Prime XBT Review 2023: Is It #1 Bitcoin Trading Platform? (Read Truth)

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In this Prime XBT review 2023, I am going to share my experience on PrimeXBT trading and how it works.

Prime XBT, an online Bitcoin exchange, was established in the year 2018 in Seychelles.

It allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies and CFDs on its global and dynamic trading platform. Even though it is fairly new, the company has seen exponential growth in a short span of time.

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Prime XBT Review 2023: Is It Safe Trading Platform?

Prime XBT is a powerful bitcoin trading platform that is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate-level traders.

The firm has security practices of industry-level that ensure the funds, as well as trading activities, are safe cyber attacks.

Prime XBT review

The vision of Prime XBT is to create an innovative platform that provides users with all the necessary tools needed for daily trading activities.

The clients of this company are from about 150 countries.

The customer support works 24/7  and the website functions in 6 different languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese.

PrimeXBT Leverage

Bitcoin leverage calculator-PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT currently gives you the bitcoin leverage. This also means that you can make larger profits and greater market positions.

PrimeXBt gives the leverage of 1:100 for bitcoin trading.

In simpler terms, if you are investing in bitcoin trading and up to $1,000 bitcoin trading, you would only invest $100 with the PrimeXBT platform and still make the usual profit.

You can make use of the bitcoin leverage calculator to check out the buying power on your available capital.

Be cautious to face losses if you are looking to make a profit.

Prime XBT Trading Platforms:

PrimeXBT trading platform

I signed up for the trading platform and opened the trading account.

Before opening an account, you can live preview the demo account of Prime XBt before getting access to the real account.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a position Tab. In the position column, you can find symbols such as position ID, time, current time, profit/loss.

You can see the trading history as well as all the trades that are available.

The topmost left-hand side of the screen shows the cryptocurrency pairs. The list includes LTC/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, EOS/USD, and XRP/USD.

In the trade section, you can add the order and start trading the cryptos. This trading platform has a clear interface and a user-friendly interface.

How PrimeXBT Works?

Technically, PrimeXBT offers an interface that is simple to use, intuitive and caters to the requirements of a crypto trader. Market data is delivered in real-time and liquidity is aggregated from about 12 cryptocurrency exchanges, which enables traders to execute instantly at any volume.

It is simple enough for beginners to understand yet includes the advanced tools that professional traders want.

The interface is totally customizable and consists of multi-monitor support. Three tabs are available for navigation – Account, Trade, and Information.

Account Creation

How to create Prime XBT account

Getting an account created with PrimeXBT is quite a straightforward process. You need to punch in the email address, select a strong password, agree to the service terms and click “Register”.

Post this, a confirmation email is sent to the email address linked to the account. Once you click on this, the registration process is complete.

It is quite surprising that the company permits users to begin trading even if the AML/KYC registrations are incomplete. This might prove to be a deal-breaker for those who prefer trading amongst verified traders.

(i) Account tab

This tab displays important information pertaining to the user account. You will notice two wallets under “Account Summary” – the basic wallet and the trading wallet.

Prime XBT account trading

You will also be able to check data on your previous deposits, closed trades, previous withdrawals, and can also set up 2FA protection, get your password changed and edit the account settings.

(ii)Trade tab

The Trade tab is wherein various elements can be accessed such as the order book, the dashboard with the market prices and many tools required by a margin trader.

The various elements can be found under exchange widgets and the layout of these elements can be easily customized.

These widgets also enable the user to create some personalized watchlists as well as track messages.

(iii) Information tab

This tab provides useful data related to the features, trading fees, types of orders, etc.

Deposits, Withdrawals and Trading Account Funding

Prime XBT live trading

(i) Deposits

When it comes to deposits, this is just a crypto-only platform and only Bitcoins can be used to fund the basic exchange wallet. The wallet can be funded in some of the below-mentioned ways:

– scan a QR code that is given on the accounts or deposit page.

– The Bitcoin wallet address can be copied and pasted in the wallet you wish to send the funds from.

– Purchase Bitcoins using the credit card or cryptocurrency which is possible because of the in-built Changelly conversion widget.

The deposit gets credited to the wallet post 6 network confirmations on the transaction. The minimum size of the deposit is 0.001 BTC.

(ii) Withdrawals are quite simple.

You just have to enter the address of the destination, the BTC amount, and click the button “Submit to withdraw”.

(iii) Trading/Orders

PrimeXBT provides trading pairs for just 5 cryptocurrencies: BTC/USD, XRP/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, and EOS/USD. You can either  “long” or “short” these instruments.

Prime XBT deposit funds

Types of Bitcoin Trading Orders

  1. Market Orders

This is the traditional type of order that can be instantly executed at the current market price. This can be used in case the user wishes to buy/sell immediately.

  1. Limit Orders

This type of order is quite common on any modern crypto trading platform. It enables the users to buy/sell any asset at a specific desired price or a better price. The trader places his order and once the market price touches the level he desires, the order gets executed.

  1. Stop Orders

These are also known as stop-loss orders. the exchange is instructed to execute a specific trade when the investment crosses a price and the investor does not wish to sustain any losses beyond this price. The “stop price” can be lower or higher than the desired purchase price.

  1. OCO Orders

These are called “one-cancels-the-other” orders. In such an order, a stop order is combined with a limit order on the automated trading platform.

When either of the prices is reached- the stop price or limit price, one order gets executed, and the other order gets canceled automatically. Experienced traders make use of OCO orders to diminish the risk.

