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Planning multiple projects at one time and also keeping a record of it becomes quite difficult at times.


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We sometimes tend to forget the particular projects’ deadlines, a project in charge, project topics and whom to communicate at the time of an issue.

So, here we will be talking about one of the smartest and the most advanced tools to keep you in line with the project.

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About PlanHammmer

PH is a modern-day tool for all those managers who take up multiple projects of various kinds and collaborate with the team to get the work done.

Basically, the tool helps them to track their workflow, keep deadlines records, and communicate the status among different groups. It is a one-size-fits-all kind of project management tool.

One might have seen many such traditional tools of project management, but this one works at a little different level.

PH functions as a time-honored project management and scheduling tool for upstream recording, clasped simultaneously with responsive downstream job delegation boards, improved for teamwork and communication on the PC, tablets, and mobile.

Thus, PH is a perfect blend of modern and customary management tools to get the task done via associations and interaction. It is user-friendly and gives full flexibility to the user to work from any location.

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Why PlanHammer?

Some might have a question in mind that how PH tool is different from others already available in the market.

Well, the answer is simple- this tool makes your project management easy by offering you quickly accessible mechanisms to make your task stress-free.

PlanHammer works on few agendas which form the mainstay of its standing in the market. Those schemes are:

Ø  Advanced development

You don’t need to give the final touches to your plan in one go. Just write up your ideas and come back to it edits and design it when you get time. Your teammates can also insert sub-tasks for you to schedule and prioritize. Eve you can do the same for them so that they can exact timelines as per the work assigned.

Ø  Cooperative Project Managing

You can invite your co-workers to help you with project planning. No one has to pay for to work on the same project of yours, but need to upgrade to their own. Email notification will keep you up-to-date when you start back in forward. Connect straight to errands by unlocking the data tab and copying the URL.

Ø  Easy-going and Precise Job Assessment software

At times, it becomes difficult to get the whole team contributing to estimate and arrangement. The user-friendly Expected Time Calculator presents the resources the guidance to get started and give exact timelines.

Ø  Quick view dependencies and Development towards Targets

You can make the project conception easy by adding tasks and estimates, dependencies, job sequencing on the GANTT chart.

 Ø  Export and import all the information

To start quickly, you can import or export MS project data and make sure it is in agreement with data back up plans. CSV is available for exporting files.

Ø  Arrange everyday jobs and Envision to Regulate work in progress

Dexterous Kanban boards are naturally used to arrange errands by dragging and dropping them to train your logjam. If a catalogue has a gridlock of tags, it’s simple to watch so that you can get in and crush the blockage.

Ø  See Existing Status Quickly

Going through the PlanHammer’s views, you will be able to see the exact status of your project. Even the shareholders can be invited to flip through the pages at their ease.

Ø  Recognise and Move about Menaces without Getting to Official or experiencing via Long Discussions

Generating a risk record shouldn’t be a smoky matter with a group of made-up situations. PlanHammer democratizes risk managing so that all the venture’s supplies are able to add possible risks right from their assignments which are automatically affixed to the risk register for arrangement and conversation.

Ø  Job Agendas for Supplies, Quality Control or To-Do Records

Uncomplicated lists in the data panel of each job, let Project Managers to swiftly insert approval norms, value arrangements, or just a list of items to do connected to that chore.

Ø  Online WBS Tool for the Big Picture Synopsis

Develop and pack up your WBS chart to simply show the level of detail needed for your project’s investors.

Ø  Keep back all the Documents

Simply attach folders from OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and upload documents from your PC straight to errands.

PlanHammer Features:

  • Simple Project To-Do lists

You can simply and quickly write down all your tasks. Just drag and down to re-arrange everything on-the-go. Get everything done quickly by filtering, searching, expanding and breaking up task trees.

  • Online Work Breakdown Structure Software

Completely flexible and collapsible, and editable WBS charting that mechanically apprises along with your mission.

  • Agile Kanban Boards

Generate as many active boards with as many rows (lists) as you need. Responsive position can be arranged from any chore’s info group from any sight.

  • GANTT Chart Tool

Right away align dependencies, extents, start and end dates for all errands.

  • RACI Chart Tool

This view routinely creates a list of all project responsibilities and automatically groups the RACI status created on user doings where feasible. The rest depends on you. Non-project clients can be included as shareholders or sources.

  • Rick Log Tool

Simply fill and trail perils with their Risk Management Tool so that you don’t get trapped with your pants down.

PlanHammer Coupon Codes Features

Pricing Plan

The pricing of this software is reasonable and you may get more discount by applying the PlanHammer promo code discounts.

PlanHammer Coupon Codes Pricing

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Conclusion- PlanHammer Promo Code Discounts 2023

Therefore, PlanHammer is a strong tool for managing your multiple projects easily at one time with full effectiveness.

The active work assignment boards are developed for collaboration and communication in any computers and mobiles on the go.

So, the tool is helpful for all those who want to do multi-tasking through project management.

I hope you take the full benefit of the PlanHammer promo code discounts.




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