Prodoge Review 2024– A Crypto Super App For Merchants

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Prodoge Review


Prodoge allows sending and receiving money. In this way, you effectively provide your business with its own bank, ensuring success.

Out of 10


  • A well-designed website
  • User-friendly
  • A great solution for invoicing
  • Market report detailing all transactionsย 
  • A wide range of cryptocurrency types is supported.
  • Securely do business with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc


  • Needs support improvement


Price: $

Cryptocurrency provides an alternative to the conventional financial system.

What makes this new currency so interesting is that it has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for business people. As you may be aware, cryptocurrency is growing in popularity at the moment, and everyone is vying for a piece of the action.

However, as the number of cryptocurrency users grows, a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet becomes rare. A cryptocurrency wallet enables you to handle all of your currencies in one location. It essentially serves as your bank.

Have you been searching for a trustworthy bitcoin wallet that supports more than simply cryptocurrency trading?

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to accept payments for your company in a variety of cryptocurrencies? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct place. I have all the information you need right here.

I was very confused about which wallet to choose. After a lot of research and contributing time to this, we determined Prodoge is the best.

The thing is since the trend of cryptocurrency has started recently, there is not much useful information available regarding it and hence we had to dig hard for this. But I prepared this review after a lot of research.

In this blog article, I’ll discuss some of the features that make the Prodoge wallet perfect for companies, so you can decide whether it’s right for you!

A wallet developed specifically for business owners who have struggled to find a way to accept client payments in their cryptocurrency rather than in fiat currencies such as US or Canadian dollars.

prodoge review

Prodoge Review 2024: What is Prodoge?

Using Prodoge, you can store Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, and US dollars. This is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet.

Companies and professionals can use Prodoge to take online payments from credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency through a cloud-based platform.

They offer in-person payments, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, smartphone payments, reporting on sales and order details, as well as bitcoin compatibility.

Team members can create checkout widgets that connect to their company’s website for accepting bitcoin payments without incurred transaction or merchant fees.

Individuals may use the service to track website sales and gather the information that can help them determine what they should do next.

Users may also find payees by searching for profiles of professions or businesses that provide services to transfer money and support peer-to-peer transactions using the search capability.

How to Send and Receive Money through Prodoge?

Prodoge allows sending and receiving money. In this way, you effectively provide your business with its own bank, ensuring success. Here are some examples:

  • Send/Receive Crypto Payments
  • Credit & Debit Payments

No restrictions apply to this, and anyone can do it. You can do everything you need from one app by using Prodoge. This means that you don’t have to download numerous apps.

To transfer payments on Prodoge, you do not have to switch between two or more applications. For those interested in starting their own Prodoge wallet, the software is available on the Apple Store for download.

What Solutions Does Prodoge Offer?

You can choose between two kinds of services provided by Prodoge, a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Personal Solutions
  • Business Solutions

Prodoge Personal Solutions

personal solutions

Prodoge may be the most balanced solution for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use, secure, flexible wallet to manage your cryptocurrencies. By consolidating all key features into one hood, the app aims to simplify all types of online monetary transactions.

You have all the features you want right at your fingertips, making crypto transactions as well as online purchases easy and convenient.ย 

1. Send & Receive Money to anyone anywhere

The use of foreign money may be prohibited or restricted in several situations. Luckily, Prodoge can help here. Sending money to anyone, wherever they are, will be easy.

A seamless user experience is guaranteed with Prodoge, as the entire process runs smoothly. Using credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency, you can make payments quickly and conveniently.

2. Send & Accept Crypto Payments

Payments in cryptocurrencies can be made as easy as receiving them with Prodoge.

You can use Prodoge to make purchases very quickly since there are many places that accept payments via cryptocurrency these days.

In addition to sending Bitcoin, you can also send recognized cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and others. In order to complete the transaction, you simply need to enter the requested information and scan the QR code.

Taking bitcoin payments is easy with payment links and much more.

3. Sending & Receiving Card Payments

For those who use credit cards or debit cards, Stripe and PayPal make it much easier to submit and receive payments. With PayPal, people with email addresses can send money seamlessly to one another.

