Pinpointe Review March 2023– Best Email Marketing Service ? Read Before Buy

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About Pinpointe

Pinpointe Email Marketing reviews Pinpointe Email Marketing reviews

Pinpointe is an excellent email marketing service that suits the needs of small and medium businesses. This is a great solution for mid range businesses that require robust and advanced features similar to large businesses. Check out detailed Pinpointe Review March 2023– Best Email Marketing Service ? Read Before Buy.

Pinpointe offers cloud-based email marketing solution to companies at an affordable price. It is located in California.

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Email Creation: Pinpointe Review March 2023– Best Email Marketing Service ? Read Before Buy


Pinpointe has an intuitive interface that helps you to create campaign within 30 minutes. You can create an account, choose an email template, import email contacts and segment the audience to send emails. It has a great user-designed interface for creating newsletters, promotional articles and product documents.

Pinpointe provides more than 100 different email templates that can be customized by users. There are several editors available on the interface that enables users to directly edit the content, fonts, texts, colors and images on the email template.

There’s a WYSIWYG editor that helps edit as well as preview the campaign before sending. The HTML editor allows users to format text, create tables, graphics and import files. Templates can also be personalized by changing the HTML codes. Users can also copy-paste content from Microsoft Word.

Pinpointe Email Marketing reviews Pinpointe Discount Coupon Email Marketing reviews Pinpointe Email Marketing reviews

Apart from this, Pinpointe enables users to send multi-part emails for quality delivery. They can create HTML-only, text-only or both included as one emails to their clients.

Pinpointe is a team-based email marketing cloud for businesses and agencies with advanced analytics and awesome tools for users to easily create send track and analyze campaigns.
Professional Edition is for smaller teams who need advanced features, higher sending capacity and share resources (images, attachments, email campaign designs.)
 ‘Enterprise / Agency Edition’ takes team-based email marketing a step further because it’s multi-user / multi-account. Customers can create up to 500 dedicated accounts each with their own data campaigns and results.
We also have an awesome ‘widget based’ campaign builder to create beautiful, mobile friendly responsive campaigns that get noticed, plus reporting and analytics that help users gain better insights into their customer base.

Typical customers include-

Marketing Agencies
Publishers / Digital Media Services
Multi-site Real Estate Agencies
Franchises / Companies with multiple store locations

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Email Contact Lists

Pinpointe enables users to import and export contacts, add new lists, block lists and organize lists based on customers’ preferences. There’s a de-duping feature that prevents generation of multiple copies of contacts. Even if you accidentally create a duplicate contact, pinpointe deletes them automatically.

Pinpointe’s ‘list wizard’ helps to create new lists, profile data and other relevant information. This wizard also enables users to export contacts. Contacts that are unwanted and expired are blocked from your list and users can also maintain their own list of blocked addresses on pinpointe.


Email Segmentation

Pinpointe Discount Coupon Email Marketing reviews Pinpointe Discount Coupon Email Marketing reviews

Customers can segment their contacts based on behavior like actual, recent activities, their interests, recently opened campaigns, subscriptions, specific topics and custom fields. Apart from this, they can also set up automated campaign responses based on user’s activities.


Autoresponders also enable users to automatically send campaign to users who have subscribed to a particular list. They can schedule, change the format and contact list of autoresponders. Personalized campaigns help users to capture first name, address and interests of subscribers to send emails customized specifically for them.

Email Tracking

Pinpointe integrates with Google Analytics to track email campaigns and measure the number of clicks, transactions, visits and conversion rates. There’s also another unique feature called “digital footprints” that help keep track of sent and opened emails. Every time a particular contact opens the email this feature triggers an auto responder which helps in tracking the email campaigns automatically. There’s a manual and automatic event logging to log events and follow up reminders.

Pinpointe emails shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are automatically tracked which enables users to see the number of likes, followers and shares they received. Users can also keep a track of recipients who clicked on their links. They can also ‘mine’ Twitter feeds through the pinpointe’s real-time web analytics. It can help get information on your company’s name, Hashtags used, competitors and see results in real-time. They can also retweet important information to increase their audience.

Email Reporting

Pinpointe Discount Coupon Email Marketing reviews

Pinpointe has some unique features that help users to know whether their email campaigns are reaching the right audience. Each email campaign sent to particular or multiple contacts are tracked and delivery reports are generated once they reach the recipient.

Top Domain performance reporting tool provides the complete list of confirmed, unconfirmed, bounced and forwarded messages to your top domains. This helps to determine the deliverability of your messages.


Unique Features

  • RSS Archiving: A copy of the mails sent are archived automatically to preview or track them back later. It also archive all sent mails into separate RSS feeds for each mailing list.
  • Schedule Emails: You can schedule and pause an email campaign on
  • Bulk Email Facilities: You can perform bulk email tasks such as copy, merge, delete, archive and activate email campaigns at once.
  • Multilingual Support: Pinpointe enables users to send emails in multiple languages to both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries through its unique feature ‘UTF-8’ double byte international character set.
  • Pinpointe Social: Email campaigns can be magnified through social media integration. Pinpointe enables users to link their campaigns to social media platforms and get likes, followers and shares.
  • Google Calendar: Pinpointe supports Google Calendar integration to schedule and follow up meetings with contacts.
  • Email Campaign Statistics: This feature provides the complete details about each email campaign including date, time, clicks and contacts response.
  • Bounce Processing: It is a great way to know if any of the emails get bounced in a specific campaign. Pinpointe automatically filters the bounces into two parts namely; Soft and Hard bounce. Soft bounce occurs due to temporary reasons such as when the recipient inbox is full and these messages are retried for five times before they are deleted. In case of hard bounce pinpointe ensures that mails are not sent to these contacts in future.
  • Spam Checker: There’s an in-built spam score checker on pinpointe that ensures that your email campaigns are accurate and devoid of errors that may result in spam issues.
  • Send mails ‘On-behalf’ of Someone: Pinpointe allows users to send email campaigns on behalf of another sender.

pinponte review


Pinpointe offers a 15-day free trial and two membership plans.

  • Pricing Based on Contact Lists
Contacts Emails Cost
5,000 40,000 $49
10,000 80,000 $72
25,000 200,000 $150
50,000 300,000 $245
75,000 450,000 $365
100,000 600,000 $480
200,000 * $898


*For 200,000 and above, customers are required to contact the support staff to know more in detail about the email capacity.

If you pay for a span of six months, you can get 10% discount on all these plans.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Pay Per Email
Contacts Emails Cost
25,000 25,000 $245
50,000 50,000 $450
75,000 75,000 $600
100,000 100,000 $725
100,000* 200,000 $975
100,000* 300,000 $1450
100,000* 400,000 $1950
250,000 500,000 $2450
250,000* 1 Mil $2850



  • Flexible plans
  • Cloud-based email marketing service
  • Spam detector
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Social media & Google Analytics integration
  • 24/7 live chat customer support


  • Cannot send unlimited email campaigns
  • Not suited for large businesses
  • Unreliable delivery


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Bottom Line : Pinpointe Review March 2023– Best Email Marketing Service ? Read Before Buy

Pinpointe is specifically designed to create, automate and optimize email campaigns through its intuitive interface. This software is a good solution for B2B companies that thrive on sending only limited email campaigns.

Customers can preview and spamcheck all their emails before sending which is a great way to avoid delivery errors. It is a cloud email marketing solution that suits small and medium business perfectly. All the features are robust at affordable price range.

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