Qkids Review 2022– Is It The Best ESL Platform For Teachers?

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This post is about Qkids Review 2022.

Teaching is a passion for many young minds and this profession brings some great responsibilities along with various opportunities. Online teaching is becoming the new normal.

It has replaced the usual chalk and board teaching and allows you to teach kids from all over the world. If you are passionate about teaching and looking for opportunities to teach English to young minds, Qkids is the best platform for you.

Qkids Review Homepage

Qkids Review 2022– Is It The Best ESL Platform For Teachers?

What is Qkids?

Qkids is a community of more than 800,000 students and more than thousands of teachers that learn and teach English. It is an English teaching platform founded in 2015 by Adam Chen.

Qkids teaches English to many students belonging to the age group of 4 to 12 years. It has a unique platform that makes use of game-based learning to engage both students and teachers and make learning a very fun activity.

Using this great platform the teachers easily guide their students in learning English easily using various game-based methods. The Qkids Review explains it all.

Since 2015, Qkids has actively educated more than thousands of kids based in China. It is the perfect bridge for the teachers based in the US and Canada to teach the children from the comfort of their homes.

The use of animations, cartoons, virtual games, and attractive characters, gives Qkids a slight edge over other teaching platforms. This unique and fun approach of teaching makes Qkids one of the biggest online English Platforms to ever exist.

Is Qkids a Scam? | Qkids Review

Teaching virtually and getting highly paid for the same, sure seems a little skeptical at first. When I first heard about Qkids, I also had my doubts regarding the legitimacy of the platform.

Will I get paid? Will I get to teach other children? Is Qkids a scam? Is Qkids legitimate? All these questions kept popping up in my head from time to time.

But soon enough when I gave it a try, I discovered that Qkids is not a scam. It has truly established itself to be one of the greatest learning platforms. The name as its reputation says is legit and working with Qkids has truly been an astonishing journey for me.

Qkids Review Teachers

Qkids has helped many teachers to change their lives and also impact the lives of their students. It is the best tool to teach from one corner of the world to another. So, we can mark the Qkids Review as trustful.

Who would be the best person to use Qkids?

Anyone who is passionate about the English language and has a keen interest in teaching can easily make the best use of Qkids. Qkids is also best for single moms looking for a restart to their career. It is also a great platform for people who wish to earn some extra income while working from home.

According to this Qkids Review, Qkids gives you the satisfaction of teaching along with bonding you with the children. It helps you expand your knowledge, reach out to children, and help them learn the English language.

Qkids provides a sense of security to the people working from home and is best for people who like to follow a structured path in their journey.

Qkids does not follow the regular pattern of just teaching and conducting exams. So, to become a teacher at Qkids, you need to have an open mind about experimenting and becoming an entertainer for children as and when required.

Qkids Review Who Are We

Qkids Review says that Qkids is a wonderful opportunity for teachers based in the US and Canada to interact with the kids based in China and start a secondary income source just by investing a very little amount of their time.

Qkids provides a sense of job security to a freelancer! Yes, this is true. In Qkids you are an independent contractor who teaches as a freelancer and at the same time, you feel secure about your job.

Qkids is not a place that young entrepreneurs prefer. This platform is not suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business someday. Now let us check the prerequisites for being a part of the Qkids family.

How much can you earn from Qkids?

The salary offered by Qkids as a base is $8 per lesson for a full lesson of 30 minutes. If you do a standby lesson of 10 minutes without any teaching then you get $4 as your payment. You are also eligible to receive additional incentives based on your performance.

Here, in this Qkids Review, the Qkids salary is explained. The details of these incentives are as given below: 

  • You can get a $1 performance fee for every lesson based on the performance reviews given by the parents. 
  • You can get a $1 attendance bonus for every lesson after you have completed 15 lessons in a week. Qkids has some attendance policies which require 24 hours of notice for scheduling any changes in the schedule and a 5 hour of notice to maintain your eligibility for the attendance fee.