How To Place An Order?

Prime XBT trading platform

The Trade Tab is where all the trading takes place.

The steps are as follows:

– trading prime CBT

– Click on the trade tab

– Click either the red or green button, to either sell or buy the BTC

– PrimeXBT and place the order

– A new box comes up wherein the user can select the order type by clicking on the dropdown menu to check the market or limit orders. In order to select the protection order, you can select the box located beneath the sell/buy buttons.

–  You must click on the Send Order once you select the option

PrimeXBT Fees/Trading Conditions:

PrimeXBT fees and trading

PrimeXBT has a very lengthy set of regulations as well as requirements pertaining to the on-platform trading. The base trading fees for each cryptocurrency is a flat 0.05%, in addition to the overnight financing fees for trades that are good-until-cleared.

You will not have any overnight financing fees in case a leveraged position is opened and closed the same day.

Prime XBT Affiliate Program

Referral Program: The PrimeXBT referral

Prime XBT referral program

Prime XBT offers the most profitable affiliate programs of the world. Let us read the details below.

The exchange has its unique referral program wherein it offers the users to become a “partner” by spreading the word about the platform. People who refer other people to this exchange get rewarded with a commission – a percentage of the trade commission of these new traders.

You have a chance to earn up to $1250 by just introducing clients to PrimeXBT.

There are three plans that you can get associated with and earn your passive income which could be higher than your active income because their payouts are quite high.

i) Classic – If you opt for this you can earn a stable income as these plans offers revenue sharing. With this plan, the partners can up to 70% of the trading fees paid by all the users referred by them.

ii) This is the most popular plan as you can earn up to $1,250 CPA. Thus, for every trader you introduce that once they are qualified as a trader, you get between $40 – $1,250.

iii) In this, you get the best of both the plans discussed above. You can fixed pay for every eligible lead you offer and also earn revenue share for the trade your referrals do.

Thus, with PrimeXBT, higher the clients you sign up, the greater your income! For instance, you get 122 clients in a month, you can earn $ 11,590 and it is surely not a bad deal at all!

Why You Should Sign Up As An Affiliate With PrimeXBT?

primexbt reviews

Faster Payouts –

The company truly understands the significance of faster pay-outs to its affiliates that why they even offer the personalized payment conditions for its active affiliate partners.

Transparent Reporting –

With the Integrated Affise software, you are given full access to view the complete statistics. you can see the number of clicks, the conversion date, payouts, and commission. Also, the software is very user-friendly and extremely easy to use.

High-Quality Media and Promo Materials –

The company believes in promoting its partners thus, provide them with the optimum quality static and html5 banners.

You are also given landing pages and other media support to help you to maximize your earnings.

Users are recommended to be active online and must share their referral links through social networks, the blog on the concept and advantages of such a platform, and engage themselves in community discussions.

Thus, according to me, there is no reason that you do not sign up for their affiliate program right away!



The exchange provides a range of security features and these make sure that the assets of the customer are safeguarded from any third party or malicious actors:

– 2FA (offered by Google Auth) will take care of account security and avoid unauthorized access to the accounts of users.

–  there is a compulsory feature of Bitcoin address whitelisting

– Digital assets can be stored using Multisignature technology

– Hardware security modules having a rating of about FIPS PUB 140-2 Level 3 or even higher.

Prime XBT security

– A complete risk check post every order placed and executed

Encrypted SSL (https) that encrypts as well as secures the traffic of the website

–  Every password is hashed cryptographically whereas every sensitive data is also encrypted

– Cloudflare will get rid of potential attacks related to distributed denial-of-service (“DDoS”)

– Regular tests, as well as check-ups, are conducted by the technical team of Primexbt

– IT security assessments are an on-going process to remain up to date regarding any new potential vulnerabilities.

Pros and Cons of Prime XBT 


  1. The accounts are completely anonymous and no KYC verifications or form filling is required.
  2. The service fees along with trading conditions are quite competitive.
  3. The executions of trade is quite fast due to superior technology.
  4. 100x leverage is offered on crypto assets.
  5. The platform is quite modern and is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate-level traders.


  1. No demo account is offered
  2. No service is offered to clients in the US, Canada as well as regions where the laws interfere with the services of Prime XBT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ How To Trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Trading works the same way as the other trading. When demand for bitcoins rises, price increases.

🔥 Is Prime XBT Legal?

Yes, Prime XBT is legal platform for trading bitcoins. It has clients from 150+ countries.

🏆 Is Prime XBT secured?

Prime XBT has secured features that guarantee safe exchange. It has encrypted SSL that secures traffic of the website.

💲💲 Does Prime XBT have any hidden fees?

No, PrimeXBT has a long set of regulations and charge a trading fee of about 0.005%.

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Conclusion: Is Prime XBT Really No.1 Bitcoin Trading Platform? Prime XBT Review 2023

In this PrimeXBT Review, I have shared about how this trading platform is simple and straightforward and makes PrimeXBT a unique trading platform and have an edge over the competitors in addition to the low commissions, the tight spreads, as well as the leverage of 1:100.

It has a very user-friendly interface that is fully customizable and includes support for multiple monitors.

This trading platform is a best-in-class option as it is safe, reliable, and fast.

The exchange has officially opened right now and you can register and begin the trades. It is advised to proceed with caution as Prime XBT. Also, ensure that the exchange is not used as a wallet.

In fact, make sure that the coins are stored in cold storage and only a trading stack must be kept on the exchange.

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