Why Should You Attend NFT.NYC 2020: The Non-Fungible Token Event

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NFT.NYC 2019 saw over 450 attendees and 85 speakers meet in New York City’s iconic Times Square to discuss the emerging NFT Ecosystem.

NFT.NYC is back in 2020 with debates, thought leader talks, workshops and industry briefings from the leading names and brands in the blockchain.

On February 20, NFT.NYC 2020 will bring the Digital Collectibles Ecosystem to Times Square, New York City.



NFT.NYC 2020: Why It Is a Must-Attend Event?

Date: February 20, 2020

NFT.NYC will bring together gamers, artists, blockchain developers and fans to showcase how Non-Fungible Tokens will, and are already, impacting their experiences of ownership and identity with digital assets.




The event will cover various topics which include:

  • NFTs for Good
  • Mass Marketing with NFTs
  • NFT Use Cases in the Enterprise
  • NFT Ticketing
  • NFT Domain Names and ENS
  • Gaming interoperability with NFTs
  • NFTs that give Sports Fans digital ownership
  • NFT Regulation
  • Using NFTs to rebuild Trust
  • The role of Digital Wallets and Exchanges for NFTs


Confirmed Speakers for NFT.NYC 2020

40+ speakers and 500+ attendees have been confirmed for NFT.NYC till now. Here is the list of more speakers:

  1. Alex Atallah – CTO of OpenSea
  2. Amanda Gutterman – Advisor to ConsenSys (former CMO)
  3. Arnold Waldstein – Environmentalist and Writer
  4. Austin Griffith – Founder of Burner Wallet
  5. Bradley Feinstein – Head of Global Business Development at ConsenSys
  6. Brantly Millegan – Ethereum Name Service
  7. Brian Christensen – Founder of Blockcities
  8. Chris Nunes – Head of Studio at HEAVY
  9. Christopher Lee – CMO at Fabrx
  10. Daniel Uribe – CEO and Co-Founder of Genobank.io
  11. David Moore – CEO and Co-Founder of KnownOrigin
  12. David Pakman – Partner at Venrock
  13. David Russek – Entre.One
  14. Duncan Cock Foster – Co-Founder of Nifty Gateway
  15. Gauthier Zuppinger – Co-Founder of NonFungible.com
  16. Gordon Meyer – Founder of EngineBloc
  17. Helmut Siedl – CVO at DMD Diamond
  18. Ian Utile – CEO of ATTN.LIVE
  19. Jamiel Sheikh – CEO of Chainhaus
  20. John Crain – Founder of SuperRare
  21. Sir John Hargrave – CEO of Media Shower
  22. Josephine Bellini – Crypto Artist
  23. Julien Genestoux – Founder and CEO of Unlock
  24. Marguerite deCourcelle – CEO of Blockade Games
  25. Michael Arnold – Front End Engineer at Double Jump Tokyo
  26. Misha Libman – Co-Founder and Head of Product at Snark.Art
  27. Nate Geier – Founder of Mintbase
  28. Nichanan Kesonpat – Founder of Last of Ours
  29. Nithin Eapen – Founder of Chance River
  30. Nolan Bauerle – Author of “The Satoshi Wedding Murders”
  31. Or Perelman – Co-Founder of ChromaWay
  32. Patrick Baron – Founder & CEO of the Blockchain Consulting Group
  33. Perianne Boring – Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce
  34. Rene Schmidt – Project Lead at Chainbreakers
  35. Ryan Berkun – Founder and CEO of Fabrx
  36. Sebastien Borget – COO & Co-Founder at Pixowl Inc.
  37. Sid Kalla – Co-Founder at Roll
  38. Steve McGarry – Co-Founder of GrowYourBase
  39. Topper Bowers – Founder & CEO of Quorum Control
  40. Vanessa Grellet – Executive Director at ConsenSys


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