So, if you teach more than 15 lessons in a week then for your 16th lesson your pay will go up to $20 per lesson.

Qkids Review Position Details

You receive the payment on the 15th of every month and in case there is a Chinese holiday on 15th then the payment is automatically extended to the next week.

You would get paid in US dollars and the salary would directly be transferred to your US or Canada bank accounts. The Qkids team pays the transaction fees. As you work as an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying your taxes as per the tax policy of the country you live in.

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How much time do you have to invest as a teacher in Qkids?

The Qkids Reviews are quite good. Find out more below.

Class Length: Each Qkids lesson is of 30 minutes and the teacher has to stay present at least 3 minutes before the starting of a session.

Every week a minimum of 12 classes are expected to be completed by a teacher and bonuses are given for completing each lesson after the 15th class.

Class Strength: Each class consists of a single teacher and a maximum of four students. Qkids does not allow more than four students to participate in a single class.

You might be able to teach the same students throughout the week but sometimes you could also expect some new faces in your class. The students usually belong to the age group of 5 to 12 years.

Class Schedule: Qkids does not have a flexible schedule. It follows the Beijing timing and hence the teachers are usually found working either in the early morning or late nights.

This turned out to be a very comfortable schedule for many teachers as they can teach at Qkids and easily cope up with their other routines as well.

The class schedule of Qkids is weekly and evening classes are offered on the weekends.

The complete schedule is as shown in the image below.


The class schedules are updated in the Qkids software on every Sunday in the evening and you can easily check your schedule for the upcoming weeks beforehand. 

Class cancellation policy: In case you would not conduct a specific class, you would have to notify the Qkids team 24 hrs before the specified time of the class. You can do so only in case of emergencies but the prior notice is compulsory for cancellation of any class.

What are the Pre-requisites to become a teacher at Qkids?

Does Qkids seem like a team you would like to be a part of? So, here are some prerequisites in this Qkids Review that you would need to become a teacher at Qkids.

  • Degree 

You would need a bachelor’s degree or any above qualifications for becoming a teacher at Qkids. You would be required to submit the proof regarding the same at the time of applying.

  • Work-permit

You should be eligible to legally work in the US and Canada and English should be your native language.

  • Location

You should be physically located in the US and Canada due to some internet restrictions issues.

  • Certifications

You are required to have some English teaching certifications like TEFL, TESOL, ESL, CELTA, etc. You can even possess a teaching license.

  • Experience

You need to have some type of prior teaching experience like homeschooling, mentoring, tutoring, or any relevant teaching experience.

Qkids Review What We Offer

  • Other Requirements

  • You need to have some digital literacy and understanding of online teaching platforms.
  • You should be comfortable with teaching in a virtual environment.
  • You should have the ability to lead and engage in a learning atmosphere.

The only downside to the requirements is that one has to be based in the US or Canada. This is the only thing that acts as a restriction while using Qkids. If you decide to move out of the country and be located at some other place then you would not be able to continue being a part of the Qkids family. 

Why do I need a TEFL certificate?

Having a teaching license or a TEFL certificate will make you stand out from the other teachers in the coed. As you are working as an independent contractor these certifications act as proof of your credibility.

They help the parents to trust your teaching and also maintain the quality of education provided. Having a TEFL certificate will also help you to demand a higher salary.

What are the Technical Requirements to be a teacher at Qkids?

Along with the requirements stated above, you also need to have some technical requirements to join Qkids. The technical requirements are as stated below:

  • A Computer

You need a computer with the best audio- video capacity. Your computer should have Windows 7 or above. If you wish to use an iPad then apparently this is not possible.  You cannot use the iPad for teaching on Qkids, you can use a Macbook for this purpose.

  • Internet

You need a steady internet connection. The internet speed should be:

  •  Minimum upload speed of 2MB per second.
  •  Minimum download speed of 10MB per second. 
  • A cable connection for the internet is recommended.
  • Webcam and Headset

A nice webcam for your computer or a built-in webcam for clear video. And a good headset. The headset is always preferable as it cancels major outside noise and makes the conversation easier.

