ProTexting Review 2022– Is It #1 SMS & MMS Marketing Platform?

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In this blog, I am going to give a detailed ProTexting Review 2022.

When it comes to growing the outreach of your brand among the masses, SMS is an extremely potent weapon. Empowering mobile marketing for any brand and organization of every scale.

Bridge the distance between worlds that are offline and online. Providing timely and relevant information to individuals through SMS and MMS messaging interaction and engagement on any mobile device via the ProTexting SMS Platform worldwide.

Bottom Line:

ProTexting helps you find the most productive way to attract current and future clients.

This text message marketing company offers you access to software to add contacts you can deliver to customers for potential marketing as well as text-to-win competitions. You can opt for many forms of reporting, and to answer your questions, you have access to a broad knowledge base.


ProTexting Review – A Quick Introduction!

To optimize mobile marketing platforms and their possibilities, ProTexting is a rich and sophisticated SMS marketing platform providing numerous interactive features.

In the early days of our development, the app developed from a simple text messaging platform to a complete 360-degree solution, from building your text messaging lists to creating SMS Polls, Sweepstakes, and many other features that will always keep your audience engaged on their mobile phones.

The platform offers the ability to switch functions on and off as required and browse to enrich your SMS campaigns for additional functionality.

protexting review

Features of ProTexting

ProTexting takes a “desktop marketplace” approach to new functionality so that you can individually install features you like instead of paying in costly packages for them.

Any of these, cost extra, with mobile voting and polling is by far the costliest. However, with your plan, a lot of the add-ons are free, including QR codes and a URL shortener.

  • Group Texting

Protexting black friday - group texting

Send out text messaging promotions with updates, news, warnings, and other reminders to keep your customers, team members, or group in the loop.

  • Mobile Keywords

ProTexting black Friday - mobile keyword

Run Text 2 Enter & Text 4 Campaigns with details. Great for transmitting any information by texting a smartphone (SMS) keyword to customers on request.

A perfect way to gather mobile numbers and build leads. Use a promo code, special deals, and notifications to deliver automated responses via text message.

Also, to communicate with your audience, mobile keywords are used to launch mobile coupons, polls, competitions, and other SMS promotions.

  • Single Messages

Protexting black friday - single message

This role enables you to send a single text message (SMS) easily to answer a question, follow up with a query for more information, etc.

Also, you can schedule all single SMS and set a recurring schedule so that your customers or leads can be followed up (ask us also for our Drip SMS campaigns!)

  • Analytics

protexting review- analytics

Real-time analysis reveals how well you do with your mobile promotions and keywords.

  • Web Sign Up Tools

web sign-up tools

By asking them to sign up to your list online, custom sign-up forms allow you to collect mobile phone numbers as well as additional details from your subscribers.

  • Mobile Apps

protexting mobile apps

On your cell phone, access your text messaging campaigns and ProTexting account.

  • SMS Autoresponders

MS autoresponders

Auto-responders allow you to supply your customers on-demand with any interesting details. You may invite people to text in by reserving a keyword to have your auto-responder set for this keyword.

Good for adding to current marketing materials; ads for TV, billboards, and more.

  • Two-Way Messaging

two-way messaging- protexting review

Now you can see why a viable marketing medium has become 2-way community text messaging.

It also has the added benefit of including all of the individual advantages of the other advertisement channels into one all-encompassing medium-visual (print ads), audio (radio), and video (television).

  • Contact management

contact management

Organize your contacts in groups, gather and store extra information for each customer, follow the behaviour of sign-in and sign-out.

You can create more focused and better-segmented campaigns, for greater response and performance, with this level of detail.

  • Custom Fields

custom fields

Suppose the fields that our system offers are not exactly what you need. In your contact management section of your account, YOU can freely build custom fields. You can also control the custom fields dynamically through our ‘API-Contacts Management’.

