Printify vs Printful Review 2023: Which One is Better?

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Customer Service
Easy To Use
Value Potential


  • Offers free trial
  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Variety of products to choose from
  • Automated process
  • Cheaper products
  • Great Quality
  • Integrations are available


  • Sometimes products are overpriced
  • Sometimes quality is not as expected

Printify wins the battle hands down over Printful. Printify allows you to earn more profit as compared with Printful and also has some additions benefits, which makes it superiors to others.


This blog is about Printify vs Printful Review 2023.

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printify vs printful

Printify vs Printful Review 2023: Which One is Better?

Details About Printify vs Printful

Hey, people! are you a manufacturer and wish that you get dealers from the globe to buy your stock? Are you a seller and wish to get in contact with various manufacturers that help you with the products?

Do you have confidence in yourself that you could sell a massive stock if given in wholesale? You are at the right place. In this blog, I will guide you through the two easiest ways to be in contact with a manufacturer if you are a seller and vice versa.

This Printify vs Printful Review blog is related to two over the net platforms Printify and Printful. The purpose of both the platforms are quite similar to each other but also differ at the same time in terms of the services they offer.

Again, in this blog, I will brief you about the features, pricing chart, pros, and cons for both the platforms individually and conclude with my side.


This section of the blog deals with the overall summary as well as the information about a product for you to understand the product better initially. It is necessary to have some pre-knowledge about a platform that we are going to study or have a debate on over.

Let’s have a quick overview of both the platforms that we are going to discuss in this blog starting with Printify followed by Printful.

Printify Overview

How does Printify operate?

Printify is an online platform that makes the exchange of products from the manufacturer to a seller and vice versa and tries to make the complete process of exchange of goods as simple as possible.

Printify believes in a model to manufacture a replica of a machine generator to lower the weight of artistic work and designs.

It becomes super easy for people who already have contacts with the manufacturers in case of sellers and for the manufacturers who have friends that readily generate sales for the product they produce.

The creation of a 3D impression to be imprinted on the various products is very easy with the help of Printify as it has all sorts of color options readily available.

There are also several supporting factors that will help a designer to create a more than awesome and eye-catching design which later gets printed on the accessories for sale.

The overall quality of the product can be improved with the help of Printify as the POD works with groups of print designers and brands granted permission from art technology.

The main purpose of Printify is to segregate the print-on-demand manufacturers based on the headings like bestselling, location, and the cost of the products. Thus the selection of a perfect print provider becomes very important in such cases for the POD businesses.

The products that can be manufactured after every detailing are hoodies, T-shirts, mugs, Canvas prints, legging, shoes, handbags, and so on. The inventory for such POD is very big and maintenance becomes very necessary.

The working process of Printify becomes very easy as both the manufacturer as well as the supplier have the liberty to handpick the products making it convenient for both of them.

Printify vs Printful Printify Homepage

There are various options like order a certain amount of products as a sample work with them and then decide if the business will work with the product you selected or you need to opt for any other product. You will come to know more about Printify reviews here.

The complete record of the quality of the product, as well as the shipment, can be easily done with the help of Printify. Also, with so many clients Printify makes sure that whenever the seller is in need of some product it is always available. The POD never fails or gets out of stock in such situations.

The complete help right from providing the good from the manufacturer to the seller and keeping the record, maintaining the inventory is done by Printify. All you need to do is select an appropriate marketing strategy and start selling your products.

Printful Overview

How does Printful Operate?

Covering major parts of the world, Printful has developed the same business as that of Printify. Initially holding grip over various parts of the USA, Mexico, and Europe, the company hasn’t stopped since.

The customer just needs to sign in and get into the family of Printful to integrate the business he possesses or wants to initiate.

The main difference between Printify and Printful is that Printify serves you everything in the plate cooked whereas in case of Printful you will be provided with the ingredients and have to cooks for yourself.

Meaning, that Printful helps you with the areas and information about various manufacturers and you yourself have to visit the location or produce your own product.

The person starting his own business needs to have knowledge about mockup generators in case of partners with Printful. Now, what actually is a mockup generator?

Printify vs Printful Printful Homepage

Mockup generator means that the customer will be provided with all the information about how to design the prints but for using that he needs to produce his own products.

Printful also helps to create amazing, mouth-watering, and blooming to the eye sort of designs which when printed on a product can earn wonders.

How does Print-on-Demand Work?

Print-on-demand companies are nothing but an online fulfillment of custom-made printed products over a T-shirt where the seller comes in contact with the supplier to outcast the need for self-printed T-shirts.

In simple words, print on demand companies means a complete process where there is a specific team of people who produce or manufacture a set of Tailor-made printed t-shirt.

On the other hand, there are some online fulfillment suppliers that attach a self-spelling white label under the manufacturer’s t-shirt and making it available to the customers under their name or their brand. 

For example, if there is a production house that manufactures the T-shirt and there is a seller who wishes to sell those t-shirts under his name or brand can collect such T-shirts in huge numbers from the manufacturer attached his white customizable logo labels and sell them under their name this process is known as print-on-demand process.

