Pimsleur Review 2022– Is Language Learning Here Worth The Hype?

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This post about Pimsleur Review. Read and get amazing information about learning a new language.

“Let me get lost in this beautiful world ”, as dreamt by many people, all they need is a foreign language. The most important thing to travel to a place is by knowing its language.

Hello readers, this is an article purely on the people who love exploring worlds and for guys who wish to pursue their education in foreign countries and searching for an online language learning platform.

Pimsleur Review

I present and do before you the best buddy any Language learner could wish for and an amazing online language learning platform Pimsleur Review.

Pimsleur Review 2022– Your Language Learning Buddy

Pimsleur Coupon Codes: Latest Offers

Wish to save money on the total subscription? What if the cheaper subscriptions got discounts? Wish your pockets are still full and you are done with learning a language? Yes, this is possible with coupon code.

One quality that Pimsleur has which attracts many learners towards the platform is that it has discounts on every special occasion that is celebrated all over the world.

Even on Father’s Day, an occasion celebrated by many countries, Pimsleur has discounts. To give you all complete information and help you with more such coupon codes, I put ahead of you few fantastic coupon codes.

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  • Travel 20

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Pimsleur Review 2022– Why So Much Hype?

Detailed about Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur calls itself the best language learning platform for millions of users around the globe. Basically, what is Pimsleur? Pimsleur is a platform that can help every person under the blue sky if the individual wishes to learn a foreign language.

Pimsleur Review Homepage

With Pimsleur, the candidate can be assured of one thing; dedication towards teaching, complete resources provided, and perfection. The astonishing feature about Pimsleur is that it caters to fifty distinct languages from different parts of Earth. Right from Arabic to Vietnamese the platform has numerous languages under the same roof. 

Pimsleur gives users the liberty if the individual wishes to launch his own tailor-made course over the Pimsleur for helping the students who register with Pimsleur. This plays a double jackpot for the person uploading the course as he can Learn as well as earn from Pimsleur.

The main purpose of Pimsleur is an E-educational platform that believes in teaching their student’s fifty-plus languages by making sure that the students are at ease and can study at their own pace.

What is Pimsleur? – An Overview

Pimsleur is an E-educational platform and believes that there is no age for learning. Again people who love to travel and explore worlds should know languages of the country at the minimum.

Keeping this in mind and many other factors such as students that wish to study abroad and built their careers there and most importantly, people that love to learn languages from different parts of the world being at their residence, Pimsleur has come up with a solution for all of these.

Pimsleur allows the students to study different languages under them from their natives and learn from home itself.

Also, Pimsleur has several inbuilt features that prove With the right guidance provided to an amateur, it can turn them into a rookie. If you wish to learn a language, Pimsleur doesn’t leave your hand till they make you completely fluent in the language.

There are several features and trademarks of Pimsleur. There are various pricing options depending on the language that the user wishes to learn. Moving to the next section which is very important from the learning perspective of a website.

Pimsleur Languages Offered

Pimsleur Features

Features play a vital role for the users to decide whether the platform they are investing in will fetch them the desired results or not. After all, the hard work and dedication towards learning are on the side of the student but getting the desired features makes it easy for the students to learn something.

This is an era of smart work rather than hard work. Thus, it’s the features that help a student in smart work and save him from wasting his time in other stuff.

Here is the set of premium features that Pimsleur has to offer its students which definitely proves a boon for the students registering under the Pimsleur approach.

Firstly, I will help you with the list of the features and then discuss every feature in detail to give you a clear idea of what exactly each feature is and how it serves you to be the best in learning the language.

Pimsleur Founder

  • Core Lessons

“The best possible way to become a perfectionist is to start from the core”. The first feature that Pimsleur has to offer is the Core lessons. Starting from the core is the best way to learn a language.

Learning the basics and core elements of a language not only helps an individual to gain complete knowledge about the language but also helps to learn the language easily and with uttermost fluency.

This is a key feature of the Pimsleur Approach as they cater to more than fifty languages and have the core information about the language.

