops, laptops with Windows 7,8, 10, MacBook, ChromeBook, iMac, MacMini


Features of Mobicip:


Be in touch with your clan’s internet and app use immediately from the Monitor app. Check uses, apps, and needs and reply instantaneously from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone.



You can also analyse what apps are being used on each of your gadgets. Promptly evaluate the ranking, price and type of the app on the App Store. Maintaining your kid’s apps just got that much laid-back!



Analyse comprehensive reports of surfing history online, via Monitor app, or reports sent to you on a consistent basis. And everything is done without even touching the gadgets.



When content is gridlocked, user can disagree and demand an overrule. Only revise and allow or discard the invitation from your account.



Put time bounds for internet usage for each handler profile. When a user tries to open the internet, you’ll see the effort in the surfing history testimonies.



Modify your internet sifting in 3 methods. Permit or obstruct domains or websites, alter groups that should be permissible for each user report, or ban precise sayings or keywords. Generate an internet encounter for your people that you’re contented with.



Structure the operator profile at the ‘Monitor’ stage. It will safeguard the handler has unlimited internet access, with the warning that all procedure is being apprehended and conveyed.



Mobicip uses an erudite sifting process to keep your dear ones safe. Founded on a blend of record lookup, safe search implementation, and self-motivated just-in-time-analysis, the sieving provides matchless shield that is continuously developing with the varying internet.



Tested by the excess of gadgets and CPUs in your kinfolk? Download on your Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs. Use single account to administer and safeguard all the appliances in your home.



Mobicip is made on the idea of your account handling several users. Every operator’s profile may have one or more gadgets related with it. Seems threatening? Take Mobicip for a try (for free) and see yourself how this has been streamlined for you.



Does your institute have a sifting structure in place now? Relieve the school grid so the manager can administer the internet handling when at school, and you take over at all other epochs.


Customer support

Mobicip has great resources at hand to help you get the quick and exact situation. The forums, FAQ section, and help desk will help you in getting your queries solved in no time. You can also send a message to them if you have any other type of confusion. And also, Mobicip maintains community links via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


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Conclusion- Mobicip Coupon Codes

Therefore, Mobicip is a comprehensive solution for parents to control the devices for safety purposes. Not only, you can restrict the internet usage, but also block the websites not suitable for your children. Hope you will get the full benefits of the Mobicip coupon codes and use them for your family’s betterment.

Do share these Mobicip coupon codes with your friends and let them know about such a powerful software for parental control.



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