Pickfu Promo Code 2020: Save 50% On Amazon Split Testing

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In this post, you will get the PickFu promo code 2020 & discount up to 15% on all plans.

If you are running an Amazon FBA business, then you must be familiar with the competency of the products. You can’t merely hope for the guessing or hit and trial for the results.

So, we have a great tool recommendation- PickFu. It is an Amazon Split testing tool for checking out the product campaigns. PickFu uses the split testing feature, image, and title optimization to drive better customer actions.

PickFu creates a poll for you so that you get unlimited and neutral audience feedback to know how your idea of anything new takes place. With PickFu, you will be able to optimize your work without the prejudiced respondents.

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How To Use PickFu Coupons?

  • Visit the PickFu website by clicking the button below.
  • Choose the plan suitable for you
  • On the checkout page, enter the coupon code given.
  • Apply the promo code to get the discount.

Pickfu amazon split testing and feedback tool

About PickFu Split Testing Tool: 

PickFu is a reliable split testing tool and poll tool for amazon sellers. With PickFu, getting the advice or responses from around the world has become easy and quick too.

Pickfu amazon split testing and feedback tool

The polls created by PickFu within few minutes will help you in developing your business idea more specifically. You will start receiving polls in seconds. Not only the responder will be able to select one of the given options, but will also be able to explain the reason why they choose that particular option.

You will be able to break down your preferences as per age, gender, income, and more. If you have got certain audiences in your mind, then PickFu has all tools to target them too. All this will be done in just ten minutes with PickFu.

PickFu Features:

PickFu split testing tool features

  • 1-Minute Arrangement: Just pen down one query and two reply options and your survey is set to go.
  • Fetch The Respondents: Their responders equal US demographics, so you get impartial, equalized solutions for your venture.
  • Fast Outcomes in Minutes: Keep iterating on your project throughout the day as you instantly get the feedback you can use.
  • Fresh Outlook: Get a neutral third-party point-of-view on your endeavor.
  • Descriptions: Know who and why behind each reply and make better choices going headlong.
  • Demographic Statistics: Segment and cut down answers by age, gender, society, earnings, education.

Who Can Use It?

who can use split testing tool

PickFu offers you 50 immediate poll replies in just $50. So, if you are in any of the fields given below, then you can start finding actionable audience-driven data today.

  • Writers: Select the most attractive book title and cover before you put out.
  • Businesspersons: Authenticate your business notions, signs, and ad creatives in a slender way.
  • eCommerce Vendors: Develop your product catalog pictures, images, and online storefront.
  • App Developers: Enhance your app UI & app store creatives before publishing to the app store.

How To Split Test Using PickFu?

PickFu is the simplest and the uncomplicated way to get instant responses. You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Choose the type of poll that you want to run. PickFu gives three choices to create polls.
  • Next, PickFu will start finding the responders who will pick one of the options and also explain why they choose that option.
  • You immediately get crowdsourced vision along with complete explanations and demographic data.

Poll Types

  • PickFu Solo

If you have a single idea to test or an open-ended question, so PickFu Solo is the kind of poll that will suit your venture. The Solo poll allows you to ask reaction on one notion, without generating many variants of it.

  • PickFu Head-to-Head

If you want to test more than two notions against each other. For every matchup, respondents poll on their preferred of the two choices offered and also explain by writing comments about why they selected one over the other.

  • PickFu Ranked

In a Ranked poll, they will present your 3 to 8 notions all at once to repliers. Each respondent will position their preferred ones as #1, #2, and #3, then write a statement justifying their standing. PickFu combines their votes to name a complete winner and place the rest of the notions.

PickFu Pricing:

Earlier, PickFu used to offer different plans with a free forever access to PickFu. However, they have discontinued the free plan now.

PickFu offers two subscription methods: pay-as-per-pricing and monthly subscription.

Pickfu pricing subscription

If you are planning to start PickFu as pay-per-pricing, you can start at $50/month. The monthly PickFu subscription costs $79/month.

If you have a team, you can get the monthly subscription at $299/month.  PickFu also offers various coupon and discount from time-to-time.

Pickfu pricing poll calculator

Benefits of PickFu:

PickFu fetches you the identical measurable and impartial results as purchasing costly advertisements, but much quicker and without any of the bother of trying to figure out how to arrange the ads.

As an advantage, you get written qualitative opinion you can use to expand repeat on your choices. The powerful data will definitely give you the confidence to pick up the best available option.

PickFu Pros and Cons: 


  • Quick Poll Creation
  • Split Testing
  • Pay-As-Per-Pricing
  • Additional Targeting Options
  • Increased Audience Size
  • Downloadable Poll Results
  • API Integrations
  • Team Membership Plan
  • Add as many respondents as you can


  • Images may be pixelated
  • No customer support

PickFu Customer Reviews:

PickFu customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ Do I Need To Purchase Membership For PickFu?

No. You do not necessarily need to purchase the membership plan for PickFu. It also gives a pay per pricing subscription to the customers. This means that for each poll, you can pay $1.

🔥 Are there any active PickFu Coupons?

Currently, PickFu is giving a discount on its monthly poll. If you are a first-time customer, you would get a 15% off promo code on PickFu. However, there is a 50% saving on Smart Poll with the promo codes.

⚡ Who Answers the PickFu polls?

PickFu has a US-based and native English speaker with different demographics. They comprise of a different race, gender, and demographics. Polls also depend on exercise frequency, reading habits, and mobile usage.

🎉 What Can I Ask With PickFu?

There is no limit on what you can get feedback on. PickFu has a poll gallery where users can choose the questions they want to ask. Also, they can customize the polls or questions they want to ask.

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Conclusion- Pickfu Promo Code & Coupons 2020

PickFu is far better than the other time consuming and awkward ways. The other ways to get reviews for anything will be either trust your gut feeling, ask friends and family, or simply buy expensive ads.

To start any new business or project you need a suggestion that works instantly and is not unprejudiced.

The whole concept will not only tell you what your audience prefers but also you why. So, you will know how to improve your project. Overall, you will have the actual idea about the market and will get guidelines for working.

Hope the PickFu promo code & coupons will help you to get the best price on this smart tool

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