  • Reading Lessons

“To achieve the success you need to go step by step”. The second feature that Pimsleur has to offer is the reading lessons.

If a student wishes to become fluent in a language he definitely needs to learn the language in all the parameters which are reading, writing and speaking. With Pimsleur, the student can master all sections.

The second step for learning any language after speaking is to learn to read the language. Pimsleur has the best ways to help you with this and within no time the student can be fluent in reading the language with the help of the reading lessons feature by Pimsleur.

  • Speakeasy Challenge

The next set of features that Pimsleur has to offer is the third step which is very very important from a learning perspective. This is because if the student can read and write a language but for communicating with people its the speaking skills that matter the most.

This is a feature especially for students who love challenges and once challenged accept the challenge and complete it.

What this does is, helps the student to challenge himself, and the final result if he completes the challenge is beneficial to only him. This also generates a spirit of sportsmanship in him making him ready for the outer world.

Pimsleur Features

  • Digital Flashcard

A totally new concept that Pimsleur has come up with is a digital flashcard.

The next addition to the set of features that Pimsleur has to add is a new ideology that the students should be helped with new words from their preferred learning with their meaning in their native language for a better understanding.

The owner of Pimsleur was of the idea that if the student finds study interesting, he himself pushes him towards it.

This new idea has proved exceptional and has helped many students. There are also oceans of positive responses for this new ideology brought up by Pimsleur.

  • Build Your Skills

The next amazing feature that Pimsleur has come up with is the Build your skill feature as they call it.

Once a student is familiar with the language and becomes a professional in speaking the language along with reading and writing the language, all he needs to do is brush up the skills in the language.

This is the feature that helps the student with the same. What this feature does is offers you a section where they provide you a mixture of both basic level and advanced level learning.

Depending upon the understanding capacity of the student, they are allowed to brush up and built their skills with this feature offered by Pimsleur.

  • Speed Round Game

“The best way to keep the student engaged in learning is to make learning fun”. Find me a better way to keep a student engaged other than asking him to play games with studies. Even this is possible with Pimsleur.

Pimsleur has come up with this feature of speed round game. The game is nothing but a multiple-choice fill in the blanks mock test.

The only catch in these mocks is that the test is time-oriented. Thus the student not only has to answer the question ahead of him but also needs to take care of the running time in the background.

This proves as a challenge again and students love to appear for such tests.

Pimsleur Discount

  • Uninterrupted Learning

Try, try but do not cry” is a saying but what if the students do not get enough trails? What if they tried and at the last moment something went wrong and they had to restart from where they left?

Interruption is such a mess in these conditions, right? The solution to this is uninterrupted learning.

The last feature that I am going to discuss for Pimsleur Approach is uninterrupted learning. The students have the ease of learning anywhere and at any point in time.

The above features are enough to prove that Pimsleur is making enough effort for the students learning under them. Here, I complete the section of features and I am sure that many miss-thoughts that were running in your mind would have got a silver lining or a way out of your minds.

Let me take you through the next parameter of the review about Pimsleur which is a pricing chart.

Pimsleur Methodology

Pricing Plans of Pimsleur

“If you are good at something, never do it for free”. Famous words by Sir Heath Ledger. Pimsleur calls themselves the best in terms of teaching a foreign language.

Following the words, if the platform is ready to offer you everything at ease and just on fingertips without a doubt they will charge you and who as a student or a learner need to loosen your pockets.

What Pimsleur does is charge you for has come up with two subscriptions. Both the subscriptions charge you different but the thing that has in common is that they both expire after one month and the student has to renew it once the tenure of four weeks is over. The plans are listed below:

  • The Basic Plan

The basic plan charges you around 14$ per month. This is not expensive but the catch is that there are fewer features available with this subscription. The student gets access to only the languages and some additional features are needed for learning a language.

The additional feature that the student gets in the basic plan is driving mode to name one.

