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Quicken for Windows is the benchmark for personal finance and budget software.

It is still the application that can be won with the most comprehensive features. However, customers have complained about customer service issues, bank synchronization, and the lack of new features.

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About Quicken

Quicken is the grandfather of personal finance software, and product users love to hate them. I am a user of Quicken since 1992, now more than 26 years old.
I’ve tracked every one of my over 60 accounts with Quicken. It had all bank accounts, credit cards, assets, pensions, investments, and software responsibilities. To say that I’m a strong user of this product would be an understatement.
quicken-home-page Coupons
If lost, Quicken no longer belongs to Inuit, who sold it to a private equity firm. In the long run, I do not know what to think or what it means for the future of Quicken.
In the two years after the sale, however, some improvements were made to Quicken.
At one time, this software was the only game in town.
This is no longer the case today and you can choose between several alternatives to Quicken.
Nowadays, it is possible to store all of your financial information online, such as with Personal Capital, which we recommend as the best personal financial services provider or YNAB.
However, these financial aggregation services are mostly read-only and better suited to alert or report on your finances.
Online reconciliation and bill payments are not available for these types of services.
To be fair, most banks offer online bill payments through their websites or mobile apps.
The need to pay bills online with your financial software has disappeared. For people who prefer to stay with a locally installed program, there is Moneydance.
If you are looking for a native software application for the Macintosh, you can also use Banktivity.
However, none of these applications is close to Quicken in terms of market share or complete personal finance functions that makes Quicken for Windows the industry leader. As a result, we review the latest version of Quicken.

Features of Quicken for Windows

Features introduced in Quicken

Online Invoices: With Adobe Acrobat PDF downloads, you can access more than 11,000 invoices online.
Custom reports: Custom report design options and direct export to Excel.
Free Updates: Get the latest features for the duration of your software license (up to 27 months for promotions) without having to update.
Free online backups: 5 GB secure online backup from Quicken with Dropbox.
Archive investments: Move and archive investment transactions for Quicken Deluxe and later versions.
Analysis of Return on Investment: The Best Analysis with a Comparison of Buying and Bonding by Premier and Later.
Bill Pay Quick Quick Bill: Use Bill Pay free for 15 months for the Premier and New versions ($ 149.25).
Personalization of invoices: Personalized logo, color and payment links with real estate for apartments, businesses, and rentals.
Reminders by e-mail: With tenants, shops and rental objects you inform the tenants about the owed rent and send payment receipts.

Quicken test 2019

For this review, Quicken provided a copy of Quicken Premier 2019 for Windows and converted it from the previous Quicken 2018 trial. This test was conducted over two weeks and more parts of the application were used.
For reasons of transparency for our readers, I no longer use Quicken daily and access Personal Capital. With Quicken 2019 I imported what I could from the previous version, but also created new missing accounts in previous tests.
I’ve tested all accounts specifically for online syncing because Quicken users are often a problem.

Now an annual subscription

Last year, Quicken made 2018 headlines with subscriptions only. Previously, you had three years to use the software. However, you must register now and pay annually.
At the end of the subscription period, the online services will cease to function.
In general, this change makes sense for Quicken because it had to allow at least three versions of the old software beforehand, which was a nightmare for maintenance and technical support.
This change will allow all users to always have the same version.
This version of Quicken seems to be trying to follow the company’s commitment to permanently update and fix bugs.
Quicken has been updated at least four times in my tests.

New Prices…

I see a lot of comments on the new prices, but at least that’s an exaggeration. At this time, a one-year subscription to the Home and Business costs only $ 89.99.
Premier, which has fewer doorbells for the contractor, costs just $ 67.49. This amounts to 5.62 USD per month. This is especially interesting, bearing in mind that YNAB charges $ 6.99 per month with much fewer features.
Also keep in mind that if you have used Quicken Bill Pay, it is now included in the price. Since it’s worth $ 119, it will effectively lower your costs for using the latest version of Quicken.
However, compared to a free service that can do most of Quicken’s (for example, Personal Capital), it will be much harder to sell.
Besides, many banks offer features that were previously available exclusively to Quicken (eg bill payment), further reducing the cost of this software.
Of course, their mileage can vary. But for people with complex financial lives, Quicken can help them organize better and save time.
However, I think some comments on bad customer service experiences and the lack of important year-over-year updates are rewarding topics. Our overall score and Quicken criteria are lower for these reasons.

Bill Notifications

The latest version of Quicken can now display your bills and you can pay within the software.
This feature is very useful. However, in my particular case, many of my payments were already paid automatically through my checking account or credit card. (I had to collect these rewards with a credit card). You can receive future billing notifications via the application and e-mail so you never pay too late.

