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In this post, I have featured Polarbackup Coupon Codes 2023.

With summer coming to an end, some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! Because memories last for a lifetime, Polarbackup is now offering a plan to protect your precious moments and memories for life!

It is a lifetime deal, so you will only pay once. Polar Backup is designed for storing large amounts of data at an affordable cost for life.

Your data is protected with 256-AES encryption, based on Amazon AWS servers, meaning the highest level of security and availability of data.

Polarbackup Coupon Codes

90% Off Polarbackup Coupon Codes & Offers 2023

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Overview of Polarbackup

Looking for an advanced Cloud backup solution?

You’ve found them!

The world’s most affordable, powerful & advanced Cloud backup solution customized to protect and archive your data!

Polar Backup is designed for storing large amounts of data at an affordable cost for life; meaning that users will be able to access data within hours of requesting it.

Join this newest Cloud backup solution that resides on your PC. They specialize in videos, images, documents, emails (.pst), and music.

Minimum Requirements to Use the Polarbackup

If you’re a Windows User:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

If you’re a Mac User:

  • Mac (OS X) (10.7) or (newer)

Why Polar Backup?

  • It is a Lifetime deal, pay only once!
  • Competitive prices.
  • Easy backup and restore.
  • Reliable cloud, data saved forever.
  • Have full control over your data & easily manage them.
  • Supports Windows and Mac.
  • Protect your data with 256- Bit AES encryption.
  • Enjoy backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, file retention & more.
  • File versioning.
  • GDPR privacy complaint.
  • Backup local, external, & network drives.
  • Set and forget automatic backups.
  • You can manage the encryption password, and set your own during the configuration process. 

It is time for you to join the world’s most secure, efficient, and advanced backup solution.

Get ready! It’s time for your new journey with Polar Backup.

polar backup lifetime

Why is Polarbackup Safe?

  • Based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • You can use your own AES 256 encryption password.
  • Easy to backup and restore.
  • File versioning.
  • Files stored forever.
  • Set and forget automatic backups.

Security is not expensive, it’s priceless! 

Pricing Plans | Polarbackup Coupon Codes

Polarbackup is an intuitive, highly customizable but incredibly low-priced cloud backup service. The base price of Polarbackup’s lifetime plans makes its cloud storage cheaper than getting a physical hard drive of the same size making it a great service for people looking to migrate their data to the cloud.

While the price is an attention grabber, a deeper dive into the service reveals a plethora of features that allow users to customize the single-user/single-machine lifetime base plans.

The upgrades are charged on a yearly basis (no doubt how Polarbackup makes up for their inexpensive price tag) but even the add-ons are still priced economically.

Polarbackup may skimp on price, but they certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to security. Data is stored with AES 256 end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption, making it one of the cheapest and most secure cloud backup options on the market.

There are a couple of things to note, however. This is a cold cloud storage service, meaning your data isn’t available instantly for restoring; after putting in a request, it takes a few hours (they say up to 24 hours but we got our files back sooner) for file restoration to be completed.

The upload speeds aren’t the fastest; but definitely more than adequate especially considering you’re dealing with encrypted, cold storage, but it would be best to let your backups run overnight.

polarbackup coupon codes: pricing plans

Overall, Polarbackup is a steal for archiving and long-term storage of data, it gets the job done at a price that can’t be beaten. But if you did want to beat that price, Polarbackup already did that for you. You can currently grab an additional 5TB plan for free with the purchase of a 5TB plan lifetime plan for only $99.99.

High quality, affordable, easy, and secure…everything you need from a cloud backup solution in one place.

 If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

Polarbackup is a one-time purchase for a lifetime of security!

Never worry about losing your data or a memory ever again, Polarbackup lets you relive your most precious moments time after time

Offering competitive pricing, Polarbackup offers  5TB of hard drive for less than $100, pay as little as $3.33/month.

Features of Polarbackup

  • Polarbackup offers some pretty heavy encryption-

AES 256 zero-knowledge. So if you’re prone to forgetting your password (read: your parents), you’ll be out of luck since Polarbackup doesn’t keep a copy of your password on hand. All in all, Polarbackup is super low-cost and highly secure.

  • Keeps your files and resources safe-

There’s a lot of data on our devices that we rarely think about—until we lose it. Don’t wait and backup your data now without having to worry about that distressing “not enough storage” message.

You will have full control over your data. Any folder you require is a simple click away with Polar Backup Cloud Storage!

  • Create your own encrypted password-

You have full power and control over the encrypted password, set-up your own personal password during the configuration process.

Polarbackup provides the fastest service and backup using deduplication, block-level uploads, and protection against ransomware.

  • Polarbackup is user friendly-

Polarbackup is dedicated to providing you with the best possible cloud backup services, easy-to-use, and tailored to your needs.

features of polarbackup

Quick Links

FAQs | Polarbackup Coupon Codes

🤟 How secure is Polarbackup?

It’s time for you to get the privacy and security you deserve. Polarbackup has got you covered! It is safe because: It has GDPR compliant, You can use your own AES 256 encryption password.

🙋‍♀️ What is Polarbackup?

Polarbackup is a cloud backup solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, meaning the highest level of security and availability of data. Files are also secured with a military-grade 256-AES Advanced Encryption Standard.

👍 How does Polarbackup work?

Polarbackup uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption to encrypt your data locally and before it leaves your machine to be transferred over an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection to Amazon AWS servers where they are encrypted again before they reside on the servers.

Conclusion | Polarbackup Coupon Codes 2023

Polarbackup is the coolest (no pun intended) backup software I’ve used so far. It’s not the most feature-rich product on the market but its bullet-proof backup is yet to let me down. My biggest concern with any cloud backup was the cost because I have quite a large collection of family videos and images.

I knew I’d need more than 1 TB of space. When I saw the lifetime deal from Polarbackup for its 5 TB plan I couldn’t believe it! I’ve backed up my Mac at home and even the external drives I store most of my data on.

Avoid losing files to an unexpected hard drive crash from precious photos and videos to important documents, there’s a lot of data on our devices that we rarely think about — until we lose it. Don’t wait and backup your data now.

I hope you get best discounts with Polarbackup Coupon Codes.

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