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In this post, you will get the Olark coupon codes for saving money on the most intuitive communication plans.

Olark is a live chat platform that connects you to the right customer on the right time and at the right place. It helps you in growing your customer base with every effective communication.

Before getting an in-depth knowledge about this software, let’s first checkout the Olark coupon codes.

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How To Grab The Olark Coupon Codes discount?

  • Go to the Olark Live Chat website by clicking the above discount icon
  • Go through all the features and elements of this communication portal
  • Click on Pricing and choose our plan, and remember that long duration plans help in saving more money
  • Click on Two weeks free trial so as to check the effectiveness of the software
  • Now enter your email address and start the trial without any obligations
  • When you get fully satisfied with the services offered, do opt for subscription plan
  • Don’t forget to enter the Olark coupon codes before final checkout.

Olark Coupon Codes - get started

About Olark

At present, Olark has more than 12,000 customers in around 178 nations with more than 178 messages taking place per day. Olark live chat helps you in growing your business by increasing sales, providing full customer support by acquiring leads.

Olark will make your every communication count by making every communication presentable. Categorize and involve your most competent leads with highlights like automatic messaging, customised pre-chat surveys, complete visitor acumen, and detailed reporting.

Olark offers you the best integrations like tools which make it easy to send leads and information from conversation to your CRM, e-commerce stage, analytics software, and more. You can connect Olark live chat with any software you like.

Integrations Software:

  • Groove
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • Front
  • Help Scout
  • Desk
  • SugarSync
  • Highrise
  • Nutshell
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • JIRA
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WordPress
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • GreenRope
  • Webhooks
Olark Coupon Codes - intigreated software
Olark Coupon Codes – Integrated software

Features Of Olark:

The wide-ranging features of Olark helps you in closing your sales in the most effective way. You can customise and manage your live chat experience via its engagement functionality.

Easy Customisation

With Olark, it is very simple to add experience to your chat box as it offers options of colour, text, customer preferred language, etc. These attributes result in positive customer engagement and thus more sales.

Actual-time Reporting

Other platforms that refresh their content on daily basis will not be able to offer you real-time reporting. Olark gives the precise info on the chat volume- reports of the day and time you were busy, agents handling the conversations most of the time, and customer rating for every chat.

Automated Messaging

No doubt that one-on-one communication plays a different role in ending up clear-cut sales, but sometimes we have to cater to the needs of every customer.

That is why Olark also offers automated messaging for those customers which are to be pounced on specific time, without you being there.

Unrestricted Conversation

There is no limit to the number and length of chats you do every day. You won’t even be charged extra for high volume chats. Their per agent pricing only means that you pay for your team associates who are going to be on one-to-one.

You can add or deduct representatives at any time and your amount automatically modifies.

Searchable Records

Having one-to-one with the customers provides qualitative data, product reviews, and acumen which can be used to accelerate your sales, marketing and product creativeness. These handy reports help in constructing the exact plan for your upcoming campaigns.

Actual-time Sales

The one-to-one conversation takes away the pain of waiting for email responses, or doing a phone call to the team member. Through Olark, you can talk to the real people at real time and connect effectively with those on your website. In this way, you can close your sales, uncover more leads and answer all the real queries.


If you want more efficacy in your approach, then give your Olark package a boost of Powerups. PowerUps include those special tools for going beyond your strategy in sales, service, and growth.

Adaptable once-a-month billing and one-click start make it easy to add up, eliminate, or switch PowerUps at any time, so you pay only for the highlights you want.

Team-Management Tools

The team that chats with your customers represent the company as a whole. They are the face of the company and it is very important that they feel confident and determined every time they converse with the clients.

The team management tools allow you to monitor your agent’s performance, protect against agents getting annihilated, and retain any size of team consistent into their responses.

Integrate With Your Preferred Software

To cover up things on a larger extent, one needs many powerful platforms to keep a balance. So, Olark also does the same by working together with the some of the smart sales, marketing and support platforms.

The whole conversation between the client and the team becomes the essential part of the whole process. By retaining these chats, the firm formulates its future strategies to increase sales.

Make conversation count


The Olark live chat software is priced as per the various customer needs. You can select any plan as per your budget or role requirement. The plans are named as per the billing cycle one needs to opt for.

  • Billed Monthly – $17 per agent and per month
  • Billed Yearly- $15 per agent and per month
  • Billed every 2 Years- $12 per agent and per month

You can choose any plan and start two weeks free trial. Also, don’t forget to apply the Olark coupon codes given above. The yearly billing will always help you in saving more money.

Price and billing Plan

Also Check


🤷‍♂️Can I customize Olark CSS?

No, coustome CSS is not available, our customization tools itself provide all control over your chatbox size, shape, location, text, colors, and more.

🧐Can I resell Olark?

Yes! You can, join our Referral Program to earn commissions for every refer. If you have Already an Olark affiliate? Log in to your account via olark Partner Portal

🧐Is it possible to use my Olark on multiple domains?

Yes! You can add Olark to as many domains and subdomains as you want.

🤷‍♂️Do I need to be online all time?

No!, You can staff chat whenever it’s convenient for you.

Conclusion- Olark Coupon Codes 2022

Olark live chat is a resourceful platform for every firm that believes in real-time reporting and reviewing. It assists you in growing your business with leaps and bounds. The list of premium features is very helpful in getting productive results in no time. You can easily know your leads and formulate your every marketing step keeping in mind the actual demand of your customers. In addition to it, Olark has already joined hands with the best communication software that can be incorporated anytime depending on the specific customer needs.

Hope you will get the most of the Olark coupon codes. Don’t forget to share the Olark coupon codes on your social media pages and with your friends.

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