When all the above-stated requirements are met you can easily become a teacher at Qkids.

While the minimum internet speed requirement for many other companies is more than 2MBps, Qkids has the lowest requirement that can be easily fulfilled. This works great when you have a slower internet connection and do not wish to go for an upgrade.

Mobile App

Qkids are very adamant about the requirement of a cable connection for steady internet. This was meant to assure a good internet connection for uninterrupted classes. If you are using Wifi then all you need is a cable to directly connect your router to the Computer or laptop.

A quality webcam and headset are recommended by Qkids. This is to ensure that the students can easily see the teacher and the class goes on without any interruption.

Many modern devices have a good inbuilt webcam and the quality of the video is also easily maintained but if you are using an old computer then you might have to switch to a better webcam for quality video.

The one thing that catches everyone’s attention is that Qkids has specified the minimum internet requirements but they have not specified the required computer specifications.

This gives the teacher the freedom to use any device that they are comfortable using, but you would have to share the snapshot of your device beforehand to ensure that your device can perform the specified task.

What is the hiring and training process at Qkids?

Now that you know the basic requirements for applying at Qkids, let us look at the Qkids hiring process and discuss the training process in detail.

The thorough screening and apt training are what make the Qkids staff stand out from the other online teachers and ensure that the students enrolled with Qkids are exposed to quality education.

Qkids Hiring Process

Let us have a look at the Qkids hiring process. The process is very easy and can be completed in just a few steps. 

Qkids hiring process

The Qkids hiring process consists of the following six steps.

  1. Initial screening
  2. Demo Interview 1 
  3. Demo interview 2
  4. Trial classes
  5. Background check
  6. Final contract

Qkids hiring process material requirements

The following materials are required while applying for a teaching job at Qkids:

  1. Resume
  2. Availability
  3. Computer specifications 
  4. Introduction video

The complete process of hiring takes up to two weeks. The Qkids hiring team will get in touch with you after you gather all the required materials and send your complete application.

Qkids Teachers Classroom

You would have to upload your resume along with a brief introductory video of yourself. Make sure to make the video very crisp and clear. This video is going to play a vital role in making your first impression. 

This introductory video would consist of all the details about you. Remember to add the following points while making your video: 

  1. Introduce yourself- The basic introduction stating your name and some other details.
  2. Location- You would have to mention the details about your location like where you currently live and from where you would be conducting the classes.
  3. Experience- Mention any prior teaching experience that you have and tell them about it in some details.
  4. Story- Then maybe you would have to tell a kids story or read and narrate a short story.

After the initial screening is done, the next stage would be a demo interview. There would be two demo interviews that would focus on testing your teaching skill and technical proficiency.

They would also check your ability to work with the Qkids platform and the quality of your audio and video. In the first demo interview, you would be asked some questions regarding teaching and student interactions.

In the second demo interview, you would have to answer some questions and this session would approximately go on for 25 minutes. During which your personality and teaching skills would be tested.

After you pass the demo interview round, next would be the trial classes. You would be asked to take 2 to 5 trial classes with the students and based on these classes the Qkids team would receive the feedback from the parents. These trial classes will pay you $8USD per lesson.

After you complete your trial classes round, the next step would be a background check followed by the signing of a contract. The Qkids initial contracts are of 6 months. You can easily extend the contracts based on your evaluation.

Qkids Training Process

Qkids has a very sophisticated training process. They make sure that the new hire is comfortable using the Qkids software before actually starting to teach the kids.

You would initially be given various demonstrations of the games and techniques to help you understand the software.

After this, the Qkids team arranges a session for you with a trainer. In this session, the trainer helps you understand the Qkids software in more detail and you can ask him any questions regarding the same. 

In the end, you have a final training session with an instructor. The instructor here acts like a child and you are supposed to have a practice session with him.