  • Message Forwarding

protexting message forwarding

This app provides you with the opportunity to forward sent messages to any email or cell phone number from your mobile inbox. Nice if you are not in front of a computer or not signed in, to keep on top of the operation.

  • Campaign-driven SMS Marketing Solutions-

To help them tailor new or existing mobile campaigns using our proprietary gateway, know-how, experience, and technology, ProTexting has built a full range of services and functionality accessible to our enterprise customers.

Hyper Engage Your Audience!

  • Create interactive campaigns with a flexible user interface
  • Keep engaging your audience throughout the campaign
  • Increase participation and response rates
  • Collect valuable data
  • Build customer loyalty

SMS Marketing has been the most effective marketing channel!

  • Text-to-Win: Over 85% participation during live events
  • Text-to-Vote: 44% up to 80% live audience participation
  • Text-to Screen: Over 85% of live audience participation
  • Mobile Coupons: 10 times increase in sales from one day to the next

Salient Features Of ProTexting

  • An administration panel for you to track your performance at any moment.
  • Posters, traceable ties, and other promotional materials available.
  • Their team of talented developers and designs provide the system with continuous changes and upgrades, holding your referrals with our system for a long time = constant revenue flow for you!
  • Their top affiliates receive more than $1500 a month. Only bring them the referrals, they will handle the rest and you will begin to earn commissions!
  • They are open to suggestions. How we can strengthen our framework, please share.

Easy conversion of referrals-

  • Your customers will appreciate the industry’s most favorable prices.
  • Specific features that are not provided by other systems.
  • Give your referrals an extra incentive; they will save money on their first purchase with your promo code.
  • 180-day Cycle of Cookies.
  • Reliable reporting in real-time.
  • Simple to read dashboard for affiliates.
  • Just the significant things, no additional gimmicks that no one reads.

Excellent support-

When you are managing your marketing strategy, you are likely to run into issues. Several ways to find ProTexting gives answers. You can expect fast answers if you call or email the firm.

While on its online FAQs page, there are few queries, you can find details on topics such as privacy concerns and issues with distribution.

You can also go to ProTexting’s YouTube page and watch text message marketing video tutorials. Live chat is the only thing missing from the support options of this SMS service provider.

Amazon Seller Central Integration

The cool thing about ProTexting is its integrations with Amazon Seller Central. They provide innovative text messaging services for Amazon Sellers that can be very useful and efficient for their business.

The SMS flows offered by ProTexting uses machine learning and AI technologies, which helps you to further enhance your SMS campaigns in a swarter way.

In addition, for all eCommerce clients, they have integrations with Shopify, Zapier, MailChimp, Google Calendar, etc. so that their text message campaigns run on autopilot.

When We Personally Tested ProTexting!

A field where ProTexting excels is reporting. It provides many people reporting features, but the basic information does not stop there.

The ProTexting reports are high on data processing techniques relative to other text messaging services. It provides reports on inbound responses, helping you measure how productive your customer experiences are.

If your messages have not been answered and if they go to bogus or spam numbers, you also get delivery alerts.

Keyword reports, which display you the most common keywords, and subscription information are other useful reports, so you can quickly see clients entering your network and who is leaving.

This data is also relevant because the Mobile Marketing Administration recommends that for at least six months you keep records of subscription information.

This text marketing service provides auto-campaigns and multimedia messaging; each message we sent was received by the intended party when we checked these features.

However, voting and polling options are only available for an extra $199 a month fee, which is much more than this feature is paid by most other SMS messaging services.

A variety of subscription management features are also provided by this program, such as the ability to manually add an infinite number of contacts.

If you have different marketing campaigns for various audiences, you can organize people into separate classes. ProTexting provides you with the means to hold followers’ text-to-win contests.

While you do need to have STOP and Support options for your customers so that they can opt-out of messages, this SMS service also allows you to personalize your messages.

You can schedule messages to be sent at a later date with this SMS app, which helps you to prepare ahead for major events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. You can also give out exclusive coupons to your clients.