  • The Premium Plan

The name itself is enough for the subscription. The premium subscription offers you every service that the platform to offer its students. There are additional features that the student misses in the basic plan.

Pricing Plans

The complete premium plan comes with features such as Flashcards, speed rounds, Quick match, and many more. The best thing about this premium plan is that for all these features, Pimsleur costs you only 19.95$ per month. Isn’t that great!.

Making payments with Pimsleur is very easy. You just need to follow few simple steps. The first step is to select the course you wish to subscribe to. The second step is to go to the website of the Pimsleur and register with them directly.

Pimsleur is partners with various multinational payment platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, and many more to make the payment for the subscriptions super easy and right at the fingertips. Pimsleur makes sure that if you pay for something you should be served the best in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Pimsleur

“Beware of people who are double-faced”. Knowing both sides the positive and the negative side of the platform saves a lot of things. It saves time, it saved efforts of a person towards learning, the dedication towards learning as well.

Thus to make you aware of all the heaven and hell features, in this section I will cover the Pros and Cons for Pimsleur.

Pimsleur Pros – 

  • The learning technique and way of operation for Pimsleur is very creative and engaging.
  • There are more than fifty languages to learn with Pimsleur.
  • Pimsleur provides all the necessary data needed to learn a language and has dedicated staff for every language
  • There is an option for a support desk that is available to the students 24/7.
  • The payment to be done for purchasing the subscription is very easy and Pimsleur is partners with famous payment platforms like PAYPAL, Stripe, etc.
  •  There are EMI options available with Pimsleur premium subscriptions where the student needs to pay for the subscription in three installments.


Pimsleur Cons – 

  • Teaching over fifty languages proves boon as well a curse for Pimsleur. This is because Pimlsuer does not have complete information about certain languages and lacks some underrated but important data.
  • The return policy of Pimsleur is a lengthy process and very time consuming as well.
  • Pimsleur does not have a trial version, unlike the other language learning platforms.

My Personal Review: Should you Buy It or Not?

In my personal review, if I were to use this platform, I would have had a great time with Pimsleur. Pimsleur has great and dedicated teachers to teach me the language of my choice. They also have a dedicated team for me that makes tailor-made courses for me.

Again, talking about the user interface it is very attractive and I can find everything on the screen itself. This is a feature that amazes me because I don’t have to navigate from one slide to another to get my problems resolved. 

If at any point in time, I get stuck with something, there is a team of teachers under the support desk to help me with my problems. All-in-all the price they ask for is totally worth the services they offer in return.

Getting everything on the same plate and also getting the ease of having a dish at any point in time also becomes a trademark of Pimsleur making it a great platform for me to learn a new language.

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Customer Reviews on Pimsleur

Customer Reviews

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FAQs | Pimsleur Review

What are the Premium Plans offered by Pimsleur?

Pimsleur has to offer two plans and they name it the basic plan and the premium plan respectively. For using the premium plan, the user needs to pay 14$ and for the premium plan, he has to pay 19.95$ for a month.

What are the languages that Pimsleur has to offer the people?

Pimsleur has more than fifty different languages that are currently spoken by people from all parts of the world. Starting from Arabic to Vietnamese Pimsleur has 50 languages.

Conclusion | Pimsleur Review 2022– Is It Worth Your Money?

Every good thing ends, but it’s we as people who decide whether everything ends on good terms or not. In this section of the Pimsleur Review, I will conclude all my points that I have tried to place in front of you all.

Pimsleur is an E-educational platform that helps more than a million people to learn different foreign languages sitting at their native places. Pimsleur has more than fifty languages that they cater to with all the needs and requirements that are required to learn a new language. 

There are two plans that Pimsleur offers the users to choose from. The first being the basic plan and second, being the premium plan. Pimsleur takes care of all the three areas needed to learn a language which includes the reading section, the writing section, and finally the speaking section.

The platform is very good and very engaging as well and a perfect buddy for people who love to travel or are fond of learning foreign languages.

Hope this Pimsleur Review was a beneficial read to you! Happy Learning!

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