Less support for online synchronization

Surprisingly, Quicken did not give as much online synchronization as Personal Capital did. Some accounts worked perfectly with Personal Capital, but not with Quicken.
With Quicken, I had to manually download the transactions and import them into Quicken, or the transactions were not compatible with Quicken.
This has been a big disappointment and reduces the usefulness of Quicken when more manual work is required to synchronize your information.

What’s new for Quicken?

Last year Quicken took over the subscription model. This year, the launch of a web platform by Quicken is the headline.
This is something Quicken users have been asking for a long time. With the web platform, you can now access your data and many software functions from anywhere. The data is stored in the cloud and synchronized with your desktop application.
The web platform is only a supplement to the desktop version. You should always download and set up a desktop account. The web platform is ideal for quick recordings with your Quicken account while doing most of the work with the original software.
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Using Quicken for Windows on a Macintosh

I am using Quicken from my first MS-DOS computer in 1992. Now that I am a Macintosh user, the question is: How do I Quicken for Windows on my Mac?
Even with the release of Quicken 2019 for Mac, all features of the Windows version do not work in the same way. For some, it is still necessary to use Quicken 2019 Premier for Windows.
One solution is the use of VMware Fusion. If you want to know more about this process, read my article “How to Run Quicken for Windows on a Mac.”
The added benefit of Windows virtualization is an additional layer of security. Because no other software is installed in this case, you do not have to worry about viruses or unwanted software that could endanger your finances.
This technique is also possible when running a Windows computer.

Pros and Cons


  • The most complete: The most complete software application for personal finance. It can help you plan for the future, for people who start in multi-million dollar portfolios and are about to retire.
  • Robust Portfolio Management: Captures multiple financial portfolios with qualification updates.
  • Paying Invoices: For the banks that allow this, you can write checks directly into the Quicken Invoice Payment Service. Web-based aggregation sites do not offer this service.
  • Solid budget: One of the most solid budget tools.
  • Improved mobile application: Quicken 2017 improved its mobile application and the synchronization is more reliable.


  • Future unknown: Intuit sells Quicken and the future of the product is unknown.
  • Synchronization issues for some users: Some users have reported synchronization issues in previous issues, although this mainly applies to financial institutions.
  • Bad customer service: For Quicken, Intuit has a long history of bad customer service. I hope the new owners have made improvements in this issue.
  • Forced use of desktop software: Millennials who use their smartphone as the only device cannot use the Quicken mobile application because they need to buy and sync with their desktop software.

Quicken Pricing:-

Quicken offers four paid subscription options: Beginner ($ 34.99 / year), Deluxe ($ 49.99 / year), Premier ($ 74.99 / year), and Home & Business ($ 99.99 / year).
The main differences between the plans are their main features and the premium features they contain, such as the classification of personal and business expenses, the tracking of tax deductions, etc. Don’t forget to apply the Quicken Coupon Codes.


$$ Is Quicken free?

Yes, Quicken online is free now. Quicken Web-based financial software can avail the services at no cost.

👍What is the best alternative to Quicken?

The best alternatives of Quicken are- Betterment, Banktivity, PocketSmith, or Moneydance.

✅What happens if you don't renew Quicken subscription?

If your Quicken membership is expired you are still allowed to access and view your data and don't lose access but you will no longer receive the updates.

✌️Can I move Quicken to a new computer?

Yes, you can move Quicken to a new computer but with the same version that you need to move file with.

Conclusion | Quicken Coupon Codes

Quicken is now released by an independent company. The new features are minor at best. The improvements in mobile applications are good, but they do not have nearly the same functionality as Personal Capital’s mobile applications.
As mentioned above, I no longer personally use Quicken and have been using Personal Capital for several years. If you’re a member of Generation Y and your smartphone is your primary or only device, using Quicken will not be a starter for you.
Quicken requires that you buy the desktop application that sends your information to the free mobile application. Therefore, the mobile application is not autonomous.
New users who prefer the idea of keeping their personal financial information on their desk could seriously consider Quicken, as they still have most of the features of all personal financial applications.
And for people who want to save their data offline, Quicken is still the best choice. Existing users of previous versions who still want to use Quicken should probably upgrade to this version as this will improve some of the above disadvantages.
Hopefully, Quicken has not introduced any new mistakes in the process. Typically, Quicken requires some updates to correct bugs that were lost during testing.
So, don’t wait and go for the Quicken coupon codes. Also, share Quicken coupon codes and offers with your friends and on your social media channels.
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