Salvage Data Recovery 2 Review : Should You Buy?

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Salvage Data Recovery 2 is among the best data recovery software out there today. When you are looking for a hard drive recovery service, you should trust on this name which is believed by a number of individual users as well as large and small organizations. Their team of expert data recovery engineers can save data from any hard drive that can be found in the market.

They make use of proprietary recovery techniques for recovering data, which most other companies will consider unrecoverable. Some of the areas in which they can help include logical data recovery from hard drives, recovering data from electronic circuitry damage, mechanical component failure or damage, internal physical assembly damage and accidental catastrophic impairments.

Remarkably, this software has been able to return lost files with all of their original file names. The files consisted mostly of picture, music and video. This is very impressive since the file names are usually lost when you will remove file tables. It is remarkable that this data recovery program is able to return anything along the lines it does.

The software provides a number of options for those who are looking to create scannable images.

This is very important as far as working with SSDs or HDDs is concerned. The software also offers cloning options through its splash screen. But, the imaging format is their own and is not universally accessible like ISO.

We tested the software against a couple of common data loss types on various devices. We did this in order to try and identify the recovery rate when it comes to finding lost files and files which are on reformatted drives. Let’s take a look at how it performed during these tests.


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Lost file recovery

This software performed really well and had an almost perfect rate of recovery as far as lost files on our SSD and HDD are concerned. There was just a single file that was unaccounted for on either drive.

Like many of the other programs that have been reviewed by us, the software was unable to find any files when it came to searching a reformatted microSD card.

Salvage Data Recovery

Reformatted drive file recovery

During testing, we saw that their many recovery applications had different abilities when it came to finding particular types of files on these devices. But this software was the only one which was not able to find any files whatsoever on any of the reformatted devices it was used on. Even when it was used repeatedly, it wasn’t able to find any files.

R-studio data recovery software


With more than 55,000 successful and unique recovery projects since they started in 2003, this software is in perfect position to deliver the best HDD recovery results you are on the lookout for. Even if you have been getting unsuccessful results with all of the other recovery service providers you are providing, you should give them a shot; they have an ability to salvage files from drives that most others would call unrecoverable.

Their success isn’t just because they have an unequaled recovery skill or have been doing this for 13 years now. The main thing that sets them apart from the rest is their dedication to giving you the best possible customer service out there.

They try their best to develop honest connections with their clients, so every experience is pleasant and rewarding.

Their strong experience have helped them ensure they understand most of the problems that any of their clients may face with regard to data loss recovery. Hence, they have been able to develop a support team, which is unmatched in the industry and can help you recover data from almost any stressful situation out there.

If your hard disk fails, you will need a good software which you can rely so that you can get back your important information. Luckily, this software is available to you. They don’t mind going out of their way in order to provide wonderful customer support to help you recover lost data from your hard drive effectively and quickly.

They are the foremost, ISO certified data recovery professionals of the industry and know how to reclaim data that most other services would consider unrecoverable.

With their years of experience, tremendous talent and cutting-edge recovery techniques, they can recover data that has been lost for just about any reason whatsoever.

So if you are experiencing data loss because of a crashed hard drive, you should give them a call. They will help you regain your confidence and help you get the data you thought you would never be able to access ever again.


  • Performed very well in data recovery tests for lost files


  • Failed to recover files on reformatted devices
  • Unable to recover any files from microSD cards


This software offers terrific results when it comes to lost file recovery from SSDs or HDDs. It is very easy to use. But, it doesn’t really perform too well when it comes to complex data recovery issues like some of its counterparts.

It performed best when it came to recovering lost files from SSD’s and HDD’s. But it can’t recover files from reformatted drives or other storage devices.

This is a very good choice when it comes to file recovery from SSD or HDD devices. During testing, it provided among the best results in this category. It is certainly better than most of the other services on the market today. But, there is a small problem with going for this software since it cannot recover files from drives that have been reformatted.

Other software is also capable of managing complex recovery of data better than this software, but the experienced backup lab of Salvage Data Recovery is capable of walking you through even the most difficult of data recoveries out there.

If you are having trouble recovering some sort of data, you should get in touch with their team right away. They will have no trouble walking you through the entire process and making sure you are reunited with your data in no time.

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