As with Stripe, you can easily transfer money to those who have an account. PayPal and Stripe accounts can also be used to accept debit and credit card payments. Therefore, Prodoge facilitates the transfer of money from various sources to people.

4. Cryptocurrency Wallet

I think the most amazing feature of Prodoge is the fact that it acts as your personal bank account. In just a few taps, you can easily conduct international transactions and more with Prodoge.

With this wallet app, you can access all the major cryptocurrencies with full control over each transaction. It is one of the only apps that supports all cryptocurrencies.

5. Buy, sell & exchange Cryptocurrencies

Over a hundred countries are currently supported by Prodoge, which allows users to conduct seamless purchases, trades, and exchanges on-the-go of cryptocurrencies without worry.

Buying bitcoin with Prodoge is also relatively easy. In addition to bank transfers, credit/debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, the app supports other conventional modes of payment.

6. Transaction Notifications

Prodoge is known for its ease of use when it comes to accounting. Payments of yours and those you have received are detailed in full transaction notifications.

CSV files can also be exported from the page. The overall Prodoge system was created to ensure that all cryptocurrency purchases and sales are safe and dependable.

Prodoge Business Solutions

business solutions- prodoge

In addition to personal use, Prodoge’s solutions can also be used for business. Here are some noteworthy features:

1. Invoicing

It is sometimes difficult to exchange money because of the numerous systems in place. Fortunately, Prodoge makes being paid a breeze by completely changing the paradigm. Invoices can be created and sent without limitation using the app.

Using this app, you will be able to pay both cryptocurrencies and monetary transactions with credit and debit cards. You can create invoices in a simple way.

It is very simple to create and send professional-looking invoices with Prodoge’s help. In addition, clients are able to pay their invoices using the app.

With detailed transaction history, you can also keep track of all your previous transactions. The premium plan of Prodoge allows you to customize invoices quickly and easily.

The invoices can be a great way for your brand to be promoted, by using your company’s logo. This can benefit your business greatly.

Prodoge Point of Sale (POS)

Prodoge makes it easy to accept payments from people around the globe. Using your PayPal and Stripe accounts, you can receive payments in cryptocurrency as well as credit and debit cards.

A Quick Checkout feature is also available with Prodoge. Paying with Prodoge is fast and easy. Using the app, you can also view your point-of-sale transaction history, which is useful when checking past transactions.

Prodoge Payment Links

You are guaranteed to receive your payment through Prodoge’s Payment Links. Simply sharing these URLs with people via SMS, emails, or any other form of electronic communication.

All types of payments are accepted using the payment links, including cryptocurrency payments, credit cards, and debit cards.

By making money transfer easy, Prodoge can provide anyone with an easily shareable payment link that allows them to send and receive money. The link can also be created by the user.

One of the best things about Prodoge payments is that they can easily be shared via SMS texts, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. The Payment link transactions can also be accessed and exported from the app.

features of prodoge

Prodoge Marketplace

You can also advertise products and services on Prodoge’s Global Marketplace, another neat feature. If you’re interested in growing your business and receiving payments from across the globe, the marketplace can help.

The Prodoge Marketplace allows you to easily set up an online store, and add product images, product descriptions, and delivery information easily. As a bonus, you can also get paid using cryptocurrencies or credit and debit cards.

Customers and merchants from all over the world can also chat with each other through the marketplace’s customer chat feature.ย 

The app allows you to connect with potential clients, customers, and companies directly from within the app, allowing you to expand your business network. Searching for products, services, or consumers is also possible through the search feature.

Prodoge For Websites

It is possible to collect all payments via your website using the Prodoge app. Your website traffic can be used to raise funds by adding the Prodoge payment widgets to your blog or web page. Additionally, you can receive payments in the currency of your choice.ย 

The Prodoge Global Marketplace

Prodoge makes listing items and services in its marketplace easy and free. Pay from anywhere in the world and grow your business without interruption.