Through this session, the instructor observes your way of teaching and handling the software. He also gives you his remarks and some suggestions for improvement at the end.

This training process along with the trail classes helps in making the new teachers very comfortable with the software and the teaching process. Also, the Qkids Review by teachers is very good.

The training process also helps the new hires to clear all their questions and doubts. This can be said to be a very important step to ensure the smooth running of the classes.

Qkids Ongoing Technical Support

Qkids offers great support to all the members. The teachers are provided with ongoing support throughout their journey. After the completion of the training process, the teachers are appointed a coach who further monitors and helps in improving the teaching skills.

Qkids has also built a training module which helps the teachers to go back to the training sessions whenever they need it. This module is very helpful for understanding the games and making the classes interactive.

Organized Curriculum

The support provided by the Qkids staff is also substantial. They help you throughout your teaching journey. They make sure to keep the lesson plans interactive and engaging for the students and also ensure to keep the teachers well informed about the changes made in the lesson plans.

They also provide timely coaching and helpful resources for all the teachers. Though situated miles apart, the Qkids staff makes sure to keep in touch with everyone and helps the teachers to feel like a very important part of the Qkids family.

Is the Qkids Software easy to use?

The Qkids team has taken every step to make the software user friendly and easy to use. This software has been designed to take you towards your success.

Every lesson consists of various slides that help you to complete the given learning objective in that lesson. You just have to understand how the teaching process flows through each slide and how to achieve the desired learning goal specified through each lesson.

Qkids Teachers

Once you figure out the whole process and the use of various tools in the process, you will become very comfortable with the software. The only difficulty that you might face would be to sync yourself with the pace of the lesson. Everything else is just an easy task. 

Every lesson plan consists of various well-designed games and your main task would be to guide the children through it. The lesson plans are already designed with various tools and games like cards, bingo, etc are included to help you keep the children engaged.

You can make use of additional tools like the highlighter, stickers, markers, etc, that would help you to freely create interesting drawings and you can easily manage teaching in your style through this.

Qkids: Pros and Cons

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of Qkids.

Qkids Pros Qkids Cons
  • It is very easy to use and provides a variety of tools.
  • The hiring process is very easy and effective.
  • You do not need to make any lesson plans or acquire any props for teaching purposes.
  • You can also earn $100 for every teacher that you refer to for Qkids
  • They assign a consistent amount of work to every teacher. Hence there is no competition among the teachers after the hiring process.
  • It is available for teachers that are based only in the US and Canada.
  • The timing becomes difficult to follow for some teachers as the classes are late at night or early in the mornings.
  • The base pay is less and there is not enough space to generate a huge passive income.

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FAQs | Qkids Review

💁‍♀️ How do I teach at Qkids?

Qkids follows a very interactive game-based learning approach to make the sessions very interactive. So, you will be teaching kids through their patented Qkids Software.

🙇‍♀️ Do the teachers have to interact with parents?

No, the teachers are not supposed to interact with parents. All the interactions with parents are carried out by the Qkids teams.

👩‍🔧 Is Qkids easy to use?

Yes, Qkids is a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for everyone.

👍 Do I have to make my lesson plans?

No, you do not have to make your lesson plans. Qkids provides you with all the necessary plans. You just have to revise them once before starting the class.

👍 Am I an Employee at Qkids?

You are hired as an independent contractor at Qkids and not as an employee.

Final Thoughts | Qkids Review 2022

Qkids Review says Qkids is the best place to enhance your teaching skills while working from home. It pays a decent salary for a work from home job and the timings do not clash with your regular job.

You do not have to invest any money to buy any specific props and all the lesson plans are also supplied by the Qkids team. There are very less chances of you asking a question like how to quit Qkids.

Qkids Review Program

It is very easy to work with Qkids and it would help you discover your passion for teaching. So, if you are passionate enough to become a teacher then you should try Qkids. Overall, the Qkids Review is amazing.

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