Customizable products that can be manufactured by one group and sold by the other include t-shirt, leggies, hoodies, curtains, choose a cap, beanie, bag, school bag, and much more such products.

Another great factor with print-on-demand is that it follows the model of dropshipping where the seller can get the stock from the manufacturer and has to pay him once all the stock is sold.

During the process of sales, the seller need not worry about upfront fees or payment to the inventory for the manufacturer.

For people who already have their clients fixed and also sellers who always purchase stock from a particular manufacturing company this is the best business to do if that manufacturer wishes to start his own SME.

Areas Printify and Printful are Best in:

  • Clothing

  1. Hoodies.
  2. Caps.
  3. T-Shirts.
  4. Sweatshirts.
  5. Leggies.
  6. Shorts.
  7. Leggies.
  8. Short Sleeves.
  9. Long Sleeves.
  10. Polo Shirts.
  • Accessories

  1. Stickers.
  2. Phone Covers.
  3. Bracelets
  4. Necklaces.
  • Bags

  1. Laptop Bags.
  2. Backpacks.
  3. Fanny bags.
  4. Desktop Covers.
  • Home and Living

  1. Mugs.
  2. Blankets.
  3. Pillows.
  4. Posters.
  5. Bean Bags.
  • Collections

  1. SportsWear.
  2. Streetwear.
  3. Workwear.
  4. Beachwear.

Features | Printify Vs Printful 

The features form the base of every online social marketing platform as it becomes easier for people to shop with them. Also, if it is easy for customers, they visit the website, again and again, that benefits the social media giant to a great extent.

Again, these features stand out for the pair as it attracts people towards them. In this Printify vs Printful blog, it’s time to note down the features. Here is the list of all the features that both Printify and Printful have to offer.

Features of Printify

The list shows the features that are offered by Printify:

  • Amazing online partners.
  • Create Custom Products.
  • Sell your Product.
  • Amazing products already made for designs.
  • Wide-Spread connectivity.
  • One Solution for all your needs.
  • Amazing online partners

The first feature of Printify, not a so-called feature but appositive for inter fire is that it has an amazing online partner that they work with. The Printify reviews are quite good.

Printify partners include great names like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Prestashop, Bigcommerce, Wix stores, Printify API, and over 500k store owners are connected with Printify making it a huge social media marketing platform.

Printify Stores

  • Create Custom Products

Another feature that Printify has to offer its users and by users I mean benefactors and sellers is custom-created products.

The manufacturers have the liberty to produce the products that Printify creators 2 to and the seller has the Liberty to create his own designs and with a mix of both of them, the manufacturer or the seller can start their own business.

Printify vs Printful Printify Products

  • Sell your Product

The next feature that Printify has to open its users and manufacturers is the sell your product feature.

This feature enables the users, the manufacturers, and the sellers to do business with Printify where the platform will allow the manufacturer and the user to communicate with each other because they are in need of each other.

With Printify it becomes very easy to sell the product that you manufactured or design and get a 50 price for that.

  • Amazing products already made for designs

The next feature that Printify has to offer its users is the manufacturer’s and the sellers’ amazing products that are already designed.

If there is a manufacturing company and wishes to produce a certain product he did not think about designing it as 25 has options available for him to select a product from the list of products that Printify caters to.

The same goes for the seller as well as the seller can find manufacturers that have already designed the products and manufacture them as well. The seller needs to just buy the stock and start his business by selling them.

  • Wide-Spread connectivity

The next important feature that stands out for Printify is that the website is widespread and the connectivity from different parts of the world sitting at his own houses becomes very easy.


Printify has covered geographical areas over the globe and the person who wishes to start his business can take the advantage of these features by sitting at their house can order a product as a wholesaler to start his business at his home town.

  • One Solution for all your needs

The final feature that Printify has to offer the users, manufacturers, and sellers is the one solution for all the needs.

It is headed as one solution to all the needs because it covers amazing features such as more than 250 unique products mockup generator global print provider 24 by 7 merchant support manual orders as well as shipping calculators.

These are the solutions to all the problems that a person might come across while he wishes to start his own business of manufacturing or either selling.

Features of Printful

The list shows the features that are offered by Printful:

  • Create Custom Products.
  • Great working procedure.
  • Amazing online partners.
  • Responsible Fulfillment.
  • Free to use.
  • No minimums.
  • Complete automatic.
  • Custom Branding.
  • Best Shipping Rates.
  • Create a Custom Product

The first features that Printful has to offer its users and by users I mean manufacturers and sellers are custom created products.

The manufacturers have the liberty to produce the products that Printify creators 2 to and the seller has the Liberty to create his own designs and with a mix of both of them, the manufacturer or the seller can start their own business.

  • Great working procedure

the next feature that Printful has to offer its users is a great working procedure working with Printful is really easy and only the only thing that the user needs to keep in mind is that working with Printful is a three-way process.

The first step is that you need to create your own store by connecting your online store to print full and fill it with products the customer will then order one of the products that you produced and sell it. The second working process comes as the factory.

Printify vs Printful Printful Products

The print full factory keeps the record and track of all the orders that you received as a seller and makes sure that the third step that is the delivery of the products is done easily and the client receives the products.