The Prodoge Marketplace can help you to grow your business by letting you sell your products and services. Each product should have a picture and a description, as well as information on how to order. Potential clients will be able to view your offerings within seconds in 200+ countries.

It can be beneficial for your business to accept multiple types of currencies. In addition to Bitcoin and Dogecoin payments, Prodoge supports Ethereum, DigiByte, Ethereum Classic, and USD Coin transactions, as well as debit and credit card payments through PayPal and Stripe.

You will be able to close more deals with Client Chat from Prodoge.

Contact sellers and buyers around the globe. It is easy to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs and grow your customer base with their chat feature.

It is possible to locate individual consumers, products, services, and business owners using Prodoge’s Search function. With Prodoge, you can find buyers and sellers from around the world without spending a lot of time on the internet.

Send Unlimited Invoices

You have never had it so easy to get paid. Invoices can be sent unlimited times and you get paid instantly with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Ethereum, USD Coin, or Credit & Debit Cards.

Simple and Easy Invoicing

Professional invoices can be created in seconds without any fuss or hassle. Your services can be paid for by crypto and cards using their global invoicing system.

Online or In-App Invoice Payments

Whenever your clients receive an invoice in their email, they can easily pay it using the Prodoge app or by online payment, via the Prodoge app.

Invoice Transaction Histories

You can get detailed records of transactions. Seeing paid as well as unpaid invoices is easy.ย 

Once the data has been exported, you can import the data into your favorite accounting program or 1,000+ apps (such as QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce CRM) with Zapier.

Personalize Your Invoices

With Prodoge Premium, you’ll be able to brand your invoices by adding your own logo.

Prodoge Review: Pros & Cons


  • A well-designed website
  • User-friendly
  • A great solution for invoicing
  • Market report detailing all transactionsย 
  • A wide range of cryptocurrency types is supported.


  • This product works really well and does not have any drawbacks

Frequently Asked Questions on Prodoge

๐Ÿ‘‰ What kind of deployment is it?

Prodoge provides an installed and web-based deployment.

๐Ÿ‘ Which mobile platforms is Prodoge compatible with?

Prodoge supports devices running on iOS and Android.

๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™€๏ธ In the Prodoge Wallet app, how can I create a wallet?

Multiple Prodoge wallets using the same recovery phrase can be created by the same user. These changes make recovering and moving wallets a lot more convenient. Be sure you have your 12-word recovery phrase in a safe place before proceeding. Losing your 12-word phrase will prevent you from accessing your funds.

๐Ÿ™Žโ€โ™€๏ธ Is it possible to reverse a transaction from my Prodoge wallet?

It is not possible to reverse transactions which have been sent to the Bitcoin network. Payment fraud is prevented by the bitcoin protocol. Refunds or returns of money paid in error can be obtained by contacting the business or person you paid. With Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, and Ethereum public block explorers, you can access your wallet's transactions by searching or viewing your transaction ID.

๐Ÿง What is the procedure for exporting my transaction history?

Exporting your transaction history requires that you upgrade to Prodoge's premium plan. Free plans do not include the option of exporting transaction history. Click on the export CSV button on the wallet and history pages of Prodoge after updating.

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Conclusion: Prodoge Review- Should Rou go for Prodoge?

Prodoge is the first cryptocurrency wallet that provides this breadth of functionality. Prodoge simplifies the process of sending and receiving money from any place on Earth. It accepts the majority of cryptocurrencies in addition to debit/credit card payments through PayPal and Stripe.

Prodoge’s setup procedure is very straightforward. Their market is massive, and it offers companies with tremendous growth possibilities. Prodoge is the ideal place to start if you want to handle all of your crypto requirements.

What differentiates Prodoge from other cryptocurrency wallets is because the majority/all cryptocurrency wallets provide “trading” applications that are excellent for speculation but often fall short of genuine “real-world use cases.”

Prodoge’s objective was not to create another “trading” application. While Prodoge enables “buy, sell, and exchange,” its true value comes from its ability to be used as a “day to day” wallet in “real-world use cases.”

This includes peer-to-peer payments and any merchant tools (marketplace, payment links, point of sale, and invoices).

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