Rakuten Review 2022 | How Does Rakuten Work?

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For all the online shoppers, there is now an easy and simple way to earn while you shop.

With the growing trend of online shopping, how if you start getting cash-back on each shopping you do? This way you will be able to make some money while shopping.

Many people prefer shopping online these days because of the ease of buying things while sitting at your home, moreover the package gets delivered at your doorstep.

Now, to make it more lucrative how about earning some while spending? 

Shop Earn Get Cash Back Rakuten - Review

Here comes Rakuten, a website that gives you cash-back offers during online shopping. Here is the review of this amazing website which will help you earn cash while you shop online.

It is extremely easy to use this website and does not require much effort from the user’s part.

Rakuten Review 2022 | What Is Rakuten?

You simply have to go to Rakuten.com and search for the store from where you want to shop.

On finding the store, click on the store via your Rakuten account, which will create and save a tracking cookie that helps you get cashback on your shopping.

Some stores offer 1%-3% cashback whereas other stores offer more than this.

Rakuten coupon code - Earn Cash Back

You can use Rakuten at no cost. It is an affiliate program for the stores they are partners with, which is why Rakuten offers cashback when you shop from those stores.

These stores pay to Rakuten which in turn shares some of that money with the shoppers in the mode of cash back.

In other words, Rakuten gets a commission for directing shoppers to various brands. This way Rakuten earns and offers some percentage of that earning with its users. 

Rakuten Button Browser Extension

There is never a time when you can go wrong with Rakuten or miss earning cashback while shopping via Rakuten.

Install the Rakuten browser bar/button, which is a free extension that can be installed on the internet browser (I will advise Chrome or Firefox).

Rakuten Review - Paypal Payment
Rakuten Review Paypal Payment

After this installation, you will see a reminder bar on the browser which lights up in green or red.

The color indicates if the cashback cookie is being tracked for the transaction or not. This works as an end moment reminder for the shoppers before they click the check-out option.

I tried switching to a different browser tab once and I lost the tracking. Then, on finalizing the order I couldn’t go back to add the cash-back tracking and missed the offer. 

The cashback takes a few days to show up in the account. I chose email alerts to know when I had earned some cash.

Coupon Codes

Rakuten’s basic offering is the cashback, but it also shares coupon codes on the website. Getting coupon codes directly on their website saves your time in searching for coupon codes on other retailer websites.

Once, I was shopping at Macy’s page on Rakuten, I was able to grab the 20% off coupon code before clicking through my cash backlink.

Rakuten Coupon Code- our best offers daily

So, on checking out I just entered the coupon code while checking out and got the discount along with 3% cashback.

Rakuten offers updated coupon codes, so I will suggest you keep checking for more discounts.

Double Cash Back and More.

Rakuten is an amazing website which sometimes offers double cashback. On visiting their website’s homepage you will see the sites that are offering double cashback offers.

You can avail of the offers right away. The website keeps updating and rotating, so I will advise you to keep visiting the website daily for updates, especially if you want to shop at your favorite store. 

Rakuten Promo code - Double Cash Back Store

On special occasions like festivals and holidays, Rakuten offers lucrative and proffers 10% cashback or more on some websites. You can do some amazing shopping at such times and avail superb discounts along with cashback. 

I recently enjoyed Rakuten’s “Birthday Week” where I got 15% cashback on several retailers. I had an amazing time shopping and saving at the same time. 

Rakuten In-store Shopping

Not only online shopping Rakuten review also offers great deals on in-store shopping as well. see how you can avail the deals:

  • On your Rakuten account online, add a valid Visa or American Express credit card.
  • Then, link the in-store cashback offer to the added credit card.
  • Then use this linked credit card in the local stores and avail cashback in your account within 7 days.

All this is free of cost and there is no need to upload the receipts. 

How and When to Get Check from Rakuten

Rakuten calls the cashback payments as “Big Fat Check”, and this is also the most exciting part of using Rakuten.

It depends on you whether you want the “Big Fat Check” as an actual check or just want the money to be deposited to your PayPal account.

The payments made by Rakuten happens four times in a year, as long as the Cash Back balance is more than $5. 

The payment schedule is as follows:

  • For Posting Period Jan 1 – Mar 31, payment is sent on May 15.
  • For Posting Period Apr 1 – Jun 30, payment is sent on Aug 15.
  • For Posting Period Jul 1 – Sep 30, payment is sent on Nov 15.
  • For Posting Period Oct 1 – Dec 31, payment is sent on Feb 15. 

Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

I have heard a lot from people that they suspect whether Rakuten is even a legal website or not? It is obvious that there is nothing like “free money” and it doesn’t sound to be true.

At first, even I wondered whether it is a scam to fool people and rob them of their money. But, after using the website and earning cashback, I can affirm that Rakuten is 100% legal and not a scam.

I have earned their “Big Fat Checks” for the past few years. All the money I have earned with Rakuten clarifies how legal and true this website is. 

rakuten - Fun Nursery Themes We’re Loving Right Now

Rakuten only pays for the stores it has a partnership with because those stores pay commission to Rakuten out of which it pays cashback to the shoppers.

It is a legit company, which is here to do business by earning and making its users earn. They do not hold any payments and pay at regular intervals as per the schedule.

If at any time there is some discrepancy in the payment, they always rectify it.

Why Should one use Rakuten?

Rakuten is a fantastic website that helps shoppers earn while they shop. Online shoppers who spend so much money on shopping can earn good cashback in return. Some of the popular online stores which have partnered with Rakuten are:

  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • JCPenney
  • Macy’s
  • Walgreens

One thing to note here is that Rakuten does not have cashback for every Amazon purchase, but offer cashback on specific categories only. Visit the Rakuten Amazon page to check those categories and what their current offers are. 

Shop Earn Get Cash Back - Rakuten

Apart from stores, Rakuten also has deals and cashback offers on tax preparation services, magazine subscriptions, anti-virus software, etc. Moreover, it also provides cashback for booking or travel on websites like Orbitz, Expedia, Groupon, LivingSocial, and Hotels.com. 

Rakuten hosts 2,500 stores on their website, which means every shopper will have some of the other offers to avail. 

Free $10 Cash Bonus | Rakuten Review

 Now comes the exciting part which can make your deal more lucrative and special.

If you sign up here for the Rakuten account, you will get a special offer of $10 cashback in your Rakuten account, right away.

You only have to make a purchase of a minimum of $25 for the first 90 days of signing up.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is Rakuten a good company?

Rakuten.com is the new Ebates - With over 12 million members and $1 billion in Cash Back paid out, Rakuten is the easy to work and most rewarding way to shop.

⭐ Is there a membership fee for Rakuten?

Joining Rakuten is simple, and it's always free. You can start shopping and earning Cash Back as soon as you sign up.

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Conclusion: Rakuten Review 2022

There are several other websites like Rakuten, but I will only recommend Rakuten Review. My second recommendation would be Swagbucks.

I have tried many cashback sites, but I will always prefer Rakuten because it is dependable and always delivers the payments on time.

Even if other such websites offer a higher percentage, I will still prefer Rakuten over them as it is 100% legit.

So, sign up and avail amazing cashback offers and discounts on your favorite stores. Make your shopping experience wonderful and beneficial.

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