  • Amazing Online Partners

The next feature also a positive for Printful is that it has amazing online partners.

To name a few they have partnerships with Shopify, WooCommerce,, Squarespace, Equalled, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Weebly, Big Bottle, Magneto, Gumraad, Shipstation, 3D Card Launch, Card Webflow, and Etsy.

Printful Stores

Selling partners include mega stores such as Amazon eBay wish story bonzer and also with the help of Printful you can create your own custom website as well.

  • Responsible Fulfillment

The next feature that Printful has to offer his users is responsible for fulfillment.

This feature has enabled the users to save resources and avoid leftovers which make sure that the products are manufactured only when there is an order placed by the seller.

What this does is stops the holding of the products and also help to avoid the leftovers which bi time turn into deadstock if any users don’t wish to buy it.

  • Free to Use

The next feature that Printful has to offer is the freedom to use the feature.


As the name suggests the meaning for this feature is totally different it means that there will be no monthly or upfront charges that the seller will be charged and the seller needs to make complete payment to the manufacturer only when the complete sale of the products is done.

The nominal charges that are to be paid it will start only after the fulfillment and shipping is confirmed.

  • No Minimums

The next feature that Printful has to offer is for the risk-takers who wish to start their own businesses with nominal investment.

The feature is named because no minimums as the seller can buy a certain amount of products or a certain number of products and can enjoy the freedom of experimenting with the store concept by ordering a limited number of products.

If everything goes according to the plan Printful also allows the user to order products in use numbers and start his own business.

Pricing | Printify Vs Printful

It’s time to check the pricing parameter in this Printify vs Printful blog. 

Pricing is a very important factor for any platform considering that if they have fewer prices and good products people will visit their website more frequently.

Listed below are the pricing sheet and the amount that the user needs to pay for enjoying the services offered by Printify and Printful.

Printify Pricing

There are three premium plans that Printify has to offer its users for enjoying all the services offered by Printify. The premium plans of Printify are named as a free premium plan, the second one being the premium, and the final being the enterprise plan.

Below listed are the premium plans and detailed explanations of what is offered by Printify:

  • Free Plan.
  • Premium Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan.
  • Free Plan

The first plan that is offered by Printify is the free plan. the user gets access to five stores per account and unlimited product designs at zero production fee.all that the user needs to do for opting for this plan is to sign up on the website of Printify.

The main set of features that the user can enjoy with this free plan is mockup generator integration with various social media platforms manual order creation 24 by 7 merchants support and self-service help center.

  • Premium Plan

The next plan that Printify has to offer its users is the premium plan wherein for enjoying the services offered by Printify under a premium plan the user needs to pay an amount of $30 per month where we can enjoy 10 storage usage for account and unlimited product designs.

Printify Pricing

In the list of main features under the premium, the plan includes mockup generator integration with Shopify and other such platforms manual order creation 24 by 7 merchant support self-service help centre custom order import and up to 20% discount on all products.

  • Enterprise Plan

The last plan that Printify has to offer is named as the enterprise plan and for enjoying the services under enterprise plan the user or the manufacturer has the liberty of selecting certain features and needs to pay only for those features.

This can also be known as custom pricing. The user gets unlimited stores for an account and unlimited product designs as the services.

And talking about the main features under this service for a premium plan, additional features as compared to both the previous plans are early access to new features custom API integrations dedicated account manager and branded customer support. 

Printful Pricing

Talking about the pricing sheet of the rival in this Printify vs Printful blog, Printful pricing depends completely upon the manufacturer as well as the seller as they have no premium plans to offer.

There is a profit calculator that helps the user and the manufacturer to calculate the profit that he is making after selling a product.

Again there is a certain amount decided over every product that the user will earn as profits definitely.

Printful Pricing

Examples of such dedicated profits are for a long sleeve print its $6, for short sleeve print its 2.5 dollars per sleeve, embroidered logo can cost around $3, again and outside label costs around 2.5 dollars each.

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FAQs | Printify vs Printful Review 

🤟 Which is better Printify vs Printful?

Printify is better than Printful because of its amazing features. Also, it's quality is good.

🤓 Can I use Printful and Printify?

If you are planning on selling your designs on Etsy or your own Shopify store, then you can actually use both providers at the same time. You can have some designs on Printful and some on Printify.

🤔 Is Printful good quality?

Yes, Printful reviews are pretty good. Printful offers great quality in its products. Also, it offers the best drop shipping service when it comes to apparel, accessories, and homeware printing and distributing.

🤨 What is the best print on demand site?

For now, we can say that there are several prints on demand sites available. But the best print on demand site depends on your use and requirements.

Conclusion | Printify vs Printful Review 2023

This is a section where I will conclude the debate, Printify vs Printful, and also decide which social media marketing platform turns out to be a winner among the two. Talking about the features Printify wins the battle hands down over Printful.

Talking about the pricing the user can earn more profit when he works with Printify as compared to Printful. Does the winner of the pricing parameter also turn out to be Printful and not Printify?

If I want to use a social media marketing platform I would definitely go for Printify over Printful.

Hope this Printify vs Printful blog was helpful to you!

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