Plans & Pricing of ProTexting

The most famous plan for ProTexting, its Economy plan, costs $79 per month. This package offers 1,700 credits for you (most texts you send cost one credit) and requires two keywords for you.

The Startup Package, which is $49 a month for 1,000 credits and one keyword, could be favoured by smaller companies. All in all, there are five plans, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and the necessary volume of text.

protexting pricing plans

  • Worldwide Starter

Price: $49 per month (Pre-pay annually and Save)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • FREE apps included
  • Emojis enabled
  • 1,000 Credits
  • 1 Keyword
  • Worldwide Economy

Price: $79 per month (Pre-pay annually and Save)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • FREE apps included
  • Emojis enabled
  • 1,700 Credits
  • 2 Keywords
  • Worldwide Business

Price: $149 per month (Pre-pay annually and Save)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • FREE apps included
  • Emojis enabled
  • 3,300 Credits
  • 4 Keywords
  • Worldwide Pro

Price: $299 per month (Pre-pay annually and Save)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • FREE apps included
  • Emojis enabled
  • 6,700 Credits
  • 6 Keywords

All Plans Include MMS, Mobile Web, APPS, and the following:

  • Free Unlimited Sign Ups
  • Free Unlimited Incoming Messages / Replies
  • Unlimited Groups to Organize Contact
  • Change Your Mobile Keywords at Any Time
  • No Contracts, No Setup Fees
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support
  • Secured Data and Daily Backups
  • Extended Education Center

ProTexting Review & Affiliate Program

We understand and comprehend the importance of text messaging here at ProTexting, and what it could do for anyone’s company to generate more sales and eventually improve bottom line profits.

The ProTexting team also assumes that the whole is greater than the sum of its pieces. That’s why we built our affiliate program for SMS and MMS messaging with YOU in mind, the affiliate.

They stay clear of all the gimmicks that other programs can offer and data overload.

ProTexting actually offers the most valuable data for you, so you can concentrate on getting more customers on board and growing your income. Here are a few main points we would like to share about our partner program for SMS and MMS messaging:

  •       High-income potential
  •       Earn 35% commission on unique new clients’ first month.
  •       Get 20% ongoing commissions for the life of the accounts afterwards.

Benefits of Using ProTexting

As part of your overall marketing strategy, ProTexting helps you find the most productive way to attract current and future clients.

This text message marketing company offers you access to software to add contacts you can deliver to customers for potential marketing as well as text-to-win competitions. You can opt for many forms of reporting, and to answer your questions, you have access to a broad knowledge base.

  • No Agreements, No Setup Fees
  • Unlimited Support for Email & Phone
  • Secured Details and Regular Backups
  • Free Sign Ups Unlimited
  • Unlimited Free Incoming Messages / Responses
  • Unlimited groups for the organization of touch
  • Changing your mobile keywords at any moment

Why Do We Like ProTexting Review?

ProTexting is one of its kind platforms that delivers every objective that it has been designed to deliver. The overall software is a joy to use and can be extremely productive if used the right way. So, here are some key points that we really liked about ProTexting.

  • Superior customer service, speak to real people and get help for successful campaigns.
  • Instant access to the Short Code number & tools to instantly start creating your SMS marketing list.
  • Compliance with mobile marketing, guidelines, and built-in elements to help you create trust with your clients.
  • Comprehensive analytics to measure the success of campaigns and increase sales.
  • Link your social media, improve your marketing message, and increase the reach of your audience with 1 click.
  • Constantly adding fresh features to keep your clients loyal and expand your company!
  • Great affiliate program to earn commission by referring others.

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Final Thoughts | ProTexting Review 2022

By establishing a two-way dialogue, this service helps create a bridge between you and your customers. A welcome text message to individuals who have signed up for your service will consist of your initial campaign.

You may send auto-replies or surveys from there. You can also set up schedules with ProTexting to send text messages to customers daily or at a set time.

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